Monday, May 16, 2011

If you go down to the woods today....

We spent a long weekend at mum&dad's this weekend & one afternoon we headed to a woods near their house for a walk.

When I was little we used to come here for our Sunday afternoon walk pretty much every week. Back then I used to moan it wasn't interesting enough & I was bored but now that I'm used to the hustle & bustle of London this wood is bliss!

It was really nice to wander round with Adam & chat about stuff with pretty much no distractions. I'd love to start going for walks together on Sunday's together with no phones, just us. I've not broken this idea to Adam yet!

We found a little puddle that I got carried away with & thought it looked like a little fairy pool so we added my bear keyring in case he wanted to go for a dip too!

It's always nice to get back home after a weekend away & just crash. We tried (& failed!) to get an early night especially as I'm hoping to jive 3 times this week, also it's my first full week of work in about a month! *groan!*

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