Friday, May 27, 2011

Would the owner of the world's heaviest eye lids step forward...

That would be me! I was going to post earlier but it would have just been garbled words & the ramblings of a mad woman! Before I go into details I just wanted to introduce Sidney another dog around our offices! Aint he lovely?!

Yesterday after work I headed home for a few hours before it was time to go out again. Now I know this is fairly normal practice for most people but since living in London I always go straight out from work & then the night ends earlier to get the last tube so it felt really weird to not be heading somewhere straight away. Adam & I made dinner & watched the Apprentice before getting in the car & driving to Kingston to see the wonderful Frank Turner. Until yesterday morning we didn't realise how late the gig was, we were expecting to go out for dinner, have a sing song at the gig & be on our way home by 11pm! But no! The doors didn't even open till 9pm & Frank wasn't on stage till 11pm! Yoink!

The gig was at a place called the Hippodrome & was a pretty fab venue (apart from too many pillars blocking the views!). The crowd as usual were brill - singing/shouting along to all the words & generally just having a great time & of course Mr Turner didn't disappoint - especially seeing as he sung Long Live The Queen. He played for an hour & as soon as he'd finished the DJ started with The Gaslight Anthem's "American Slang" - I didn't think the night couldn't get any better!  Trouble is I was right - as we were driving home a stone hit our windscreen & chipped it quite badly, so much so we need a new windscreen *groan* so Adam's there right now getting it sorted. All in all though it was a great night, a long night, but a great night all the same!

Right now I'm sat at my desk eating a nutty yoghurt which I thought was going to be gross (I bought it cos I was curious) but it's scrummy! Random fact for you there!
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Claire - English Wedding blog said...

I'm sooooooo jealous you got to see Frank this tour - he sold out in Manchester within minutes and we missed out this time. Sounds like a great night, but then it always is isn't it - but shame about your windscreen.

Loving your blog :)

ktpland said...

hey cheers for the comment :) Frank said he was touring again in November so keep your eyes peeled!