Monday, April 30, 2012

Helen & Pete sitting in a tree....

A few weekends ago when the sun was still in the sky a close family friend got married. I've known Helen since I was tiny & after a glass of wine (or two) I was proudly saying that I knew Helen cos I'd worn most of her cast-offs (which is pretty true & some of them I still wear now!) & if I was carrying on the tradition I could have borrowed her dress too!
The wedding was in a lovely little church in the Cotswolds which was close (read next door!) to where the groom's granny lived. It was so pretty but also rather chilly seeing as we were sat near the back & they left the door open for the whole service! Brr!
Helen looked stunning as her dad walked her up the aisle as a Miss & Pete walked her back down as his Mrs. Seeing as we've grown up together it's lovely that Helen & I are both getting married this year & we got engaged around the same time too.
As well as confetti, people threw lavender which smelt amazing but it did get everywhere & I've got a few unflattering pics of Helen & Pete trying to get it out of their mouths & other places!
This is the only photo I have of the 4 of us & cos we're all wearing out coats everyone except mum looks like they're off to a funeral! Oops, we were more colourful underneath honest!
The couple's car was so pretty, even the hubcaps gleamed enough for me to get a photo of my reflection!
We drove about 45min to the reception venue in Stow-on-the-Wold. We'd pulled away after all the other cars so imagine our shock as we were driving along to see the wedding convoy all driving in the opposite direction with Helen looking very confused out of the window at us! With help from TomTom though we found the place & it was stunning. We dropped our bags & grabbed a few nibbles & a glass of bubbly before a few photos outside.
I love this shot of me & my boys while we waited for dinner :)
Mum looked after Helen's bouquet while they made a quick trip to the loo & Uncle Dave got his hands on a real drink once most of his FOB duties were almost over!
Helen & Pete were announced into the room which was decorated with lovely purple centerpieces & had a sprig of lavender resting on each napkin. Their cake had been made by Pete's mum & looked so pretty.
After our tasty dinner we had an hour to relax while the room was set up for the evening reception so we headed back to our room in the venue which was rather posh!  We could have had a party in the bathroom it was so big!
Throughout the day Adam had been feeling pretty awful but he'd hidden it so well as he sat through the service, dinner & the speeches but by the time we got to the room he'd reached his limit. To cut a long story short that involved the night manager who was also from the St Johns Ambulance but couldn't stand the sight/sound of someone being sick, he was fine with blood & broken bones but not puke(!), a paramedic driving us 30min to the nearest hospital to see an out of hours dr, finding out it was a stomach bug, getting some pills, calling a taxi that got lost on the way back to the hotel as Adam tried not to be sick in her car, we eventually crashed in our lovely bed where Adam dozed & I stayed with him while I listened to the band playing some brill Jive music upstairs & I tapped my foot along.
This pic sums it all up wonderfully - outside Adam looked like the pic on the left but inside he was feeling like the pic on the right. Hopefully the same doesn't happen on Sept 1st!! :S

Ttfn x

Friday, April 27, 2012

Reaper Man

I apologise now if you've never read a Terry Pratchett (though if not why not?!), in particular Reaper Man cos this post's going to seem very random!
I love taking a break from my other books piled up waiting to be read to grab the next Terry Pratchett in the list. His books are brill & are written in such a great way I sit there on the tube giggling away. They're also perfect pocket or small bag size which is even more of a win!

At the moment I'm ploughing my way through Reaper Man & each time I walk past the shopping trolley that downstairs so thoughtfully hang their socks off to dry (don't even get me started!) it leads me to think about Ridcully, the Bursar, the Archchancellor & the Dean fighting off all the trolleys in Ankh-Morpork (told you it was going to get weird!).
I was a little bit nervous to take the trolley round Asda last night in case it came alive & we swore in surprise & in turn that created a swarm of black shiny bugs around us that increased with each curse, as you do.

I really hope there's at least one other Prachett fan who knows what on earth I'm going on about otherwise I may never post again & instead will be locked away in some loony bin! Either that or I need more sleep?!

Ttfn x

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Beginners luck

Welcome to the world's first P-P Darts Championship. While at Jill & Keith's over Easter in between rubbish tv we decided to have a game of darts. 
I've never really played darts before so I took my ever-so-professional darts-stance & threw my first practise shot & ended up with a bullseye! In your face!
The competition had begun....
It was quite good fun apart from all the maths involved! Thankfully Keith was on hand to work out my score for me. It came round to my go later on & all I needed was a double 4. Seeing as I hadn't really aimed my other darts anywhere in particular & it seemed to be working ok I threw my dart & hoped against all odds it would land in the double 4 & that's where it went! Ooooosh!
Every one, including me was in shock & we decided to call it a day seeing as Match of the Day was about to start. If only Bullseye was still on telly, I could have won us a speedboat or something equally useless!

Ttfn x

Monday, April 23, 2012

some may say it's a Tragedy.

This rock chick has a very dark past, a dark & cheesy past that is. I'd managed to keep my dirty little secret locked away for years, 10 years to be precise, that was 'till at the end of last year it was unleashed into the open once more....STEPS had reformed! When I was younger 'obsessed' was an understatement when it came to this cheesy pop band & now the stalkerish beast had been released & this time it was easier what with the use of twitter & facebook to find out what they were up to. Now forgive me if I'm scaring you a bit but on the 12th April Michelle & I were able to re-trace our steps (ahem excuse the pun) that we'd taken in November 2001 & see STEPS at the NEC in Birmingham once more.
There were signs everywhere warning me to stay calm & remember where my music loyalties lie but I was being sucked in rather rapidly to that fuzzy pink & glittery world full of dance routines & shouting 'oooh oooh' at every given opportunity. I'm worried that if I go back to a rock gig too soon I might turn up with glitter in my hair & a glowstick in my hand & the end result won't be a pretty one.
Getting ready at ma&pa's before hand brought back so many memories of getting overly excited. My old t-shirt still fitted & I managed to chose 1 scarf out of the 5 I had to wear. When I picked up Michelle she had the same scarf on too! Great minds think alike!
We grabbed a programme (but sadly no new scarf boo) & set off for block 15 opposite where we used to sit in block 4 (I remember the year I got row 'H' & I was dead impressed!).
The show was as cheesy & magic as I'd hoped & dreamed, there were a few sound glitches but seeing as everyone was singing along anyway it didn't matter too much. I wasn't too keen on the gaps between the costume changes & stage set ups (it didn't seem to flow that well & lost a bit of it's momentum) but as soon as they were back on stage getting the audience all excited again & dancing along it was like they'd never been away.
Steps & the crowd dancing along to One For Sorrow :)
Saying their goodbyes at the end of a brill show almost 2hrs later & all fellow steppers left with a spring in their step (again, no pun intended!) & a smile on their faces!
The following Thursday Steps played at the 02 arena in London so of course I had to see them again! This time it was the turn of mum&dad (who'd only ever heard a Steps concert from outside the NEC when they waited to pick Michelle, Sarah-May & I up), Sarah-May (another die-hard Steps fan) & closet Steppers Lou & Anna.
After a being told by security that I couldn't take my glowsticks in (huh?!) I sneakily smuggled them up my sleeve, cracked them in the loos (I'm sure people thought I was up to no good in the cubicle - well it takes a while to break 20 sticks while giggling away!) & we found our seats. We were a bit higher up than the NEC (nose-bleed height) but thankfully there was still space to have a boogie & scream/shout/sing along.
It was so much fun to see them again but that's it for now, I managed to keep the dream alive for one extra day by rocking my glitter hairspray to work but I finally had to wash my hair & out came the glitter! Boo! I tried to get a few pics of me rocking my glittery hair-doo while I listened to Steps on my iPod on my way to work but it really just looks like I have bad dandruff!

Well after all this cheesiness who knows when (or if) the rock chick will return?! Watch this space........
Ttfn x

Friday, April 20, 2012

Come on Oxford!

A few weeks ago Adam & I headed down to South London to see the 158th Oxford Cambridge Boat Race.
I've always wanted to see the race rather than watching it on the tv & thankfully our new office has a balcony that looks over the river just near where the race ends.
In my mind we'd have a lovely romantic relaxing picnic on the balcony & watch the world go by, instead it was cold & blustery so we sat in the office with x-fm on full blast, singing along, eating hot cross buns with a cheeky drink & waited for the race to start.
We (well Adam) made good use of our time & mounted the covers for our Order Of Service, every thing's coming on nicely now!
The balcony gave us a perfect viewing spot & we didn't have to share it with anyone else. Perfick!
The other offices were having little parties too. Downstairs the young, the old, the furry & non-furry came out to cheer along the rowers....
....upstairs had a family day out too.
I had a text from dad to say the race had started so Adam & I waited eagerly (some more eager than others!) & we texted to say Oxford were in the lead....they were at Hammersmith bridge....then texted to say it had been stopped cos of a swimmer in the river! It was some stupid protester who I won't even name or say what he was protesting about cos that's the kind of publicity he wants but when I watched the race back the boos he got were quite deserving. The poor rowers then had to turn back to the halfway point & set off again. This was when Oxford clashed with Cambridge & broke an oar. I knew something else had gone wrong cos there was a shriek from the group downstairs who were crowded round a computer watching a live stream.
By the time the boats had gone under Barnes Bridge Cambridge were well in the lead....
....followed by Oxford....
....& many more boats....
....followed by the lifeguards & river police.... 
....the created an almighty swell making every one's feet on the river bank rather soggy!
The end result was Cambridge won but the celebrations were fairly muted seeing as Oxford rower Alex Woods collapsed from exhaustion in the boat. As far as I know he's doing ok but my (belated) get well wishes go out to him.

Ttfn x

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ma, Pa,Colin & Sue's half successful day trip to London

A couple of weeks ago while there was still sun in the sky mum, dad, Colin & Sue came over to visit. We started off by going to the Lucian Freud exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery. I'm loving the fact that there are so many great exhibitions on at the moment, 2012 is definitely London's year! The exhibition was a bit too busy to enjoy it properly but I really loved learning about Freud's way of painting & how it developed over the years. I must say though I loved his earlier work the best.
Once we left the gallery we headed to Highgate to visit the cemetery (it's really picturesque & lots of famous names are in there including Karl Marx, don't worry we're not all closet goths!). Armed with our Lumix's dad & I started to click our way round the park next door. I finally got to try out my new polarising filter too with some rather lovely results.
We got to the cemetery about 4:30 all ready to get some lovely afternoon sun shots to find it was closing! Nooo! We didn't even think to check the closing time so were pretty gutted as we were turned away. I'd even put a lovely black&white roll of film in my robot camera to get some lovely contrasting shots too. Chuh! I managed to get a few shots through the gates though & we'll definitely be returning sometimes soon.
We headed back into Highgate to grab a cuppa back at ours before everyone went home. Ah well it was an afternoon out of the office & I found out what a pretty place Highgate really is.
Ttfn x

Monday, April 16, 2012

AWOL again!

I know I said it before but yes I'm back again! Work's been going really crazy. I've had loads of wedding stuff to plan. We've been to lots of lovely places & Adam&I have both been under the weather. Well I'm using my sick day today to line up lots of lovely posts to brighten your days over the next week so hope you enjoy!

Hope you didn't miss me too much?! :P
Ttfn x

Monday, April 09, 2012

hope you had an egg-celent time!

Sorry for the dad joke I just couldn't resist! Hope y'all had a lovely Easter either with family, friends or mountains of chocolate! We managed two out of the three so can't be bad!
Ma&Pa got us Easter eggs with the wedding countdown on (as if we could forget!)
Sunday we went to Adam's parents & just relaxed. It was just the R&R we needed.
They treated me to a Kinder Egg & I whiled away the time making my jigsaw & nibbling the choc.
We gave Jill&Keith a box of Dairy Milk & then helped them along the way with eating it.

Today we're seeing my side of the family & then it's back to work. Argh! Where did that long weekend go?!
Ttfn x

Friday, April 06, 2012

currently 148 .....

Here's a little wedding related 'currently' post while you sit in front of your computer with a warm hot cross bun & a cuppa in hand.
Obsessing over:
The wedding!!! I know people talk about baby brain but if I'm this bad when planning a wedding then goodness knows how I'll be with sprog in tow! Most of the time I love having these little ideas ticking away in the back of my mind but it would be nice once in a while if at work I didn't suddenly think about the perfect table cloth.

Working on:
Getting all the bridesmaid outfits sorted. In the last week of so we've come on huge leaps & bounds which is great, at least they have dresses & shoes in the pipeline cos at the start of March they'd have been walking up the aisle nude which wouldn't have gone down too well!

Thinking about:
The dreaded budget which we may have gone over! Yoink! I'm off to nab a lottery ticket for tomorrow in hope this may all change!
the tape measure mum made for us counting down the days :)

The big day in 148 days time! Recently I've been mega excited & it's been lovely getting updates on the rsvps landing through ma&pa's letterbox. I love how much fun our invites have brought to people too. Adam did good!

Listening to:
Seeing as Adam & I have lots of ideas when it comes to music most of our plans (first dance, etc) have come really easily, it's just the music for leaving the church to we're a bit stuck with. Hopefully we'll find something soon that both we & the priest like!
my not-so-little wedding planning book bursting at the seams!

Too much! The wedding diet starts again NOW! Well maybe after Easter?!

I had a time machine. Sometimes I wish time would hurry up so I can marry my man & start our happy lives together as husband & wife (eeek!) & other times I'd love to go back to give us more time to sort things & save them pennies.
All that's left to say is have a great Easter & see you on the other side of a very welcome long weekend!
Thanks to Katie & Danni for the ideas for this post.
Ttfn x