Friday, May 20, 2011

It's all in the decor!

Finally all our beautiful Gaslight Anthem prints by El Jeffe are up on our walls. I love seeing them everyday.

This print is the most recent & we've only just got it back from being framed. It's in our lounge & we managed to find the old picture hooks & chains to hang it up with so it looks great!

These two designs are from the band's last two UK tours & are in our bedroom above the bed.

It's great to be able to put actual artwork up cos I'm so used to being in rented accomodation where you could put photos up with blutac if you're lucky! Now we're just waiting to sand down the wood in the hall & on the stairs then we can hang our Gilbert & George's up!

It's turning out to be Gaslight Anthem Friday (which I'm not complaining about!) cos their newest video has just been released, it's ace & the boys look fine, so take a gander here!

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