Monday, January 27, 2014

Practise makes perfect

Especially in these new beauties!
Adam & I went shopping yesterday & let's just say it was love at first sight! I've never had shoes this high but I'm determined to learn to walk in them asap hence rocking them in my onsie! I've never felt so sexy washing up! :P

Ttfn x

Friday, January 24, 2014

Notes from a Hangry Zombie

What a week! Phew! I'm sitting in the car on my drive just listening to the rain & it's lovely!
Part of me is thinking "go inside & eat something cos you're getting Hangry" the other part is thinking "just enjoy sitting & listening to the rain without any distractions." 

I'm cream crackered....hungry....& a bit brain dead....TGIF!

Have a good un!


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Cool for cats

Who knew I could be out-styled by a three year old?!
To be fair, when Isabelle showed me her new headphones I was a leetle bit jealous so when I spotted them in Sports Direct on sale I couldn't resist! Hate to admit it but I still think she rocks them better than me! Chuh!

Ttfn x

Monday, January 20, 2014

One step closer...

We've signed the contract on our house...whoop!
I've been trying to keep it cool & be all calm & collected but as I scribbled on the dotted line I got a little jolt of excitement in the pit of my stomach! Our new home is almost ours....just waiting for the exchange & completion dates now then it'll be all systems go. Yay! One big step forward....hopefully no steps back! Watch this space.

Ttfn x

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

"Start just outside your comfort zone..."

said my spinning instructor...considering I'm sitting on a bike at 6:50am while it's still dark outside....I'd consider myself well & truly out of my comfort zone without even peddling thanks!
Feel pretty good about it now, though I do have wobbly jelly legs!

Ttfn x

Monday, January 13, 2014

Go the whole @TheHOGuk

In December we discovered Heart Of Gaming, a magical place in North Acton! Check out their Facebook page HERE
Adam & Nick decided to spend a joint birthday there after finding out about this Gamers Paradise. It's been growing in popularity thanks to word of mouth & various articles about it, they have a whole range of arcade machines so as you walk in you can warm up with a bit of Street Fighter & then advance to Dance Dance Revolution - a perfect combo! I might build up the confidence to have a go on the Dance machines this time - everyone was so good I was gob-smacked watching them! The other rooms house various consoles including N64 (wahoo!), SNES & X-Box & their plans for this year are really exciting including a bar (hopefully with some ale!). As well as gamers coming to brush up on their skills they also hold regular tournaments & overnight sessions.
It was awesome - we had so much fun! They've cleverly worked it so you pay no more than £10 entrance (depending when you go, sometimes it's cheaper) & all the machines are free. It meant the lads got to play away for hours & newbies like me don't end up pouring money down the drain trying to get past a first level!
 Ash & Nick got a bit too competitive over Donkey Kong, we finally dragged them away kicking & screaming with Ash being the 2nd top score on the machine & Nick in 3rd place....I think they'd have still been there battling it out if it wasn't for the allure of Jack Frost Ale at The Castle pub down the road - a great place to stop off on the way there & back for refreshments & friendly staff!
So if you're ever in North Acton check the place out - it's amazing & run by a great guy! Go on show your support - you know you want to!

Ttfn x

p.s forgive me if any of my terminology is a bit backward - I'm not a pro, I just enjoy playing!

Thursday, January 09, 2014

Italy inspiration

Florence was on top form as always & Pitti Uomo has left me with more than a few thought bubbles. It's the first time I've been with my (not so) new company... it was great to look at different products & meet new faces at the Gilli Bar - where else?!
We left a grey & blustery London & arrived in a sunny & not to nippy Florence. We spent the first day looking round the shops, trying Ossobuco (veal steak with the bone marrow) which was yummy followed by over priced (& over strong) G&Ts at Gilli along with all the other beautiful people.
Day two we attacked the show which was really good. We spent most of the day there looking at the stands & enjoying the musical interludes provided by the Rock theme of Pitti this year. My fave had to be an Argentinian one man band who was fab!
After popping into a few more shops & stopping for a meal we ended up back at Gilli. This time I had a €10 larger which was much easier than the G&T on the tastebuds (even if I didn't look as classy!) while we mingled some more 'till the early hours. It was tough getting up this morning & going by everyone else's faces at the airport the feeling was mutual! Can't wait for my own bed tonight! 

Hopefully that wasn't my last trip to Florence, it's the first time I haven't put a coin in the hog's mouth meaning I'll return back to that beautiful city. Fingers crossed we can prove that superstition to be rubbish!

Ciao for now! X

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Holding out for a hero....

Well this time 7 years ago I was....I was standing outside the Hippodrome waiting to meet this guy I'd met on MySpace (retro or what?!) wondering whether he was a Catfish or not (how awesome is that show?!). But guess what....I was one of the lucky ones! Yay!
7 years - wow how time flies! On one hand I can't imagine my life without Adam (sorry should have warned you you'd need your sick buckets!), on the other it feels like only yesterday I was telling my flatmate I was off to meet a guy in London & she (along with dad) insisted I gave them both his number in case he was dodgy. We had an awesome first date starting off with a pint of ale followed by tickets to Spamalot - he was a keeper for sure folks!  Now here we are further down the line - married, about to buy our second home & still together after a trip to Ikea - this relationship is made of strong stuff folks! :P 

I also can't believe it was 3 years ago yesterday that he proposed....I still get that funny feeling when I think about that special meal & how excited I was to tell the world! The last 7 years have been awesome & here's to many many more....all that's left to say is Mr P......

Ttfn x

Sunday, January 05, 2014

That's it for another year

*sigh* can't believe Chrimbo's over for another year! I think next year it should last the whole week...I'd be well up for long lie ins, muddy country walks, catch ups with mates & most importantly no work for a full 7days....not sure my boss would be too chuffed though, shot not asking him!
Christmas Day & Boxing day were quiet affairs with mum, dad & Adam, it came at the perfect time after a busy few weeks at work & I made the most of late nights, late mornings & yummy food all while sitting in my onesie! I even did some knitting for a friend as well as trying my best not to fall over on a muddy walk in nearby fields (not in my onesie!)....gotta love country life!
Throughout the rest of the week (in between working - boo!) we caught up with friends & family & rung in the New Year at Nick & Lisa's....Brandon & Isabelle managed to stay up till midnight & the six of us all wished each other a Happy New Year while watching the amazing fireworks in London & trying not to burn our mouths on mulled wine. Yay for fun family times :-)
I think my pug obsession really shone through this year....I got quite a few pug related gifts (you can never have enough!) - including a scarf for the pug we don't even own yet....note the word "yet!"
I also got a rather ace bag from Adam, I'd been eyeing it up at Spitalfields & think it's awesome! Everyone who's seen it does a double take love it!

Anyways I hope y'all were lucky & didn't find any lumps of coal in your stockings?! Now to plan for Chrimbo 2014....I already have my cards thanks to the sales!

Ttfn x

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Pinch & a punch!

Happy 2014! I was quite chuffed with my hit rate of my last resolutions so here's to this years......

I was getting into a nice swing of things till the new job came around & I got mega busy with everything! I miss posting regularly so want to make an effort to keep everything up to date but at the same time not worry if I miss a post....I'm going to start by finally sharing my Japan pics before I forget all the lovely little details of what we did when....also when I do post photos I'm going to stop posting them from my phone, the blogger app shrinks the quality & they look dreadful (says she posting a photo off her phone for this post! Yoink!)

Nothing more to say, just stop spending!

I got into a routine I was really enjoying by the end of the year & I'm looking forward to starting it up again tomorrow & get rid of that festive flab!

Whether it's the one we're tightly crossing fingers for or another one we hope to have a lovely new home by the end of the year. I also aim to....

I must stop being a slob!

Friends mean the world to me & I can't wait to start catching up with everyone now Chrimbo's out the way & I also can't wait to celebrate my big 3-0 surrounded by the gang! Bring it!

I hope 2014 brings y'all health & happiness. Here's to a good 'un!
Ttfn x