Friday, May 06, 2011

Hills & heels don't mix!

We've been in our house for almost a year now (I can't believe it!) & I've still not got used to the hill our home is on. I used to take for granted the ease of walking out of my flat on level ground in whatever size heel I wished, but now I end up wobbling all over the place trying to get down the hill. Some would say just buy sensible shoes, but we all know that aint gonna happen!

Spring's been great this year cos instead of just sticking to pumps & trainers like I usually do I've started to rediscover some of my prettier shoes.

I'm loving feeling all summery in pretty coloured shoes instead of my docs. I even came across a pair of irregular choice shoes that I've obviously never worn cos the pattern on the sole hasn't worn away. I really wish I'd photographed all of my soles before wearing them cos I can't even remember the patterns that the shoes came with.

These beauties have the following written on them:
"Summer may change for winter
Flowers may fade and die
But I shall ever love shoes
While I can heave a sigh"

roaming reporter KtPx

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