Saturday, January 29, 2011

shout it out from the rooftops!

every week i check out postsecret & my best thing today & enjoy reading other peoples good news or secrets that they've shared. a couple of weeks ago i thought why not join them & send in my good news?! i couldn't believe it when i logged on today to check it & they've put it up! :) i've been so happy since adam proposed & i get a little jolt of excitement running through me every time the ring twinkles!
i'm off to my 1st wedding fair with the rents tomorrow to see how much of their money i can spend on what! :P the planning part is really fun & i've got lots of little (& not to so little) ideas to share with them when we figure out the budget. we're not looking for anything hideously grand or ornate & at the end of the day it's who's there that makes it special & also the fact adam & i are celebrating our love together.
anyways enough of that mushy stuff i'm making myself feel queezy! :P
x x x

Monday, January 17, 2011

drum roll please..........

Well I ended up having a great start to 2011 on Friday 7th Jan Adam proposed to me! We went out for a meal the day before our 4year anniversary to a restaurant called The Penthouse, Leicester Square. It was on the 7th floor & had a balcony that looked out over the city to the eye, big ben & the gherkin. Adam suggested we go out & look at the ‘view’ before our main course & after ‘oohing’ & ‘aaahing’ I turned round & he was down on one knee & popped the question! After a lot of giggling/crying/shaking I eventually said yes! The waitresses had all seen what was going on so when we came back in they brought us glasses of champagne & a sparkler while everyone applauded! Embarrassing, but the nice kind of embarrassment that says ‘oh no stop’ but please carry on!
He even had a ring! It had belonged to his gran & is made up of 2 diamonds (from his great-gran’s engagement ring) either side of a blue sapphire. I love the fact that there’s history behind it & it’s personal to him & his family. The day after I met up with his Jill & Keith (his parents) to get it shrunk down to fit my dainty (the only part of me that is!) fingers & now it fits like a glove. Yay! On the way home I didn’t dare take my gloves off & enjoyed the fact that under my big woolly mittens I was hiding something beautiful & no one knew but me!

After I’d met with Jill & Keith I rushed to paperchase to buy a fancy notebook that I could start scribbling in & plan! I’m sure most of you know me by now so this isn’t a surprise at all. We’re planning a 2012 wedding but I already have lots of things jotted down & everyone’s joking that I’ll have everything sorted in a week or two! Hehe. Poor Adam, every time the book comes out he groans but he has been good & helped with ideas & themes instead of shying away into the x-box room & not returning till the book’s been put away again!


He’d also done the traditional thing of asking mum & dad on Christmas Eve which is fab. It meant so much to us three, I’m so close to mum&dad so loved the fact they were all in on the surprise, they knew it would happen but wasn’t sure when. So when I called with the news thankfully they were expecting it & I didn’t have to pick dad up off the floor! At least they’ve got time to plan & start their diet of bread & water so that they can pay for the 3 elephants followed by 2 camels & a unicorn all pulling me in a jewelled coach!

My big dilemma now though is do I change my blog name?! I’ve been ‘the happy little world of miss ktp’ for so long now & don’t think MRS ktp (cos thankfully Adam's surname also starts with P) works so well. Anyways I don’t need to do anything for another year & a half so don’t think that’s top of the priority list!!!

Anyways best be off, dresses to look at, flowers to smell, champagne to taste, oh and work to do (boo! Can’t brides-to-be have extra days off for planning?!)
X x x

Sunday, January 02, 2011

2011 - bring it on!

well it's now 2011 :0) HAPPY NEW YEAR! hope y'all had a good 'un!

michelle came down to visit & we all went to drink, shop & do. we enjoyed our free glas of champers on arrival, followed by a yummy sherbet cocktail, a bottle of crabbies ginger ale & finally topped off with a free mug of champers at midnight! we sat & nattered as well as playing connect 4, screwball scramble & yes no! we had a bit of a boogie (the play list was a bit random but had some gems in there!) & counted down to midnight. we also loved the added touch of the free toast from a toaster set up by the bar to help soak up the alcohol as the night went on! nothing better than buttery toast in between sips of ginger ale! we got home about 3am, suffered for most of the 1st (from a hangover, poorly cooked wetherspoons breakfast & the shops being closed!) & felt even worse today! must be getting old! can't believe tomorrow is the last day of our holiday & it's back to work on tuesday. nooooooooooo! better make the most of it - think i'll plan a long lie in, pop to the shops (if open!) then sit infront of the tv. wow i'm so productive sometimes i suprise myself!!

i don't normally do new year resolutions but i've tried to make these as simple as possible this year in hope that i can't possibly fail!! so here goes (in no particular order).........

~ i must read most of the books i've bought, not just keep buying new ones just cos i like the covers! don't get me wrong i love reading but i think i could last all year with the unread books i have so far rather than needing to buy any more! i think my 12 page amazon wish list could do with being edited slightly too!

~ i need to try taking out my roller skates at least once & give them a good airing, rather than just using them at an outdoor roller disco & thinking that's enough use! i also must must must learn how to stop successfully!

~ pay off my credit card. this is actually the only resolution that i'll definitely keep to which is strange cos it's usually the one that everyone puts down with great intentions but don't manage in the end. i've got a great feeling about this & as soon as it's clear i'll have that bit extra money per month to be able to enjoy myself. it should also help with my next resolution........

~ be healthier! i'm not going to be too specific or have 2 different ones for eating healthier & exercising cos i know i won't keep to them both but if i manage to start jiving more regularly as well as watching a bit of what i eat (rather than thinking "ah it's ok to have a mcdonalds before jive cos i'll dance it all off!") adam & i would also like to join a leisure centre so we can go swimming which would be cool.

~ seeing as we bought a house 6months ago (how times flies!) i'd like to have more time at home with adam being a couple rather than rushing around seeing people or having people over.

anyways that's me for now. can't wait for 2011, think it's going to be a good one! :)
x x x