Sunday, May 08, 2011


I would have thought by now that the excitement of our wedding might have died down a bit but no, recently it's gotten even stronger & I'm loving every minute! Its not helping the fact that we have 3 of our save the date magnets on the fridge so every time I go to it I get a physical reminder in my face!
Week by week we seem to have at least one new thing to tick off our to do list. This week is no exception cos I'm now 100% in love with my whole outfit! I can see it all together in my mind & also how it's going to be possible in reality which is ace! It's no longer just a dream! Seeing as the wedding ain't untill next year (I do have to keep reminding myself that!) I'm not going to actually buy the dress till January giving myself more time to shed that weight but at least I know what it's going to be & what will go with it. It's so difficult to keep it a secret from Adam, I just want to share it all with him but I know that if it's kept a suprise from as many people as possible it'll be more fun in the end!
The other thing I've sorted is my wedding ring. I was getting a bit worried that I had no idea what I wanted & I thought my engagement ring looked so pretty on it's own, but I've been having a think, tried on a few styles & now I'm sorted! Huzzah!
At this rate I think we'll be ready to walk down the aisle this Sept 1st, shame we can't just bring it forward a year! Ah well no point in rushing, it means I can keep on doing what I love best - planning & writing lists of lists!
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