Monday, May 27, 2013

A weekend of Carpark Kings & Beer Gardens....

I had full intention of photographing everything from the weekend & sharing it all with you lovely people, but instead I sat outside in the sunshine relaxing with all my mates & enjoying every no offence but my blog took a back seat! 

After popping into work Saturday morning (I must be enjoying it!) Adam picked me up & we set off for Lufbra. 3hrs later thanks to rubbish bank holiday traffic we arrived & started our relax with every one. It's really funny the way out uni group is growing, first other halves were introduced & now babies are creeping their way in! It was great catching up & meeting new (little) faces. 

Saturday & Sunday were mainly spent eating big meals a bit too often & the rest of it spent in beer gardens & parks making the most of the May sunshine. By Monday it was just Sam, Art, Adam & I left so we popped into Leicester for a few odds & sods before dropping into ma&pa's on the way home. 

While we were in Leics I suddenly remembered the Richard the Third exhibition all about how they managed to find his skeleton recently. I'm not normally a big history buff but I grew up with walks around Bosworth Battlefield & to suddenly be discovering new things about an event I know so well - it's been amazing! After walking round I asked where the carpark was where they found him & it was behind big closed gates....with just enough space to see through if you laid on the floor like a mupet! So guess what I did?! 
**The face is what they believe King Richard would have looked like after studying his skull & the other picture is what I could see if I laid on the floor at the carpark (his grave is under the big tent)!**

Hope y'all had a lovely long & sunny weekend. We sure did!

Ttfn x

Monday, May 20, 2013

Eh up!

I'm back! Miss me?!
 photo ktpspring_zps90119155.jpg
It's been quite nice having a bit of time away from the old blog but I have missed it, so now I'm back! (You can all stop cheering now! :-P)

Hope y'all had a good weekend? We went to a Eurovision Party & got very merry following the Eurovision Bingo Drinking Game! Yoink! We even voted for Greece - that's how into it we got! They really should have won! Roll on next year!

Ttfn x

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

#BEDM Block

When I started the Blog Every Day challenge I was all excited at the fact I'd have little topics to write about everyday. But instead of inspiring me to blog more, it did the complete opposite & made me not want to blog at all. Who knew I didn't like being told what to do? (Don't answer that ma&pa!)!
So instead of blogging every day I'm having a little break. I've got lots of lovely things to blog about but instead of writing for the hell of it I'm going to sit back, relax & blog when I want!

Ttfn x

Friday, May 10, 2013

#BEDM - Day 10 - Travel Dreams

This post would go on & on if I started to list everywhere I dreamed of visiting (it would even include the moon - no joke!). Instead I'll focus on one dream that I've had for quite a while that by the end of this year will have finally come true. I'm talking about visiting JAPAN! Whoop!

We finally figured out money & now that Adam & I both have new jobs, it'll make the trip more fun & we won't have to budget all our meals by taking packs of Monster Munch with us! We're both really excited & can't wait for our 8night stay in a country we've both always wanted to visit. Yay!

Now the next challenge after Japan is to get Adam to India.....I'm still working on that one!

Ttfn x

Thursday, May 09, 2013

BEDM - Day 9 - Fave Social Network

Not really got much to say on this one (partly cos I'm suffering from man-flu *groan*) but I'd say my favourite form of social media is Blogging.
~ Facebook's a bit dull now
~ Twitter's just there for when I'm bored
~ Pinterest I've never really got the hang of or the point of.

So there you go. Thrilling! :P

Ttfn x

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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

#BEDM - Day 8 - First Job

My first job was a bit different to say the least. I was a Grave Stone designer!

It was part of my work experience at school & while everyone else was stacking shelves or working at a desk I was designing images to go on real grave stones. I was a bit scared at first cos its a big responsibility & you don't want to get it wrong! I soon got into the swing of things though & I had a great time. 

By the end of my week I had designed 3 different headstones - one with chess pieces, another with a helicopter (both that had to be gold leafed by yours truly also) & the last one was a painting of an angel that was sand-blasted first then I had to hand paint all the details.

It was a great experience & the guys I worked with were lovely. Even though I only spent a week there I always think of it & smile when people talk about their first jobs! 

Ttfn x

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#BEDM - Day 7 - Pets

Anyone who knows me will know what this post will be about....PUGS!

I love their so ugly they're cute faces & we (yes we, I've managed to convert Adam too!) can't wait to welcome on into our little home eventually, closely followed by a French Bulldog & maybe even a Sausage Dog one day!
In the past I've had 2 gerbil's called Filli & Killi (after the Hobbit!) & grew up around an epileptic dog called Smee! Pet's are brill & there' nothing better than coming home to a little creature that looks up to you! Me, insecure?! Nah! :P

Ttfn x

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Monday, May 06, 2013

#BEDM - Day 6 - Bank Holiday

Long weekend! Woop! & for once we've got good weather! Win win!

We're planning on popping into London, grabbing a packed lunch from somewhere & sitting in a park enjoying a day away from computers & relaxing in the sunshine (hence I'm writing this the night before). In reality though we (well I) will probably end up waking up late, we'll faff for ages, think about going out then end up staying in our PJs all day! Either way it'll be a day off with Adam & whatever we end up doing will be perfick! :)

Ttfn x

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Saturday, May 04, 2013

#BEDM - Day 4 - Five Fave Blogs

Although I follow quite a lot of blogs through Bloglovin there are definitely 5 that I look forward to reading & they are:

*drum roll please*

~ THIN ICE - Slink's been a really good friend sine Freshers Week at uni. She helped me to see that there is a whole wide world of music outside of Steps & Blue(!) & she (as well as Art & Niall) helped me to grow up quite a lot. She also introduced me to blogging when I was in India (so you've got her to thank for all these posts now :P) & made our fab cake topper for the wedding. Miss Slink, you rawk!

~ SUZY KRAUSE + THE SKYSCRAPERS - I managed to find Suzy through another blog & I love her updates & quirky views on life. I also love the fact that whenever I read her blog I say her name wrong in my head & I've only just noticed! I've always call her Suzy Karoozy cos it rhymes!

~ LITTLE BLOG OF HORRORS - not only is her blog name inspired by one of my favourite films/shows of all time but Ayden is a pretty cool cucumber too! She has great style, lovely tattoos & an interesting job, what's not to like?!

~ DISTRACT ME NOW PLEASE - I first discovered Liz's blog on Christmas morning when I opened my fab Blogger Secret Santa pressie & we've been stalking *ahem* reading each others blogs ever since!

~ THE DAINTY SQUID - What's more to say than look at her hair!! AWESOME! Kaylah has a fab look & her collections are brill!

So that's me & my top 5 people I like to stalk on a daily basis!

Ttfn x

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#BEDM - Day 5 - Fit & Healthy

This probably isn't the best heading for me! I always have the best intentions but they never seem to happen. I'm hoping in the next month or so I'll be able to join a gym down the road from work. I really enjoy going once I've joined but the problem was always finding the pennies to go.

I've also missed dancing so I'm hoping to get back to that soon. Fingers crossed!

So all in all this is my fitness routine! I have great ideas but they never happen, hopefully in the next few months this'll change & I'll be fit as a fiddle in no time!

Ttfn x

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#BEDM - Day 3 (belated!) - Day In The Life

Here was my Friday (bit delayed I know but the pub lasted longer than expected - nothing new there then!):
*getting ready for work  *my tidy-ish desk  *desk getting messier  *drive home from work - why is there always traffic when you need to get somewhere (I was stationary at this time & not just taking photos while driving!)  *from now on there should have been photos of me getting more & more excited seeing Blue but I decided to sell both tickets seeing as no one would go with me! :S So I had to pass over my tickets at the venue to a really sweet German girl who really appreciated them & had a great time (according to a lovely tweet this morning!)  *drinks in a pub garden/carpark  *the setting sun, I'd almost forgotten what it looked like!  *heading home ready for a long weekend! Woop!

Enjoy your long weekends folks!
TTfn x

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Thursday, May 02, 2013

#BDEM - Day 2 - Spring Has Sprung

I love the way spring brings a fresh feel to the year. Winter is still my favorite season but I love the way once the clocks go forward you wake up & drive home in daylight (sometimes even sun if you're lucky!)

This year I hope Adam & I can get outdoors & explore our neck of the woods a bit more. A few weeks ago when ma&pa were down we drove to a park I'd driven past to see what it was like & it was brill.
 photo 2walk_zpsa1f59e7f.jpg
It almost felt like we were nowhere near London - until we reached the top of the hill & were greeted with an amazing view of Wembley & the rest of London, all the way to the Shard. Wowzer!
 photo 3walk_zps0b9b8454.jpg
Can't wait to make more of that little gem in our neighbourhood :-)
 photo 1walk_zps68adefc6.jpg
Ttfn x

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Wednesday, May 01, 2013

If you're not bored of me already, you soon will be.....BEDM Day 1

As a way to get back into the blogging swing of things I decided to join Elizabeth at Rosalilium's 'Blog Every Day in May' challenge (check out the link at the bottom of the page, I'm using my iPad & can't work out how to do a link!)

Anyway back to the task in hand:


~ I've been blogging for over 8years (is it really that long?!) & I started it as a way for my mates to see what I was getting up to while I lived in India, I never thought it would take off like this, in fact I didn't expect to keep it up for the 6months I had left in Banagalore!

~ I love being around people & being sociable, there's nothing better than a jam packed calendar full of exciting things with either my hubby, ma&pa or mates, or preferably all of them in one place! Perfick!

~ Music is a big part of my life & I know when I've not been listening to music much cos I really get down in the dumps. I have the most random playlists on my iPod skipping from Steps, to Rage Against The Machine, to Frank Turner, to Status Quo, then onto Blue!

~ I'm obsessed with pugs (& the French Bulldog obsession is growing by the day too!), hopefully we'll have some little puppies one day!

~ I work in the fashion industry designing men's shirts. I've recently changed jobs after 7years at my last place, it's a mega challenge but I'm thoroughly enjoying it & it couldn't have come at a better time. Adam just got a new job too & things are looking rosy! Yay!

I've added the photograph below cos I'm really proud of our wedding (click on the link ---> if you somehow managed to escape the millions of posts last year!). I was going to include one of my own photos but this picture reminds me of what a fab day we had surrounded by the people that love us :-)

Ttfn x

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