Monday, September 29, 2014

P's progress

This morning I was back on the treadmill & it felt kinda good, not really god just kinda good. I didn't enjoy most of the time I was running but once I'd done I felt pretty chuffed with myself. I still can't manage to run the whole thing though, it was a mix of intervals (mainly running) but hey I still managed the 5k.
I think I've resigned to the fact I probably won't be able to run the full 5k (it's less than a month away) but I'm going to do my best to run most of it.

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Ttfn x

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Pick up your foot & stomp it stomp it

Ladies & Gents I introduce to you KooKooKangaRoo! They're currently supporting Frank Turner on his tour & were awesome!
I'd seen Frank mention them before & so I made sure we were there on the 2nd row ready for their warm up (literally) act. It was so much fun to watch the crowd warm to them after the initial "what on earth is happening?!" During the set they came into the crowd, got us all to make a circle & danced in the middle with us! My highlight was Cat Party & I sang my socks off. I couldn't believe when the set came to an end & although they didn't sing "No Crusts" it was just as awesome as I'd hoped! We stayed on the second row for Frank - it's a long time since I've been that hot & sweaty at a gig but as always it was brilliant....Adam & I kept grinning at each other & shouting along. I loved the bit when half the mosh pit sat down & all jumped up again to carry on singing/jumping! We even managed to get the set list at the end whoop!

As we were leaving KooKooKangaRoo were still on their merch stand so I bought the CDs, got them signed & had a few pics. Bryan even thanked me for knowing all the words to Cat Party & for singing along! Can't wait to see them again in Camden next week - fingers crossed we get in!

Ruddy love gigs like that!
Ttfn x

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

My kinda hotel....

Now if only they had a bowl of Marmite the same size I'd be a happy bunny!

Ttfn x

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

When will I learn?!

I now have the last English Breakfast tea bag in the whole hotel!
When will I learn to bring my own along with some UHT cartons?!


Monday, September 22, 2014

Game on!

During my trip to the fabric trade fair PV in Paris last week I was trying to act all professional. I walked onto a stand, went to grab a pen & pulled out a peg left over from my birthday drinking game!


Wednesday, September 10, 2014


My boss told the best joke the other thought I'd share it with you lovely lot!

Once there was a little prawn who had a big magical whale friend called Christian....
The little prawn didn't like being little & so wished to be as big as Christian....
Christian granted his wish & the little prawn became a big whale....
After some time the little prawn felt sad, he missed being small & missed all his prawn friends so he wished to be a little prawn again....
Christian granted his wish & the little prawn said "Christian! I'm a prawn again Christian!"
Ttfn x

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

High Tea for Two.

Last weekend we celebrated our Wedding Anniversary at the Sanctum Soho Hotel (see link HERE & menu HERE). The reason we chose this place was the fact they did a "Gents Afternoon Tea" for the blokes & a "High Tea For High Heels" for the ladies.
Normally I like to think myself more laddy than lady but it was ture - I preferred the look of the girly one, mainly because there was a scone with jam & cream on mine & not on Adams! It also meant we could chop & change the savoury dishes to give me all the fishy thing (including an amazing Bloody Mary Oyster) while Adam had the meaty bits. The only thing that was a bit of a disappointment was tea & coffee wasn't unlimited so we ended up paying just under £4 each for a second tea & coffee. Hmm.
After the food we were given a glass of champers (for me) & a tankard of Gentleman Jack & a cigar (for Adam). While we enjoyed the drinks at the hotel we took the cigar home & tried it in the back garden - I think my face says it all in the bottom left photo!

All in all it was a lovely afternoon & it was fun to have 2 different meals, but not quite as special as Sketch last year (see HERE). We booked our table through the Afternoon Tea website (link HERE), we got a great discount & Kate helped us book it via email seeing as we wanted the 2 different meals.

Ttfn x

Friday, September 05, 2014

Exciting times

I bought this yesterday.....
It's the first piece of kit for my new challenge in the new year & I can't ruddy wait! Watch this space!

Ttfn x

Percy Progress

Managed another 5k....
Ran for 3 min, walked for 1 min & finished it in 40min. 
Yay me!

Ttfn x

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Let’s go Back To The Future with Secret Cinema

Wow! That’s the best place to start I think! On August 9th Pete, Sarah, Adam & I were part of something special – Back To The Future Secret Cinema.
The excitement started to build well before the night with various mails including one that gave us our new I.D’s for the night:
~ I was Susy Thompson (Susy T) an Egg Grader at Twin Pines Ranch
~ Adam was Randall Duncan (Randy D) a student at Hill Valley High
Other mails told us about pop up stores/diners & a postal/telephone exchange. I called up Randall on his 1955 phone number & left him a message inviting him to prom, he never replied but thankfully still turned up – men!
 photo 1randydsusyt_zps38ee27ff.jpg
After all the negative press due to the first week being cancelled I think some people were apprehensive but once I’d got on my new dress (thanks to Lady Vintage) I was up for a great night & a belter of a night it was too!
On the tube it was funny looking around as more & more people got on in 50s outfits – we were all going to the same party but no one knew each other, it was like a secret society! We all met at Hackney Wick station & walked towards the (not very) secret location of the Olympic Park. Everyone had made a great effort with their outfits & it was hard to tell who was an actor & who was just visiting, out of nowhere Biff turned up with his gang & bullied George McFly right in front of us before a girl student walked with Randall to do their homework about Hydrogen.
 photo 2BTTF_zpsd2004351.jpg
After all this excitement it was time to go in. Whoop! First stop was Peabody’s Ranch....round the corner was Lyons Estate where we had a nosey into various houses....past the Texaco garage & finally into the Town Hall Square.  Wow! There were vintage cars driving around & people everywhere, well about 3,500 of them!
We popped into the Travel Agents & booked a holiday to Hawaii, the Printing Press where Randy printed a poster, the Comic shop where I bumped into an old college friend (random or what?!), the High School where we had a dance together at the prom, wandered round the county fair & finally Lou’s Diner where we had a (Byron) burger & chips. Yum!
 photo 4highschoolBTTF_zps377629f0.jpg
It was then time to claim our spot in front of the Clock Tower on the square. We sat there munching on our burgers watching the (1955) world go by & in between the crowds we caught glimpses of Marty running around with Biff not far behind & the Doc trying out various inventions. It was fun to stop a minute & watch everything that was happening around. Biff came up to Randy to ask if his shirt was pink or red?! Thankfully Randy had the right answer & escaped Biffs clutches.

Before the film there was a Town Parade, Mayor Red Thomas spoke to the crowd, Bob Gale (yes THE Bob Gale who wrote BTTF) introduced the film & Marvin Berry & The Starlighters played a few tunes to jive along to. Then the clock struck & the film began to cheers from the crowd.
 photo 3BTTF_zps8ad78d5d.jpg
While the film was showing actors also performed the key scenes in & around the town hall square while everyone cheered & booed along.... the Delorean got the biggest cheer of them all. There were car chases with Marty hanging off the back of a pick up truck on a skateboard while Biff chased after in his vintage convertible, during the prom scene everyone got up & danced,  George McFly beating up Biff was a personal highlight with the crowd really getting behind him, then the grand finale....the lightning strike at the Clock Tower, the Doc was in front of the clock, the Delorean was driving around picking up speed & everyone was getting excited, then there was a flash & all that was left were 2 flaming tyre tracks on the road....! Everyone roared!
Straight after the film was the Enchantment Under The Sea dance, we stayed for a few songs then came back down to earth with a bump & got back on the tube to take us home & back to 2014. What an amazing night!

*I wrote this straight after we went so I wouldn’t forget anything but am posting it now so I wouldn't spoil anything for anyone still to go.... if you want to see more check out the video on the Telegraph website HERE.

Ttfn x

Monday, September 01, 2014

This time 2 years ago....

I was getting ready to dye my hair pink before I walked down the aisle to go from Miss P to Mrs P. Two. whole. years! Crazy!

We got up early this morning to do presents. Adam got me a "cotton" apron with sausage dogs on (so cute & will stop me ruining clothes when I 'cook'!) & I made a "cotton" cross stitch of us on our wedding day...
I bought the pattern from Etsy (see link HERE),  all I had to do was send a photo of us & everything was customised to fit & even our little inflatable pug was added! It took me a bit longer than expected because I only had the odd 5min before I picked Adam up from the station or did a bit during lunch at work but I eventually got there!

So 2 years down, many many more to go. Love you Mr P! x

This post also ties in nicely with the last of Susannah's August Break challenge - "love" - perfick! - see more info HERE

Ttfn x