Saturday, May 21, 2011

The End....or is it?!

Well looks like it wasn't true after all but if the world was going to end I started my last day in the best way possible - Adam brought me McDonalds breakfast in bed! Yum! He's the best when he does these little things for me!

We then had a lazy day made up of cleaning, watching tv & building Lego models! The Sun had been giving out free models with their papers last week so we decided to build them.

They were slightly more complicated than I'd thought but fun all the same! We now have some new additions to the games room.

Two of Adam's mates came round this afternoon/evening for a catch up which was fun. I did my (what has now become) signature stir fry which was rather scrummy & then we just all sat & watched crap on tv. It was quite nice to veg out with everyone & talk about anything & everything, a bit like it used to be at uni with everyone round. I've missed evenings like that.

Ah well I'm pretty glad the world didn't end cos everything's pretty peachy for me at the moment & I don't want it to end :-) bonus!

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