Sunday, July 31, 2011

Rikshaw Rambling

On my way out to see some mates last week in Mumbai I got into a Rikshaw & trust me to get the driver that has no clue where he’s going. He kept turning round to ask me the directions in Hindi (I’m guessing that, it could have been anything!) & I just shrugged my shoulders & laughed at the typical Indian-ness of the situation. Thankfully it wasn’t raining so I didn’t mind being driven around more than necessary.
I finally worked out that at one point he asked my name so I thought I’d show off & reply my name is Katie in Hindi, he then got excited & started rabbiting away at me & I just sat there looking sheepish. He then realised I knew very little so gave up, poor guy! When we arrived at the place I was meeting my friends I asked him to stop & also how much for the journey in Hindi again & he laughed & thankfully answered in English. I love journeys like that!
x x x

Saturday, July 30, 2011

magical monsoon

I was in Mumbai last week with work designing our AW2012 collection. We got so much done & it was a fab trip, the only thing that dampened our spirits a bit was the monsoon. One night as I was heading home in a little black & yellow taxi with the rain pouring down I wondered why people in India see the monsoon as being such a lovely time of year. I could have just thought about it practically & think about how the rainwater helps their crops to grow & provide enough water for everyone but instead So I grabbed my camera & looked at the rain through one of my lenses & saw I know why India sees the monsoon as being magical.
x x x

Friday, July 29, 2011

Ice Cream Indulgence

It’s July in London & that can only mean one thing – Ben&Jerrys festival at Clapham Common. Adam & I have been going for the last 5years & it’s the best. Where else do you pay £17 for live music, in a relaxed setting & unlimited Ben&Jerrys ice cream. Amazing right?!  We did our typical trick of getting there for when it opens, then as soon as we get in grab as much ice cream as possible & as our hands get free-er grab more ice cream, then fall into a heap after half an hour feeling a bit sick & not really moving off our picnic blanket for the rest of the day while we veg out listening to music. It’s the best plan really.
When we first went 5years ago the sun was blazing & the weather was ace but gradually over the years the weather’s got progressively worse & this time it was all a bit grey (we still managed to get sunburnt though!) & chilly. I was so glad of my new wellies so at least there was no footwear dramas before leaving the house. 
We were dead chuffed cos we managed to get our hands on the elusive "Wich". It's a cookies with vanilla ice cream & choc chips sandwiched between. Previous years cut up chunks were handed out by girls dressed up as witches & that was mad enough but this year they were handing out a Wich each & everyone went crazy for them. I felt so sorry for the girls stuck in the middle of a group of people all on a sugar rush & a bit drunk trying to grab as many as possible but it didn't stop Adam & I - you snooze you loose! We were in Asda a couple of weeks ago & they had some in the freezer section  went just as crazy then taking them all to stock up our freezer. 
Next to one of the ice cream stalls there was a photobooth so Lisa, Nick, Adam & I all piled in. We were a bit too sober for the video part of it but the photos have still come out quite funny!
The main acts were The Fun Lovin’ Criminals, Ash & Ocean Colour Scene. FLC & Ash were ace Ocean Colour Scene were good but I thought I’d know more of their stuff than I actually did which was a shame. Also while we were at the festival the news came through about Amy Winehouse, such sad sad news. I wasn’t a fan but her voice was something else & it’s such a shame she’s gone.
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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

same old brand new you

Last Friday I got to use my first Groupon voucher. I wasn’t sure how easy it would be & whether I’d miss something in the fine print meaning I’d pay loads more money on the day but it went fine & without a hitch.  My voucher was for a hairdressers in London & as the day drew nearer I was getting more & more worried about getting a budget haircut & dye & how it would actually turn out. The value of the voucher was for treatments up to £166 & I bought it for £41 which is an ace saving & it all turned out good thankfully. I could either have highlights or a full head of colour so decided on the later & went for a deep burgundy & a trim. I’m so chuffed with it & I’m definitely going to try to keep this kind of colour up for a bit cos I’m loving how shiny it’s made my hair & the shade is ace. It feels good to have had a chop too – seeing as my hair’s so fine it goes all stringy & horrid if I leave it too long. My voucher also entitled me to an express manicure! I hate nail files but thought I’d give it a go & went for a fairly subtle colour that doesn’t matter so much when it chips. It’s been 5days so far & not one little chip, for me that’s mega impressive
As if a new hair colour wasn’t enough I also picked up my new glasses on Saturday morning. I got 2 pairs that are both quite different. My everyday ones are fab – they’re clear with pink & orange stripes on the top & bottom running across my face. The optician wasn’t convinced when I bought them but Adam & I thought they were brill! I also got a smarter pair that I’ll wear more on nights out & more importantly during the wedding. I know most people choose not to wear their glasses on their big day but I’ve decided they’re such a big part of my face (cos I like the chunky ones not the frameless or thin wire ones) that it would be weird not wearing them to get married in too so here’s to specs appeal on my wedding day!

x x x

Saturday, July 23, 2011

british summer?! bring it on!

After a bit of sales shopping I'm ready for whatever weather the British Summer brings!
Couldn't resist either of thease beauties when I was out shopping with Adam this week looking for stuff for him. Luckily he found stuff too but hey you can't expect me to always window shop can you?! They were both needs as well & not just wants (not sure who I'm trying to convince there but hey!).

x x x

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Steptacular news

On Twitter this morning I read the best news ever. Steps are reforming! Now if you don't know me very well you might not know this dark side to me but I used to be (& still am) obsessed with the cheesy pop group that's Steps. I've been itching all day to get home & put on the only dvd I have of them (all the rest of my stuff is on vhs!) & dance/sing away. It's such a good job Adam's out tonight.
All of my time at High School was spent with Michelle learning the routines at each others houses & then when I changed schools I carried this on & added Scary-May to the group. It was so much fun & they were such a huge part of my life. I was only allowed on the internet once a week to look at their message board but I made sure I recorded every tv show they were on & bought every magazine they were in from Smash Hits to FHM. I don't care how sad people think it all is I was so happy while listening to their happy clappy songs & dancing around my bedroom. I was even on Live&Kicking with them asking them a question & then turing bright red when H thanked me for his birthday present & card I'd bought him that day (told you I was obsessed!). From 1997 with the first yeehaa of 5 6 7 8 till they split up on boxing day 2001 ruining my christmas & resulting in me biting off the heads of the chocolate figures I'd got the day before, (then going out the next day & buying them again cos I felt guilty & which I still have to this day!) I loved them. I've been waiting for this reunion news for so long, there have been rumours before but nothing confirmed until this morning when H, Claire & Faye all said on Twitter it was true :-D They're starting with a documentary & a new 'ultimate cd' package then hopefully there'll be a tour. I'm shaking my glitter hairspray & digging out my glowsticks from the back of the freezer in anticipiation.
For anyone who doesn't know them check out the Steps medley video don't expect a masterpiece just a bit of pop fun & hopefully it'll raise a smile not a snarl!

x x x

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Indroducing the newly weds.

A couple of weekends ago Adam & I went to George & Claire's wedding down near Southampton. It was a bit of a more unusual ceremony & reception cos it was half Greek & half Anglican/English. Thankfully most of the service was in English so we could understand what was happening! There was only supposed to be one little part in Greek but instead the Greek Orthodox priest decided he wanted to do the whole ceremony by talking really really fast! So they've actually been married twice!
Claire, as expected, looked stunning - a proper English rose. They both looked so happy saying their vows to each other & everything ran really smoothly until Phil (the best man) dropped the rings! Why have a stone floor in the church?! The rings clang so loudly when they hit it! At least at our church it's got carpet so shouldn't be a problem. Not that I don't have faith in Nick but you've got to cover all eventualities!
This is the group shot of the 'friends.' We went there only knowing a few people but thankfully we'd been sat with other designers at the reception & we all got on like a house on fire which was cool. The photo below is of Lilly (Phil & Jane's daughter) she was so lovely! I don't normally say that about kids but she was one sweet little thing!
The reception was held kind of in the middle of nowhere, just outside a village in the grounds of a house. It was so pretty & the whole marquee was classic & beautiful. The speeches were lovely & the best bit was when George was talking about meeting Claire & he said he'd just popped out for a 'screw' though not the kind of screw everyone else was thinking of! Yoink! Adam also got mentioned quite a lot which was funny thanks to Phil & his cheeky ways.
Claire & George's first dance was to a Greek song with a live band. This was the start of a lot of Greek dancing that night.
After Claire had danced with her dad it was then George's turn & as he danced people threw money onto the floor. They either threw it or slapped it onto the dancer's heads where it stuck with sweat till it fell off & onto the floor.
On top of the cake were 2 little love birds, this theme had carried on all the way from the invites to the reception which was really sweet. A cute idea.
Yay cake cutting! It was a mix of sponge & fruit cake & I nabbed a scrummy moist bit of fruit cake. Yum! Can't beat it.
While still on a sugar rush it was time for the money dance where people pin money onto the bride & groom while they dance in a circle. It was crazy the amount of money they got from this though I'm sure it meant for a lovely honeymoon!
All the men came onto the floor after dancing individually with George & ended up by giving him the bumps too!
The next dance was for all the ladies as we clapped & danced around the happy couple.
After a few dances with the English dj it was time to make an arch & say goodbye to the  newly weds. I ran off & left Adam joining hands with randoms while I took a few snaps. After setting off some Chinese Lanterns & some more confetti George & Claire got in the car to start they new lives together.
Most of the guests were staying at the nearby Holiday Inn so a gave a couple of girls a lift home & we finally checked in about 12:30am. The next day we had a bit of a day trip but I'll bore you with that another time......

x x x

Sunday, July 17, 2011

412 days to go....

Hopefully this won't be the first of many but last night I had a wedding nightmare! In my dream I was at the church after the service & everyone was eating their reception food there rather than at the other venue later on - that was the first thing that got me worried. I then looked down at my ring finger & my wedding ring wasn't there, only my engagement ring. I started to fret & went to find mum who started worrying & looking everywhere for it. I stood there trying to remember the moment Adam put the band on my finger but couldn't, I couldn't even remember walking up the aisle with dad or any other memories that I was sure I would treasure in my heart for ever. I started to get really upset at this point & that's when I looked down & saw my dress was nothing like what I'd been planning, it was all wrong & so hideous! When Adam woke me up I was all worried & a bit of a mess. Here's to hoping that wasn't the start of 411 more bad dreams!

x x x

Friday, July 15, 2011

Journal Day - "the one thing you know for sure"

Danielle at Sometimes Sweet has given us another brief for Journal Day. See her entry here.

“The older we get, the more certain we get about who we are and what our purpose is.  For me, a lot of it is still unknown, but as I make my way down my own path, I have begun to realize that there are indeed some inevitable truths that I know for sure. On your own blog, write a post that talks about "the one thing you know for sure."”

I wasn’t really sure where to start with this till it hit  me last night after my 2nd crappy day at work in a row. I was almost ready to head home, curl up on the sofa & watch mind-numbing tv *ahem* jersey shore *ahem* & not bother with heading to Jive but there was a little bit of me that knew if I went I’d forget everything & leave with a smile on my face. Do you know what? It worked! So my answer to the one thing I know for sure is:

“No Matter How Bad Your Day Was, a Good Old Dance Will Perk You Up.”
As I was typing my theme I remembered a song from one of my favorite musicals – Mack & Mabel (if you don’t know it go & see it, it’s ace). The song I’m thinking of is ”Tap Your Troubles Away” & the specific line is “When a sky full of crap always lands in your lap, just tap tap tap your troubles away” It’s so true. I can go from being really down in the dumps & fed up, to not a care in the world & everything being a.ok. There are a few things that help:

~ the people – everyone’s your friend whether you know them or not, (ok there are a few dance snobs but not many), they’re all really friendly, up for a dance & a good time so their positive vibes end up rubbing off onto you. I have my close friends at Jive & also people that I say hi to, have great chats & dances with, but only ever see when I go to class. It’s so nice to have this mix cos you can talk to someone if you’re really down or just get on with the dancing side & just say your day was fine if you don’t want to go into detail.
~ smiling – I always make sure I smile & enjoy each & every dance I have, whether it’s with a beginner or someone far more advanced. Everyone’s there to have fun & I find if I smile at my partner it’s much more fun. There’s nothing worse than dancing with someone who has a mardy face as if they’d rather be somewhere else or dancing with someone else. I’ve had comments from various guys who like dancing with me cos I always look like I’m enjoying myself which is nice to know.
~ concentration – seeing as I’ve been learning to dance as a man as well as doing the woman’s beginner part the amount of concentration involved makes you forget everything else & focus on the moves & routines. The same applies for some of the more challenging advanced classes (especially the ones this week). I’ve really enjoyed the new routines & I’m trying to work on my frame & styling as well & it’s resulted in lots of compliments along the way.

~ the atmosphere – two of our venues are in bars, the other one is a leisure centre. I prefer the bar venues because you get time to socialize with a  drink as well as dancing & it’s more of an upbeat night out. It’s a combination of the disco lights, the pumping music & the buzz of the other people around you.
It’s not only Modern Jive & Tap that has this effect – Emhen works all the hours god sends but still makes time to go to Salsa, no matter how late or tired she is because it’s a great way to get a buzz. Ever since we lived in India & she discovered Salsa classes she’s been the same. Dancing is like a drug & the high it gives you is brilliant, you even get withdrawal symptoms if you don’t experience it enough. You also get the added bonus of weight loss! It’s a win win situation!
There are times when dancing doesn’t work & I’ve turned up to a venue, tried to have a couple of dances, realized I’m getting nowhere & I’m frustrating myself & just left, but these nights are few & far between.

The downside to these nights out is when I get home at about 12:30 / 1am & I’m on such a high I can’t sleep. I end up watching tv trying to calm down & usually stagger to bed about 2am, then have to get up for work at 6am & start the day grumpy due to lack of sleep! Yoink!
So whether it’s at a class like Modern Jive, Tap Dancing or Salsa or something as simple as dancing in front of the mirror in your bedroom, doing a little drunken dance in the loo (you know who you are!) or a little shimmy on the tube to your iPod I’ve learnt that every little helps (this post wasn’t sponsored by Tesco by the way!). Try it!

x x x

Thursday, July 14, 2011

What's my age again?!

In the past week I've been asked my age about 5 times & everytime I'm not sure the answer I give is correct! You probably know by now I'm awful at maths so to try & figure it out from my year of birth is wishfull thinking. Instead I log onto my old myspace account & it tells me there!
It's funny the way that when you're little you remember your exact age to the month but now all I know is I'm in my twenties! At this rate I'll end up missing my 30th & just see it as another birthday. So nearer the time if anyone could send me a reminder that would be ace!


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Once a student always a student

The other day I noticed a box full of goodies outside one of the communal kitchens at work. Turns out the styling agency were moving out & didn't want to lug loads of stuff with them & so had put it all in a box for everyone to help themselves to. As you can see I didn't hold back! Yoink!

I hasten to add I didn't take this all in one go I kind of snook back for more throughout the afternoon (cos that makes it ok!).

We're just recovering from a lovely weekend away at one of Adam's mate's weddings down near Southampton. Will fill you in with more photos later this week.


Thursday, July 07, 2011

Bread&Butter Business

It's summer & that could only mean one thing - trade fair time. This week was Bread&Butter in Berlin, my favourite show of the lot. Seeing as I didn't get to Florence for Pitti Uomo I decided to plan a two day trip in Berlin to make sure I saw everything (I still needed more time but hey!).
I landed yesterday lunchtime & headed straight to the first fair called Premium. I'd never been there before but Michael & Katarina from our German office & Sirfraz from New York were all heading there so I thought I'd give it a go.
It was quite good but mainly women's wear & a bit tamer than B&B. We were there for about 2hrs then headed off to East Berlin to look at the shops. We went to a fab trendy area & didn't have anywhere near as much time as I'd have liked to wander but I got an idea. At 8pm the next stop was my hotel so I could finally check in. I was staying at the Hotel Bogota & I loved it! The rooms aren't ensuite, you share showers & loos with the rest of the floor but it's fine. The whole place is really old fashioned but still cool & it's only €40 a night! Can't go wrong!
Later on we headed out for dinner to a Turkish restaurant & by this time Mili had joined us from Mumbai. We nattered away while the poor waiters couldn't cope with the number of groups in due to the trade fairs & ended the night with a (big) glass of wine down the road from the hotel.
This morning it was time to hit Bread&Butter, it's the only trade fair that really gets me excited about everything. The show is held at a disused airport & as you walk in & see the rafts of people going in, the lights down low & the music pumping, just try to stop me! The first stop of the day is the old baggage carousel to pick up a brand bible & then you're off. 
I managed to get on most stands, though the world of shirts is looking a bit bleak for SS12. Stands that would normally have loads of shirts only had a small collection & filled out the rest of the space with chinos! When will this trend end?! Most of the shirts that were there were ginghams in every scale possible as well as some denims, oxfords & lovely vinatge effects.
The theme this year was Luna Park & there were some pretty creepy characters walking/riding around. There was even a robotic radio controlled horse that breathed fire! Sadly there was no Ami James tattooing this year but Avril Lavigne did walk past me on the way to her clothing stand!
Unfortunately I didn't quite get to finish looking around before I had to negotiate the hideous taxi line & traffic to the airport. I love driving around Berlin, it's an awesome city & I've gotta come here on holiday with Adam again so we can explore more. Thankfully the roads were quite clear & I arrived at the airport with enough time to grab a 3:30pm lunch & I discovered how yummy currywurst is! Nom! I'm now waiting in departures to board my flight but won't post this entry till I'm back in Blighty, I may love my blog but not so much to pay my bill if I use the net abroad!


Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Mice & Mutts

After our photoshoot on Saturday Adam & I drove over to his parents & stayed there for the night. Seeing as we arrived quite late we stopped off to grab summit from Tescos for dinner. That's when I came across this.....
How on earth had micky mouse pizzas been invented without my knowledge?! Even though it was 50p more than a normal shaped pizza I had to get this one! The only thing that would have made it better would have been if I'd had pasta shapes served on The side! Wow! The meal of kings!
The next day when we drove to Jenna&Matt's we passed Walthamstow Dogs (random fact time - Blur's parklife album photos were shot here). Sadly the dog track closed down a while ago to make room for new houses but since the recession hit nothing's been done. Luckily Adam & I along with the rest of W.I.T went down & had a fun night out there just before it closed, seeing it now though just makes you wish they could have managed to keep it open that bit longer. Now would be my cue to start my typical rant about how loads of places have been closed down for new houses/shopping centres *ahem*the Astoria *ahem* but I'll leave it there for now, I moaned about it enough in the past!

Monday, July 04, 2011

notes from a domestic goddess

I'm really getting into this baking malarkey, it's quite good fun! I saw this idea on Dainty Squid's blog about how to do Rainbow Cupcakes so I thought I'd give it a go.
Starting with a kids cupcake kit from Asda, once mixed I went to town on the food colouring!
I spooned the different colours into the cases randomly. The blue was a bit runny cos of the amount of dye I'd had to use so it wasn't as strong as I've had liked.
Next I bunged them in the oven & watched like a little kid as they rose & got all excited! I even dragged Adam off x-box to come & have a look!
Once they'd cooled I got Adam & we decorated the cakes with bits & bobs ready for our second engagement shoot with Lou. We'll get the photos back next week & I can't wait to see them, at least the weather was way better than our first trip which you can see here. When I went to get Adam it was quite funny cos he was playing a really macho game with his mates & other people online & had to pull out so he could come & 'ice some cupcakes!' Apparently everyone burst out laughing poor guy!
Sainos also had these cute little DIY gingerbread men too so I couldn't resist getting them & using them in our shoot too.

In case you hadn't guessed we had a bit of a picnic theme this time in Regents Park but I won't give away too much until the photos are ready. As well as posing like the models we are we went over to see Jenna & Matt who've just welcomed little Noah into the world. Again, more snaps to come!

x x x