Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I've seen quite a few artificial trees but this is the best so far.

It's in St Pancras Station & is made entirely of Lego.
When walking up to it it seems a bit odd cos the branches are all totally straight, it's not until you get up close to it you realise why.
It looks great sitting there amongst all the other straight lines of the station & again it got me thinking it would make a great weave. What's wrong with me?! Where has this weave craving come from?! Someone get me a loom quick, I need to get it out of my system - as soon as I have to spend days threading the damn thing up my opinion will soon change!
I'd have loved to have been part of the crew to build this it would have been so much fun. It made me really want to get my box of Lego out again that I had when I was younger, tip it out onto the floor of our living room & start building a tree for myself - who needs a realistic looking one when you can have this beauty?! It reminds me of a Lego Wedding Bouquet I saw a while ago, can't remember where it was but it was ace, just think if, you got bored during the day you could transform your flowers into a spaceship or something & play with that - I'm in, who's joining me?!
Anyways enough random ramblings. Not long 'till our tree goes up now - hopefully it'll be this weekend. Woop!
Ttfn x

Monday, November 28, 2011


Another busy but funfilled weekend has gone by - this time with my College Girlies. Seeing as this might be the only catch up with us all before Chrimbo I decided to get some tinsel out & make the lounge look a bit festive.
I also couldn't resist getting some chocolate coins & writing their Christmas cards. Who says I get carried away with the festive season as soon as I'm given a chance?!
Becky, Liz & Laura arrived Saturday morning & we mat Karen at St.Pancras when we headed to Drink, Shop & Do for lunch (thankfully I'd booked this time!). The food was really good (including the sandwich triangles with the crusts cut off!) & they'd got all their decorations up too so at least it's not just me getting into the spirit of things.
We only had our 'slot' for 1.5hrs though cos they were so blimmin busy but before heading home we popped to Winter Wonderland which was even busier than last week (if that's possible). My main bug bear is still the fact that people are there with pushchairs sauntering around without a care in the world while the rest of the world & his wife end up queueing behind them. Grr!
While we were there there was a lovley sunset behind the ferris wheel so then I became the annoying one who stopped to take pictures of a pretty sky while every one else waited behind me (I love double standards!). Seeing as I wasn't as hung over as last week I decided to join Laura & Karen on a ride. It was a rollercoaster a bit likie Nemisis where your feet are dangling & was pretty good for a fairground (tho at a fiver a go it had to be!).
Once we'd shuffled around Winter Wonderland a bit more we headed home for a leisurely night in. I popped the pizzas in the oven, got out the nibbly bits & crackers & we all just vegged out on the sofa for the rest of the time. Bliss! I'd managed to find some Ben&Jerrys Witches so we scoffed them for pudding before Becky made us all mulled cider - I needed it after sitting through Strictly Come Dancing and X-Factor. Argh! We watched more rubbishy tv after that & finally went to bed about midnight.
Sunday morning we lazed around for most of the morning before heading to Spitalfields market to see what was on offer followed by a Wetherspoons lunch. Everyone left around 4:30pm & I had a cheeky nap before heading out with Adam to see Frank Turner with Karen & Charlie.

As per usual the gig was AWESOME! I was feeling a bit crap all day with a headache & dodgy throat (possibly passed on by a very generous Slink last week! I'll let you off chuck! :P) but by the end of it my headache had been forgotten about & my throat was no longer bothering me cos I'd pretty much lost my voice!  We arrived to Against Me palying their set which was really good, I didn't really know anything about them or their songs before but will definately scout them out now. FT came on at 9:20pm & rocked his little socks off. I shouted along to pretty much all of the songs & left with such a big grin on my face. As well as playing lots off the new album he did loads of the old stuff too (yay!) but not a lot from Poetry Of The Deed which was a shame cos that's a pretty ace album. Anyways I ain't complaining. He was playing at the Hammersmith Apollo which is his biggest venue to date tho that'll all be blown out of the water when he plays Wembley next year (which sadly we won't be able to make - boo!).

Anyways I think you'll have gathered by now it was a pretty brill weekend, roll on the next 2 then (I can't believe I'm saying this) but it's Chrimbo! Argh! I think the excitement of previous weekends as well as the ones to come is really getting to me though cos I was still wide awake at 2am this morning & again at 3am, only to be woken up by my alarm at 5:30am! *groan*

Friday, November 25, 2011

err who's the bride?!

Last night Anna & I went to the Matthew Williamson Bridal event & boy was it good fun! I'd decided I should at least try to make an effort & be a bit smart but as per usual my smart(ish) was still everyone else's pretty scruffy! Anna had commented that she's always a bit awkward coming to things like this & never feels like she fits in, but when she's with me it's all fun (probably cos I make her look so amazing! :P).
We arrived around 7:15 & the place was already buzzing. We set off with a yummy cake from Zoe Clark at The Cake Parlour in one hand & a glass of a Martini/Champagne care of Liquid Chefs in the other, well I did, Anna just carried an extra drink for me - she's the best!
As well as looking (note only looking & not buying!) at the Bridal wear we also wanted to see more of Emhen's amazing handy work up close. The work she does is beautiful & as MW's head embroidery designer she needs to give herself one hell of a pat on the back. There's so much detail & textures, I especially wanted to wear the blue & black dress (bottom right) to jive in cos it would have moved beautifully, one day eh?! I also fell in love with the shop's wallpaper & the vintage jewellery added to it, again, one day!
There were some beautiful shoes from Harriet Wilde on display & while we were looking at them Anna got chatting to the lady herself. Seeing as she was asking so many questions it was assumed she was the bride so then she was asked all about her dress & her outfit for the big day, all I can say is - wow can that girl tell a porkie! Who knows who they thought I was?! Probably her badly under-dressed wedding planner! By the end of the night we'd planned the whole of her wedding even going as far as the name of her H2B, (getting in with the wedding lingo here!), but I won't give too much away though cos you never know, it could all happen, all I will say is I can't wait to see those squirrels scurrying up the aisle carrying your rings & wearing top hats!
As we left we were handed a fab goodie bag containing lots of lovely things, & proper sized things, not tiddly samples. On top of this lot in Anna's was some Bobbi Brown lip gloss, I got a hair bobble instead, which to be fair will get used by me a hell of a lot more!

It was so much fun to go to summit like that with Anna, we don't get to do things like that so often now she's not in London. The next big thing will be in a few weeks when I go to buy THE DRESS! Eeep! Will have to see how much I can blog without giving anything away but making sure I write more than "I HAVE THE DRESS!"

Ttfn x 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

a more sober affair

Following on from Monday’s post, the rest of the Slink & Niall weekend wasn’t as rowdy but just as fun.
Saturday - we woke up about mid day sporting some pretty bad headaches & finally braved sunlight an hour or so later. We headed into town via Platform 9¾ & Costa for a pick me up.

By the time we left Costa & headed to Winter Wonderland it was already getting dark. It was the best time to get there though cos even though it was packed, it was still magical with lots of lovely twinkly lights. It had only opened the day before so I didn’t think it would be too busy but boy was I wrong!
It was a bit too mild to get into the true spirit of things with mulled wine but Niall & Adam both had a Bratwurst while we watched some of the bigger rides. There were some brill ones & we'd have leaped on if we hadn’t been feeling so sorry for ourselves. I know, I know it's all self inflicted!
We’d planned to go to Drink,Shop&Do to ‘play with clay Michael Jackson style’ for the evening, but when we got there we were told we should have booked (grr). So we only stayed for a hot choc/cocktail & a nibble before heading home with Pizza & Doritos to veg out in front of Flight of the Conchords (think this plan was a bit of a blessing is disguise!).
On Sunday, once everyone had emerged we decided to head to the RAF museum down the road for a nosey cos Adam & I had always said we'd go but never got round to it. It was brill! We weren't really sure what to think but it was huge & most importantly, free!
Niall was in his element with machines & engines while I (randomly) got bombarded with inspiration for weaves! I got quite excited about it all, it was such a shame I couldn't just leap on a loom & work away. I've not felt that inspired for ages (well since I graduated) so I did the next best thing & got a bit snap happy! You can see a photo of the loom I used to work on at uni here, it drove me mad back then but I really wish I could just while away the hours in the dye lab & get weaving once more.
So many textures & lines to weave, where's a dobby loom when you need one?!
It was quite good fun to be in a museum where they don't mind you taking photos, it made for some beauties!
I loved this menacing plane near the exit of one of the hangers
There was a lovely display all about the Royal British Legion & particularly about Henry Allingham who had fought in WW1 & died in 2009 aged 113, he was the last surviving founder member of the RAF. Reading about him & his life story brought a tear to my eye, we owe these men & women so much.

After a few hours we headed home & we hadn't even finished the museum, that's how great it was! It was a shame to say bye to S&N, the weekend was so much fun & we just don’t see enough of them anymore (I’m already holding them to an Eddies visit in the new year!). This visit has proved my idea of buying a street somewhere to get us all living together again as a fab idea & I must get onto to straight away! Well that’s after the collage girlies have all come to visit next weekend! Phew! Maybe we should start charging B&B fees?!


Monday, November 21, 2011

it's electrifying!

I promise my blog's not going to turn into a drunkard diary but I've been getting merry again - this time at The Electric Ballroom in Camden.
Slink & Niall came to visit for the weekend & we couldn't let their visit go by without a rock night somewhere. We were supposed to go out on Saturday but couldn't find a decent night over the weekend so we decided to head out Friday to see what Camden had on offer.
It felt so good to dust off the old rock night shoes again & Slink always has the most fab boots! I managed quite well till we were walking up the hill on the way home & I realised the balls of my feet felt like they were walking on knives every step I took. The price you pay eh?!
After a few drinks, a quick catch up & some chocolate cake (essential) we headed out about 10:30pm. We arrived about 11 & it was pretty dead so we found a table in one of the side rooms & nattered (well screamed at each other over the racket!) until Dusty found us & it started to get busier.
Everything was quite civilised until it was some one's, *ahem* Dusty's, idea to do shots of Jagermeister & Sambuca (not together though I hasten to add!). These shots plus the cider I was drinking made for quite an interesting night to say the least! :S
Looking back over the photos we took I love some of the faces of the people behind us - were we the only ones having a good time?!
The music in the main room was brill, lots to sing/shout/jump along to, oh how I've missed rock nights! Who knew the little fresher that used to be so scared of all of that kind of music would be loving it now & wishing she could go back to those nights?! I can't believe I hadn't been to the Electric Ballroom 'till now either, how did that slip past my radar?!
I don't know what had happened to my camera at this point but it was coming out with some ace double/triple exposures - I think we need to head back to the Electric Ballroom to try & figure it out, well it's a good an excuse as any.
We finally made it home about 4am & the rest of the weekend was just as fun (but a lot more sober!). More of that to come..........

Ttfn x

p.s Dusty - I hope this is enough photos of you for one post?! Please inform me if you need more!

Friday, November 18, 2011


Last weekend has finally caught up on me. I'm so tired, so tired I missed my stop on the train this morning. I woke up with a start just as the doors started to beep at my stop so instead of leaping up in a mess, trying to scramble for the doors & embarrassing myself I sat there as if I was supposed to get off one stop later than usual. I'm sure some of the people who usually travel in the same carrige as me noticed & probably wondered why I wasn't getting off though.
As I looked out of the window, bleary eyed, hoping the next stop would be fairly close I was greeted by this view of the River Thames - there could be worse places to be stuck on a train!
Waiting for my train back I stood in the wintery sun thinking that maybe I should miss my stop more often?!

Got another fun filled weekend coming up - Slink & Niall are coming to visit for a good old Rock Night tonight & Drink, Shop & Do tomorrow. Rarrr!

Ttfn x