Wednesday, August 25, 2010


....right, now that my parents have picked themselves off the floor i'll carry on!

i never understood that broody feeling of wanting one of your own & your heart melting when you see them playing, but now i'm getting that soppy sensation when i think about them & would love one at one point when our money situtations are a bit calmer. we'd then be starting our own little family. it's been getting quite bad recently, when i'm out & about & i see them going by it brings a huge smile to my face, i talk to them if i see them on the train, they're so cute & fun when everything in the world is new & their little faces with cold wet noses melt my heart.....

that's right i'm talking about puppies, what else could you expect from me?!

haha sorry mum & dad :P
x x x

Monday, August 23, 2010

learn something new everyday.....

Here’s a random fact for all you fact finders out there:

"The first publicly available package trip was arranged by Thomas Cook in 1841, from Leicester to Loughborough. He soon realised that the delights of the Midlands were unlikely to catch on so, in 1855, he started package holidays to Europe".

thanks to popbitch for the info!

Hope that brightened up your Monday!
x x x

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Time travel is possible!

I was sitting on the flight (finally!) with my ipod on & decided to listen to my travelling mix that's made up of songs that mean something to me, reminding me of people & places. It's a strange compilation & jumps from rage against the machine to steps to faithless to turin brakes. It's great though cos for that 3min you're back in the place at that time with those people, having fun or sometimes crying.
Whether it's jumping around in echos, the fresher's christmas ball, partying in bangalore with nat nat, moshing at rock night, dancing routines in michelle's mum's lounge or crying at heathrow when i left for india the 1st time, they're all stages in my life & i'm glad i have these songs to remind me. Yes some are pretty embarrassing & i hope the person next to me couldn't hear them but hey!
Anywhere where was i? Ah yes, leaving high school in '98....
X x x

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

leaving on a jet plane.....hopefully

as long as the monsoon slows down soon. it's been raining heavily with a few breaks for 2 days & i'm due to fly home very early tomorrow morning. i hate this night flight cos you're in the mumbai office for the whole day working hard & then have to keep yourself awake for the 02:30am departure, you have to not let yourself get too wound up at the airport (not such a problem now since they re-did the place) so you can't sleep when you sit in your cramped economy seat, instead you have to let everything wash over you & keep calm (rum helps!!) so you just keep awake for take off then as soon as you can tip your seat back you're away in the land of nod.
it's not easy to keep calm for me sometimes but i manage it better now. that is, till i looked online today to see if my flight's on time only to be greeted with a delay that keeps getting later & later. it's currently at 05:35am & hasn't changed for a while so hopefully it'll stay like that now & it means the flight has left london so it can arrive & we can take it back. not sure if it's technical fault or the rains but either way i hope it gets sorted as soon (& as safely) as possible cos otherwise it'll have been a 24hr day & i'm already weary :( *yawn*
there was a little highlight in the day though when i was called into the design studio by everyone singing happy birthday & there were 2 yummy chocolate cakes sitting there. trouble is indian tradition - the most senior person there gives you a bite of cake & then smears the rest all over your face! joy of joys! hehe. was pretty funny! eventhough i've wiped it off can still feel a greasy film on my skin & i only have 1 makeup remover cloth left that i'm saving for on the flight! have to grin & bear it for now.
argh ONLY 11hrs to go 'till i can sleep. where did i put those matchsticks?! the only thing keeping me going is the fact that i know i'm going back to our lovely little home & not a rented flat & adam will be arriving after work. bliss!
x x x

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Say cheese!

I'm so excited! My birthday present from my aunty has arrived. It's a 'robot3' camera that has 3 lenses so when you take a photo the 3 images all appear on one print. I can't wait to get out & about & take some quirky & different shots! Yay! It actually feels great to hold something so light, plastic, tacky & cheap for once & understand how something that looks so insignificant next to my slrs can bring so much experimentation & fun back into my photography. The camera doesn't even have a view finder or a flash! Haha. Bring on the fun times!
X x x