Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mirth Moustache

Last night was Date night! We bought tickets to the comedy store to see a charity gig called Mirth Moustache to raise money to help build schools in Burma. At only a tenner it was a great price to see some top acts. Think I might see who's on at the one in Mumbai next time I'm out there & give it a go.

When we picked up our tickets & went inside I realized finding seats for a comedy show is just like being at school for most people, you rush in to get a seat that's not in the front two rows!

Stephen Grant did a really good job at whipping us all up as the MC in between acts & after the interval as well as filling in as he waited for the last act to arrive (also he tweeted me so gets an extra point!).

Rob Deering - the best of the first lot, he got us all going & played his guitar using various effects as he sang along (sounds rubbish guess you had to be there!).

Tim Key - so so random but pretty funny! At first it was a bit of awkward giggling from the crowd till we realized this was actually his set!

Paul Sinha - the only gay, Asian, doctor comedian! He was the first guy on after the interval & managed to get everyone laughing along (& I don't think that was only due to the alcohol being consumed!).

Chris Martin - no not that Chris Martin a different one! Another great act & some brill observations.

And finally the real reason we'd got tickets - Mr Rufus Hound! Yum! Hehe. Ok not all of his material was new & we'd heard some of it before (not that I stalk him or anything!) it was still funny & everyone was laughing along, that is until, let's call her 'bint1,' piped up & started saying it was unfunny & that shed seen it all before. If she'd left it there then Rufus could have commented & got on with his set, but no, she was on a roll & wouldn't let it lie. Then from the opposite end if the room 'bint2' starts shouting about the fact only the men were finding it funny. At this point a girl behind me shouted that she'd loved it & all the other women cheered along! Rufus dealt with it really well & didn't flounce off the stage in a huff (as I would have done if it had been me!) but never got to finish his set which was a shame.

All in all it was a fun night but the heckling did ruin the end of it for me cos I wish people would just shut up & let everyone else enjoy the set but hey that's live stand up for you!

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