Monday, July 30, 2012

Olympic Torches are just like buses....

you wait ages for one then two come along at once!
After getting all excited at seeing the Olympic Torch on Thursday (see post HERE) we found out it would be coming along the river Thames on it's way to the Stadium for the opening ceremony. Our new office has a balcony so I got in early to hang out a Union Jack & get my camera ready!
After doing my bit & standing on my own ringing in the Olympics using a cow bell iPhone app at 8:12 to 8:15am (no I've not cracked, see more about it HERE) we started to track the torch's progress on the the BBC website, when we saw it was just going past Kew we headed down to the river side to get a better view.
While we stood there, in typical British fashion, the heavens opened. Thankfully we just had time for Simon to go & grab an umbrella before the excitement began.
We could hear the cheers from along the river so we knew the barge was coming. It was being carried on Gloriana the Queen's barge.
It was so cool to get to see it again. Twice in two days!
After the Gloriana rowed by there were a few more boats following along. I thought the one below looked like a Morris Dancer's boat, they should have had bells on the oars!
The Richmond Scouts were rowing along too.
After a little break & lots of horn honking there was a bit of a party boat tagging along behind. I'm not sure if they were part of the organised boats or not but they were certainly having fun & getting a bit tipsy by the sounds of it!
I'm sure most (if not all) of you have seen the Opening Ceremony by now. How awesome?! So proud to be a Brit! I keep trying to write down my highlights of the evening but there are too many to pick out, from Rowan Atkinson, to the Queen & James Bond, to all the fab dancers (quite a lot of them from JiveNation woop!), to Team GB in their blinging tracksuits & to the flame lighting a stunning beacon. Wow! If you've not seen it yet get on tinternet & google it. MIMO! Less than a week & I'll be at the stadium, actually at the Olympics! Cheering on Jessica Ennis & Mo Farrah, you think I'm excited?! You don't know my mum then! Woop!


Friday, July 27, 2012

This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine!

It was beginning to feel like the world & his wife had seen the Olympic Torch, everyone that is except me! I got all excited when I found out it would be going down the bottom of my road, which would have been brill, except it was on a Wednesday, at noon. Useful! I really think they should do the torch relay from 5:30pm through till 9am, that way more people would be free & also it would be dark & so easier to see! Anyone with me?! I started to loose hope I'd see it & instead have to watch it on tv going past all the places I know. Adam made me even more jealous when he produced a photo he'd taken of the torch passing his work on Monday evening. Not impressed!
Yesterday morning though my dream came true! I was checking the torch relay website when I spotted it would be lit at Chalk Farm at 6:48am (rather precise!). Bit of an early start but it made sure I wouldn't be at work & it's on my way in so how could I refuse?!
I set my alarm for 4:45am (eager beaver I know!) & arrived at Chalk Farm at 6:15am. It was kind of like going on holiday in the way that I didn't mind the early start, try & get me up at 5am to get to work early & I'm not a happy bunny, set the same alarm slightly earlier for me to look at a gas flame & I'm there, I even woke up before my alarm! Every one was in a great mood & as I left the tube station the coke lorry went by blaring music out & I got a sudden jolt of excitement. I started grinning & a girl came up to me & said "exciting isn't it?!"
I managed to stand opposite the Roundhouse where it was due to be lit. I didn't see it actually being lit or have as good a view of the torch as my camera did (thanks to standing on tip toes & stretching my arms!) but I was there! I cheered on the Olympic Torch wow! 
The carrier was the rugby legend Sir Clive Woodward who led England to win the Rugby World Cup in 2003 & he was loving it!
Just a few people turned out to wave the torch (!!) on it's penultimate day's journey before the opening ceremony tomorrow. I can't believe the Olympics start tomorrow!
Seeing as I was on my way to work I couldn't really deck myself out in full red white & blue attire but I made sure I took mum's flag & tied it to my bag in a big bow so I could still join in being proud to be British!
After stopping off to hear the choir outside the Roundhouse I set off for work rather tired but happy as the early start hit me! *yawn*
Ttfn x

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cess & her hens

Last weekend it was a fellow India Girlie's Hen Party. Step forward bride-to-be Cess.
We all met at the Brunswick House Cafe which was a fab venue right next to Vauxhall Station. It was the right level of quirky & full of random bits & bobs hanging from the ceiling. When we went to the table Cess' MOH had added to the decorations with tea lights & a pretty table cloth as well as our own place settings.
Thankfully it wasn't obviously a Hen Party, though there were subtle hints like Cessie's straw on the table! :P
The waiter was really lovely while he took these photos & was determined to get the best shot possible which was evident at the number of photos on my memory card!
Once we'd sorted out the bill, overpaid by £67, got the money back & put it all into the drinks kitty we set off for Thamesis Dock just down the road on Albert Embankment.
It's a fab 1930s Dutch Barge that's been converted into a pub/club & the view of Parliament & Big Ben was stunning all night. We had our own table inside where we made the most of the drinks kitty involving G&T & Jager Bombs yoink!
As usual we weren't the only Hen/Stag party & these 3 guys were out to celebrate the guy in blue's Stag. Everyone found it hilarious that I matched the other blokes so well, (I'm in the middle in case you were wondering!)!
We made our way down to the lower deck for a bit of a boogie. I grabbed this shot from the deck above of the girls before I had to get one with Cessie & Emhen, India girlies reunite!
It was so hot in there it felt like we were back clubbing in Taika, thought I don't think we were ever that warm in B'lore! Well maybe we were but the Kingfisher seems to have blocked it all out!
I couldn't resist one last photo of Big Ben & the London Eye before I walked back across the bridge with Ehmen to her place where we had a cuppa, a bagel & good old natter before crashing about 2:30am. Another brill Hen Party getting to spend time with my nearest & dearest. Mwah!

Ttfn x

Monday, July 23, 2012

The Dr will see you now.

A few Saturday's ago I had a invite to see Dr Dee the new opera by Damon Albarn & Rufus Norris at the London Coliseum. I wasn't sure what to expect but it was brill. The set was incredible & the music was beautiful.
The show was all about John Dee's life. He was an Elizabethan mathematician, astrologer & courtier & he lived in a time before magic & science were separated so no one knew what was real & wasn't. He owned a huge collection of books which he kept in his home in Mortlake (the way the books were shown on stage was stunning (I don't want to ruin it in case anyone else sees it at some point)). Dee ended up meeting a fraudster called Edward Kelly who believed he could talk to angels through a crystal ball & became obsessed with the occult & ended up being deserted by family & friends right up until he died with just his daughter by his side.
Paul & I had heard mixed reviews of the show so went with open minds & I'm so glad I got a chance to see it. The show opened with birdsong & then a crow flew onto the stage, hopped about a bit then flew off. It was stunning. That's all I'm going to give away cos whatever I type won't do it justice. I was really impressed with how much Damon Albarn sang & played, he was there for pretty much the whole show & I wasn't really expecting him to be there at all so it was a great surprise!

I can't believe how short the run was of this show but if it ends up touring I'd definitely recommend going to see it. MIMO!

Ttfn x

Friday, July 20, 2012

everybody partay!

carrying on from my last two posts (click HERE & HERE).Once we'd topped up on alcohol & sugar it was time for Nick & Lisa's first dance followed by the daddy / daughter dance. I'm not sure how much of it was the emotion of the day & how much was the ale but I must confess I blubbed a bit!
Everyone looked so happy & you wouldn't have believed it was the first time the happy couple had danced together in 9years of being together!
I was really impressed at how quickly the lads all got up on the floor to have a boogie I had visions of dragging them on there kicking & screaming one by one but no they were up there with the best of them! Brill!
A few pics of Lisa, Jenna, Adam & Isabelle - the little trooper stayed awake all night till it was time to go home & Isabelle did too! :P
I love the middle photos of Lisa with Isabelle.
Adam then took over little Lumix & turned out to be a rather fab photography wingman! I've figured out I get rather animated when I get into the disco (& have a few home brew ales inside me!).
What better way to build up the energy again than a good old hog roast with heaps of crackling! I'm sexy & I know it! ;)
Bring on a bit of Build Me Up Buttercup fake Karaoke with an inflatable microphone!
Followed by the Locomotion & more importantly....
Tragedy! Couldn't miss up on that & the DJ even played Cha Cha Slide! Does anyone else remember that?! I've not danced to it for years!
Before the end of the night Lisa threw her bouquet - she got a bit carried away though & threw it so high it hit the ceiling beam & fell on the floor right behind her leaving the girls to scrabble for it.
I'll end with one last photo of the happy couple. This is my fave of the day.
All that's left for me to say is CONGRATS NICK & LISA! :)
Oh & Nick don't be too harsh on Adam in his best man's speech yeah?! :P
TTfn x

Thursday, July 19, 2012

let the fun begin

carrying on from yesterday's post (click HERE).After the church service (where I thankfully didn't blub) Nick & Lisa held their reception at the stunning Crabbs Barn, it really was pretty & thankfully we did quite well with the weather. In between posing for the official shots (we scrub up well don't we?! :P) I was off tottering around with my Bucks Fizz/Ale in one hand & little Lumix in the other capturing my own spin on the day.
Thanks so much to Christina (on the left) for letting me post this pic that her little girl took (think she's got a budding photographer there & I might have competition!).
Lisa with Jenna her maid of honor & Nick's best man (in more ways than one!) Adam. What a stunning family.
While waiting for dinner Ash, Paul & Adam reflect on the day & the meaning of life.
Before too long it was time to go inside, we cheered Nick & Lisa as they walked into the room as the new Mr & Mrs before they cut their elegant cake & we all sat down to  a scrummy dinner of spiced butternut squash & roast lamb. Yum!
After dinner (& a few glasses of wine for dutch courage) it was time for the speeches. Keith, Nick & Adam all did great jobs, Adam had everyone laughing along & he nailed it! :)
I glanced over to Jenna's table during the speeches & loved her expressions, I know I'll be the same come September!

Once the speeches were over we went back outside to the bar & sweet table while the room was cleared ready for the last part(y) (see what I did there?! :P ) of the day which I'll post tomorrow.

Ttfn x

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Here comes the bride....

Last week Adam's sister Lisa got married to his best mate Nick (you couldn't plan it better!). I was lucky enough to be a bridesmaid & part time official photographer (try & stop me clicking away)!
It's been really fun planning our wedding alongside Nick & Lisa cos we both knew our weddings would be different enough to not worry about nicking ideas (or is it just me that gets overly protective with my plans?!) so we ended up going to quite a few wedding fairs together. We've always felt quite comfy cos we've known we're getting married 'after Nick & Lisa' but now that security blanket's gone & it's not that far away!
Jenna, Tina, Christina, Jennifer & I all arrived at Lisa's house early to have our hair styled & to do our makeup while the kids were looked after at Jill & Keith's. It was quite nice to have a few hours to natter away excitedly with the odd glass of wine(!) while we got ready before the real mayhem began.
I was quite nervous about doing my own makeup cos I only ever put a bit of eyeliner on & a brush of mascara, this time I had to tackle foundation, blusher, false eyelashes (which I never stuck on!) & lipgloss. I needn't have worried though & my eye shadow technique was adopted by some of the others (I even did bits of them), who'd've thunk it?! If I even get bored designing shirts I could become a make up artist! :P
Once the kids had arrived & we were all looking dolled up it was time to get on the dresses. The kids went first & I helped to do up all those tricky buttons cos I was the only one who didn't have long french manicured nails (always practical me! :P). The excitement of the day even caused Katie's tooth to come out!
Everything had seemed really calm all morning then the last half hour was manic. Jenna & I helped Lisa into her dress before we all jumped into taxis to get to the church. I don't have any more photos until I was reunited with Lumix at the church so I'll skip right there in tomorrow's post!