Monday, May 24, 2010

.....ooh & what about.....

Phew I'm getting there! Why on earth does the weather go so flippin' hot when I need to pack all my stuff up?! It's not easy! Had to rummage under my desk for my fan the other night, switched it on & my bed & I were given a dust blast! Yuck! We're not getting the keys 'till the end of the week but this is my last evening to pack properly! Argh! One minute I'm so excited the next I'm wondering what on earth I'm doing & oooh I haven't called so & so yet to change an address or cancel something. Usually the panic kicks in as I'm wanting to fall asleep! Typical! Anyways better get back to my tape gun & get packed! Bring it on!
X x x

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

9 days to go!

I can't believe how quickly this move has come around! I'm currently spending my last full week in rented accomodation, a crazy thought! Kind of wish we could hire a PA to do all the planning/organising new bills, old bills, change of name 'em I'm stressing about 'em! I can't get no sleep!
x x x

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

The Little Train That Couldn't

You never appreciate how much you take public transport in London for granted until you try to travel by it anywhere else! I know London isn't perfect but as soon as there's a problem on the underground or overland there's always the option of a bus or another tube line. In Nuneaton I've waited almost an hour for a delayed service back to London, I've just got on it & it's terminating half way there so I have to get off this one & wait for another! Argh!
Had the same problem on Sunday. Adam & I wanted to pop into a nearby town but didn't have a car so went to get a bus thinking it would be one an hour or something but no it was worse than that - no buses at all!! Imagine if they just stopped bus routes in London! Gimme a car anyday! Growl