Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Nigel's Stag Do pt2

After our speedy curry we hopped in taxis for a 15min drive down the road(!!) & arrived at the Great Central Railway. It was pretty deserted apart from a wedding on one platform (what a fab venue!) & after wondering why we were here a Diesel 45 (means nothing to me either!) pulled in & we climbed on board.
Don't worry I'm not a secret train spotter, this wasn't just any Diesel 45, it was Beerex! Still got no idea what I'm talking about?! Well it's an old fashioned train, that took us on a return journey to Leciester with a bar serving real ale A pub that moves basically! Love it!
All the stations we passed through were still all olde worlde & it was lovely time to sit & catch up with everyone while watching the world go by instead of trying to shout through a karting helmet at each other. I love how much of an anorak I look in the picture above!
I used to drink ale quite a lot but since moving to London where most pubs are now trendy wine bars it's not as easy to get my hands on a proper pint so I'd stopped & moved onto cider. As soon as the plastic glass was in my hand it was love at first sip once more! Anyone for the Real Ale Festival in Earls Court this year?!  
I'd just like to point out that the train never moved as quickly as this photo makes out but Art, Ross & Paul had a blast all the same!
Once back on the platform Nigel turned from a boy to a man ready for the rest of the festivities.....To Be Continued.... 
Ttfn x

Monday, May 28, 2012

Nigel's Stag Do pt1

I'm still not sure what to call my event a few weekends ago (stag / hen / c**k party) so I'll let you choose & delete as appropriate!

The whole weekend had been left in Art's capable hands (I'd given him a list of all the guys to invite,  told him I didn't want to leave with bruises & that's about it!). I had no idea what I was letting myself in for but he came up trumps & planned a fab blokey weekend & I couldn't have asked for more :) 
Believe it or not the theme wasn't naff jumpers!

Ross picked me up from the house & took me on a magical mystery tour ending up in Lufbra - yay! I was really excited about the whole thing till I saw Art & then got really nervous about what was in store for me!
group shot from left to right:- matt-towie, dave, ian, niall, moi, mattay, ross, paul & art
Once the guys had all arrived, we'd had a cuppa (rock n roll!) & a bite to eat we drove to a nearby Karting track which was ace fun! I was rubbish & came last, both in the 10 lap qualifying & the 30 lap race. I can proudly say I didn't spin it or crash into anything (& no that isn't cos I went at a snails pace all the way round) though when I looked at the results sheet Ian (the winner) had done 31 laps & I'd only done 27! Yoink! I'd forgotten that Ian (who arrived with his own helmet & meant business!), Niall, Dave & Art used to be in the karting club at uni so I didn't really stand a chance (& that's my excuse!). Ah well some one's got to come last & in reality I just let all the guys overtake me, it doesn't pay to see a grown man weeping cos he came last! :P
Before we'd left for the karting track I was presented with my clothing for the day & 'Nigel from I.T' was born. I got told off for trying to make it too cool by wearing my tie loose (not sure how cool you can make a tanktop with the shirt sewn into it?!) so my top button was done up & the tie tightened. Also once we'd checked into the hotel I was presented with more accessories for Nigel's evening entertainment - a bright green mankini & fluro beanie that said 'stag' on one side & 'c**k' on the other - delightful!
For dinner I think Art thought we were still on the race track cos we had 45min to get to Salims (great curry btw), order, eat & pay before it was time for the next activity which'll I'll tell you about another this space!

Ttfn x

Friday, May 25, 2012

Anything you can do I can do better

One day when I was gazing out the window of the bus in my own little world (surrounded by unicorns & rainbows) I suddenly came back down to earth with a jump when I spotted a spaceman on some one's balcony, as you do!
I've been meaning to get a photo but always missed it till the other day when I managed to get him & just as I was putting my camera away I looked at the balcony of the house next door & there was a huge cow facing the spaceman! I'm going to keep my eyes peeled to see if the spaceman house retaliates & I'll keep you posted (I hope they do!).

Ttfn x

Thursday, May 24, 2012

T-minus 100days!

Well the proper wedding countdown has begun - 100days eep! I remember when I started counting at 555days to go when I bought my first (yes first!) pair of shoes for the big day (click here for the post)!
 Now that Adam & I have had our stag parties & the "days to go" won't be in three figures anymore it's feeling really real! I'm mainly excited, I can't wait to walk down that aisle to the man I love & marry him! Just thinking about it now I've got butterflies! I don't feel worried or have any second thoughts or doubts, I know 100% I wanna be with Adam forever.
all of our green tape measure is filled in & now we've moved onto the pink :)
Ever since we got together there's been one big continuous link - music. It's what brought us together all those years ago on MySpace (remember that?!), we'll happily spend hours after gigs waiting to meet the bands & I get really excited when I get a text from him saying he's just found a new band I'll like & he's pretty much always right. We've thought about our wedding music so carefully & pretty much every song that'll be played will have a reason or a meaning behind it.
It's weird but the big thing I'm worrying about leading up to the wedding is bruises! I don't always know where they've come from (usually me walking into things!) but I'll always find one or two a week & I really don't want bruises or cuts on my hands. Maybe on the one month to go mark I'll buy one of those Zorb things & live in there to protect me?! Getting on the tube at rush hour should be interesting!
Anyways I've rambled on enough now & hope I've not made any of you too sick with my lovey dovey post. All I wanted to say was 100days to go & I can't ruddy wait! Bring it on!

Ttfn x

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I'm a what?!

Seeing as the weather might be getting slightly better (sshh don't want to say it too loud in case it changes again!) I'm hoping to find the wedding diet a little easier. So long to creamy hot chocolates & stodgy sausage rolls & hello to super salads! I was all motivated & ready to tackle my diet good & proper in Westfield when I was labelled a Tosser!
Well excuse me! I only wanted to be a healthy happy bride! No need to be rude about it! Chuh!
Once I sat down I discovered their salads are amazing (never dreamt I'd say anything like that about a salad!), I even ended up leaving with a doggy bag containing enough food for the next day too! I guess I'll forgive them for calling me names

Ttfn x

*& now maybe I'm even happy to be labelled a Tosser! :P

Monday, May 21, 2012

notes from nigel

One word for the weekend MAGIC! Well I survived my c**k party, kinda (I'm typing this Sunday afternoon wrapped up in a blanket feeling sorry for myself & rather delicate!). There'll be a proper post about this later but wanted to say I had an ace time with all my boys hitting the streets & (tracks) of Lufbra & I didn't want it to come to an end! Here's one little pic to keep you entertained 'till I have the strength to type properly & tell y'all about it!
and yes I came last! rubbish!

Ttfn x

Friday, May 18, 2012

A Royal Invitation

A few weekends ago Anna & I were invited to Her Imperial Highness, Her Grace, Her Excellency, Her Royal Majesty, the Queen of Hearts' Birthday Party!
We'd had quite a manic day having travelled all over London from North West to North East to South & back up again to the East! Phew! It seemed like that Saturday was the day to do things & Anna & I (being the social butterflies we are) had invites to them all! We ended up having to get changed at Becca's house warming/engagement party which was pretty civilised into our fancy dress outfits for the Alice In Wonderland Theme Party!
In case you hadn't guessed by now I was the Cheshire Cat & Anna was the White Queen....(no we have no idea who that is either she was just told she'd look good in that outfit & boy were they right!). Apart from the fact Anna's corset was a bit tight preventing her from sitting down very well or breathing the costumes held up pretty well! Can I just say I'm pretty chuffed with my ears made out of Primark flannels too!
When we finally arrived at Claire's boyfriend's house (after walking into a block of flats on the wrong road thinking we were in the right place dressed like wallys!) we were transported into an actual Wonderland - it was fab! If I ever want to hold a house party I know who's mates to get in touch with for the decor!
I didn't really know the birthday girl Claire (a good friend of Anna's) but she welcomed me with open arms, unlike the "Off with her head" I'd have expected from the Queen of Hearts! She looked fab & I wish I'd got a photo of her gorgeous Vivienne Westwood Melissa shoes - with hearts on of course! Everyone had made such an effort with their costumes, though there was an abundance of Mad Hatters for the men!
Once we'd travelled through the rabbit hole there was a cocktail fountain where you could fill up JamJars that had the words 'Drink Me' hanging round them & a sweet table full of yummy treats including rose shaped cupcakes.
At one point they did get a bit carried away with the smoke machine & set off the fire alarm, no one really noticed though & carried on dancing/nattering while Calire's boyfriend had to try to turn it off!
Anna with one of the rose cupcakes.
The walls were decorated with quotes from the film & I managed to find a Cheshire Cat one.
The kitchen was even decorated with a playing card floor! Dedication or what?!
Aww the two Queens together - some would say the Queen of Kingfisher should have been in there too but I let them have their moment of glory - I'm good like that!
All too soon though it was time to leave. We'd planned to get the last tube but that didn't happen & we ended up on the joyous nightbus (it wasn't so bad actually & only took 15min longer than if we'd caught the tube, well it was a bit longer than that cos of the diversion into MaccyDs but hey!). After the funny looks we'd had on our way to the party Anna cheated on the way home & took off her wig - she looked fairly normal while I walked along with my makeup & ears on full display, though if you can't do it on the nightbus where can you do it?!
The walk up our hill always seems twice as long & steep after a good night out - it took even longer this time though cos I kept stopping to take photos of my feline shadow!
I'm off to another partay tomorrow - my c**k party! Woop! Can't wait! So if I'm not left tied to a lamppost somewhere in the middle of nowhere I'll be back with another post on Monday. Have a great weekend y'all!

Ttfn x

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

katie 1 rain 0

When I woke up yesterday to the weather reporter telling of more doom&gloom I groaned at the thought of having the wear my Docs again (nothing wrong with them, they go with everything but black boots again?! Yawn!). That was until I remember my pretty little wellies saved for camping & snowy days at the back of the wardrobe & dug them out.
Walking to work it took all my willpower not to jump in puddles!

On other more sunny news - I entered a competition on RockNRollBride to win a Trash The Dress Session (click here) with the lovely Emily from Photographic Blonde. Well the closing date was last week & on Friday I had a rather special email & a FB request from Emily saying I was one of the lucky 5 winners! She even announced it on her blog on Monday.

I'm so excited & it's been hard to wipe the smile from my face! I'm not even married & I can't wait to trash my dress - surely that's not right?! I've had this idea in my mind for ages but knew it wouldn't happen for a while due to lack of pennies for extra photoshoots & now it's gonna go ahead & Adam even gets to join me in some pics! We can't wait!

Ttfn x

Monday, May 14, 2012

how is it Monday again already?!

I have a little confession to make, I've been having a love affair. My new bit of fancy is the light of my life & makes me feel like a hundred bucks....
That's right I'm talking about my new high tops - sorry anyone who was looking for some juicy gossip! They ain't to every one's liking & seem to be a bit like Marmite but I love 'em! I've not been able to wear them as much as I'd have liked though cos of the blimmin rain so I might have to invest in a more waterproof pair (always looking for a good excuse to shop!) & I know the exact pair I want, if only that money tree would hurry up & grow!
I've decided I must be getting old cos the bank holiday last week threw me completely. I had no idea what day it was in the office let alone when I should be posting on my blog! Wednesday had come & gone before I knew it & instead of just posting on Thursday I thought I'd wait till Friday & then BAM it was the weekend already. So I hope y'all didn't miss me too much (that's if anyone noticed! :P)

I spent my whole weekend on the sofa (that's right, the 1st sunny weekend in aaaages & I spend indoors in my pjs watching the skybox!). Adam was away on his stag do (& going by the odd texts, tweets & status updates it sounded hilarious!) so I made the most of my lie ins without him waking me up wanting to do stuff! I've got my c**k party (just like my hen party but with all my blokey mates instead of girls!) next weekend & I can't wait, not been out with all my boys in ages! It's all systems go now with the countdown, only 110 days to go & we can't blimmin' wait! Woop!

Ttfn x

Monday, May 07, 2012

All for a good cause

Charity brings out the best opportunities - sky diving, marathons & throwing custard at Mike! While I'm still on the subject of Charity (see Friday's worthy cause SUPED here) I thought I'd share some photos from a few weeks ago when Adam leaped at the chance to throw custard at Mike all to raise money for Breast Cancer!
It started off fairly tame with a small cup of pink custard, then Adam spotted the big red bucket..........
Poor mike was then covered in real custard & cream before another one of his work colleagues grabbed the big red bucket & threw everything (including the bucket!) at him. I love Mike pleading below....
He was such a good sport throughout. It was so funny as people walked into the ASDA at Leytonstone to be greeted by Mike in a bath covered in custard, as you do!

Turns out I have some pretty charitable mates! Nat Nat was rather fantastic by completing the London Marathon in 4hrs 29sec. I've decided I'm going to compete in a Marathon too......... 26meals.....bring it on (after the wedding of course! :P)!

Ttfn x

Friday, May 04, 2012

SUDEP - please help

I'm taking a break from my normal posts all about me & my uber-exciting life (!) to bring you Arthur & his family.
Those of you who've been reading my blog for a while will know he's my bestest bud & we're always there for each other. Just over a year ago I got the kind of phone call you never want to get - it was Art calling to say his 24year old sister Jane had died suddenly. I knew she had epilepsy & had been having a few fits but I (along with everyone else) didn't realise about the risk of SUDEP (Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy).
I'll never forget the moment at the full-to-burst Crematorium just after friends & family had shared their stories & songs about Jane when Art, Andy, Les & Sam just stood there in a group hug, supporting each other.
They're such an incredible family, really close & always want to help & be there for others - a year on & they have 2 aims:
AIM 1. To raise the profile of SUDEP so that patients/families/friends all know of the risk & that epilepsy isn't simply an in it can be something more serious & can fatal. In particular they want to stress the following:
Epilepsy can kill indirectly - such as walking in front of a bus whilst having a fit; however, SUDEP is a fit related death where a severe seizure is believed to stop the heart/lungs functioning.
Over half a million people in the UK have Epilepsy, around 1000-1500 die per year from epilepsy related deaths; around 500 of these are attributed to SUDEP.
At the time of Jane's diagnosis they were never told that SUDEP was a possibility and at no point during the consultations was she ever made aware of this. This lack of information is unbelievably common amongst epilepsy patients.
AIM 2. To raise money for 2 charities who work towards finding a cause & a solution to SUDEP (I've included links to the individual charities further down if you'd like to find out more.).
In less than 40days Art along with 32 of Jane's friend/family are entering the Blenheim Triathlon so that they can raise the money & awareness needed. I normally don't like asking for help on here but if you get a moment & would like to help then please click here to go to their fundraising page.
Another way of spreading the word is through the 'For Jane' blog (click here) that her dad Andy set up. It's written in such a loving way & is a great way of seeing what they've been up to & are planning to do in the future. It also has links to all the relevant websites including the 2 charities they're fundraising for the Epilepsy Society & Epilepsy Bereaved. They've also had quite a lot of media coverage:
Jane really was a truly lovely person, she was lively, bubbly & certainly had an opinion (usually about my crap taste in music!). I can't listen to James Brown (especially his last ever gig at the Electric Ballroom that we were lucky enough to go to) or Gomez without thinking of her, especially "Tijuana Lady" (gets me every time!). Even if you find a few pennies down the back of your sofa today or just pass on the info of SUDEP you'll be making a difference.
Thanks so much for reading.
Ttfn x

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

the day after the night before

After the previous evening's events (click here if you missed it) the alarm was rather unwelcome but after making sure Adam was ok I dragged myself out of bed & met mum&dad to head down for breakfast.
Wyck Hill House looked stunning & if it had been a touch warmer it would have been lovely to sit outside on the patio drinking fresh orange juice.
Even though it was a bit nippy it was a really sunny morning & the view from the breakfast room was incredible - both on the table (yay for a big chunk of black pudding!) & out of the windows.
After we'd cleaned our plates we went for a walk around the grounds for an explore & to help it go down a bit.
Fun with shadows & looking at the bluebells on the way.
We popped back in through the bar & I thought mum looked quite at home as if she was welcoming guests into her drawing room.

After wishing the newlyweds well, we picked up a delicate Adam & set off on the long journey back to ma&pa's, waited a bit & then drove back to London with a few stop offs on the way. It wasn't quite how we'd imaged our weekend away to be but hey can't win 'em all!
Ttfn x