Saturday, August 15, 2015

On my way to who knows where!

I'm being taken out for a surprise for my birthday today whoop!
Thankfully it's a bonus I'm not very with it today...all those 1/3 pints I had at the Great British Beer Festival last night soon added up! Who'd've thunk it?! Excuse me while I stick my head out of the car window & blast away the hangover! Yoink!


Wednesday, August 12, 2015

When you wish upon a star

The inner geek in me couldn't resist popping outside tonight to see if I could spot any shooting stars & after half an hour if already seen 5, two of them were really bright!
Adam & sat there on our garden seats nattering away & watching the night sky. Hope you all manage to spot one or two & don't forget to make a wish!


Friday, August 07, 2015

Positive Songs For Negative People

Best. Album. Name. Ever thanks to the awesome Frank Turner! I love it when a new album comes out that I've waited for ages for, it's making this looong Friday go a hell of a lot quicker & it's flying by while I sit here with a smile on my face!
We were lucky enough to see Mr Turner last night in Kingston for his album launch gig - didn't get home till 2am so the 6am alarm this morning wasn't exactly welcome but hey.....that's the price you pay for fun!

Ttfn x

Sunday, August 02, 2015

Sunny Sunday walkies

A day in the life of Tommy Dog…

1. Emerge when I'm ready. Usually
I'm too tired to get up on a weekday morning but when it's the weekend I can't possibly lie in

2 + 3. Go for a walk in the sunshine & make some new friends. One of them didn't want me to go so walked the length of the field with us, I'm sure I'll visit them again soon.

4. Flake out from the heat & get carried home before crashing on my pillow in the lounge to snore the afternoon away.

Ttfn & snorts from Tommy x