Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I'll see you on the dark side of the moon

Driving over to Adam's parents a while ago the moon was so bright I couldn't resist getting a few snaps.
It took me back to my final project at college. I dragged dad out to a motorway bridge armed with my manual SLR, tripod & sketchbook & took various time exposures of cars wooshing along on the motorway on film (aah the good old days!!). I miss random projects like that.
I loved the way the road signs & markings went all hazy as they were lit up by our headlights.
I was surprised how well little Lumix dealt with these shots. I didn't have a tripod I just rested on the dashboard or window as we went along.
Then all too soon we out of the countryside & back into the town & brighter lights blinking like moles!

Ttfn x

Monday, February 25, 2013

A lovely birthday for a lovely lady

Last weekend it was Anna's birthday. She'd booked a great restaurant in Covent Garden - the Boulevard Brasserie (click HERE). They were great with catering for parties & couldn't be more helpful, also as an added bonus it was dark enough for me to play with my posh new flash (still need a bit if practice but fairly chuffed with the results!).
 photo anna30thblog_zpsc2608cf7.jpg
After a yummy dinner & a Spanner cake for pudding(!) we set off for a cocktail bar where we had a little cave all to ourselves. Perfick!
 photo P1520112_zps7566155e.jpg
Happy Birthday me duck. You looked stunning (as always) & even though it was a bit like Challenge Anneka every so often it was all worth it & I hope you felt so too!

Ttfn x

Friday, February 22, 2013

The key to my heart

Wandering around Covent Garden last Saturday I was greeted with a big wire heart & the word 'love' covered in hearts & padlocks. When I looked closer I saw it was for the British Heart Foundation & all you had to do was pay £3 for a metal heart & padlock & write a message. Being the sucker I am (& the fact it was for charidee!) I couldn't resist!
There were all kinds of messages in all different languages & it was great fun reading them all & adding my little one to the bunch.

Ttfn x

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

KtP - the 't' stands for techno!

I've been feeling a bit bogged down with the amount of technology in my presence recently, but at least you can decorate everything with funky cases!
 photo ktechp_zpsf639ac8b.jpg
Say hello to my little netbook, iPad (1 previous careful owner - cheers dad!), Kindle & iPhone (1 previous careful owner - cheers Adam!)! At first I was thinking "what on earth am I going to do with all this stuff" but I've managed to transform myself into a square eyed geek in no time! Where was I before all these electronic wonders?! 
 photo enoughtechnology_zps0ccdc8c2.jpg
This has been my view for the last few weeks & I think my bum has left a permanent dent in the armchair where I've been vegging out on a nightly basis (& yes that is Geordie Shore on the tv! It's back yay! Yoink!).

Anyways I think this girl needs to get out & speak to people face to face (not facetime) & get back into Jive before I become a proper hermit!

Ttfn x

Monday, February 18, 2013

From Paget Street to Pembrookshire pt3

After a lazy start & a bleary eyed farewell to Ross & Ola it was time to head out for a New Years Day walk & where better - yup you guessed it - the beach!
 photo 1newyearsdaybeach_zps8803456d.jpg
The weather was stunning & it felt amazing to be so far away from everything.
 photo 2hello2013_zpsf5c320dd.jpg
After the "Goodbye 2012" message the previous day we thought we'd write a "Hello 2013" in driftwood so after a few pics we decided to try a jumping shoot but this time with me in it too. Sadly I didn't have my tripod but then Art & Sam came to the rescue & built this awesome tripod / horse thing!
 photo 3messageandhomemadetripod_zps492fa61d.jpg
Mattay & I set our cameras on timer bursts & ran back & forth between jumping & clicking & I really love the end results!
 photo 4hello2013jump_zpse2ecd2bc.jpg
While we we back at the hostel we noticed a lovely sunset so all rushed out with our cameras & clicked away.
 photo 5newyearsdaysunset_zps6a441eea.jpg
After enjoying such a pretty sunset we decided to head down the local pub where we played cards (we weren't allowed the darts, think they were only for local people!) & enjoyed some of the local ales. As we were leaving we spotted an advert for a 12 person house about half an hour away to hire, it sounded lovely & it even has a hot tub! Think we've sorted the accommodation, so who's up for the next reunion?! My bags are already packed!

Ttfn x

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Friday, February 15, 2013

Becca & her Happy Hens

Out of my mates the next person to taking the Miss - Mrs transformation is Becca! Woop!
 photo 1beccashenparty_zps73aa8c99.jpg
We had her Hen Party a few weekends ago. It was held at her house & suited her down to a tee, hats off to Helena for sorting it & all the fellow Hens for their wonderful contributions!
 photo 2breakfast_zps8e64e06f.jpg
A few of us arrived the night before & so started the big day with yummy pancakes (thanks to Anna) before we pushed Becca off to buy some "important last minute things" while we transformed her dining room into a bunting & pompom palace.
 photo 3cupcakes_zps966c946d.jpg
Everyone had been asked to bring food for an afternoon tea. We were pretty much drowning in cakes (not that anyone complained!) & lots of yummy savory snacks too. Beth's cupcakes above were AMAZING!
 photo 4crochet_zpsace39d3c.jpg
After we'd welcomed Becca back & eaten our weight in sweet stuff it was time to split into two, half of us were learning how to crochet, the rest were learning how to make bracelets before we all swapped over.  Some girls turned into crafting demons though & were still going strong on the crochet, all be it a bit tipsy, at 11pm! Hardcore!
 photo 5drinkies_zpsa3527eab.jpg
In between crochet & more crochet we enjoyed a curry from Becca's favourite curryhouse, it was so welcome after all those cakes! Anna made some blimmin strong cocktails (note - don't ask someone who doesn't drink to make cocktails!), I got hooked on making pompoms & we all took part in a quiz about Becca. Once we managed to prise the crochet hooks out of Cess & Emhen's hands it was time to make wedding dresses out of old clothes (like you do!). Originally this was supposed to take 15min, but half hour later everyone was really getting into it & 45min later we ended up with these masterpieces........
 photo 6dresses_zps16e11a7c.jpg
We'd originally planned to go out & party the night away but by the time we'd had the catwalk show it was way past midnight so we carried on nattering away in the lounge before people started nodding off one by one.

I'm loving all these hen parties & the way they're all so different to match each bride-to-be. Who's next?! Woop!

Ttfn x

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Approach with caution

For the next 40days I'm giving up chocolate & sweets for lent. Eep!
You know what a girl's like when she has no chocolate so be warned! I can't be held responsible for my actions or posts until after Easter! Wish me luck!

Ttfn x

Monday, February 11, 2013

From Paget Street to Pembrookshire pt2

New Years Eve & what better way to blast the cobwebs of last year away than a coastal cliff-top walk?!
 photo 1newyearsevewalkplanning_zps13b48670.jpg
Above is our operations room where Sargent Swarbs prepared the troops for the day's plan of action.
 photo 2marloessandsbeach_zpsfa6eb579.jpg
First stop was the beach again & seeing as Ross & Ola had joined us what better than a group jumping shot & a fond farewell to 2012? We then set off on a long walk to blow away the cobwebs around the coastal path.
 photo 3marloessandsclifftopwalk_zpsfb056e36.jpg
At the start of the walk Mattay had produced a beautiful wide angle lens for his little Lumix (another convert thanks to me!) & I promptly shotgunned it for the walk (cheers Mattay, it must have been the only child syndrome kicking in!), I'm totally in love with some of the results & it's definitely on my 'to buy list' & fairly near the top!
 photo 4clifftopwalk_zps8c882201.jpg
The walk was stunning & we were lucky with the weather too.
 photo 5clifftopwalk_zps5a8f08c1.jpg
We finally reached the end point & after spotting a few seals it was time to head home for more toasties (this time filled with curry from the night before - nowt better!) & some R&R time in front of the fire.
 photo 6jenga_zps5f616738.jpg
After dinner the games came out along with more ale & punch. I kept my wide angle lens on for these Jenga pics & they're some of the best shots ever! Ha!

At midnight we stood outside the hostel with a bottle of champers & toasted to a fab 2013 to come while we watched fireworks going off in the distance. After hugs all round we went back inside for another go at Goldeneye on the N64 & yup we got it fixed! Woohoo! It really was like the good old days with 3 of us huddled round a tiny tv, the only difference, instead of trying to hide away from everyone I whooped them & won both times! Ooush!

Ttfn x

p.s If you missed it see pt1 HERE

Friday, February 08, 2013

Cutie Clovis

Just thought I'd end the week with a few more photos of little Clovis from my Bangalore visit a few weeks ago.
 photo clovis1_zps6ba29ce3.jpg
He was such a little cutie & I especially loved his little henna hands! So cute!

I can't believe I was relaxing in the sunshine at the end of Jan & now here I am sitting indoors with my scarf on feeling rather nippy! Brr! Have a good weekend & don't get too cold!

Ttfn x

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Roll Up! Roll Up For Belle's Bridal Boot Fair!

Last Sunday Adam picked me up bright & early from Becca's Hen Party to get to Belle's Bridal Boot Fair in Hove.
 photo bridalbootfair1_zpse821416f.jpg
Our aim was to sell as much wedding stuff as possible so we'd have a few more pennies to spend on our Japan Honeymoon later in the year. The first things to fly out were the jamjars that we'd collected to serve our 'P' cocktail in, we had over 100 & they'd all gone in 30min! We also managed to sell our picture frame, the vintage suitcase & some bunting as well as handing out loads of Adam's business cards for commissioned posters & wedding stationary.
 photo bridalbootfair2_zps70bb21e0.jpg
After the initial rush at the start I think the crappy weather kept quite a few people away but we still managed to make about £70 :) It was good fun chatting to brides-to-be about their special days & what they were planning.

Check out Belle's Events website (HERE) for info on the next sale & other fairs, it's well worth it! Also if you're interested in anything you see on our table or would like info on posters then leave me a comment below with your email address & I'll be in touch!

Ttfn x

Monday, February 04, 2013

From Paget Street to Pembrookshire pt1

Yes yes I know it's February but just take a step back in time with me to see what we got up to over New Year! Better late than never eh?!
 photo 1marloessandsyha_zps59e54ff3.jpg
Art & I have always chatted about going away somewhere with some of the uni lot for a decent amount of time rather than just a weekend & it turned out that December 29th 2012 was that time! We booked out the whole of a youth hostel (see link HERE) in Marloes Sands on the Pembrookshire coast in Wales for 5 days & it was brill!
 photo 2walktobeach_zpse755c69c.jpg
There were 8 of us (Art, Sam, Mattay, Bec, Ross, Ola, Adam & I) & it felt great to all be together again just like in Lufbra. Once we'd all emerged it was time to explore & next to the house was a footpath leading down to the beach & boy was it pretty.
 photo 3marloessandsbeach_zps7939e894.jpg
I haven't really been on many beaches when it's dull & cloudy but this kind of weather was my fave & I got some lovely shots (also the sand was damp so I didn't have to moan about sand between my toes!).
 photo 4marloessandsbeach_zps495f5fda.jpg
After wandering around & working up an appetite it was back to the hostel for toasties all round while Mattay got the fire ready for a cosy night of catching up with no tv or mobile reception & only ale & good friends for company. Bliss!
 photo 5fire_zps4f4d36ec.jpg
Later on in the evening it was time for our first Lufbra tradition - Steve Coogan "The Man Who Thinks He's It" DVD (though Art & I were banned from quoting every line spoil sports!). Before we knew it all our other halves had gone to sleep & it was just the Lufbra lot left, we looked at our watches, it was 2:30am & instead of calling it a night we spent the next half hour trying to get the N64 work for a round of Goldeneye! No such luck though & we all trudged off to bed a bit deflated!

Ttfn x

Friday, February 01, 2013

january - the best weather ever!

If you live in India that is! I'm back! Miss me?!
 photo bangaloreinjan_zpsad61ab21.jpg
Last week I was a proper busy bee in Mumbai then seeing as Saturday was a public holiday I took a few extra days off & flew down to Bangalore (or Benglaru as it's known now) to see Fan, Srinath & their (not so) new arrival Clovis. I had to be pretty much prised off the sofa in the garden to come back to grey London, I just wanted to call Adam & ask him to fly out to meet me! The weather was bliss, though the mosquitos weren't!
 photo fansrinathhouseparty_zpsb2d154ae.jpg
On Sunday Fan had arranged a house party with lots of new faces, but most importantly a few old ones too! I got to catch up with Sanath, Sumitha, Sagar & Shalini & her lovely family all while being refreshed with Kingfisher & crepes! Perfick!
 photo clovis_zps4b444748.jpg
It all got a bit too exciting for Clovis at one point, though he had Paddington all the way from London to keep him company. What a sweetie!
 photo chillaxing_zpsf0eaf707.jpg
All too soon it was Monday afternoon & I had to leave :( There weren't quite as many tears as when I left Blr for the first time in 2005 cos deep down in my heart I know I'll be back to see everyone again, lets just make it sooner than 4years this time yeah?!

Ttfn x