Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas

I hope you all have a lovely day
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We're enjoying some well deserved time off! Whoop!

Muchos love

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Voice of an Angel?!

We had our 9 lessons & carols at church tonight, as well as reading I was dragged into the choir to warble along the descents with the best of them! After a shaky start I made sure I let it rip on "O Come All Ye Faithful!"
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I love this time of year!

Wednesday, December 09, 2015

it's the most wonderful time of the year

Well hello Christmas....where did you spring from?! I swear 2015 has only lasted about 3 months....but's that time of year again....the tree's up....the lights are on....the candle's lit....the tinsel is sparkling  (& smelling amazing - seriously, why does it smell so good?!) & Tommy's rocking his special outfit. We've already been out for one Christmas party & here's to many, many more. Can't wait to celebrate it as a little family of 3 this year!
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Sunday, November 29, 2015

life admin day

Last week I took a day off work for a "life admin day"
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It consisted of Dr's....vets....McDs Festive Menu....Kindle reading....muddy walks in the woods....Christmas card wrapping & writing....Hollyoaks watching...lots of tea drinking....bliss


Friday, November 27, 2015

and breathe....

it's the weekend...phew! Have a good one folks!
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Monday, November 23, 2015

Friday, November 20, 2015

this is the face....

Of someone who is very glad it's the weekend!
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A few shots later....Didn't go into a bar that I had to pay £6 for seeing as I had to leave after 10min (sorry Nat!) I can't wait for my meeting tomorrow....then Michelle & Matt are coming for the weekend...bring it on!


Thursday, November 19, 2015

I was going to change the spelling in my last post....

Then I realised it proved how I was feeling even more!
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Someone please being my bed to me!

Ttfnx x

this is the face....

Of someone who's Brian has short-circuited far too many times today!
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....dropping Tommy off at Doggy Daycare....preparing for a meeting at RI....going to the meeting....placing samples.....writing emails....picking up & walking & feeding Tommy.....going out again.....leaving the car for Adam....rushing to pick up gig tickets....meeting a friend for dinner....Maybe sleeping & relaxing - who knows?!

When are they adding these extra 2 hrs to each day?! Let me know yeah?!

Ttfnx x

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

60th Anniversary Screening of The Dambusters

Instead of hiding in your house from Trick or Treaters in the dark why not head out to The Ark Theatre in Borehamwood this Saturday?!

 photo IMG-20151025-WA0000_zpsrgsreykn.jpg

There’s a special event to celebrate the 60th Anniversary Screening of The Dambusters, there’ll be loads going on including a souvenir magazine, photo opportunities & behind the scenes photos. The event starts at 7:30pm & will be hosted by Paul Welsh MBE Chairman of the Elstree Screen Heritage.

You can book tickets HERE or by calling the box office on 02082387288
There's more info on the Elstree Screen Heritage website HERE

Ttfn x

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Happy Back To The Future Day

Never have I wanted to wear a red gilet so much in all my life! I can't believe it's here......
October 21st 2015!
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Just waiting for the self-tying shoe laces now! Hurry up Nike!

I'll leave you with this message from Doc HERE...enjoy!

Ttfn x

Friday, October 09, 2015

Tommy's first day with the big kids.

Yesterday Tommy had is induction for Doggy Daycare. Whenever it was my first day at a new school mum&dad would take a photo of me by the front door ready to go so I couldn't resist carrying on the tradition with Tommy Dog! I wrote more about this tradition HERE
 photo ABM_1444342359_zpsonbkaz3c.jpg
look at that little snaggle tooth! Love him!

I dropped of a very nervous looking puppy dog & picked up a rather hyped doggy who seems to have had an ace time. He made a new friends, including one dog that was twice his size & I was told that if he didn't want to play with a certain dog he'd just ignore them until they walked away...such a snob!

I must confess to blubbing a bit when I said bye to him & he whimpered. It was like I'd dropped my first born off at school for the first time! I'm such a wimp.

Anyway so here's to many more fun play dates at Doggy Daycare....well as many as the bank balance will allow!


Monday, September 28, 2015

DISMALAND Dismaland by name Dismaland by nature....

This is far from a complaint though, rude staff, peeling paint & a dead princess. Dismaland was everything I'd hoped for & more. We were lucky enough to get tickets for Banksy's latest event & at £5 we couldn't go wrong.

 photo dismaland souviner 
A few weeks ago we drove to Weston-super-Mare clutching our tickets ready & raring to go. The weather was perfect - drizzly rain & grey clouds, until the sun came out & ruined everything! 
 photo dismaland 3_zpsqod3cdwa.jpg

We were ushered through a hand-drawn security area where grumpy guards rushed us through & then suddenly we were there - Dismaland. It was hard to know where to go to first so we headed to the gift shop where a miserable assistant told us off because it was "Exit through the giftshop" a nice little nod to Banksy.
 photo dismaland 1_zpsth4w7wpe.jpg
We stopped off at the Pocket Money Loans shop before going into Cinderella's dilapidated castle to see her carriage had crashed with paparazzi all around her, we watched an updated & bit disturbing (it always is I know!) Punch & Judy (where Judy gets her own back), wandered around a weird "freak-show-esque" tent, experienced an Astronaut's caravan & watched as people trying their luck on Hook a duck had their hopes dashed by a wonderfully mardy stall holder.

It. Was. Brilliant!

 photo dismaland 4_zps1plye8og.jpg
The most disappointing part was that we didn't put enough money into the car park so we had to leave before we'd seen everything.

Dismaland finished this last weekend & was one of the best experiences I've had thanks to all the artists who contributed & the people working there. It's really was a case of Miss It Miss Out.

 photo dismaland 2_zpsprofcau1.jpg

Ttfn x

Friday, September 25, 2015

31years 4days

Last month I turned the grand old age of 31. I dragged the celebrations on for as long as possible & was treated to lots of surprises. Yay! Ruddy love a good surprise! As you can see from Tommy's face he was as excited as I was!

My usual wander to my desk turned into a game of limbo thanks to Anna & my table was covered in little photos of Tommy & Disney Princess glitter! We went out for a celebratory Byron that night, Prosecco (once they'd quickly dusted off the emergency bottle, chilled it in the freezer & borrowed glasses from Zizzi!) followed by a Beaver Town & a Fredder Dawg (yum!)
I had no idea where we were going & ended up pulling up outside Art's parents home near Oxford (they were away & Art & Sam came out to greet us :)). Saturday was spent on an unexpected pub crawl - I love the way the smallest villages have the most pubs!  Each time we tried to go back home we spotted another one & had to go in! Tommy enjoyed his first pub crawl too & was received a warm welcome everywhere we went. We ended the night with an Indian takeaway, more ale & watched The World's End. Perfick!
We woke up to sunshine & seeing as we were near to Oxford went punting. Captain Pugwash took to it like a fish to water (after a wobbly start) & sat at the front watching the world go by & saying hello to the ducks. I was too chicken to stand up so I sat at the front too & "steered" (read - splashed the oar round a bit to look busy). After a while we conveniently ended up at a pub, moored up & grabbed refreshments. All the excitement was a bit too much for me on the bus ride home & Tommy slept with me dreaming of his Oxford adventures.
Adam took me for dinner to a pub we've wanted to try for a while near our home. As we walked in mum&dad were sitting there waiting. Whoop. They had a lovely 1940s themed menu & I enjoyed a burger with black pudding & amazing chips. Before heading home for a cuppa & a catch up.
I had an ace birthday & felt so special. So many loved ones & so much ale, what more could a gal want?! Thanks Adam & everyone who came. Roll on the grand old age of 32!

Ttfn x

Saturday, August 15, 2015

On my way to who knows where!

I'm being taken out for a surprise for my birthday today whoop!
Thankfully it's a bonus I'm not very with it today...all those 1/3 pints I had at the Great British Beer Festival last night soon added up! Who'd've thunk it?! Excuse me while I stick my head out of the car window & blast away the hangover! Yoink!


Wednesday, August 12, 2015

When you wish upon a star

The inner geek in me couldn't resist popping outside tonight to see if I could spot any shooting stars & after half an hour if already seen 5, two of them were really bright!
Adam & sat there on our garden seats nattering away & watching the night sky. Hope you all manage to spot one or two & don't forget to make a wish!


Friday, August 07, 2015

Positive Songs For Negative People

Best. Album. Name. Ever thanks to the awesome Frank Turner! I love it when a new album comes out that I've waited for ages for, it's making this looong Friday go a hell of a lot quicker & it's flying by while I sit here with a smile on my face!
We were lucky enough to see Mr Turner last night in Kingston for his album launch gig - didn't get home till 2am so the 6am alarm this morning wasn't exactly welcome but hey.....that's the price you pay for fun!

Ttfn x

Sunday, August 02, 2015

Sunny Sunday walkies

A day in the life of Tommy Dog…

1. Emerge when I'm ready. Usually
I'm too tired to get up on a weekday morning but when it's the weekend I can't possibly lie in

2 + 3. Go for a walk in the sunshine & make some new friends. One of them didn't want me to go so walked the length of the field with us, I'm sure I'll visit them again soon.

4. Flake out from the heat & get carried home before crashing on my pillow in the lounge to snore the afternoon away.

Ttfn & snorts from Tommy x

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

My happy place

Filling in a new Filofax with Tommy cuddles. Best. Night. Ever!
Ttfn x

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Electric Cinema presents "AMY"

Last night Adam & I had a date night to see "Amy" at the Electric Cinema on Portobello Road. EmHen had very kindly bought me vouchers for my birthday last year & I realised I'd never got round to using them. Well it was worth the wait....we walked in & had an instant 'wow' moment. There was a bar where everyone was mingling on the right, sofas to the left, rows of armchairs then the front row was made up of beds. We had booked 2 armchairs which we sank into with a small table & light between us. Each seat had its own padded foot rest that opened up to reveal a cashmere blanket!
The film was amazing. If you haven't seen it yet I'd really recommend it...but take tissues! Yes we all know the ending but her story is really touching.

So what with the Elextric Cinema & the Odessy in St Albans I look forward to watching films in a much more luxurious atmosphere going forward & will hopefully never have to step into a Vue or Cineworld again! Support independent cinemas, it's so worth it for the few extra quid!

Ttfn x

p.s thanks EmHen - ace present! x

Saturday, July 11, 2015

I'm getting good at this "me" time

I've got another chance to sit & do nothing - this time at the hairdressers. Huzzah! The only place where you can chill out & switch off & come out looking better than when you started!
Trouble is though I can't upload this fascinating post until I get home to a wifi area because thanks to my rubbish contract yet again I've run out of data. I'm due an upgrade but just can't decide between phones & I'm not sure these stubby little monkey fingers will cope with the vast expanse of screen that is an iPhone 6! 

Anyway gotta go my Kindle's calling.
Ttfn x

Friday, July 03, 2015

These things happen in threes....

Carlton's fixed whoop! I skipped off to the station only to find I'd left my Oyster Card at home....after a few choice "Oh Bothers" I bought a paper ticket & set off...opening one of my G&Ts as soon as I sat down! Im now on my second train & second G&T...& am ready for whatever the 3rd thing may be....who knows....if I miss my stop I end up in Brighton.....every cloud & all that!