Friday, March 29, 2013

For every action there's an equal & opposite reaction

Wow I do remember summit from school! A lot has been going down at Chez P over the last few weeks & it's been hard not to blog about anything. And no, I know what you're all thinking, no I'm not pregnant! For me it's just as exciting (& a bit scary) – I've got a new job!

I've been with Zodiac for almost 7years (how did that happen?!) & I can't believe it's still my first job. I've learnt so much about anything & everything to do with shirts, fabrics & the working world & made lots of friends along the way, but I decided it was time to move onwards & upwards. I saw a job advert, applied, had an interview, had a 2nd interview a day later & was offered the job. All in a week! Phew! Yesterday was my last day as part of Team Zodiac & I start my new job on Tuesday.
 photo leavingparty_zps954247c5.jpg
At my Leaving / Holi Party at Dishoom in Shoreditch - Amazing!

It was pretty nerve racking seeing as I'd never had a job interview before or shown my portfolio but I must have charmed them with my wit & wonderfulness & here I am, about to start a new job with new challenges & new faces. Yay!

Thing is if we go by Newton's Law something else had to happen to balance everything out & it did....Adam lost his job :( boo. Thankfully this new job has given me one hell of a pay rise so I can actually afford to cover the mortgage & bills without the pressure being on Adam. So he's busy sorting out his portfolio & preparing for interviews so fingers crossed he'll be back on his feet again in no time & wowing the world of graphics once more.

On that bombshell have a lovely Easter, don't eat too much chocolate. I failed big time with lent this year (first time ever I've not stuck to it) so I'm going to eat even more sweet stuff than I'd eaten before! Bring it on!

Ttfn x

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Congrats to Mr & Mrs M!

Welcome to Becca & PJ's wet wedding weekend!
 photo 1wetweddingchurch_zpsb202f07a.jpg
I know you've probably heard everyone grumbling about the weather already & I'm afraid I'm going to join in....where's the spring?! When Becca & PJ planned their wedding for March I'm sure they didn't expect it to be so wet & windy. No amount of minging weather was going to dampen anyone's spirits though & a few damp hair doos & soggy shoes weren't going to keep us away.
 photo 2churchentertainment_zps18e6ba93.jpg
PJ looked very cool, calm & collected as we waited (& waited!) for the blushing bride to arrive. The service was lovely & really heartfelt. After a few soggy photos outside we all mingled in the church enjoying some sarnies & Bucks Fizz before setting off to the recepetion.
 photo 3cuttingthecake_zpsbcbd44c2.jpg
The food was yummy (anywhere that serves Black Pudding as part of their starter is a winner in my eyes!) & there was even a guest ale on tap (that ran out a bit too quickly!). All throughout the day there were wonderful handmade touches, from the flowers on the tables that Becca's parents had grown to the lovely cake & cake topper. Speaking of the cake it was cut using a sword from PJs family. There was an info sheet explaining where it had came from but in all the excitement of the disco I forgot to take a peek so I'm still none the wiser - boo!
 photo 4thehappycouples_zps213207f9.jpg
There wasn't a first dance planned but later on in the evening the dance floor cleared to allow the happy couple a little slow dance & it was so sweet.
 photo 5dancing_zpsd5c42cf1.jpg
The disco was muchos fun (once I'd changed my shoes!). Seeing as Becca & I have known each other since starting uni there were lots of old faces around that I caught up with, it was just like FND (Friday Night Disco) but with a few other faces around & no pints of Nasty! I think this photo above is what happens when you mix numerous sugary drinks & sneaky raids to the sweet table! Who needs alcohol?! Yoink!
 photo 6thelookoflove_zps2d8dbd80.jpg
All that's left to say is Congratumalations! You're fab together, enjoy your Honeymoon (hopefully with warmer weather than here?! :P) & here's to many years of happiness! Love you guys! :D

Ttfn x

Monday, March 25, 2013

So much to say....

But I can't be bothered! I had all these great posts lined up to be written over the weekend but then a strange thing happened. I got the urge to tidy up & file the huge bag of letters/bills/receipts that have been building up in a huge bag hidden behind our sofa!
By the time I'd ploughed through everything & filed/shredded old paperwork my brain was fried & there wasn't a cat in hells chance of me writing a decent post (hence this random one!). Hopefully service will be resumed by Wednesday when the flat's a dumping ground for my stuff again!

Hope y'all had a good weekend. After visiting Ash on Saturday we spend Sunday sorting stuff in our PJs while there was a winter wonderland swirling outside. Who knew it's Easter at the end of the week, obviously no one told Mother Nature!

Ttfn x

Friday, March 22, 2013

let's get down wit da kids

I've heard a lot about Bubble Tea on various blogs so when Adam, Ash & I were in Soho last week I convinced them to give it a go. I tried to walk in & look like I knew exactly what I wanted but being faced with all the weird & wonderful names I drew a blank & just said to the guy dressed as a scientist 'What is this?!'
 photo bubbletea_zps5d22c8ad.jpg
He explained it was made with Tapioca balls & various flavours (should have known then we weren't onto a winner) & we were advised as newbies that we should try a cold fruit tea first so I went for Ginger with popping Orange balls while the others braved it & had a warm milky tea.

I wish I'd risked it too. I'm not a fan of ice lemon tea at the best of times so quite why I thought this would be any different I have no idea! The first 3 sips were a novelty & when an Orange 'bubble' popped that was fun but after that I just started to feel a bit queasy! Adam & Ash got on a bit better & managed to finish most of theirs (tho Adam was off ill the day after - coincidence?!).
 photo bubbletea2_zps2fcf896c.jpg
So all in all even though the cafe was packed & people keep blogging/tweeting/face booking  about Bubble Tea I'm not sold. Give me a mug of Tetley or PG Tips any day, milk & no sugar please.

Ttfn x

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The day the Queen saw the Queen

I'd been grumbling all morning cos my journey into work was really slow thanks to some of the platforms being out of action at Baker Street. As I struggled through an unusually busy station I passed quite a few policemen & then a wall of Paparazzi, now I know some people call me an Exhibitionist but even for me that was madness!  I tried to see what was going on but I got pushed along with everyone else & didn’t think much more of it. I got into work & switched on the radio to hear that the Queen & Kate were due to visit Baker Street as part of the 150years of the London Underground celebrations.
Sab & I dashed out to see if we could spot her & only had to wait about 10min (she was obviously waiting for us to arrive) before her car pulled up outside. I couldn’t see much but had set the work camera on a burst setting as the car went by hoping to get a glimpse, but typical, the camera didn’t work (where’s Lumix when you need it?!) so all I got was the road before the car went by & after the car had passed. Joy!
Even though you can't see Her Maj I like this photo & it looks typically British with her car, the underground sign, policeman & red bus! I’m really jealous of the double decker tourist bus that happened to stop right outside the station though, lucky devils!

Just before we left I turned around & by chance spotted her walking from the car past the Paparazzi & Sab spotted Kate following behind. How exciting! It’s not everyday you get a Royal visit at the end of your road!

Ttfn x

Monday, March 18, 2013

An invasion of the family kind!

A few weeks ago we hosted the Parker/McNamara RAF invasion!
 photo 1raffamilyinvasion_zps96100b86.jpg
After we'd kind of child-proofed our home it was time to get everyone over for a long-overdue catch up. It was really fun to get everyone round & we started off with a cuppa before we all set off to the RAF museum to explore.
 photo 2brandonrafmuseum_zpse3702911.jpg
Brandon was in his element & I love this shot!
 photo 3rafmuseum_zpsf66da72f.jpg
I still can't get over the fact that such a great museum is free. It's so much fun & well worth it so make sure you pop down if you're ever in North West London.
 photo 4adamheart_zps2f453883.jpg
After playing around bouncing my new flash off anything & everything it was time to jump in a plane for a Kodak moment before dragging Adam through the gift shop (re-assuring him that he really doesn't need an airfix model plane) & setting off for lunch at Spoons down the road.
 photo 5plane_zpsb4073d4b.jpg
Everyone had such a brill day! Roll on the next one! Woop!

Ttfn x

Friday, March 15, 2013

Le Geek, C'est Chic!

Last Wednesday was #loadingsoho 's first event in London. They've got a bar in Falmouth (check out their website HERE) & wanted to trial a night in London. Going by how packed the venue was it went down pretty well! SO watch this space for them hosting a regular night from April.
 photo loadingsoho_zpsc0d225dd.jpg
The walls & windows were decorated by Cosmic (link HERE) & they had themed drinks based on video games past & present. Ash had "Truth, Lie, Stout," Adam had "Sugar & Splice" & mine was "G&T Virus" complete with sloe gin syringes! We topped the night off with Super Mario Level One shooters too. All this on a school night! Rebels!
 photo gamerdrinks_zpsf82b311f.jpg
Once we squeezed past everyone at the bar we were greeted with a mix of retro & modern consoles & board games. We managed to jump on the Super Nintendo for a bit of Micro Machines, Mario Kart & Street Fighter. I did my best button bashing & managed to beat Ash who was playing it properly!
 photo supernintendo_zps5bda2616.jpg
Well hopefully this won't be the last you see of this event cos it was really good fun as an excuse for a night out & a chance to play some classic games!  Be there or be square!

Ttfn x

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

School days are the best days of your life

Still on the topic of Johnny Cupcakes Adam, Phil & I went to the Johnny Cupcakes lecture series in central London & boy was it money well spent!

I won’t try to explain everything in this post cos you really should hear it all from the horse’s mouth but Johnny covered everything from how he started out making money as a kid, to creating the brand & finally to opening his stores. I could have listened to him all night but unfortunately at 10:30pm (after 2.5hrs of talking & a few questions) we were all turfed out from the Old Cinema. My stomach was grateful that we could finally hop into McDs on the way home but my brain was being mega greedy & just wanted more & more from the cupcake master himself!

I left the lecture hall really inspired & excited at what the future could hold & lots of tips & tricks up my sleeve (including plastic cockroaches, itching powder & Bongella!)

Photo thanks to Johnny Cupcakes Twitter/Instagram (see link HERE) from the lecture on Monday, it's a bit like Where's Wally so I've helped y'all by circling myself already!

There's one phrase that always catches my attention when I think of Johnny Cupcakes:
I originally had a different version of this badge on my bag but I lost it while we were on Minimoon. At first I was a bit gutted when I saw the gap where it had been & when I went to buy another one they said they didn’t have them anymore, but then I thought about what the badge said & I hoped that someone had found it in Jersey , picked it up, read it & smiled. Maybe it’s my little way of spreading some happiness & when this one falls off my bag one day then it’ll make someone else smile. I like to think that anyway & that it wasn’t just swept up by a cleaner & chucked in a wheelie bin!

Ttfn x

Monday, March 11, 2013

Happy Birthday Mr Cupcakes!

Saturday saw Johnny Cupcakes' 2nd Birthday in London & being typically British we weren't going to miss an opportunity to queue!
 photo 1johnnycupcakesqueue_zpse5d27c09.jpg
The store was due to open at 1pm & we joined about 12:30pm thinking it would only take a couple of hours to get in & see what was new. We eventually shuffled in the door about 4pm making the most of their heating & free cupcakes/red bull! Brr!
 photo 2johnnycupcakescupcakes_zps5c5dd82d.jpg
The limited edition t-shirt (sported by My Johnny Cupcakes below) was lovely so Adam treated himself to that one, while I got another top & a few bits & bobs.
 photo 3johnnycupcakes2ndbday_zps276c16da.jpg
Speaking of Johnny Cupcakes, we're off to see the man himself again tonight talking about how he started up the business & promoted it.  Can't wait to hear what he has to say! He's awesome!

If you still don't know who or what Johnny Cupcakes is (where have you been?! :P) check out their website HERE. Even if you do know click the link on Wednesday to see the brand spanking new website, we've been promised it'll look ace!

BTW sorry for the lack of posts last week. I was struck down with some horrible lurgy that left me at home on the sofa all Wednesday & Friday & feeling pretty grim for the other days so I'm afraid my blog had to take a back seat to Jeremy Kyle & Super Sweet Sixteen (how to make yourself feel worse right?!)

Ttfn x

Monday, March 04, 2013

so dangerous it should come with a health warning....

That's right I'm talking about Primark, the day after payday, at 8am on Oxford Street. Yoink!
This is only the dress section of my haul! 
While doing a little fashion show over the weekend Adam pointed out the dresses are all the same just in different fabrics! Which is true but just look at them! They're so pretty! 

In the end I decided to keep just 3 of them (cue my bank account breathing a huge sigh of relief!), as well as a few other bits & bobs that just fell into my basket on the way to the till! Whoops!

Ttfn x

Friday, March 01, 2013

Destination unknown!

The last couple of weeks have been spent trying to plan our belated honeymoon. We’d set our sights on 2/3 weeks in Japan but it turns out Japan’s a rather expensive place! Hence these pictures of us emptying our jar of change that sits in the corner of the lounge – you’d be surprised how much was in there!
 photo honeymoonmoneyjar1_zps64409091.jpg
We kind of knew it would be an expensive trip, but with the amount of money we’d kindly got from our wedding guests we thought we’d be high & dry. Turns out that we just have enough for one of us to go on a guided tour for 7days! After Adam very kindly offered to go & promised he’d Skype everyday we reluctantly turned back to the drawing board for ideas. Boo!
 photo honeymoonmoneyjar2_zpsb6ce815e.jpg
We had a few backups that would be fun (but nothing compared to Japan) so we mooched around the interwebs trying to find a solution.
 photo honeymoonmoneyjar3_zps45f02884.jpg
Now I think we’ve found one! It means we’ll be there for a week but that’s better than nothing & we’ll still get to travel around a bit! So keep your fingers crossed that the plans all go ahead (& prices don’t go up between now & finding time to sit down to book everything!)!
 photo honeymoonmoneyjar4_zpsfa83e57c.jpg
Japan here we come! Hopefully!

TTfn x