Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Open Sesame!

Had a meeting in town this afternoon & once it finished I wandered down to Selfridges to have a nosey. On my way I gave Art a call & we had a good catch up about everything & tried our best to put the world to rights. When I arrived at the shop I stood just inside the side doors & carried on with our conversation.

While I stood there I was shocked how many people couldn't figure out the doors. They were just manual old school doors that you push/pull to open but that seemed far too radical for today's shopper, they want automatic! So many of them walked up so their noses were almost touching the glass & they stood there waiting for the doors to open, when nothing happened they looked up as if to check the mechanism & still waited. It either took them a bit longer to think about actually trying to push the door or someone else would come along & push another door to go through & then the original person would slip through too as if they might not be able to make them open again.

Once I'd finished people watching I headed downstairs to see the Project Ocean exhibition that I'd heard a lot about. I didn't see any coral or fish but I did spot this guy:

Not really sure how he helps with sea conservation but he was pretty funny! He also had a friend with him dressed equally as weirdly, but they both seemed to be having fun so I'll let them off!

When I got to the escalators I looked up & the whole area was filled with balloon sculpture which looked pretty cool.

While I was in there Jenny called & we went for a drink & a catch up before meeting up with other work colleagues both current & past. I'd booked a place called Little Sicily & let's just say I won't be visiting again! We waited ages to be served & acknowledged, when they brought my dish it was wrong & there was no apology & they offered us Parmesan when we were half way through the pasta, just to name a few things! The bonus was the food was pretty good! I thoroughly embarassed everyone in the group though when I presented my Taste London card for 50% off the food & also asked for them to remove the optional 12.5% service charge. Definately a Daddy's Girl! It was great catching up with everyone though, hopefully it won't be too long till the next one, but not sure I'll be organizing it!

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