Monday, October 31, 2011

welcome to our humble abode 4

Well I can finally introduce you to our bathroom! It's been a long time coming & quite a while since I did our other rooms which you can see here - lounge post main bedroom post & kitchen post.

Adam's dad has been a star & we've gone from an ok bathroom to a fab one! It was worth over a year of washing my hair over the tub for the finished result.

Here's a little photo story of how it developed:
This is how we saw the bathroom when we first had a look at our home to be before we'd even bought it. There wasn't even have a shower & it was all very old fashioned. Not that that's a bad thing but we needed a few mod cons in there to live comfortably. The bath was metal so every time we got up early for work even though there was hot water going in the tub stayed chilly so it was never good for a long soak.
I loved the taps, so beautiful & old. We tried to keep them but they'd corroded away completely so weren't really any use *sob*
Our first challenge was to block up the far window so we could make a wall for the shower to go on, we were worried we'd lose a lot of light but that's not been the case thankfully. We also changed the loo. Part of me didn't want to cos having the cistern hidden away in a cupboard in the wall was definitely a talking point & pretty funny when we had guests round, but we needed the space for our larder in the kitchen, so we got a new slimmer toilet to fit in place.
To make full use of the wall Keith built us a storage unit that included a medicine cabinet, we also went for a smaller corner sink which attached to a little wall making room for the new bath.
New bath, window blocked in & shower up. It was torture having the shower sitting there - we couldn't use it cos none of it was waterproof so the washing hair over the side of the bath continued! Keith added a little alcove for scented candles & a few glass shelves.
The tiles started to go up. We went for simple white ones with a mirror border which was one of the best decisions we made cos the light is reflected all round the room.
Our finished bathroom :) even with that end window blocked in you can see how light it still is. The only thing left to do is give it a lick of paint.
One finishing touch was to do away with the little radiator & put in a heated towel rail which is slimmer than the old radiator & gives off more heat.
Hope you enjoyed our little tour of Chez P's Bathroom, just the hallway to go then we're done! Huzzah!

Ttfn x

Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy Diwali!

On Wednesday night our skies were lit up by fireworks all around us. We live in a big Indian community & the noise was incredible! I gave up trying to watch tv & sat on our kitchen counter (which I found last year was a perfect viewing spot) watching everything going off around us.
Everywhere I looked there were fireworks it was brill
When I looked over to Wembley stadium there were about 4 or 5 different displays going off in the distance. It took me back to when mum & I used to sit in my bedroom with the lights off watching the firework displays going off at the college down the road or we'd drive up to a nearby hill with dad, park up by the road & watch everything going off around us.
Just as I was about to put my camera away & try & lip read the tv some more there was a firework that went off right inside the arch of Wembley Stadium, was quite chuffed with the timing of this one!
In 2 weekends time it's Bonfire night. I'll try perching on the counter again but I'm not sure there'll be anything as crazy as Diwali, then again I may be proved wrong - everyone loves a good firework display (especially when they're free from the comfort of your own home - a definite bonus of living on a hill!).
Ttfn x

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lumix meet Noah!

When Adam & I went over to Lisa's on Saturday I couldn't possibly leave little Lumix behind - you never know what lovely snapshots could be missed watching Brandon, Isabelle & Noah grow up. They change each & every time I see them.
I've not had the chance to take many photos of Noah since he was born so it was nice to have a bit of time with Jenna & him to click away to my heart's content.
He has some of the loveliest expressions. I've been quite lucky with Adam's nephews & niece cos they're all happy smiley kids pretty much all of the time so thankfully there aren't many mardy ones to look at. It's great that they are getting used to me & this big black attachment I always have stuck to my face too so don't go all shy.
Isabelle, Jill, Jenna & Noah discussing the meaning of life. I love this shot.
After Saturday's results I can't wait to head over to Jenna & Matt's house at some point & get some more family shots, this time with the 3 of them.

Ttfn x

Monday, October 24, 2011

313 days to go

This weekend I’ve been going from “yeah this planning stuff’s going well I know exactly where it’s at & not a care in the world” to “aaarrrgghh have we got enough money?! Who needs to know what? Have we got enough planned so far, etc, etc.”

Saturday was spent at Lisa’s & Jenna was there too who (got engaged last Saturday & is planning to get married in Oct/Nov 2012 - that means Adam’s mum&dad have 3 weddings in 1year! Wowzer). We were all scaring each other unintentionally with things we sorted & have planned, Jenna was surprisingly calm seeing as she’s only just started to think about it, I think I’d have exploded listening to 2 other people & what they’ve done & are worrying about, I mean who ever would have thought I’d be trying to sort out the right colour for chair sashes?! Not me that’s for sure!

On Sunday Adam & I went to explore the new Westfield at Stratford which is where the Olympics are going to be held next year. Shopping-wise apart from Forever 21 (we’ve got 2 stores in London now yay! Still to buy summit from them though!), there was nothing special but it's a great spot for people coming & going from the stadium during the games, though I’m not sure how the narrow walkways will cope with the amount of people. Think we’ll steer clear!

Just as we were about to leave Adam wanted to have a look in a particular shop for some ideas for work so we popped in & we were greeted by a lovely suit. He decided to try it on & it fitted him amazingly & looked stunning. The outcome of that is Adam now has his wedding suit :) yay! Finally the groom/usher side's ball has started rolling, so now we can start buying/hiring other things for them since Adam knows his suit colour. Once I've bought my dress in December I'll have to get my girlies sorted too. They're all coming out on Saturday night for a curry down Brick Lane to meet each other & we’ll try to sort out a time to go shopping for dresses in the new year.

Looking at how the budget is going down is pretty scary & I’m dreading getting the quote back from the printers for Adam’s fab invites but let’s wait & see. Maybe we’ll win the lottery?! That is if we start playing!

Ttfn x

Saturday, October 22, 2011

bring the Hause down

On Thursday we went to see Dave Hause at The Windmill in Brixton. We'd never been to the venue before & it was fab, what place with a dog on the roof wouldn't be?!
We arrived in Brixton early so had a lovely dinner at the White Horse just down the road. There was a bit of a dog theme going on that night actually cos this pub had one called George (tho not on the roof this time!). We headed down to the venue about 9 just as Kelly Kemp was starting her set, she had a lovely voice & set the standards for what was to be a great night.

We headed over to Dave Hause's merch stand to see what was what & ended up chatting to Ian (Horrible Crowes) & Em (who thankfully rescued me from all the football talk that was going on!). The rest of the night just flew by as we nattered on about anything & everything.
Dave came on about 10pm & it was hilarious. There were about 50 of us in this small venue all singing along, this guy has done 17 gigs in a row I think it was & his energy was incredible (I think the Jamersons helped a bit). The set started with him on the stage & us standing round (as you'd expect), but ended up with everyone on the stage or standing round him while Dave played in the middle of the floor. You couldn't help but laugh as he changed the words referring to the dog on the roof & he ended by thanking all his other Revival Tour companions who were all back in the US resting. He was heading back there now but will be back in the UK in November to support Alkaline Trio on tour, he really does never stop!
After the gig we carried on chatting with Ian & Em before realising we should be getting off to catch the last tube home (not before I did my fan girl thing & got an autograph from Dave & a photo with Ian - sad I know but I got caught in the buzz of the night)
I'm quite sad all my Revival Tour & Revival Tour linked posts have come to an end but hopefully it won't be too long till they're back again. Adam & I have said no matter who performs we'll definately go cos if we hadn't gone to this one we wouldn't have had the Dave Hause experience!

Ttfn x

Thursday, October 20, 2011

It’s the thought that counts....

hopefully that applies to exercise too. Last night was supposed to be the start of the wedding diet push so Adam & I popped off to do some swimming. This is the only form of exercise I always look forward to & the fact you can just switch off from everything is great. We got changed & entered the pool area to find it busy but not too bad with lots of lanes, perfect. The only problem was 3 of those lanes were for the swimming club, the other 2 (1 for proper swimming & 1 for relaxing) were for the general public. I’m not a brilliant swimmer but I like to swim fairly quickly & after doing 10 laps starting & stopping & pretty much swimming in a queue, we left. I was gutted that I couldn’t do any more but I was just getting frustrated. We found out from 9 ‘till 10pm the whole pool is for proper swimming so we’re going to give it another go next Wednesday & see what happens, in the mean time I’m hoping to get to aqua aerobics on Sunday evening which should be quite funny.

To cheer us up we had a few chocs from the random Dairy Milk box we found on top of the fridge (this means one of our parents didn’t get an Easter pressie this year, yoink!). Thinking about it now it wasn’t the best idea in the world, scoffing chocs when I only did 10 lengths wasn’t one of my best ideas!

Ttfn x

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

a domestic goddess I am not

One minute I'm sewing a new button on Adam's shirt before we leave for work, the next I'm burning eggs in saucepans!
I was doing so well 'till I got engrosed in America's Next Top Model & forgot about the (very) hard boiled eggs I was doing for our packed lunch tomorrow & all the water boiled away. Thank goodness for our smoke alarm that's all I can say (though I doubt the neighbours were saying the same!). Yoink!

Ttfn x 

Sunday, October 16, 2011

the revival tour revived

Yesterday the Revival Tour guys did a free show in the Lee store on Carnaby Street, Adam & I didn't need to be told twice so we headed down.
We weren't sure how popular it would be so we (I) got a bit carried away & arrived at 10:30am for a 2pm show! There wasn't anyone else there (surprise surprise!) so we went for a bit of a wander. We came back at 11:30, still no one, so went for a coffee & headed back at noon. There still wasn't a queue but we decided if we started a line people were bound to join it. A few seconds later there were about 6 people behind us & the proper wait had begun.
The people in the store hadn't expected many people to arrive I don't think cos when we asked where the queue would be they told us the show wasn't untill 2pm so head back later & they'd sort summit out. I said we'd hang around at the front & that's when we started the line. About half an hour later there were about 30people waiting & the Lee staff were coming out & tweeting about the line growing. They claimed the room downstairs could hold about 100 people & by the time we went in the amount of people waiting was more than that. We couldn't decide what was funnier the puzzled looks of people walking by wondering what we were waiting for, or the worried looks of members of staff cos there were too many people & they'd have to be turned away.
While waiting we got nattering to a few people from DimeStoreSaints & it turned out that quite a few other people I talk to on Twitter were there as well. The problem is we don't all walk around with our Twitter names on our fronts so I didn't know who anyone was to say hi to.
At 2pm the guys rocked up, walked down Carnaby Street (how cool?!) & entered the shop. At 2:30 we were let in & the gig began. They did 5 songs including '59 Sound with Brian as lead, 'Prague (Revive Me)' with Dave Hause & ended with 'The Bow' - such an amazing song. It was surreal to be standing so close to them while they were singing & cos all the lights were on it felt really awkward to be looking at them as they sang away. I kept dodging their gaze & got all embarassed. I did share a giggle with Dave Hause though when he spilt his bottle of beer over a pair of jeans, he looked up to see if anyone had noticed & when he saw me he burst out laughing & looked rather sheepish. Dave's great & his solo stuff is so good, so good in fact we're going to see him doing a solo show in London on Thursday.
The free stuff just kept on coming, as well as a brilliant gig, on entry we were given a drinks voucher for a free bottle of beer, as we left we were given a free El Jefe poster (the one we've been hunting high & low for) & also managed to grab some badges & plectrums so all in all it was a blimmin' good day!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Another reason why I love London....

I was too early to meet friends for dinner the other night so popped into One New Change, a new(ish) shopping centre next to St Pauls Cathedral. The shops were ok, nothing exciting but quite a nice place to shop if you're in the area. I was about to leave when I noticed the lift went up to the 6th floor of the building so I jumped in to see what was up there & I was greeted with this....
Wow! Thankfully there weren't many people around & I happened to time it perfectly with a bit of a sunset. Unfortunately I only had my little point & click camera but I can't wait to head back with my Lumix to get some proper snaps when there's a full on sunset.
I loved this reflection of the church on the side of the building & the picture on the right really reminds me of Mary Poppins for some idea. My little jelly lenses were definitely a good buy to make some snaps a bit more interesting.
I'm really chuffed with the snap below with the London Eye & the OXO tower in the background. I don't get to see enough of London from this height, I might see what other buildings have viewing areas of the skyline.
On my way back down in the glass elevator (no I'm not Willy Wonka) I loved this reflection in the walls of the shops. Also, as if the evening hadn't been good enough, I met with my mates & when I ordered an ale it was brought to me in a proper metal tankard! I'm so ladylike I surprise myself sometimes!
Ttfn x

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

better late than never

Back in August it was my birthday & I held my annual picnic in Hyde Park. This year the theme was a Masquerade. Lovely Lou was chief photographer & I've had these pics waiting to be posted for ages now.
There was no specific type of mask so there was an ace mix from posh to wrestling, animal to freaky. I have a huge fear of clowns so thankfully no one turned up wearing one (I didn't mention it on the invite though cos I knew someone would try to be a clever clogs about it & wear the worst one they could find).
I was really touched at how many people showed up & they weren't just London friends. We had an ace time & thankfully the weather behaved after a bit of a wobbly start in the morning. It's really odd how the weather's changing, my birthday's always used to be hot & sunny but the past two years my picnic's been threatened by rain & chilly temperatures. Not impressed!
Who needs the milk try man when you have Max arriving with a bottle of bubbly?! The highlight of the day?! Finding out my chocolate cornflake cakes had melted into one gooey mess & I had to eat it with a spoon. Nom!
After a few more glasses of pop the masks got a bit more freaky - Donny Darko anyone?! Have you any idea how difficult it is to jive in a mask like this?! Though some people might say I danced better with it on!
This is a photo to show the kids! Maybe we should blow it up huge scale? That wouldn't be scary at all.
The die hard gang at the end of a fab day. I know it's a bit belated but cheers everyone for coming! It means heaps.
I've just realised I've never blogged about my other Hyde Park picnics so I've posted pictures from the other two below: 
Moustache Party 2010
Mad Hatters Tea Party 2009 
Roll on next year!
Ttfn x