Monday, May 30, 2011

typical bank holiday weather strikes again!

Just got to the end of another long weekend, May's always the best month for extra days off & I'm not impressed we've got to wait till August now for our next bank holiday. Boo! Straight after work on Friday (after getting the windscreen repaired) we headed off to stay with Lisa, Nick, Brandon & Isabelle. After arriving & discovering 2 tv shows called "cupcake wars" & "diners, drive-ins & dives" (which are now all on our sky plus!) we crashed on the sofas. 

We were due to head to Clacton-on-Sea on Saturday but the typical British weather got the better of us so we headed down to Wetherspoons for breakfast & to plan the day ahead. As well as the crappy weather the other mega problem was the lack of black pudding with the Full English - Nick & I eventually got over it but it took us time. It was touch & go for a second!
Our first stop off was the local bowling alley. We paid for 2 games but they lasted for hours cos we had to change lanes 3 times cos they kept messing up, in the end we were given a free game for 8 people next time we go. I won't mention the scores - there's no point really, I did my typical game plan of playing so badly everyone else does better than me, even Adam's 4year old nephew. I'd hate to actually play to my full ability cos I'd really just show everyone up! It's hard being me!
Just before heading home for dinner (yes our game really did last that long!) we popped over to a designer retail village to see if they had a suit for Adam. There wasn't anything that took his fancy though so the search still continues. After dinner Adam, Nick & their mate Arun all headed out for a blokey night, leaving Lisa & me to have a proper girly evening once Brandon & Isabelle had gone to sleep. I never really get a chance to chat with Lisa on her own so it was nice to able to talk weddings (she's getting married 2 months before us) & we also discovered the worst best program ever - Geordie Shore! Once we figured out exactly what they were saying (I might need subtitles if I'm going to introduce Adam to it!) it was awful hilarious! Car crash tv at it's best!

On Sunday we woke up to beautiful blue skies (sods law), so on our way home Adam & I drove over to Clacton to take some pictures, grab an ice cream & fish&chips. As we were driving back we had to stop off at the services on the way cos we both felt so tired after a not very eventful but busy weekend. When we got in we had tea & I was in bed by 9pm! It felt so nice to not have to set an alarm for this morning & it was a good job cos I didn't wake up till 11am! That's 14hours sleep! I'm turning into a teenager again! The other great part of today - finding out I'd lost another lb! Even with fish&chips yesterday - bring it on :)  Didn't really do a lot else today, we just tidied & watched tv. I was planning on an early night this evening but it's already gone 10pm & I still have heaps to do on my to do list. Yoink!

So glad it's another 4 day week this week. Yay!
x x x

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haha! i love that first picture. :)