Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Classy bird

Last night was date night number two! Adam's company had done some work for Tag Heuer & so were given tickets to a private screening of 'Senna' at a new hotel on Leicester Square.

While I was waiting for Adam I realized I'd never looked up at the top of the buildings surrounding Leicester Square & there's some really pretty ones! I better not do it too often though cos I'm bound to fall down a manhole or walk into a lamppost!

The venue was the 'W' hotel & was so swanky! As we entered there were so many shiny surfaces & glitter balls it was almost blinding! I must be getting old cos straight away I thought of the poor person who had to keep it all clean!

We went to a roped off area where the people from Tag were all mingling. We were handed a glass of champagne that we never reached the bottom of as well as some lovely canap├ęs & nattered away.

After about an hour we were ushered into the hotel's own private screening room that held about 40 people, there were glass bottles of water with every plush seat & we were handed another glass of champers!

The film was brilliant & all about Ayrton Senna's life. I didn't really know anything about him so it was pretty interesting. The only problem was about half of the way through I started to need the loo so badly! I managed to cross my legs though & dashed out at the end! Walking to the loo in such a posh environment took me back to my drunken days in india, as I tried to act sober fighting against the mirrored walls and lights! So classy!

Adam & I were both a little worse for wear by this point so we headed home. I couldn't believe it when I realized it was only 10pm! Such lightweights! We got off the underground & staggered home, sharing Adam's headphones & singing along to fall out boy! When we got home the one thing that was keeping us going was the thought of toast, till we opened the pack & found it mouldy *groan* so I settled for a wrap with nutella on it!

roaming reporter KtPx

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the barbers said...

oh man, how did I not know about "W"? looks INCREDIBLE!