Sunday, February 23, 2014

Neutral Ground

I still can't believe we've not decided on an off-white yet! 
Is it going to be Almost Oyster, White Cotton or Timeless?! What happened to a choice of white, magnolia or ivory?!

Ttfn x

Friday, February 21, 2014

Jake & Johnny - a perfect match

Johnny Cupcakes did it again - an ace acoustic show, this time with Less Than Jake. Thankfully there wasn't a balcony for any idiots to jump off like the night before so the show ran smoothly! 
There were only 50 spaces up for grabs through a competition on Instagram...Mr P & I were jammy enough to be part of the lucky bunch...yay! 

It was brill to hear acoustic versions of the songs I'm used to hearing as loud punky ska & looking at everyone else's faces they were just as chuffed! After the show the whole band turned up for a meet&greet so we got a few bits signed & a photo before heading back to our lovely new home for a bit more unpacking! 

Phew! What a whirlwind week!
Ttfn x

Monday, February 17, 2014

We are the Dateless Losers

Well we spent our 2nd Valentines Day as a married couple in a mosh pit jumping & singing along to how love sucks! As you do...
(Thanks to RBF twitter for the shot above!)

I'd been waiting for this gig for ages & even though it's not Adam's favourite music, he did his husband duties & came along :) I love Reel Big Fish...ever since being taken to my first rock gig at Rock City in Notts in first year...once I realised I wasn't going to die & they played Take On Me I was hooked! Ha! I've never seen Less Than Jake though & I'd always said if they ever toured with RBF I'd be there...& there I was!
After jumping around & getting covered in beer, sweat & goodness knows what else during RBF we moved to the back for LTJ. They came on stage...managed to get through a few brill songs then an idiot decided to jump from the 1st balcony into the mosh pit....the gig stopped...the band went off & we had to wait 30min for security & an ambulance to arrive....eventually he was stretchered off & once the place wasn't declared a crime scene the gig began again.
The venue were very good at lifting the curfew but lots of people (including us) still had to leave to catch the last train - weren't getting caught out like Frank Turner again!

What we heard was ace but it wasn't the end of LTJ excitement last weekend...more on that another day!

Ttfn x

Friday, February 14, 2014

I'll play, you sing, the perfect way for an evening to begin

As if out week wasn't exciting enough we had a date at the 02 with a Mr Frank Turner.
We weren't going to go cos we were being snobby about it being a bigger venue than we were used to but I got itchy feet & needed a good old shout along so we thought why not?! 

We only bought tickets a few weeks ago so we were right at the back...yes I was jealous of the people jumping around with standing tickets but I did my best to have a bit of a boogie in my seat!

We arrived to hear the end of Flogging Molly's set which was brill - I'd love to see them again but in a smaller venue. Frank's set was awesome, hit after hit...I shouted, jumped (& yes even cried!) along.
We got out of the arena in record time but it still meant we missed the last bus when we got off the resulted in a 40min walk home which was refreshing, but not quite what we needed after a gig! Better get learning them new time tables & last bus/train times!

Ttfn x

Thursday, February 13, 2014

All white?!

I can't believe it...we're becoming one of those off-white paint people...
How can you buy this many tester pots that all look the same & still not be happy?!

Ttfn x

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Home is wherever I'm with you

Being the daredevils we are Adam & I have taken part in another of the most stressful things to do...we've moved house! Yay!
At 8:30am (on the dot!) the removal men showed up & started piling our worldly goods in the back of their lorry. I knew we had a lot but I really didn't expect that much! Yoink!
We picked up they keys to our new house(!) around lunchtime, had a little overlap with the previous owners who showed us where bits & bobs were & then we were was all ours! The removal men didn't take long unloading & we then spent the rest of the night losing each other in all our new rooms spread out over 2 floors! We said hi to all the new lovely neighbours before our traditional celebratory nandos!

Home sweet home :-)
Ttfn x

Friday, February 07, 2014

99 problems...

Surrounded by boxes last night I was having a break (but no kitkat *sigh*) & was idly flicking through Facebook when I saw THIS link to a buzzfeed list of British People Problems. I hope it wasn't my lack of sleep & frazzled brain that made this as funny as I thought it was but there were a few ones that really caught my eye.....
I've done this so many times while my nose has been stuck in a good book....another one's when running for a bus & it pulls away as you're still try & jog it off & look cool like you'd never wanted that bus in the first place. Mug.

I hate's only happened to me twice but both times it resulted in me paying full price for something I hated then going to another hairdressers to get it sorted out & having to pay again!

Adam claims he's indifferent too....hmmmm no comment!

This used to be me till I moved to I just go hell for leather if anyone takes longer than a millisecond to decide to go....usually with my hand on the horn too. Yoink!

Did this the other day!

Why do I do this?!

I love the little things that makes the Brits so random...gotta love them stuff upper lips!

Ttfn x

Monday, February 03, 2014

Mmm cheese toasty!

Yesterday was a sad little toasty maker that has seen me through many a drunk/tired night gave up the ghost *sigh*
While packing up the house we decided on a baked bean & cheese wonder & ended up with a disaster on a plate...such a shame! I was even more gutted I didn't get to make my banana & nutella (which I'd bought especially!) toasty for desert...nooo!

Anyways onwards & upwards...a new house calls for a new shiny toasty maker. It won't be long till I'm back on the fish finger & cheese culinary delights once again! Who says once a student always a student?!

Tfn x