Tuesday, March 30, 2010

drip drip drop little april shower

well almost, i'm 2 days ahead of myself.
i loved walking to work today in my quilted anorak with my hood up. sounds random but i've not done that for ages! i normally go out with an umbrella but today thought why the devil not & put my hood up! (crazy i know! :P) i'd forgotten how nice it is to feel like you're in a cocoon & listen to the rain hitting your hood. just wish i'd worn my wellies then i really would have been jumping in puddles & everything making the most of the rainy day experience!
x x x

Friday, March 26, 2010

wakey wakey!

I really hate it when someone has the same ringtone on their mobile phone that i've had as a wake up alarm in the past. Whenever it goes off it jars me out of whatever lovely daydream i was in the middle of! It doesn't matter if it's the last phone i had or one from 2nd year at uni the effects still the same! Anyways i'll be back to dreaming in my little world now...x x x

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

the budgie

another development in my growing up in 2010 - i'm going to try following the budget!!

seems only yesterday that i was moaning that the 'budgie' stopped the kids shows for an afternoon. never thought i'd see the day when i took an interest in it & i'd be one of those boring grown ups! fingers crossed something good will come of it *ahem* get rid of stamp duty *ahem*

x x x

Friday, March 19, 2010

just can't get enough....

of books!

i can't stop reading at the moment, i'm turning into a right little bookworm. read some fab things recently - i've just finished white tiger & now on hound of the baskervilles. there's nothing better than geting lost in a book while your stuck on a bus in traffic or in a tunnel on the tube & you're sitting there living some other character's life whether it's good or bad. anyways dunno why i'm typing this better finish this chapter before my lunch is over....

x x x

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


was on the overland train this morning going into central london minding my own business when i heard a gasp as we were stopped at a station. i looked around along with a few other nosey people & there was a girl with one shoe on standing on the train by the door. it turned out as she had got onto the train her ballet pump had fallen off her foot & fell between the train & platform onto the tracks below!! instead of getting off the train, waiting for it to move, asking for help to get her shoe back & catch the next train she just carried on as if it was perfectly normal to stand there with one shoe on & one bare stocking foot. she was so calm about it i wasn't sure if she was just having an unlucky day or if it was a clever ploy to buy new shoes?! maybe i should try this one next time 'oh no my shoe has fallen off i must buy some new shoes!' hmmmm!

also found out today about the new ride at alton towers called thirteen & it looks ace! can't wait for our anual trip later in the year!

is anyone else thinking about how weird the women's fashion is at the moment? i'm really not convinced! i need some nice new tops & i can't find anything - it's either beige which makes you look half dead, baggy which adds another 10lbs on you (which i don't need help with thanks), see-through which really isn't a good idea or really scruffy, now i'm not one to complain at a day spent in a hoodie & trainers but i would like to smarten myself up a bit! argh sort it out! think it's off to primark for some vest tops/t-shirts in blocky colours that can brighten up an outfit & i can accessorise!
x x x

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I must say I’m rather pooped!

That’ll learn me for having too much fun! It’s been all systems go recently in ktp’s world. There are lots of things happening in the pipeline but I don’t want to jinx anything yet until it’s properly confirmed. Oooooh cryptic or what?!

I’ve also been having much fun at jive which is sadly down to just one venue a week for a bit until we find another amazing dancefloor to go & invade! Hopefully 2 or even 3 classes a week will be up and running again soon. I kind of thought that I’d end up having more nights off a week but boy was I wrong!! I can’t just enjoy some time off & relax & do the washing & cleaning it seems, I still end up filling my weeks! Ah well! I’ve got back into the habit I had in India where I find as many little opportunities to catch a little sleep as possible! Power naps are the future!

Had an ace weekend catching up with a lot of the india girlies – anna, emhen, becca & I all had a road trip down to Bournemouth to see NatNat & we had an ace time! So glad I had my new DSLR with me, got some lovely shots & it’s the first time I got to have a really long play with it. Luckily they were all used to me going off in my own little world with my camera & let me get on with it so managed to be proper arty farty!

Anyways just a little catch up with me & hopefully there’ll be other news soon! :o)
X x x