Wednesday, August 29, 2012

wedding wednesday - car park engagement shoot

Eep! My last wedding Wednesday! It's now 3 whole days till I am MRS P & I get to marry my very own rockstar! It's really hard to comprehend that this day most little girls dream of is just round the corner for me after 20months of planning. Yay!
This last week's been weird. I've been going from a child-at-Chrimbo level of excitement to driving-test nerves to final-project-weaving (only other weavers will get this! Nothing like appealing to a niche market!) stress. I've been having some pretty weird dreams too, the big one recently was that my hairdresser just didn't turn up on Saturday morning & when we called to ask where she was (I'd got all the way to the church before I realised my hair was in a lank looking ponytail!) she said she couldn't leave her kids cos her partner had to go & tend to his sheep (yes she has kids & a partner but I'm pretty sure he isn't a sheep farmer!) so we then set off back home to try & bodge my hairstyle with only a few minutes to spare. I woke up in such a fluster!
All in all tho every thing's done & dusted & I'm pretty chuffed how smoothly it's all gone in the end. The one thing I've been most surprised about it our budget. Ma&Pa came down on Saturday to pick up guitar amps etc that couldn't fit in our car & we agreed we'd talk about the dreaded budget when they were here. We needed to hear about how much we'd gone over & how much we'd owe them & how we'd pay it back. Like most couples getting married we went over budget (boo), but it's a wedding for 139people & being designers there were loads of things we wanted just right so didn't always go for the easiest/simplest route, I know, excuses excuses. I'll just get down to the nitty gritty & say exactly how much we've gone over (I've not yet figured out how long we'll need to pay it back) we owe, drum roll please...........£3! That's less than a pint in London! I could take them both out for dinner & we could have a Happy Meal to share where they'd get fed & get a toy out of it & we'd be sorted. Whoop! I'm pretty chuffed cos I'm not always that great at budgeting(!) but we did it, mainly due to loads of fab help from fab people. You know who you are! Mwah!

We both finish work today so we have 2 days to get ready & sorted. We've got a great little army all heading down to our reception venue to help decorate on Friday before our rehearsal at church followed by pub grub down the road.
I'm sure I'll bored y'all to tears with photos & info when the time's right but I'm not sure when I'll be back online. I've scheduled a few posts to go up while I'm away but I really want to enjoy spending quality time with my HUSBAND (love that word!) & not in front of my computer screen. So speak soon & stay lucky!

Ttfn x

Monday, August 27, 2012

One more film to tick off the list.

Anyone who knows me will know my ratio of classic films I've seen V's ones I haven't is highly unbalanced & not in a good way. It gets quite embarrassing when people always assume I've seen something & I haven't got a clue what they're on about so when I got the chance to go & see Pretty In Pink last week I jumped at the chance.
It was part of Film4's Summer Screen which is held in the grounds of Somerset House & completely outdoors. This was mine & Sabiha's first time there so we weren't exactly sure of the protocol. We came with a mini picnic & a few cushions & rugs while the others around us had huge feasts including hot pizzas they'd brought along the way & had stacks of pillows lined up to lie down on when the film started & blankets to snuggle under! Lots of people had gone to the effort of wearing pink too, I loved the guy in front of us wearing the 'tough guys wear pink' t-shirt!
After everyone had made themselves as comfy as possible on the cobbled floor & we'd enjoyed singing along to the DJs it was time for the film to start. The atmosphere was incredible with huge spotlights scanning the sky, booming music to get us all excited & then huge cheers as the opening titles of the film came up on the screen. I thoroughly enjoyed the story line & it was made even better by the whoops & giggles of the rest of the crowd who'd obviously seen the film many many times before. I knew a good part was coming up each time cos people started applauding & talking amongst themselves before it happened, I loved Duckie's dancing & some of the outfits were brilliant too! As the end credits rolled everyone cheered again as the lights came up & started to pack everything away. We all left the venue looking like a load of homeless people wrapped in blankets/sleepingbags/duvets & hugging pillows as we headed to the nearest tube!

If you get the chance next year you really should try to go. It was so much fun & a great atmosphere to enjoy a much loved film or a brand new premier, just remember to bring as many pillows & blankets as possible though I had a bit of a numb bum!

Ttfn x

Friday, August 24, 2012

28 years young

On Tuesday it was my birthday (when I told dad I shared a birthday with Usain Bolt he pointed out that's where the similarities end! :P). Unfortunately Adam didn't have the day off as well so I just tucked down deeper under the duvet when he got up at 6am. Poor guy.
Luckily I had Scary staying over to keep me company so once ma&pa woke me up singing "Happy Birthday" down the phone (makes up for all the early morning phone calls they've had to put up with I guess!) I stuck on the kettle & sat down to Jeremy Kyle. I wasn't really expecting much when the postman knocked cos I'd just been told to stay in for my parents parcel but wow there was loads for little old me! :D I decided to wait till Adam was home to do all the unwrapping so we got dressed & head to Westfield to get a few last minute wedding odds & sods.
Before we even tackled the shops we stopped off at Tossed (weirdly a salad place is becominge one of my favourite places to eat when I go out!). I can't go into too many details about my purchases cos sneaky little eyes might be reading this but we had great fun. At about 3pm Scary had to head off so I pottered a bit more before heading to Pret while I waited for Adam to finish work. It must be the old age but before I knew it I'd fallen asleep in one of their comfy armchairs! Yoink!
Luckily Adam called shortly after so I didn't have to keep looking like a hobo for much longer & I went to meet him for a scrummy Chinese at Haozhan thanks to our trusty Tastecard (I don't know where we'd be without that gem!). The food was brilliant. I had roast duck with mango & wow! You've gotta go, it's a bit pricey (for us!) but was well worth it. I'd like to go there with an emptier tummy & bigger budget next time so we can try some of the wonderful sounding starters & have a pretty flower tea at the end.
We'd agreed we wouldn't do presents this year due to a rather big occasion coming up in 8 (yes 8!!!!!) days time but I was still met with a lovely bunch of pink roses. Spookily there were only 11 roses in the bunch & it was only 11days to go till the wedding! Must be a sign! We didn't have pudding at the Chinese, we were a bit too stuffed to try deep fried ice cream(!), so when we got back there was a lot of scuffling in the kitchen while Adam unwrapped my Smarties cake & stuck a household candle in the top (he couldn't find any birthday ones!).
By this point it was finally time for presents. I got about 20cards (thanks so much if you sent me one) as well as some wonderful gifts including a HD video camera (not sure I'm quite ready to move onto a vlog but I'm hoping for some sweet memories from the wedding/honeymoon), some money (which is going to go towards honeymoon outfits thanks to Primarni & G21 at Asda!), a smelly wedding day candle, photoalbum, notebook, bookmark & necklace. I was dead chuffed with them all! I felt properly loved & special & that's how a Birthday Girl should feel :)
Ttfn x

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

wedding wednesday - walls

I can't quite believe this is my penultimate Wedding Wednesday post! Eep!
On Sunday we went to our local church to hear our Banns read for the third & final time. After the service (where thankfully no one made a peep!) we got out Banns certificate which now means we're all set to get married. Wahoo! Our new parish church is really pretty & the people seem lovely but I'm so glad we're getting married in my old Parish church around the people I grew up with. I always dreamed I'd walk down that aisle with dad & no other (aisle that is, not dad!).
We made sure we kept this weekend coming free so we could have lie ins & relax before it all goes crazy (in a good way!). I think after the wedding we're really going to appreciate our down time without worrying we should be tweaking that poster or triple checking check lists. Talking of relaxing we'd kind of forgotten about our Honeymoon with all the madness of planning the wedding so when we sat there last week thinking "this time next Saturday I'll be walking down the aisle/eating cake/dancing/drunk" we suddenly remembered that the week after that we'd be on our Honeymoon & chilled out. We can't wait! It's like a little added bonus to look forward to after the big day & then after that we can start planning Japan! Huzzah!
Yesterday it was my Birthday. Normally I'm like a little kid getting all overly excited but I'd kind of forgotten about it this year (not that there's anything else I'm looking forward to!). It was lovely to have a day off. I'd planned on doing loads of wedding stuff but it turned out my mate Scary would be staying over & so we ended up having a lovely day together before having dinner with Adam. In a way it was nice to have the distraction of not planning & I could just slob out in front of Jeremy Kyle with a cuppa. Rock n Roll!
As you'll see in this post Chris Barber likes walls! They're definitely his thing! See his website HERE if you've still not visited it yet.
I'm going to end my post with this picture, it's my all time favourite & I can't believe I'm marrying this man in 10days time! Yay!

Ttfn x

Monday, August 20, 2012

Stolen Ice Cream - REWARD

We were walking along Weymouth beach (yes me, on a beach, sand between my toes & everything, impressive huh?!) when there was a sudden flap of wings & before we knew it Adam's hand which was only minutes before clutching a 99 ice cream was empty. Not even a crumb left! The last we saw of said ice cream was in the beak of a sneaky (among other names I can't type on here) seagull a it flew off. The look on our faces must have been brilliant & the people around us were just s shocked as we were! Once I'd recovered from giggling so much we went straight back to the stall to get another one, this time it was a wonder Adam didn't get brain freeze from the speed he ate this one making sure he got every last crumb.
I took loads of photos on our afternoon trip to the seaside but this is my fave & makes me giggle every time I see it & I felt it deserved a post of it's own!

Our long weekend was really busy & didn't feel long at all! It was full of crappy traffic, a pretty farmyard wedding, camping, fish&chips at the seaside, first football match of the season (already?! *groan!*), getting our banns certificate, glorious sunshine, crappy thunderstorms, a small birthday gathering & quite a lot of ale! Phew! At least I've got tomorrow off cos it's a certain Miss P's birthday! Woop! 

Ttfn x

Friday, August 17, 2012

Anna my Best Maid

Last weekend I had my second chick party, this time with my MOH of Anna. I don't like calling her my Maid Of Honor though cos she's awesome & I don't think the title does her justice! Nick gets to be Adam's Best Man so why can't Anna be my Best Maid?!

We had a potter round Nottingham getting a few odds & sods before heading back to her flat. When we got to her front door I had to wait outside while she rustled around for a bit, she finally opened the door & I was greeted by loads of balloons & a party popper pretty much in my face (maybe she's trying to sabotage the wedding by giving me a big bruise on my face?! Hadn't though of that, hmm!). We had a lovely girly evening full of Chinese, excitement as Mo Farah won the 5000m & Tom Daley got a Bronze in the diving, Take Me Out reruns, popcorn, makeup trials & generally loads of giggles.
The next morning after saying hi to Jet I walked into the lounge to find a breakfast spread any B&B would be jealous of & not a fry up or black pudding in sight. Very wedding diet friendly!
After getting our stuff together (including my heart balloon!) we set off towards Nottingham for my coach back to London. Seeing as we had quite a lot of time we decided to stop off at Wollaton Hall. Not sure if any of you recognise this but it's where Batman Rise of the Dark Knight was filmed. Now Adam & I must be part of the very few people who still haven't seen the film yet but I'm assured this it Batman's house. Cool eh?!
Amazingly it was free to go in so we had a wander around & it was full of stuffed animals. It was really weird in a fab way! They had everything from a full size Giraffe to an Octopus & loads of different birds. Seeing as I'd only packed light I didn't have Lumix with me but my little point & click did a pretty good job in the dimly lit, kinda creepy, rooms.
Even without the Batman link it's a really lovely building to walk around & the gardens were pretty, with more time it would have been fun to spend the day there with a picnic & a good book.
After a wander round the lake it was time to head into Nott to get my coach (when did Nation Express coaches get so posh by the way?!). My time went way too quickly with Anna & the next time I see her will be the day before the wedding, after everything's died down I can't wait to have one of my closest friends all to myself again & I won't have to share her with the wedding.
By the time I got home I was oblivious to the strange looks I kept getting from my balloon tied to my backpack. I only remembered it was there when I saw my shadow in the road with a big heart floating above me. It reminded me that I'm properly loved from all angles from my husband-to-be, to my brill parents & some rather fab friends :) getting soppy now so I'll stop!

Ttfn x

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wedding Wednesday - American Diner Engagement Session

With 17days to go (sorry what?! yes I did just have to count that on my calendar, twice!) my two mega wedding worries have been sorted out. Phew! To say I'm relieved is an understatement!
Now the excitement can really begin again. Don't get me wrong I was still looking forward to our big day but these 2 bits were quite mega to me & I don't think I was being bridezilla-ish over them cos they needed to be sorted. There are loads of little bitty things left to sort out now & cos they are all random bits & bobs they spring into my mind whenever where ever (I've now got Shaikra stuck in my head!) so my list making has gone into overdrive & I don't go anywhere without my 12 page spreadsheet ticking stuff off as I go! You think I'm mad you should see my parent's to do list/time line that wraps round their kitchen! Now I know where it comes from for sure!
Adam & I are in the process of briefing (!) our bridesmaids, MOH, ushers & BM with their to do lists on the day before & day of the wedding. Hopefully we haven't come across as mega control freaks, we just felt it was easier to explain to everyone what we'd like them to do & where with plenty of time instead of asking as the day went on making it all more fun & relaxed.
While looking at all these yummy food photos I thought I should hop on the scales this morning to see how the dreaded wedding diet is going. Well it was less of a hop, more of a plod & a wince while the numbers flashed in front of me. When they finally stopped I let out a little squeak & a grin filled my face, I'm only 3lbs off losing a stone, I've lost 11lbs so far! Woop! I'm pretty chuffed cos this last week I felt like I've eaten well but not made a huge effort to do so but it's obviously still working. Yay!
As before all these fab photos were taken by Chris Barber, see his blog HERE it's awesome! These shots were all taken at Eds Diner in Selfridges at the Bullring in Brum. They treated us amazingly well & we even got a goodie-box out of it (see the full post about it HERE).

Ttfn x

Monday, August 13, 2012

Beer, There & Everywhere!

On Friday we logged off computers, put down pens & joined in the tradition of heading down to the pub for a pint. This time though the pub was Kensington Olympia & the pint was swapped for a third pint of ale chosen from a selection of about 800 different real ales, ciders and foreign beers. That's right it was time for the Great British Beer Festival.
The last time Adam & I went we'd only been going out about 7months so it was fun to go back again without having to worry if I'd get too drunk & embarrass myself! We paid our deposit on a pint glass & set off in search of ale picking up Ash, Billy, Dan & Kat on the way.
We had wanted our first pint to be Tribute but they didn't have it (boo!) so we settled for a variety of beers, some new to me some not to new. I tried to take photos of the ales I tried as the evening went on & you can probably tell which I had towards to start of the night compared to later going by how blurred my snap is!
Every so often there'd be a roar from the crowd that went round the whole building in a wave & we assumed it was from a big screen showing the Olympics, but it wasn't, it all became clear when someone next to us dropped their glass & the roar started again! It was just like being a Junior school when someone dropped something in the dining hall & you'd all cheer. It's good to know we've all grown up & are more mature than when we were all at school!
As well as yummy food stalls they had a few shops & activities such as balloon modeling (as you do!) & pig racing. I loved the pint & half pint t-shirts!
All too soon the last bell rang & it was time to down the remaining dregs before heading out clutching the glass & free bag of Nobbies Nuts on the way out.
On the way home in a very rowdy train Adam & I looked the picture of sober-ness! No one could tell we'd been out all night....hang on, who am I kidding?! The last thing I need to say is thanks to Adam for coming up with the blog title post, it had me giggling for ages on the way home! Not sure it's that funny now but still makes me smile!


Friday, August 10, 2012

Super, Smashing, Great Saturday pt2

Since starting this post I've actually been to the Olympics again (lucky I know!) but I'll carry on with my story from last Saturday (which I started HERE) for now.
After a fun morning of exploring the park it was suddenly our turn to go into the Olympic Athletic Stadium on the biggest Saturday of the event! We were quite eager (surprise surprise!) & so as soon as the gates were opened we went in to explore (read get a cuppa & cake!) before taking our seats.
We were in block 156 & cos there weren't many people around we were able to have a quick sneak on the first level & this was our first view of the Athletics track in real life. Wow!
You couldn't wipe the grin from mum's face she was over the moon & it was brill to see her this excited! Ever since she was 10years old & Shropshire Country Champion at the High Jump she's dreamt of being at the Olympics & 50 years later it's happened. Good things come to those who wait for sure!
Our view of the stadium. It was great positioning cos we were right on the last bend & when the medal ceremony was on & they were raising the flags the athletes were looking right in our direction.
We weren't lucky enough to get tickets up the Orbit but those who did get up there had a brill view of everything happening in the stadium (assuming they brought their binoculars!).
Saying mum's into Athletics is like saying I kind of like McDonalds. She'd gone through the events of the day & made named flags for each one of our athletes to wave in their individual events. She's a gem! As well as the big ones - womens heptathlon final, mens long jump final & mens 10000m final we also saw the mens 400m hurdles semi-final, womens discus final, womens 100m semi-final & final & womens 400m semi-final. Phew!
These 3 flags proved to be the most important of the day though!
I loved the little remote control Minis that carried the discus from the field back to the Athletes, what a great volunteer job! Shotgun that one!
The atmosphere was incredible, everyone was so excited, especially when Jessica Ennis walked out to run the 800m to complete her Heptathlon event & the crowd just roared! I've never heard a noise like it! As you're well aware by now I'm sure she won the whole event giving us our first gold medal of the evening. I didn't blub as badly a I was expecting during God Save The Queen (I just had a little wobble!), the sound of a full stadium singing the National Anthem was amazing.
Our next gold medal was in the Long Jump with Greg Rutherford. Mum always said we'd get 3 medals that day & by this time we were well on the way to achieving the target. I don't think Greg didn't wanted to leave the stadium, he was having a whale of a time!
Our third & final gold medal of the evening was all down to this brilliant guy Mo Farah. Wow! His race was definitely my favourite cos it had time to build up. On his first lap out of 25 everyone was cheering but by the last two everyone was on their feet screaming, shouting & jumping up & down. The roar actually followed him round the stadium. It was breath taking. As Mo did his lap of honor we were there doing the Mo-bot!
All too soon the evening was over *sigh* & it was time to leave, the blow was softened slightly by knowing I'd be back on the Wednesday, but I was still sad to go. I made sure we said g'night to Wenlock before we left too. On our way home I put my hand in my pocket & pulled out a penny that I'd found on the floor that morning. I'd made sure I said my little 'find a penny pick it up & all day long you'll have good luck' & it obviously worked (doubt TeamGB would like the fact I'm saying they won due to a penny & not through four years of training but I'd like to say I had an input!).
After struggling up the steep hill to home sweet home we grabbed a celebratory cuppa & toast, mum was so bushed she couldn't even make it to the sofa & just sat on the floor nattering to dad on the phone!
What an awesome day! Certainly one for the grandkids!
Ttfn x

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Wedding Wednesday - comic book & vinyl store engagement session.

Here are some more brill pics from our Engagement Session with Chris Barber, it was pretty exciting to see our pictures on his blog too last week (click HERE).
Our plans are going quite well. It's all starting to speed up quite quickly now which is mega exciting but scary at the same time. There are a few things not going to plan still but these things are sent to try me (& Adam poor guy), they'll be ok in the end (I just need to keep telling myself that) & hopefully sorted next Monday. Just keep your fingers, toes, legs, arms, etc crossed for me!
I love this set of photos. We were so lucky to find this gem in Brum behind the Bullring & the guy was more than happy for Chris to click away as long as he wasn't in any of the shots! It also meant we found some brill vinyls that we could use at the wedding, I won't say anymore, can't give the game away now can I?!
I'm running out of stuff to say (a first I know!) so I'll let you just enjoy the rest of the pics :)
I can't believe it's only 24 days to go now, it'll be 3 weeks on Saturday & I'll be marrying my man :)
Ttfn x