Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Feb Photo A Day Challenge pt 3 & 5

Well I made the end of the Febphotoaday challenge (even though I did miss blog post part 3!) & really enjoyed it so here's to March's challenge! Here are the remaining parts 3 & 5 for your viewing pleasure!
* front door - the door to our new office (more on that later!)
* self portrait - it was so snowy that day & couldn't resist getting a photo with my earmuffs on!
* makes you happy - this symbolises cuddles in bed & keeping warm with our beddy bears, nowt beats it!
* inside your closet - I'm still impressed that I manage to keep it this tidy on a daily basis!
* a fave photo of you - this is from our engagement party of Art, Sam, Ross & I pulling our drunk face & makes me smile every time I see it. Can't wait to get a pic like this with all the uni lot in my wedding dress! :P
* where you work - this is our new office that we've not long moved into, the walls are bare bricks & we have a lovely view of the Thames, the atmosphere is so much better than being in our loft space & it's nice coming into work now.
* your shoes - surely you didn't expect me to just pick one pair?!
* inside your bathroom cabinet - this is my little travel bathroom cabinet that's always in my handbag, can't leave the house without it!
* green - couldn't resist getting my new green jeans into the bottom of the pick too!
* night - this was technically morning but showed someone asleep in bed so if you don't tell I won't!
* something you ate - the diet's still going ok, I'm not sticking to slimfast 100% of the time but it's great to have a snack that's not got too many calories in it!
* money - I've still got so many rupees left, hopefully it won't be too long till I head out to Mumbai again.
* something you're listening to - LBC as we wake up, unfortunately we can't pick up radio4 very well so we listen to this instead & I just get wound up by the presenters!
Just in case you missed it here are my other parts 1, 2 & 4.
Ttfn x

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Donna & Rajat wedding pt2 - the wedding!

At 6pm on Friday 17th Feb we all switched off computers & scurried away to get changed into our outfits ready for Donna's wedding. The night before I'd been at Rajat's Pooja (link here) & tonight was the big day for them both & it was all rather exciting!
Seeing as Donna's Catholic & Rajat's Hindu they had a Catholic service in the morning which I couldn't make cos of work boo! (I did see a video clip & a few photos from a few people who did make it though & she looked gorgeous) & then the big celebration/reception & Hindu service in the evening.
Loads of people from work came which was really great to have some time with them out of the office & get to know them better. While nattering we sat down for a bit to wait our turn to go up on the stage to meet the happy couple.
These are some of the design team I work with on a daily basis & they also look after me in Mumbai!
It was then our turn to go up on stage with our gifts & cards, say hi to Donna & Rajat & pose for a few photos.
The following snaps are a few more people from work & in the right hand one you can see my new outfit I'd picked up a couple of days before. I managed to snap it up on sale & was pretty chuffed with it (although I did spot someone else wearing it *shock horror!*) - another Indian outfit to add to the collection!
After everyone had been up on stage & gone to get food I got a sneaky pic of the happy couple & the gorgeous outdoor venue. They looked so happy together & it was so sweet how they held hands all the way through the photos on the stage. Aww!
Once I sat down the fun began & Vikram sure knew how to keep a gal happy! Yoink!
By this point my henna had started to get pretty dark which is a good sign cos the darker the henna the more your man loves you! I was expecting black but hey dark brown will do! :P
While on the henna topic Donna's was beautiful & went right up to her elbows, she had it all over her feet too. Please excuse the eerie green light! Not the most flattering of shades on the skin!
The photographer dragged Donna away for some solo shots so I dove in & got some pics too. Her outfit was beautiful & the colours were so rich. She looked so happy......
....that was until she had to do some cheesy Bollywood-esque pics but after we all bullied her into it I think she got into the swing of things!
On that note I've just got one last thing to say & that's congrats to the happy couple! :) It was great fun & y'all looked lovely. Thanks for the invite & muchos love. x

Ttfn x

Monday, February 27, 2012

Donna & Rajat wedding pt1 - Pooja

While I was in Mumbai 2weeks ago as well as working on our new collection I was also invited to take part in Donna & Rajat's wedding celebrations. I work quite closely with Donna so it was weird not seeing her in the office but was great to see her & be part of her wedding in the evenings. 
The night before the actual wedding was Rajat's Pooja. It was held between two blocks of flats in his complex & it was quite funny to see the residents having to walk through the service to get to & from their homes.
These snaps are from during the Pooja. I felt a bit awkward at first being the only white girl there & wandering round while it was going on but after a while (& after I realised everyone else was doing the same) I was getting right in there! The exhibitionist strikes again!
There was lots of singing (all in Hindi) & clapping & the service went on for about 3hours. They even came round with cups of tea for everyone while it was going on thankfully!
As well as the singing & the clapping there was lots of dancing. Every so often Donna & Rajat would stand up & their family & friends would dance around them. They were all having fun & it was a great atmosphere.
Once the service was over we all went over to another marquee for food (which was really yummy) & I got to meet Donna's family. Just before we left I couldn't resist getting a bit of henna done. I only got it on one hand though seeing as I had to get in a taxi & get back to the hotel without smudging any of it! Not an easy task but I managed it!
I'll post the second part (the wedding) tomorrow, didn't want to overload y'all with everything today!

TTfn x

Friday, February 24, 2012

happy belated pancake day!

Well pancake day came & went & we had no pancakes (it was a mix of me still feeling a bit off & also couldn't be bothered!) but finally last night Adam & I decided to break out the shake to bake mix & have ourselves some.
It all started well when I poured out the mix & made a few perfect ones, that was till I got a bit cocky & thought I'd try flipping one & as anyone could have predicted, it just creased up & got in a bit of a battery mess, when will I ever learn?!
I couldn't possibly give Adam my screwed up excuse for a pancake so I gave him my good ones & I attempted to roll mine up & drizzle some lemon & sugar over them.
The end result was Adam's plate looked really good & all ready to roll up & eat while I got one good rolled up one & 3 other what can best be described as lumps.
All in all though no matter how they looked they all tasted the same & it reminded me that even though I get excited about pancake day I still don't really like them that much! Yoink!

Ttfn x

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

T-minus 191 days

Since getting back to Blighty Adam & I have been working pretty hard at ticking off things from our wedding to do list (can't believe it was 200 days to go on Valentines Day!). We've sent the invites off to print (after I prised Adam away from tweaking his design on the mac!), I've got a few more bits for my outfit & so has Adam, we've planned our next meeting with the Priest & are getting ready to rope in our mates to help with cake toppers, posters, etc. Exciting times!
Also on a side note that delhi belly helped me budge an extra few lbs! Not that I condone this as a good weight loss technique but it sure gives you summit to smile about while you're still feeling a bit sorry for yourself!

Ttfn x

Monday, February 20, 2012

AWOL & Feb Photo A Day Challenge pt4

I'm back! Not sure if you missed me or not but I'm back all the same!

Didn't really get much time to blog this past week after flying to India on Valentines day with work, being mega busy there working on our collections, attending a wedding & working thru the dreaded delhi belly (enough excuses for you?!). I only landed back last night & while I sit back at my desk trying to figure out what time zone I'm in I'll leave you with some more of my Febphotoaday pics (I cheated a bit cos they're not done instagram while I was abroad but I'm sure y'all will forgive me?!).
* Blue - I was feeling a bit stressy & down before my flight to India - so much to do in such little time.
* Heart - Adam & I had given each other cards to open on Valentines day seeing as we were apart from each other - spooky thing was we'd bought each other the same type of card & written pretty much the same thing, surely it's too soon to start merging into one person?!
* Phone - my wonderful Indian Cell Phone - I love going back to that yellow screen with only snake for company.
* Something New - I bought a new salwar kameez for the wedding I was going to later in the week.
* Time - I kept having to work out the time difference between London & Mumbai.
* Drink - Due to the dreaded Dehli Belly the only think that passed my lips was water *bleugh*
* Something You Hate To Do - unpacking! Yuck!
* Handwriting - I knew I was jet lagged this morning cos I couldn't even do the easy sudoku in the metro!
Ttfn x

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

love letters for the new generation.

What's better than giving the person you love a secret message that can only be deciphered when they scan it with their phone?! I first saw the idea here & thought I'd give it a go. I made my own personal QR code using a site like this & got stitching away in my lunch hour.
It was fun watching Adam figure out what it was & then when he scanned it the real message appeared. I love doing crafty things but I've just not had the time lately to start anything new but while doing this a little spark has been ignited again so watch this space, hopefully there'll be a lot more diy things in the future!
We'd both agreed we wouldn't do gifts this year (I think getting married is a big enough gift of love to one another!) but Adam also couldn't resist getting a bit soppy & got me a toast stamp for my breakfast.
I love the way we both had the same message to say but used 2 different methods - one retro & one techno!

Hope y'all had a lovely day whatever you ended up doing.
Ttfn x

Monday, February 13, 2012

Londoners pt2

Well as if my London ramblings last Friday wasn't enough here are some more of my thoughts about London, (if you haven't got a clue what I'm on about click here to see my last post), I've focused more on the people that make London this time:
~ true friendships are not that easy to find at first, unlike at uni or school when everyone arrives on a set date & ready to make friends, when you arrive in London it's just a normal day to everyone else as they go about their normal lives. Yes you have mates but it takes a while before making actual friends. It's scarily easy to loose friends too cos everyone has such busy lives that you have to plan everything so far in advance, even a coffee date is often planned weeks to a month before.
~ there's always something new to see or do but you end up not going to nearly enough galleries & there are always posters for shows you want to see but never get round to (that's when visitors come in useful cos when they visit they want to do something so it makes you go as well). Also there's always a gig on no matter how big or small & there are some great gigging venues (tho not as many as there used to be sadly *ahem* Astoria *ahem*).
~ When walking around it's simple to be invisible too which sometimes is great when you just want to get around the city & have your own company but on other occasions (either with a heavy suitcase & faced with a flight of stairs or you feel a bit lost) it can be a pretty lonely place considering how many people live here.
~ then there's the complete opposite side of London which is home & Adam. I'd only been in the city 6months before meeting him so pretty much all of my London Life has been shared with him. At first you don't think twice about travelling for hours between homes/flatshares but to actually own a home in London is a real privilege never to be taken for granted. You end up with your special little romantic spots too - like the corner of the Hippodrome where you first met, or the balcony where you got engaged & to everyone else it's just a pavement or a lovely view. London really means something different to each & everyone & that's what's magic.
I've been in London for 5.5years & I love it. I defiantly think you grow out of the city eventually but while we're here we're gonna ruddy well make the most of it!
Ttfn x