Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Old news

Well I've now had Facebook & Twitter back for just over a week & do you know what? I think I'm over it! This may change in about a month when I find myself glued to my iPhone/computer screen & suddenly 'need' to know everything about someone I've never met, but I hope it won't. I hope I continue to use facebook for events & adding a few status updates & pics rather than feeling like everyone needs to know everything all the time.

I hadn't realised how much social networking stilts conversation. When I met people during lent they'd ask what I've been up to & we'd have a chat about everything, now, if someone asks what I've done & I tell them they just say 'oh yeah I read that on facebook.' The same applies with my side of the conversation I like speaking to someone & finding out what they've been doing face to face & seeing photos instead of clicking 'like' on something.

As I've said before I hope this is now how I'll always feel about these two sites & I don't get as drawn is as I once was but I guess only time will tell!

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