Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Plans of plans for planning

My wedding planning book's getting fuller & actually quite heavy to keep carrying round now! That won't stop me tho! I've even had to buy a file that's full of completed stuff & deposits we've paid so it's all getting exciting! I now have my notebook for ideas, an expandable folder for stuff from wedding fairs & now my confirmation file! Who says I get carried away by planning?!
I found quite a good website called that gives you a to do list & what you should do when. So it's quite useful. I'm not gonna fill in all the other bits about guests & budgets etc, the rents & I have our own spreadsheets for that (dya now see where I get it from?!). According to the website I have 521days to go, I've completed 31 tasks & have 157 left to go! Bring it on! Love having things to tick off it's very satisfying!
I was playing with my bag strap on the bus the other day & realized I'd made a heart without thinking. Aww love is definately in the air! :-)
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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

There's no place like home!

Im now on my way home after a fun night out with a nice ammount of wine in my tummy!

Had a really good time catching up with the India Girlies & going over how Adam proposed once more (not sure i'll ever get bored of that story! ;-) others my disagree!) I got this lovely bunch of flowers from them all as we caught up on gossip & news.
When it was time to go I remembered once more why I love where i live so much! I was walking to the tube stop & had to go past Big Ben & Westminster Abbey. These huge landmarks never grow old with me I love them every time I see them!
Who knew when I came to London on my first visit with mum&dad when I was 6yrs old that I'd be living near these landmarks?! But I know for sure I'll never take them for granted! Love it!
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Never judge a wine by it's label!

Off to catch up with the India Girlies tonight at Emhen's house & it was my turn to buy wine. Who knew it would be so hard to buy?!

I never know what wine's good or not, not being a wine drinker myself, so I called dad from sainos. He advised what to get & how much to spend & still I went & looked for the prettiest label! I'm such a magpie! Ended up with what I think (going by the label) will be minging & horrible whereas in actual fact it's bound to be lovely & much better than l the pretty & blinding bottles! Ah gimme an ale any day!

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Dog tired!

I think dogs should be compulsory on every morning commute. This one got on (with it's owner!) at Camden on our way in & straight away all the business men & women who usually look really stern went gooey eyed & smiled! Definately something to lighten the mood on a Monday morning.

Had a great weekend, firstly was the prohibition party in central London. We all had to go dressed in 1920s get up so I got a flapper dress & Adam even did finger curls in my hair (is there no end to his talents?!) while he wore a suit, braces & a fedora & looked rather dashing!

It was a brill night out & we had cocktails served in teacups (incase the police spotted us, what with it being prohibition & all!), gambled on the poker tabels with our $100 notes we were given on arrival, watched a silent black&white movie acompanied by a piano & danced the charleston to a live band as well as watching a burlesque dancer. Everyone had made such an effort with their outfits &a it looked great. We left around 2:30/3 & had the funniest nightbus journey home in a long time involving drunk/stoned people singing "the wheels on the bus" & "hail to the busdriver!" we got home about 4ish but then I had to wash my hair to get all the gunk out so it didn't go all over my pillow.

Yesterday adam's mum, dad, Lisa, nick, Brandon & Isabelle all came over for the day. So we spent the day relaxing with them which was really nice!

We're pretty knackered now though so roll on next weekend!!

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Friday, March 25, 2011

Fashion Friday!

I have a new 'thing' for patterned tights!

They're ace! I used to wear them (as well as glittery ones & boy did they itch!) when I was little & now they're back they're even better than before! I spotted them in primarni the other day & had to snap them all up! I've only had these on for 2hrs so far & I've already had to rescue a potential ladder threat with my trusty clear nail varnish so it looks like it was a good job I bought loads of pairs!! Suddenly 2quid per wear ain't such a great deal! Should have bought the more expensive ones in the first place that actually last! Oh well!

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

good things come to those who wait!

Well I guess this post is better late than never!  On the 26th Feb Adam & I had our Engagement Party at The Book Club in Shoreditch.  It was a fab venue & a ruddy good time was had by all (from what i can remember!)!  loved the fact we didn't buy any drinks all night either! :-P  I was also introduced to the wonder that is a Jaegerbomb!  yoink!  This post's a bit image heavy sorry!
the happy couple! :)
 not all my bridesmaids could make it but anna & lou represented the rest (& did a great job!)
i spent quite a lot of time in this pose, at least i know from now on that dan makes a very good hand double! 

i love the next 3 photos of Adam &I they make a giggle so much, especially the last one!
we are in love, promise! 
the fab ceiling covered with light bulbs!
Adam, pete, ash matt posing on behalf of paul who couldn't make it!
"hello dreamboat, not you shipwreck!"
bosom buddies!
my college girlies came down from leicester
w.i.t. in serious mode
photo oportunity that couldn't be missed!
love this one so much!
rfa reading us a bedtime story! i was so glad rfa &sam could make it, they'd rushed down all the way from lufbra that night & parked down the road! legends!
traditional uni/jp drunken faces! some things never change!
adam after one too many beverages! hehe
gotta have a bit of a jive!
so adam joined in too & had a go! the faces of w.i.t behind make me giggle so much!

we were really chuffed how much of an effort people made to come & celebrate with us & if our wedding is half as fun as this was then we really can't wait!  It was such a laugh (but went far too quickly!)  we're trying to figure out how many parties we can throw before the wedding now! it's such a great excuse to get all our mates out together!
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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Eggstra eggstra read all about it!

Meet my new little saving grace! We decided to buy eggs this time from asda (yup you heard it here first, this is how eggciting (sorry!) our life gets!). So I decided to brave the world of boiled eggs & give it another shot (the last time I tried this it ended with me getting no eggs at all they were either still raw or very hard boiled).

When we moved in I remembered Adam's mum had bought us this little gadget that you put in the pan along with the eggs & when it turns white on the marker you want it's done. So I gave it a go et voilĂ .....

Boiled eggs with soldiers! Ok they were still a bit hard & not as runny as we were hoping but it was an improvement! Bring on the next batch!

Y'see this is why having no facebook & an iPhone is bad cos I feel the need to share egg stories with you!!

On a brighter note we've got our photographers booked for the big day! You know they're gonna be ace when they say they're "so freaking excited to be photographing our wedding!" can't wait to see what things they capture on our engagement & wedding shoots! We've also got the reception venue booked so now it's all the fun little things to source! Yay!

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Withdrawl symptoms....

I was doing so well with not missing facebook. That was until I went to the jive nation ball last night! I'm now being tagged left right & centre in photos & can't view any of them & it's driving me mad!

All I have seen so far is the photo above that Adam took of me before I went out! At least I didn't drink so there's no photos of me passed out on the floor or crying in the background that I need to de-tag myself in!

The other big news is I've finally joined the 21st century & have an iPhone so I can blog on the move whenever & wherever (just like Shakira!).

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

It's all in the mind!

Mum has challenged me to loose weight before the wedding (she's doing it as well, mum didn't just turn round to me & say I was fat!). We're doing it by getting healthier & eating smaller portions & not by crash dieting cos I can turn into one evil little cow when I'm not allowed chocolate or anything! So we loose weight & keep it off.

It was all going pretty well & we've been losing weight as per our target, then I went to india. It's not quite as easy to have a smaller lunch that's healthier cos they have to order food in. I did my best to have a small meal by making 2 cheese cobs at breakfast in the hotel & then carrying them to work in a plastic soap dish! Some of the looks I got when I pulled out my 'soapbox sandwiches' in the office were priceless! I did ok, eating till I was full etc & trying not to snack too much when bored on the plane!

I was putting off weighing myself till this weekend cos I was feeling like I'd put all the weight back on & feeling fustrated. I weighed myself this morning convincing myself that if it was awful I had 2 days before the 'official weigh' in on a Saturday with mum to starve myself! :-P (that would never happen tho, even if I gained a stone, we all know that!!) it turns out I'd gained less than a pound so I'm dead chuffed & suddenly feel slightly slimmer!

It proves that feeling good about yourself is all in the mind & it doesn't matter what you actually weigh. So I've decided to just think myself thin while scoffing on dairy milk! It's bound to work so bring it on!

x x x

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The rents gave me this newspaper cuttings from the Times on Sunday.

It was written by Rod Liddle.  Not too sure what they were trying to say but made me giggle in more ways than one! 

x x x

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

not sure which....

i don't know if i'm really lucky or people are feeling sorry for me & think i need as much help as i can get.  i've just won my second make over shoot through competitions i entered while being at wedding fairs!  dad reckons i should go & buy a lottery ticket!  think i'll have my answer to the 1st question then depending if i'm lucky enough to win or not!
had a good weekend last weekend, adam & i drove up to the rents to do more weddingy stuff.  we viewed 3 reception venues, met the priest & filled in forms, met a photographer couple & went to another wedding fair! phew!
the reception veneus are looking a bit more hopeful now. when we first saw them it was so difficult to imagine them as they would be on the big day with our own stamp on the decorations.  you end up spending a lot of money on the venue (it's the biggest amount you pay for in a lump sum) & when a couple of things aren't quite right you're not sure if they'll matter when your colour scheme & decs & personality are added or not. since then though we've seen one of the venues again with pictures of it set up more what we're thinking of & it's looking much better.  just waiting for the final quiote & hopefully it'll be ok to book :)
i also can't believe the difference in helpfulness from each person at the venues.  at the one we like the woman's great, she couldn't do enough for us (shame she doesn't stretch as far as decorating tha walls but can win em all!), but at another place they don't have things like chair covers or a dj & they're not really recommending people to us to help with our planning.  you'd think that when it's this much money then they'd all really want to help, obviously not!
the photographers we met were ace too.  we went to their studio near dudley & they were really great.  we felt at ease straight away talking to them, loved what they do & walked out pretty sure that we wanted them to cover our wedding :) it was so lovely to meet a couple that thought a bit like us & not the conventional thing.  they aint the cheapest but as i've said many times i'd rather have great photographers & a cheap dress!  i don't want to be sitting there thinking 'oh i wonder if they've covered this or that' & with these we felt that they'd have it all under control. oh & they had the cutest puppy in the studio too! :P they know how to win me over straight away!

the other things i think we've got a better idea on are the flowers, the cake, the favours, the car, the decs & the music.  it's great fun & i'm so glad i have all this time to do it properly with everyone rather than rushing rushing around making compromises.

536 days to go!
x x x

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

this could be the start of a lot more blogging!

we'll i've started it, my 40days & 40nights free from facebook & twitter! i'm doing ok so far but have only been awake for 6hours so far so i think it's rather too early to tell!
i did wake up & think "well i updated my status last night as well as putting up a new profile pic about not being on facebook so let's go online & see what people have said!" i don't think my brain got the NO FACEBOOK part!
i'm now realising that i should have disabled notifications that come to my email too cos as i'm checking spam to delete i'm being teased by that fact that people have commented on my status & i can't see it! grr! at least i'll have 3 things to read when i log on after easter, cos i was worried that i'd spend all this time away from it, log on 40days later & realise that i had no notifications or messages at all!  then i'd realise how sad i am!
another thing i'll have to snap out of is thinking about my daily life in less than 140 characters so i can tweet!  maybe i'll start learning longer words?! actually no let's not get carried away!
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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Me & my lovely ladies

I’ve had great fun over the past couple of weeks announcing who my lovely bridesmaids are going to be.  There’s been quite a few grim things going on with people close to me recently so it’s really nice to have some good news to share.  I didn’t want to just tell them face to face so I’ve been seeing them & presenting either bunches of flowers or chocolates to ask the question & some of the reactions have been priceless.  I can’t wait to start sharing some of my plans with them!  Anna, Michelle, Lou, Lisa & Jenna you have no idea what’s gonna hit you girlies (in a good way!)!! :D

Bring it
x x x