Monday, December 27, 2010

better late/ealy than never!

hope you had a great Chrimbo & will have a brill New Year! :o)

Adam & i drove up to the rents on the 23rd night, thnkfully the roads were pretty clear of cars, ice & snow. we had a lovely Chrimbo Eve relaxing & pottering round town, then went to Christingle & Midnight mass while waiting for santa to arrive. We did presents nice and early & then adam left to go to see his family as I spent a quiet (but lovely) day with mum & dad watching tv & snoozing! boxing day was with adam's family & we had muchos fun while mum & dad went to visit my aunt & the rest of her family. it's the first year i've had some chrimbo time with adam's family which was really lovely. mum & dad picked me up in a service station & we headed back home. today was supposed to be full of catching up with old friends. firstly i was supposed to be seeing people i used to work with at woodlands but after waiting for 15min with noone showing up (after 2 had cancelled online) i came back home in a stinking mood (don't know why i bother sometimes trying to plan things when people just can't be bothered to show up). instead mum, dad & i went into town & did a bit of sales shopping. tonight i'm off out with the girlies on the town so should be fun, like the good old days! it's back to the smoke tomorrow &am seeing adam.

New Years Eve will be spent at Drink, Shop & Do playing board games, drinking & nattering the night away :o) have a good 'un whatever you end up doing! Bring on 2011!

x x x

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

ramblings of a mad woman!

i decided to see what words i've used the most this year in my blog by going on wordle (check it out!) & i'm pleased to say that it's all nice & possitive words which is cool! not that i think i'm the most miserable person ever but felt like i'd moaned a fair bit this year! yay for positive thinking! (i did try to link this straight to the website but couldn't get the embeded code to work, far too techincal for me!)
not long now till chrimbo! can't wait! :)
x x x

Friday, December 10, 2010

I predict i riot!

Popped into central london last night to do a few secret errands for santa. I realised it was going to be hard going when i had to queue to get out me leicester square station! It was the busiest night to shop apparently, why did i decide to do it then?!
Anyway i went where i needed & ended up on oxford street so decided to have a nosey at topshop. I was on the phone to mum at the time & commented on how there were 10 security staff lined up in the entrance & i had to brush past them to get in. Mum said there'd been protests there cos of philip green not paying all his taxes to the uk cos he lives abroad or summit. Pretty much as soon as she'd finished explaining, all the front doors to the shop were slammed shut as people started banging on the glass & tried to get in. Everyone shopping had to move to the back of the store for safety while the police vans arrived & tried to diffuse the situation. I started to worry, not for my safety but for my bank balances! If i'd been stuck in there too long i'd have started spending! Risky at the best of times! ;) we were eventually let out through a side door & my credit card stayed intact! Phew!

As i walked out back onto oxford street i did a dad & decided to see if there was anything to take a photo of round the front. I was greeted by spray paint on the big window & the glass doors had been smashed. As well as the spray paint they'd smashed the big window, got into it & pulled out a display model hence the random leg part in the photo above!
It was a really weird thing to be caught up in. Usually you just see these things on tv i didn't expect to be in the shop with the loud banging going on outside. Hats off to the topshop staff though they delt with us all really well.
Trust me to get stuck in it. Adam did ask me how i'd not seen people milling around outside looking for trouble but it was oxford circus on a busy night, there's always people hanging around there & also i wasn't really looking out for trouble brewing. Also i kind of jinxed myself cos as i left work last night i joked that i'd probably get caught up in the middle of a protest & look what happened! Typical!
This is roving reporter ktp signing out.
x x x

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

walking in a winter wonderland

it was adam's birthday last week so we took the day off to relax & spend it together & when we woke up we were greeted by snow! it's been so cold recently & i was waking up each morning hoping that there'd be snow & then there was. it helped make our street look that bit more magical yay! the last time it snowed on his birthday we were in new york ice skating in central park. aaah to have money again! :P

the view from our kitchen window with wembley stadium in the background

the castle on our road makes me smile every morning

the beautiful thatched cottage at the end of our road looked even more beautiful

i was even more happy cos i'd managed to find the black & white setting on my dslr, it's only taken me about a year!

yay for snow, enchanted roads & old school photos!
x x x

Friday, December 03, 2010

It's christmas!!

I'm so excited! I was at homebase at 8am to buy our very first chrimbo tree. I've just spent an hour decorating it & here's the end result. :-)
It was Adam's birthday yesterday & we went to winter wonderland in hyde park. We drank mulled wine to keep warm & ate bratwurst & crepes as we waked round the stalls. To make it even better it was snowing on & off all day so made it a bit more magical! The last time it snowed on his birthday was when we were in new york 2years ago & it was just as fun.
Today he's back at work so i'm so relaxing at home grinning manically at our tree & catching up on recorded tv shows. Ahh this is the life!
x x x