Friday, March 28, 2014

Proud as punch

Last weekend as Mr P crossed the finishing line of his Half Marathon I thought my heart would burst with pride....I wanted to tell the world what a great job he'd done!
We met 3 of Adam's work mates early last Sunday & set off to a chilly Richmond hoping for sunshine....we were granted a few rays of sun along with a few showers of hail in true British weather fashion. Once everyone had set off Art, Sam & I grabbed a cuppa to warm up before finding a spot at the 12mile mark to cheer people along. I was amazed how many runners had enough breath to say thanks as we clapped and/or shouted the names on their tops & a few gave grateful smiles as our claps brought a little spring to their step. All of a sudden a fluorescent yellow hat, trainers & a bright green 'For Jane' t-shirt came into view & we cheered Adam along...I was amazed he was still smiling - I'd have been crawling at the start, let alone after 12miles! After that, as we walked to the finishing line we kept spotting Adam amongst the he turned the last corner I was there clapping & then it was all over, he got his medal, t-shirt, banana & (more importantly) cupcake I'd promised him at the start. What a champ! 
He found out his time yesterday...drum roll please...2hrs 12min which is brill! That's the longest distance he's run to date, roll on the next one yeah?!

Adam's fundraising page is still active HERE if you wanted to donate :-)
I've explained more about the reason he's chosen these charities in my previous post HERE.


Monday, March 17, 2014

Keep on runnin!

As if we’re not busy enough sorting the house, gardening & being general social butterflies Adam’s doing a Half Marathon this weekend. Phew!

He’s raising the profile & fund raising for the Epilepsy Society & SUDEP, all in the memory of Jane. In case you don’t know about Jane I’ve linked a few of my previous posts HERE & HERE .... I've also added a link to the For Jane Blog HERE

If you do have a moment to rummage around in your pockets or the back of the sofa for some change please sponsor him HERE. He's running the Richmond Half Marathon on Sunday (23rd March) feel free to pop along & offer your cheers along the way or a celebratory pint at the pub afterwards! Every little penny helps & I know Jane’s family & friends appreciate all of the support. Let's help raise the profile of SUDEP together.

Muchos Thanks!  
Ttfn x

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

it's the little things...

This cup reminded me of why I love Mr P as much as I do....
Yesterday I found out McDs had the Batman Lego cup Happy Meal....when I told Adam last night we couldn't possibly wait till today so put dinner on hold, leaped in the car & drove towards the Golden Arches!

All for one Lego cup that wouldn't mean much to some people, but to my hubby it made his night! It's the little things like that...(& I know I'd be equally excited about other things)...that make us perfect!

Sorry for the soppiness but it made my night!
Ttfn x