Friday, September 28, 2012

The Breakfast Club

No before you ask I've not finally seen another 80's classic film. Last weekend Adam & I met up with Lou & a few others for her Birthday Brunch. This wasn't just any old brunch it was The Breakfast Club Brunch! I've wanted to go there for ages so jumped at the chance when Lou sorted it & boy I wasn't disappointed! I'll let the following picture do all the talking.....
....see what I mean?! I had a cuppa tea & french toast with banana & bacon - don't scrunch up your nose till you've tried it, it was yummy! Adam was the well behaved one as always & had porridge though did have a nibble of mine (I wasn't going to share more than a nibble with him tho!). Every one's food looked delish & I was so glad I wasn't on the wedding diet anymore! Phew!
The decor of the place was great & right by us was an old games console with Fifa95 'the best console football can get' apparently! There was one loo plastered with My Little Pony wallpaper & the other was full of The Red Devils, boys being boys they'd added little speech bubbles, mainly about Barry being gay & me with my immature mind kept giggling away as I looked at them, & yes I was in the boys loo!
After we'd filled our bellies Adam & i went for a wander round Spitalfields & The Truman Brewery to see what was on for Design Week. We didn't really find much so decided to head to the Saatchi Gallery that never lets us down (they've got some great pieces in there at the mo, you've gotta go!), before we left the area though we still found time to grab a bag of chips to share from Poppies! Yoink!

Ttfn x

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

wedding wednesday - preps for the big day!

The day before our wedding was pretty jam packed but with the help we had from family & friends they made sure we put the saying 'many hands make light work' well & truly to the test! Thanks to each & every one of you, we couldn't have done it without you :)
The big job for the boys was to figure out how to hang all 19 posters (that Adam had slaved over) around the venue. You have no idea how long this one took to hang seeing as it was the first one & it would be the one people would spend the most looking at cos it was the table plan & needed to be perfect - no pressure then! I wouldn't say the remaining 18 were a doddle but at least they knew what needed to be done!
Ma&Pa took charge of hanging all the bunting that had been loving made by both mums & looked amazing. We were really lucky with our venue (even if I didn't like the colour of the walls originally!), instead of just the one room where everything happened we had 7 to play with & so needed them to all to link & that's where the bunting really worked & tied everything together. We also set out all the separate tables in the corridor & put everything where it should be.
Michelle, Anna & Lou did a fab job decorating the Silly Space with more bunting & old vinyls we'd picked up on our engagement shoot with Chris. They added the finishing touches of the blackboards & pugs (one of which went for walkies after the wedding & hasn't been seen since so if you're in the Leicestershire area & see a lonely pug floating by please get in touch *sniff!*). Chris also brought some other far more fab props but hey this was a start!
By this point it was time for refreshments so while the boys still figured out the posters the girls went out to grab some grub. I was dreading the mile long special orders we had for Subway but they dealt with it really well, not so sure the rest of the people waiting behind us would agree but hey I was a bride to be & I needed feeding! Rarr!
As well as the posters in the corridor the ones in the cream tea room were coming along nicely too. My favourite numbers poster was here too with lots of things that linked back to us. Think I can honestly say that the number of Bridezilla moments didn't go up from 6 I don't think (you might have to ask Adam though). So many people came up to me on the day asking what they'd been but I honestly can't remember!
Michelle & I then tackled the 'Adam&Katie Get Hitched' lettering to hang outside - who knew it would be so difficult to figure out but we eventually got there without too much brain ache!
Adam's dad arrived with the magic electric drill to build the sweetcart he'd made for Nick & Lisa's wedding, that we hijacked & Jenna might have next! It's like a family heirloom! I still can't believe he made it all from scratch, he's one clever man! We (well dad, & he's got the burns to prove it) made our sweet bowls out of melted 12" vinyls & they looked brill. We filled them with a variety of sweets & yummy cakepops that Ma&Pa spent all day making previously, they were worth it though & tasted great.
After a few last tweaks on the tables in the main room all that was left was to show the rest of Adam's family round & check all was in order before we left to go to church for our rehearsal.
When we walked into church we saw all the flowers & balloons in place I got a jolt of excitement that this would be where I'd marry Adam the next day! Woop! I've sat in those choir stalls ever since I was about 11 singing for other people's weddings (used to get £1 for every wedding, wouldn't miss out on that would I?!) I'd always dreamt it would be me one day but never knew when (or if) it would happen, but there I was standing next to my husband-to-be going through our vows!
After the rehearsal we all went for dinner to the pub next to the hotel where all the wedding party (except me, my bridesmaids & ma&pa) would be staying. We picked up quite a few stragglers, *ahem* other guests, along the way & had the whole area reserved for us upstairs. It was really fun to chat with everyone before the big day hit & I was too busy having fun to sit down for a proper catch up. All to soon though it was time to head back to ma&pa's so I said bye to my fiancee (I couldn't quite get it into my head that the next time I'd see him would be at the altar, eep!) & we piled into the car to head home. All that was left for us to do was paint our toenails, tick off the final things on the to do list wrapped around the kitchen & head off to the land of nod. We were all so bushed we couldn't even make it into the hottub with a glass of bubbly! Lame! I did stay up till midnight though messaging Adam on Pair, we were very good though & when it turned midnight we both logged off & I went to sleep clutching my pug beanie he's bought me for Chrimbo!

Tune in next week for another installment of Wedding Wednesday!
Ttfn x

Monday, September 24, 2012

Minimoon Monday - our journey to Jersey

I know you've not seen the wedding pics yet but I thought seeing as it's Monday & we're back at work & it's a whole 4 more days till the weekend again I'd start to share some snaps from our Minimoon to Jersey to brighten your day! 
We picked Jersey cos all our mates who've been there have loved it & Adam used to go when he was little, we knew it would be chilled out & fun & not too much of a long haul flight after a very busy week & we could make the week long trip as relaxing as we wanted. We're still planning on our proper megaly exciting Honeymoon next year for our first anniversary where we'll be heading off to explore Japan & everything it has to offer. We can't blimmin' wait!
Our hotel was called the Wheatlands & was on a golf club in the middle of nowhere, (though not too far from anywhere in our little hire car, we soon figured out that nothing is very far away from anything there!), they also had a nature trail with red squirrels. With those 2 points I was sold! Though I wasn't lucky enough to spot a red squirrel it was a fab hotel & they were so amazingly helpful with everything, including providing us with a DVD player in the room - oh get your mind out of the gutter, it wasn't for that kind of DVD I can assure you!
On our first afternoon we popped into St Helier to pick up our Jersey Pass. It was £50 for 4days & as long as we did 5 things we'd got your money back. We did that & way more so it was really worth every penny.
After a bit of a wander around the main street & possibly stumbling into HMV to buy The Hunger Games (we loved the books but missed it at the cinema & it had only come out that day, hence the request for a DVD player in our room - how sad are we?!), we walked down to the beach & looked out to sea.
We were just sitting there nattering about anything & everything to do with the wedding when all of a sudden I spotted some big ears on a little dog & knew it had to be a French Bulldog! Let me introduce you to Mo! As well as my love (obsession) for pugs I also adore French Bulldogs & when Adam went down to get a closer look we ended up having a great chat with the people looking after him & they gave us some great recommendations of what to do & see during our time. Everyone was really friendly in Jersey & it was refreshing compared to the silence of the London Tube (apart from during the Olympics!).
After saying bye to Mo & before setting off for dinner we watched the sun setting on our first day in Jersey & so far we were impressed! We had an Italian meal before heading back to the hotel, fairly early, so we could get on with watching the Hunger Games! :P
When we got in we popped open the Champagne (we also shared some with the carpet!), read the card left for us & nibbled the chocolates while watching a pretty violent (but thankfully not as bloody or scary as it could have been) film before crashing & sleeping like babies!

Join me next Monday to see what other mad capers we got up to!
Ttfn x

Friday, September 21, 2012

Tooth Fairy Friday

Naturally I'm a very smiley person & I’ve never had one of those closed mouth grins (I just look like I’ve got wind!), mine is a ‘wow look at my teeth I’m mega happy’ grins. I’ve never been a particularly Vain Jane but one thing I knew I wanted sorting before the wedding was my front tooth. It’s dead & so always has been a darker grey colour than my other front tooth & so was spoiling my beauty(!!).
It all started when I was at infant school, I was running in the playground (always said physical activity was bad for you!) then I fell over & put my front tooth through my lip. I didn't think much of it as I grew up but one day I noticed it looking a bit grey so when I went to the dentist next I spoke to him & he asked if I'd knocked it. After mum & I thought long & hard we remembered when I'd fallen over & to cut a long story short it turned out I’d killed the tooth when I fell all those years ago.

We tried everything to make it white. I had a root canal, they filled the back of it with bleach, I wore a gum shield at night filled with bleach....the list was endless & nothing worked. The only thing left to try was a veneer or crown.

At the start of July I had my first appointment. They had to file the tooth down enough for the veneer to fit over the top & take an impression. I hadn't thought much about it but when I came out of the dentist & looked in the mirror I was so upset at the colour of my tooth & it made me really self-conscious, underneath the enamel it was such a dark brown. I spent the next few weeks trying to talk & grin either while hiding behind my hand or by hardly opening my mouth which I’m sure made a point of it more than if I’d just ignored it!
A few weeks later I went back to the dentist to have my new tooth fitted. I was so excited that I’d finally have it all sorted in time for the wedding. I knew it would never match 100% & that trying to match the front tooth was one of the hardest things to do seeing as it’s so visible but I’d hoped for the best. I sat there while she fixed it into place & glanced into the mirror. It had a slightly grey tint still but looked ok. I said thanks & went on my way. I sent a photo to mum&dad & Adam & when I looked at the photos it didn’t look quite right. It was still discoloured. My stomach dropped as I called the dentist back & said I was really disappointed at the outcome & it turned out it had been too thin so the discolouring still showed through.
I ended up having to go back to have the new veneer chipped/drilled/filed off (as horrible as it sounds though thankfully I didn’t feel a thing cos the tooth’s dead) & had a new impression made. I was then left with another minging brown tooth for a couple of weeks. Boo. Finally the day came & I was so nervous that it still wouldn’t be right. I sat in the seat & she rested the new veneer on to see how it would look. It had the worst ecru tint to it & didn’t match my other pearly white at all. Nooooo! By this point we had less than a month till the wedding & my dentist was due to go away before than so we had a week to get a new veneer made & fitted. Stressful much?! Thankfully the lab managed to get a new thicker but whiter one made up & when this one was laid on it looked really good. I didn’t relax until she’d finished fixing it in place & I’d looked at the tooth from all angles in all different lights. Again it still wasn’t 100% but it was pretty darn close & the best I could ask for. It meant I could grin away like a loon on my wedding day without looking weird & that was a good job cos I couldn’t stop smiling all day.
 Ttfn x

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

wedding wednesday - top of the cake toppers!

As soon as we started planning the wedding I knew I wanted a special cake topper. One that could be kept for years as a memory of our big day & there was no one better to capture us than Slink.
I first met Slink when she was this really cool rock chick in the same hall as me at uni & I was obsessed with all things Steps & Blue related. Goodness knows why (or how) we got on so well but we managed it & gradually along with the help of a few mates & being dragged kicking & screaming (sometimes through bushes - you know who you are!) to rock nights my own rock godess awoke & we became much better mates seeing as we didn't have to argue over which version of Under The Bridge was better Red Hot Chilli Peppers or AllSaints (I'm still ashamed that was even a discussion!). At the end of 2nd year when we'd been living together Slink made me a little model of me which still sits on our fireplace today (minus an arm thanks to the move! :S) & even though the style was a lot simpler than her masterpieces today she still managed to catch my personality in there & that's what we wanted for our cake topper.

I asked Slink about making a mini Adam & KtP & provided her with a pack of photos & images of what we'd be wearing. Much to her dismay I refused to see any of the initial work apart from a rough sketch so that it would be a surprise when it was finished. The night before the wedding was the grand unveiling of the model & I couldn't wait to see what was inside the box. In all my excitement I started to peel back the bubble wrap then shrieked when I realised it was me in my dress, the same wedding dress I'd been keeping secret for 18months, & there was Adam about to get a sneak preview the night before, *shock gasp* thankfully it had been wrapped so well that all he saw was that the dress was white, which come on, probably wasn't a shock at all! Phew! Once I'd shown Adam his part of the model I shooed him away & got the chance to see the whole thing & wow! It was amazing! She'd got every little detail in there (including my famous foot tatt! :P).

This little lady has so much talent & I can't wait to look at our cake topper years down the line sitting on the fireplace next to my little KtP model from all those years ago & smile at all the great memories the two models hold. I know you read this Miss Slink (seeing as you introduced me to blogging over 7years ago! Eep!) so I wanted to say thank you so so much. We were so happy you could be part of our special day & we couldn't have hoped for better. You're a gem. How about an Eddies to celebrate?!

If you want to take a peek at this fab gal's fab work then click the link HERE & please do her work is stunning!

Ttfn x

Monday, September 17, 2012

Bow before my famous foot (tattoo)

I was over the moon a few weeks ago when Adam sent me a photo of Total Tattoo magazine with a rather familiar foot in there. There was an article all about Matt Black (& how awesome he is) & when they'd included photos of his work there was my foot in all it's glory!

As if that wasn't enough we were in HMV the other day & found a book called Tattoo Showcase edited by Lal Hardy. Seeing as Adam & I both go to New Wave (Lal Hardy's shop) we thought we'd see what was in there & yet again there was my foot!

It's so cool to think that people share the love for my foot tattoo. I'm so proud of it & I do get asked about the design a lot. Even my parents kind of like it so it must be good! Matt is a brilliant artist & really helped me feel at ease in that last hour where I was practically crawling on the ceiling! He's a real gentle giant. He sketched the design out onto my foot (no stencil) & started with all the line work, once this was done instead of shading areas he filled them in with loads of tiny little dots. I think this is what makes it so special & that bit more unique.

So next time you meet me make sure you kiss my exhibitionist foot & marvel in all it's glory!

Ttfn x

Friday, September 14, 2012

Tidying & Trashing

We're still attempting to get Chez P shipshape & orderly but it sure is taking time! I noticed in the kitchen our wedding countdown still says 6days to go. Does that mean we can do it all again?!
Saying that though on Sunday I get to don the wedding frock again for my fab Trash The Dress session with the lovely Emily from Photographic Blonde (click HERE) that I won through a RockNRoll Bride contest (click HERE) earlier this year. Adam & I will be helping my dress go out with a bang & we can't wait! A lot of people have been worried about the whole idea & hope I won't regret it but it's what I really want to do. I know some people like to treasure their dress & store it away but I'd much rather have one last fun day in it before I plan to take a cutting & frame it, making it a piece of artwork I'll always see on our wall. It's bound to be a fun & messy day & I'll share photos with y'all soon! Yay!

Ttfn x

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Back to the real world.

Well we're back to the grindstone today. Boo! Where did that 2weeks go?! To make it feel like we're still away I've included a few honeymoon pics to try to brighten up a Wednesday back at work *groan.*
I have no idea where to start with unpacking/reading cards/looking at photos/coming to terms with being a MRS let alone blogging! It's been really good to have a break but now I feel like I've got a million&1 things to share with y'all! Do I bombard you with a wedding week or drip feed everything to you?!
We really enjoyed our mini-moon to Jersey & it was the perfect break away from everything & everyone (no offence anyone reading this!). After all the mayhem of the previous week it was fun to be with my husband re-living our special day (especially on the Saturday when we played the 'what were we doing this time last week?' game!). He kept asking about the secret little errands I'd been on & I spilled the beans of the trauma of a non-fitting dress & what we had to sort out in the run up & he told me everything he'd been up to a well & it was great to finally get to share each thing.
Today though it's been back to work with a bump! At least it's only a 3day week for us, maybe that will give me enough time to finally get through all these emails?!
Ttfn x

Friday, September 07, 2012


After waking up after Cess' wedding the night before & peering out of our tent to find people half hanging out of their tents still fast asleep we set up our stove & made beans on toast while they all emerged. We had the rest of the day free so we decided to head to Weymouth. I've not been there since I was about 5 & it was my first British sea-side holiday. It seemed like everyone else had the same idea & we finally got there in time for lunch & what else could you have but proper fish & chip shop scampi & chips watching the boats go by. Bliss!
The sea wall was full of kids fishing for crabs, not sure what the aim was or if you threw them back afterwards but it seemed like THE thing to do!
We had a bit of a wander around & really liked the place, it was so quaint!
After a venture onto the beach (I normally hate sand between my toes but hey I survived, there's hope for me yet!) I had an Oyster Shell & Adam opted for a 99 which came to a rather sad/hilarious ending depending your position in the events (see my other post HERE). To help Adam recover from the ordeal we set off to the arcade & it must have really shook him up cos he couldn't win anything on the grabby machines. Just as we were leaving a woman came up to us & asked if we wanted her Angry Bird, we looked a bit puzzled but she said she didn't like birds(?!) so I still got a toy out of it anyway!
All too soon it was time to head home (boo) so we sat in traffic for a bit longer trying to avoid routes in trusty TomTom before reaching home & crashing on the sofa.


Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Cess & Dan's wedding 17.08.12

A few weeks ago it was Cess' wedding down in Dorset. After a rubbish drive down (it was supposed to take 2.5hrs, it was more like 4.5!) we finally pulled into a field rather frazzled with a hour to put up a tent, get changed & eat before we were due to join the party for the evening reception. Luckily the tent behaved & went up in record time, we threw on our clothes but had to forget food for now. We picked up Emhen & Luke from their tent on the way & walked to the farmyard next door to stunning magical marquee.
It was so Cess&Dan & was perfect. We met Becca & PJ in there, grabbed a G&T from a wonderfully cheap homemade bar & sat on a hay bale soaking in the atmosphere.
Everyone was called into the main marquee for their first dance which was great fun & had everyone else up dancing together by the end. The great music carried on all night thanks to their mates DJ-ing & Dan even doing a set of his own!
We went for a wander to the portaloos in one of the outbuildings & it just looked so pretty there were even fairylights in the loos! While waiting in a queue we kept ourselves entertained with the comedy masks!
We danced the night away (I was originally wearing platforms but they soon came off in favour of my wellies!) & leaped on the Moroccan buffet before heading back to our tent about half midnight & snuggling down in our sleepingbags while the music thumped on!

Ttfn x

Monday, September 03, 2012

Notes from MRS P!

Just a quick message & a preview photo of me & my new HUSBAND!

The wedding was ace. I haven't laughed or danced that much before EVER! My big toes are still killing & are a regular reminder of a never empty dancefloor all night. Will fill y'all in more later but just wanted to say it was AWESOME!

Ttfn x