Friday, July 30, 2010

Deep breaths...

There i was minding my own business, deep in thought comp shopping, thinking about the new trends when suddenly i'm brought back to the real world by looking up & being faced by this gruesome window display. Now if you know me you'll know i'm really not happy when faced with clowns, masks, puppets, etc so when i saw these i wasn't overly chuffed! I was actually walking round the shop (the rather trendy & posh dover st market if you're interested) when i spotted them so i tried my best to keep looking like i honestly belonged & could afford things in there while constantly keeping my eye on my freaky friends in case they came to life & started to chase me (cos that could have happened!) Mental note- must stop watching scary movies!
X x x
P.s i know, i know comp shopping during the summer hols i must be mad! When do they go back to school?!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Film v's Digital – there's only one way to sort this out……FIGHT!

Sometimes I get little envelopes filled with newspaper cuttings from my parents that they think will be of interest to me. I love getting them, it stemmed from when I was in India when I used to cut things out from the Times of India of interested for them & vice-versa. The one I got the other day was brilliant & one article caught my attention. It was headlined ‘No More Cheap Shots’ from The Sunday Times on 16th July &ll about how the cool kids no longer prefer Digital photographs, they’d rather use ‘toy’ cameras that use film. The 1st paragraph caught my attention...

“Satan was the worst photographer in hell. It was an embarrassment, so one day he told Beelzebub, his go-to guy, to see if he could come up with something to fix his holiday snaps. Beelzebub went to California & returned waving a small box. “This is it!” he cried. “It’s destroyed the art of photography on earth. Now you can do what you like with your pictures.” It worked. Satan’s snaps glowed. The box became known throughout hell as Satan’s Snap Fixer. Back on earth, they continued to call it Photoshop.”

It’s so true & is something I always discuss with Adam (as we did on the train this morning when we read the article together!). If I ever spend ages over taking a photo & then when I see it on the screen or developed from film I’m not keen on it, Adam will always comment I could alter it on Photoshop but I don’t think that’s the point. Personally if I take a shot that I’ve tried to compose & it doesn’t work out I’m frustrated that I got it wrong, but it’ll make me learn & I’ll remember what I need to do for the next time I go out. If I saw something I didn’t like & changed it on Photoshop straight away then the problem would be forgotten about & I don’t think I’d learn. I think I’ve become lazy with my Lumix DSLR & will take lots of shots changing things slightly till I get the perfect shot whereas with my SLR I’d think more carefully about what I’m taking in the first place & do it all in one shot cos otherwise I’d be extending my mortgage on developing film! Then again though by tweaking things slightly with my DSLR I’m seeing straight away what works & what doesn’t without waiting for a film to develop & relying on a notebook filled with info of the settings I'd used, so I guess with the DSLR I am still learning! Hmm!

I’ve been wanting a Holga or a Diana for quite a while now & hopefully one day I’ll be able to afford one & more importantly afford the developing when I get carried away playing! When I was young one of my first cameras was a little pink square Supasnaps ‘snappit’ one that took 35mm film & didn’t have a view finder, it was a little plastic square that you had to flip up & look through but wasn’t linked to the lens so you’re pictures were always slightly off & there wasn’t even a flash! Really kicking myself for throwing away this little freebie now! Just found one on ebay but it’s a tenner with postage!!! Argh! Time to trawl the charity shops/carboots methinks!

x x x

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


You’d have thought by now that I’d be used to people coming & going what with the Cosmo lot when I lived in Bangalore & now living in London where Ozzie flatmates changed like the weather & other mates heading off to pastures new. But once in a while you really connect with someone & you kind of get used to them being there & then suddenly they’re not going to be any more. Don’t worry no-one’s died or anything but a friend (show knows who she is, not sure if she’s told people yet hence not naming names) who I’ve become very close to has a new job in a new city & will be off very soon. I’m so pleased for her getting the job, braving it in a new place & finally having some money to enjoy life but at the same time in a more selfish way I’m gonna miss her like mad. The good thing about London is that nowhere is far away, the train will only be a couple of hours & with the wonders of modern technology it’s so easy to keep in touch, but it’s not quite the same as meeting up once a month for dinner & a natter or seeing if they’re free for a random weekend (not that that happened a lot mind!).

Really all I wanted to say was congrats on the job, you’ve done so well, enjoy new challenges, be happy….but don’t forget little miss ktp in London where there’ll always be a room for you to pop down & say hi :) *hugs*

x x x

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

welcome to our humble abode

over the next few days/weeks/months/years i'm going to update you on the wonderful goings on in our home......

i didn't want to start posting anything until the rooms were completely finished originally, the lounge isn't 100% complete but you'll get a good idea. we just need curtains & a bookshelf mainly but i'm sure on our next trip to ikea we'll find many many things that we need & have to buy straight away!!

i've done my photos in a bit of a before & after story so you can see what we've been up to so enjoy! :)

the lounge - before we moved in. i took this photo on the 2nd time we went to see the property, the fireplace & the wood panels were a reason we fell in love with the place cos it wasn't just an ordinary new build that just has a generic look. it's quite funny actually cos we've had compliments from delivery guys who've said it's quite unusual & different (just like it's owners! :P)

a better view of the wood panels & her heeeuuge sofa! no idea how she got that out! maybe with the help of a hacksaw?!

not sure how well this will come out but this is after we'd moved in & started to strip back the wood. the panels had been varnished quite a dark colour so we stripped it right back & found a lovely light oak colour.

the lounge with all our junk in cos we were painting all the other rooms & needed a storage space. note the vinny jones picture - he's wearing one of my companies shirts, i don't just have a random crush on him!

we had loads of help from people which was lovely & we really appreciated it. even brandon (adam's nephew) came along, dummy in mouth & helped us sand away!

the last couple of days before the carpets were coming i put my foot down & demanded we bought an electric sander! as you can see from the photo i was rather happy with my little mouse & it made my life a lot easier that's for sure.

taking up the old carpet once all the sanding was done, there were really great floorboards underneath but cos we've got people living below us we couldn't leave them bare for noise reasons. you can see how lovely the wood looks now & all we did was wax it so it didn't go darker or change colour that's it.

by this point i had to go back to work. i left in the morning with the lounge looking a state with mess everywhere & bare floorboards & came home to this - spotless & a new carpet! it was so exciting!

all our new home cards :) really appreciated all of them also there was a lovely flower arrangement from mum.

now the room really started to zoom along in getting finished & we got a tv stand, dvd shelf & most importantly a sofa! it felt like such a luxury to sit on a comfy seat rather than on the floor or on the futon on the floor, turns out the chair tends to be mine where i can curl up & adam can lie on the sofa!

adam's ugly dolls keep the sofa warm till he get's home at night :)

another ikea purchase thanks to my aunt - a dining table & chairs :) it's so nice to sit down with our dinner, look our the window & chat about our day (we're practically a married couple already!) the table folds out to make it bigger for 4 people & we have 2 more chairs folded away for when we have dinner guests! it's just so we can make eating dominos looks so much more glamorous! :P
bit of a rubbish photo off my phone but we got a coffee table at the weekend (£5 in the ikea sale! bargain) the red matches the sofa too.

the ugly dolls 2nd home for now! the fireplace looked so bare without the cards so something had to go there!
anyways, hope you enjoyed a little sneaky peak into our new home & hopefully it won't be too long until another room's done, or nearly done, & i can post new pics!
x x x

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Seat Etiquette

I’ve been wondering this for a while now, what do you do when you’re sharing a table in a coffee shop or sitting right next to a random on public transport & another space comes up further away from said person? Do you move? Do you stay & wait until you’ve finished your meal/journey?

Don’t know why this bothers me so much but I feel like if I move it looks like I really didn’t want to be sitting with that person (which ok I might not want to) or maybe they’ve done something to annoy or disgust me & then they’ll worry about this for the rest of the day, but at the same time they might be thinking ‘why doesn’t she flipping move?!’ I know that when it’s happened to me & a stranger sat next to me on a bus & then another seat became free & they moved I’ve sat there & thought ‘humph fine be like that then’ but maybe that’s me just being over sensitive! (don’t answer that one please!).
CASE STUDY: This morning I was on the tube & it was quite busy so all the seats were taken & I sat between 2 business men with there elbows sticking out & legs spread wide (who do men have to sit like that?!), gradually more & more people got off the train & it ended up being about 4 of us all sitting right next to each other then about 5 or 6 empty seats. Now, should I have moved?! I know the others could have done as well but I was the last one to sit down in that bunch & so maybe should have moved first?! I guess we’ll never know!

Another dilemma that’s started only a few days ago is what to do if someone sits down next to you & has on really smelly perfume/aftershave/body spray? This has only become a problem since it started to get hot & I know they must think they’re saving their fellow travellers the smell of B.O by bathing in scents but it’s just as bad! At least you don’t get a headache from a sweaty pit!
CASE STUDY: I was on a jam-packed train the other day sitting down & a seat came free next to me, a bloke sat down who must have poured a bottle of aftershave over him & I immediately got a headache. I was then stuck with
a) do I get up & move away bearing in mind the train’s full so if I move I’ll have to stand up, give up my seat & leaving the guy wondering why I moved away from him?
b) stay put, try to take little shallow breaths so I don’t get a mouthful of his wiffy scent & read a book with my head hurting?
Guess which I did?! Yup, b), I suffered cos I didn’t want to hurt the guy’s feelings.

Think I’ve figured it out that this is a lost cause, I think I’ll be typically British & keep quiet, not say anything to anyone or act on anything & just moan on here!
x x x

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

& I say thank you for the music….

Sometimes I start feeling a bit down & a bit grumpy for no reason at all then I realise what it is – lack of music. Seeing as we don’t have a proper stereo in our house yet it’s always the tv or the radio that’s on & never our ipods. The only time I get to sing a long to cds is in the car & at the moment that’s only going between Gaslight Anthem’s American Slang & Weezer’s Raditude so there’s not much variety! I’ve also been reading a lot (& sleeping) on the trains so not had a need for my ipod there either. So today, I plonked myself down on my usual seat on my usual train from waterloo & instead of curling up into the corner & snoozing for half hour I decided to plug in my headphones & let my ipod rip! It was so nice to just put it on random & see what comes up & it really boosted my mood before getting into work. Yay for music!
x x x

Monday, July 12, 2010

guten tag

I went to Berlin at the end of the last week for the trade fair Bread&Butter. As usual the show was brilliant & I got lots of info as well as turning into a freebie junkie! I got so much stuff this time, it’s never this good! The highlight was the Paul Frank stand which was set up like a house, you walked through all the rooms, got given some 3D glasses to look at some of the prints & then was handed a hand screen-printed while-you-wait t-shirt! Wahoo! Was just a little bit chuffed! Also got a couple of fans, another t-shirt, baseball cap, lots of bags, pencils, wrist bands, a whistle, an ice lolly (which was much appreciated at the time!) & 2 pashminas to name just a few! When you’re sitting in the sunshine munching on some lovely food & sparkling apple juice, while a DJ plays some choons, looking at all the trendy people doing the same thing as you it’s hard to believe you get paid for this! It’s definitely my favourite show out of the lot.

Sometimes Pitti in Florence can come across a bit stuffy & not very exciting but as soon as you walk into the Templehof Airport where the show is held, (it was a fully functioning airport till about 5/10yrs ago), you pick up your ‘brand bible’ & first free bag off the luggage carousel & queue up a check-in desk for your pass, then you step through into the hanger where the planes would have been waiting & look out at all the brightly coloured stands, listen to the buzz of the people mixed with the DJ’s playing, look out a bit further to the eating area on the tarmac towards the runway & then the airfield beyond there & it’s ace! You really want to work & get on with it, suddenly the new trends become very exciting & ideas start flying! There’s nowt better!

I did realise though that before I go again in January I need to make sure I learn a bit of German because when I went out for dinner that night I had to stand outside the toilets for a good 5/10min waiting to see whether a male or a female came out of which door cos I wasn’t sure which was which!!! Oh & there were no urinals I checked! Shame!!

x x x

Monday, July 05, 2010

picnic in the park

had a lovely day yesterday enjoying the sunshine with adam’s family, partners & friends. we went to a lovely park near Braintree which was huge. we had a yummy picnic followed by football, frisbee & badminton (I mainly recorded the day with my camera! didn’t fancy all the running around on such a hot day :P). it was really nice to be able to do something spontaneous with adam instead of having to plan who was going to stay at who’s house & make sure they had enough clothes for the next day, it really made a difference & meant we didn’t have to rush home for last trains or anything. can’t wait until we start work on our garden too, it’ll be so lovely to just pop outside & eat or relax in the fresh air.

yay for sunny lazy days & here’s to many, many more!

x x x

p.s tried building the ikea table & one of the legs won’t fit on properly so got to wait for them to deliver a new part. argh! typical!

Saturday, July 03, 2010

home update

so far the lounge is pretty well finished as is the main bedroom, the spare bedroom needs a bit of work but it's our 'we need to build this/store this so let's keep it in here' room for now, at least it's got a futon for visitors now, the kitchen is probably just over half done & then we have to start on the bathroom. not too bad for only being in the place a month! it's all livable in though so no complaints or worries! yay!

we've also had our first visit from people who aren't helping out with diy or who isn't family, to come & give their seal of approval. art & sam arrived last night to stay over till saturday & i don't know why but i was incredibly nervous! i felt like we'd put so much hard work into our abode & to have someone come in & look with fresh eyes was a bit scary! thankfully it all went well & they didn't hate it (if they did they're damn good liars! :P) & it was nice to show people around & relax in the lounge. well i could relax eventually - i was so worried all the time about making noise & the family living below us hearing, we're not sure how much they can hear cos we hear a lot of them, so we kept noise to a minimum without me nagging them both too much (i hope?!) all in all tho it was great to be able to have people stay & not to be living in shared accommodation & cramming everyone into 1 room for sleeping (especially in this heat phew!) can't wait for the next bunch of people to come - form an orderly queue now people!!

adam & i also survived ikea tonight bonus! we went at 8:30pm to give us an hour & half before closing time & it was still pretty busy, full of arguing couples so of course had to join in a little bit :P what is it they pump in the air in that place to make you grumpy?! we came out with a mirror, dining tables, chairs & cushions so yay finally we can eat & chat at the table rather than in front of the tv. wow am i getting old?!

anyways ciao for now
x x x

Thursday, July 01, 2010

welcome to my world

it really does exsist! while searching for my blog (why it aint in his favourites i have no idea! :P) adam found this:
it's in rajasthan, india! i can't believe there's actually a place called ktpland! wow! bit of a random post this early in the morning i know but i was a bit excited! forgive me! now back to being a zombie on my commute to work with all the other suits...
x x x