Friday, December 28, 2012

2012 in review

As 2012 comes to a close & we all get ready to welcome in 2013 I thought I'd do a quick review looking back at my resolutions.
*taking the whole 'married couple' title to the extreme!* 

All in all 2012's been a pretty ace year! I started it a Miss & ended it as a Mrs (not that you'd be able to tell from my blog name, I'll get round to it one day honest!), which brings me nicely onto my first resolution....

~ get married.
TICK! Still doesn't always feel real, though I've just got my new bank cards through with my new name on & my passport's been changed so it's slowly sinking in. It was so fun getting a husband card for Adam this year & referring to each other as The Ps (twee but we like it!!).

~ pay off credit card.
TICK & RUB OUT A BIT. I managed to get everything paid off & it felt brill. A few bits crept on there towards the end of the year (I did the stupid "I'll pay it off at the end of the month") but I'll be free of it pretty soon.

~ loose weight.
HMMM! Moving on! ;-)

~ stop trying to keep everyone happy.
TICK (mainly). I'm quite chuffed I've kept to this & I think the fact I made sure I was happy made other people around me happy too. So yay for this one!

~ do what you want, you don't need to worry about what anyone else thinks.
TICK. Think this one was most obvious at our wedding where we let our personalities shine through & did exactly what we wanted. It resulted in a day that was so individual & everyone had a great time!

The others that are still on going are:
~ I must read most of the books I've bought - this might fall by the wayside a bit more now I've got a kindle! Yoink
~ I need to try taking out my roller skates at least once - can't believe another year has gone by & they haven't even left the coal shed (apart from an airing after the leak!).

Well roll on 2013 & let's see what the year brings. I just hope it goes a bit slower than 2012!

Ttfn x

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Wedding Wednesday - boogie nights

After W.I.T struck their last chord our guests all turned round to find the back wall had vanished & there was an ice cream standing in it's place!

If only we had a photo of their faces & a record of their comments, it was brilliant! No one could quite believe it but the queue grew as people lined up with their vouchers for their 99!
They were also treated to our signature cocktail 'The P' (a.k.a Strawberry Daiquiri!) served in jam jars with glittery stars in the top. The drinks went down so well they ran out & had to go & buy new ingredients during the night!
No disco would be complete without a bit of Steps dancing so we made the most of Tragedy as well as an 8min Steps megamix later on in the night!
The boys all had fun too & spent quite a bit of time on the dancefloor, whether it was moshing or giving Adam or I the bumps they were there!
As you might have gathered by now I have quite a varied music taste so our night went from Steps to the Hokey Cokey to Bohemian Rhapsody which ended up in a mosh pit! It was awesome!
I never got tired of twirling in my posh dress :)
I just about remembered to throw my bouquet before the night was over & there was quite a dash for it (not saying my mates are desperate of course! :P). Luckily I didn't hit the lights or slam it into the ground behind me, it landed nicely in Nat Nat's arms.
We carried on dancing the night away until the disco ended at midnight. Our last two songs were 'New York New York' by Reel Big Fish & to end the night off like any good rock night - 'Nelly The Elephant' by the Toy Dolls. It was an ace ending to an amazing day & I hope never to forget any of it. Ever. I felt like the luckiest girl in the world (& still do!). I love the fact that whenever people see our photos too they say we just both look so happy & mum's commented you couldn't wipe the smiles of our faces.

Wedding Wed will be back next week for a sneak into the Silly Space so pop back then!

Ttfn x

p.s all photos thanks to Chris Barber

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas came early

Our first Chrimbo as a married couple! Also it's the first time we'll be spending the whole festive time together. The whole driving up to ma&pa's Chrimbo Eve then Adam leaving early Chrimbo morning to see his folks while I stayed with mine is long gone! This year I'll be spending it with the in-laws & it's my first ever Chrimbo without ma&pa. I won't say I'm not nervous about it, what with different traditions & ways of doing things & being surrounded by kids, it'll definitely be different but still as special.
Ma&Pa came down for an early Chrimbo last Friday & as soon as I'd logged off my work computer & turned on my out of office (with a 12day holiday ahead of me woop!) we set off to see the Turner Prize. It wasn't the best we've seen by far! The winner (Elizabeth Price's) video installations were good but I really liked Paul Noble's drawings, they were so detailed & I could have looked at them all day spotting new things. The final artist's work by Spartacus Chetwynd didn't even have the actors there that are part of the piece (they only work during the day apparently!) so we were a bit cheesed off we didn't get to see the exhibition to it's full potential. Dad had a word with the manager who was more than helpful & we ended up getting free tickets to see the 'Pre-Raphaelites' exhibition on the same night to say sorry. It's not normally something I'd go out my way to see but WOW!
I didn't think I was that keen on the older artworks but the detail in these paintings made them look just like photographs, they were stunning! I stood & looked at John Brett's "Val d'Aosta" for ages. It was a beautiful mountain scene that had been painted in 1858 & parts of it looked liked he'd stuck a photo over a painting. It made me want to dash home & get out my paints & pencils & sketch away (not that anything I produced ever looked like that!!). There were also lots of pieces by William Morris who I always love & some of his embroideries & weaves were beautiful. I love it when an art gallery throws up something so unexpected.
The next morning we were up bright & early to head to The Breakfast Club. Ma&Pa pointed out they'd never travelled an hour to have breakfast before but boy was it worth it. I'd gone determined to try something new but still ended up with the Bananas & Bacon on French Toast! I couldn't resist! We had wet walk around Spittalfields before heading home to relax.
After our curry success with Come Dine With Me last month I decided to cook another Thali. I was really chuffed how well it came out & I think I impressed the rents who'd given up I'd ever cook anything I think! After wards it turned out Santa had come early so we opened a few gifts. Mum had brought some overly glittery paper that meant the sellotape didn't stick at all so I didn't need to do much un-wrapping! I'd had my hard drive as my main gift a few months ago but mum had managed to find the Cath Kidston bag with the Olympic print on that I'd given up hope finding so that was my gift on the side. Woop!

Whatever you end up doing & wherever you end up going I hope you all have a wonderful Chrimbo & a marvelous New Year & thanks for reading, I really appreciate it!

Ttfn x

Friday, December 21, 2012

Out Of Office 'till 2013!

Well if you're reading this I guess the world didn't end after all! Today is my last day at work for 2012 Huzzah! I plan to make the most of my lie ins & to take Little Lumix (& as many of my other toy cameras as I can carry) out wherever I go. Woop!
Work's been really busy what with moving, working on the new collection & (most importantly) making sure all our Chrimbo gifts go out in time! My desk has been a wash of gift wrap & tartans so although we haven't got any decorations around (apart from a chain made out of Quality Street wrappers!) I've still felt festive.

I'm hoping to take a bit of a break from the interwebs till the New Year, but don't fret (as if you were!), I've got a few posts lined up & yes finally the end of my "Wedding Wednesday" is in sight. Thanks for sticking with me even though it was probably a bit boring at times! I've always used my blog as a diary that you lucky people get to have a sneak peak into so I wanted to make sure I captured all of the special moments of our big day so I'll never forget them :)

Ttfn x

p.s how cool is the new Diptic app?! It was good before but now I love it!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wedding Wednesday - time to rock your socks off

After our first dance & parents dance it was time to let our hair down & enjoy a big old partay!
After a bit of a boogie it was time for W.I.T (Adam's band) to rock their socks off & get us in the mood. For me the best part was "Rockin' All Over The World" by Status Quo, I've been to see them a few times with ma&pa in the past & used to be rocked to sleep to them as a baby so ma, pa & I were straight up on the dancefloor doing the elbow dance thing! I'm sure it doesn't normally go on for that long but we were troopers & made it all the way! One thing I regret not doing is getting the whole set on video but thankfully some people recorded bits....
As well as playing one of their own songs they played a few other covers such as "I Gotta Feeling," "Summer of 69" & "Trippin' Down The Freeway" It was great to be able to add a more rockier aspect to our day without scaring people away by the loud noise! :P
It was fun to have Jon (the drummer's) 2 sisters there too so we could sing-a-long as if we were just at a normal gig down at the The Standard!
Towards the end of their last song (a cover of "Marry You" by Bruno Mars) Adam put down his guitar & came out to dance with me & we had another little smooch! *Bleugh!* :P

Tune in next week to see what happened when W.I.T finished & the night continued! Our night was full of surprises!
Ttfn x

photos as always thanks to Chris Barber.

Monday, December 17, 2012


Yesterday we had a little surprise party for Jill & Keith's 60th & 70th birthday, this is how they took it....
It was great getting together to surprise them & it gave us a chance to say thanks for everything, I'm really lucky to have such a lovely 'in-law' family. :) It was fun to get little Lumix out too for a few cheeky snaps.
Only 9 sleeps to go! Woop!
Ttfn x

Friday, December 14, 2012

and I thought Santa was busy at this time of year?!

It's gone crazy! I'm so busy at the moment. I had a mega stress a few days ago that my Christmas cards weren't even written yet (this comes from the girl who writes them in November usually)! I got the last one written last night, I've just got a few gifts left to buy then I'm done. Phew!
I'm not sure if any of you are taking part in the Christmas Jumper Day for Save The Children (info HERE) but I thought it would be a good way to get everyone a bit more festive in the office so I set off to work today in my wonderful Primarni jumper with added tinsel! There's only 5 of us in the office so they won't be rolling in money from our donation but I guess every little helps!
Speaking of office...we've moved finally! Huzzah! We're actually in the centre of London now. My commute has been cut down buy at least an hour (it was almost 2hrs before!) which is brill & the area's got such a lovely vibe. Trouble is, instead of just having a Sainos down the road for lunch we've got loads of cafes & restaurants so I love it but my waistline & wallet don't! Thankfully we'll get our microwave next week so it's back to soup & supernoodles for me. Maybe I should ask Santa for some blinkers so I don't get distracted by the wonderful (& yes they are wonderful) Golden Arches or Subway or Nandos or Itsu......I think you get the picture! So this week has been full of packing & unpacking boxes as well as working on the next collection & meeting customers. No rest for the wicked eh?!

Anyways here's to hoping next week will be a bit quieter!
Ttfn x

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wedding Wednesday - with wild hearts, blue jeans & white t-shirts

We like to think the music we had at our wedding reflected us as a couple really well & with this in mind we wanted to make sure we picked our First dance & Parent's Dance carefully & didn't end up with a generic song that didn't mean much to us.
After a lot of thought we decided on The Gaslight Anthem's "Blue Jeans & White T-Shirts," the words were lovely & we've both followed Gaslight almost as long as we've been going out!
After sweet talking Adam we had a few little jive classes with the wonderfully talented Kev & Aggie who I've been lucky enough to get to know through Jive & who have been taking competitions by storm this year (they're multiple Freestyle & Showcase Champions)! Definitely check them out if you want some private lessons. They were great fun & tailor your dance to match your needs. We didn't want a fully choreographed routine just a few special moves we could whip out & in the end we were so pleased with it! I've included a video of the dance at the bottom of this post so check it out! :)
The music for our Parent's Dance was also thanks to Gaslight - "Once Upon A Time" (originally performed by Robert Bradley's Blackwater Surprise).
There were so many lyrics that made this song choice perfect & the mentions of Marvin Gaye & Elvis Presley made it even more special. We also swapped partners all the way through so we got to have some special time with everyone.
Click on the link below to see our first dance, I love the way my dress swishes out as I move :)
Ttfn x

Monday, December 10, 2012

It's Christmas!

Finally! I know it's not that late arriving but for me it is! I've been waiting all week to decorate our tree & give our little home a festive makeover & here it is....
Better late than never eh?! I'd wanted to do it last week but seeing as the tree was in the coal shed without being wrapped in a bag or box (thanks to the leak from downstairs earlier in the year) I chickened out getting it when I saw a huge cobweb on it & gave Adam 2 options - either buy a new tree or hoover this one till we could be sure there weren't any spiders/other creatures living in it! He went down today all brave to get it out but when he saw it was at the back, looking a bit dusty & with a few rat droppings round it (joy) we decided to dash to Homebase before it closed! We ended up getting a really nice half price tree which is the same size as our other one but a bit bushier. I ended up spending the rest of the afternoon decorating the lounge & adding out new wedding dec to our tree (see last years one HERE).
I was quite chuffed with our Gingerbread lights from Tiger (what an ace shop!!) too.

We've had a really lovely Christmassy weekend which started with the Jive Christmas party on Friday - it felt so good to get back to dancing but I still can't get my dancing shoes on thanks to my still grotty nail so I danced as best I could (which was better than expected) in my Docs! Saturday we went to Brum to see Adam's Luke window (which looked awesome!), battled with all the other Christmas shoppers to get some last minute bits&bobs & then caught up with Slink, Niall & Mark for lunch & a drink at the German market. Today we didn't really do much just decorated & wrote some Chrimbo cards. Can't wait for our first Christmas as a married couple. Yay!

Ttfn x

Friday, December 07, 2012

Step into Christmas

The cheesy pop princess in me reared her head up once more last Monday when I travelled all the way up to Manchester to see Steps! Woop! Michelle was my partner in crime (as always) & we had a blast!
'Christmas With Steps' wasn't like any other Steps concert (as they kept pointing out!) seeing as they were playing smaller venues & sang live with a live band (I know it's what most people expect from groups now but we're so used to seeing them running around miming it was quite a big deal!).
Their only London date was at the Palladium on Adam's birthday & if I'd tried to drag him there I think we'd have ended up with a divorce on our hands so instead I went up to Manchester where they were performing at the Apollo.
I hadn't twigged how amazing our seats were until we walked to the stalls & kept walking past rows of people till we found our seats 10, yes 10 rows from the front! Seeing as we normally see them in arenas & so end up quite a long way back (block4 row H of the NEC mainly!) we were suddenly very over-excited 16 year olds again (proof is at the end of the video above!)!
They played quite a few old favourites (they did a great slowed down version of Batter Best Forgotten too) as well as some Christmassy ballads from the new album. The atmosphere was great & it was fun to be in an audience of people pretty much all our age or older all having a whale of a time.
As always each member did their solo but instead of everyone else running off stage for a costume change they all sang backing vocals for one another & they only changed their outfits twice (once in the interval & once for the encore) so instead of it all seeming a bit like a Panto it was more of a grown up & special evening.
It put me in a great mood for Christmas especially when they ended with a cover of 'Merry Christmas Everybody' & snow started falling onto the stage. I know I said after the arena tours earlier in the year that I wouldn't go again but I think we all knew that was rubbish & I'm not going to write anything like that again, but if this is the last concert I see them do I'd be a happy girly :)

Ttfn x

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Wedding Wednesday - posers? us?!

As the sun was starting to sink lower in the sky we managed to sneak out for a few more photos around the venue. 
Being on an industrial estate the surroundings wouldn't have been to everyone's taste but seeing as we were being photographed by Mr Wall-Master-Extraordinaire Chris Barber he was in his element!
We couldn't resist taking little pug out for a walk too!
After dodging under a closed gate (yes in my dress!) Chris got us to climb the steps to the top of the fire escape. It was at this point Adam decided to Tell Chris he didn't like heights! He did really well though & I love this little section of photos!
Anyone who knows me knows I'm rubbish at jumping photos so Chris got me to stand there & look pretty while Adam climbed the ladder at the side & jumped off! He nearly broke his ankles as he landed funny on a ridge on the floor but it would have been worth it for these pics in my opinion!!

Ttfn x

Monday, December 03, 2012

woah woah woah!

When did it suddenly become December & where did October & November go?! If possible could we all just pause time for a few days for me to catch up & then carry on as normal?!
Yesterday was Adam's birthday so we celebrated as tradition dictates at Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. It was a lovely crisp winter's day so we didn't mind shuffling around with the crowds & to make it even better we spotted a pug & he wasn't just any old pug, he was wearing a Christmas jumper! Amazing! The rest of the day was spent shopping & then we went for dinner where Adam had Lamb & pink coloured beetroot mash!

As I said earlier I really can't believe it's December already. I've pretty much finished my present shopping but not even opened a card to write yet & to make matters worse our tree isn't up yet either. Shocking! Hopefully I can find a spare minute one night this week to get it sorted. I love Christmas so much but could do with an extra month to get ready. Can we sort that please?!

Ttfn x

Friday, November 30, 2012

come dine with me 2012 - PMP style

Last weekend we ate, ate a bit more & just when we thought we'd had enough we ate some more! It could only mean one thing, it was time for our (hopefully) annual Come Dine With Me dinner party with Phil&Jane & George&Claire.
If any of you know me you'll know I don't cook. I went to uni to learn but ended up meeting Art who was great at cooking & fed me while I did his washing! Perfect! Not so perfect when you leave Lufbra though without even being able to boil an egg!
We went first (partly to get it out of the way & party cos I wanted to cook the main courses the day before so they were ready & also had time to marinade). Thursday saw us up until 1am cooking & we'd only managed 2 out of the 3 dishes. I've realised I'm a pretty stressy cook & the slightest thing makes me flap! The worst point was when we were making one curry & cos it was from an Indian cookbook the wording wasn't very clear & we ended up putting the lamb marinade into 4 cups of oil & it just sat there swimming. I've never done it before so didn't know if the oil just cooked away or what (stop sniggering please! :P) so we waited a bit & when it didn't really do much Adam took the bull by the horns, tipped the oil away & carried on cooking it just like a normal curry sauce & saved the day. Phew! Our other 2 dishes were from an  English Indian cookbook called Miss Masala & were far easier to follow & didn't take long at all (which was good cos the final dish I had to rush home from work to make on Friday before everyone else arrived!).
By the time the gang showed up everything was all tidy & we had the Hindi playlist on the ipod! Our menu was as follows:

~ Papad & dips
~ A Tasty Thali (Paneer Butter Masala, Tadka Dal & Gosht Shahjehani with rice & papad)
~ Gulab Jamun, Masala Chai & Indian sweets (I forgot to serve these!).

I was all cool calm & collected till it came to serving up the main course. We'd tried to be clever by cooking the rice beforehand & keeping it warm in the oven. I'd added water to it to stop it drying out but then we suddenly realised we didn't have a sieve. We tried everything from using a new pair of tights to the tiny holes on a cheese grater but it was no use (surprise surprise!) so we had to cook some fresh rice which delayed our main course serving a bit. Boo! I ended up getting so stressed out I gave myself a nose bleed! I tell you what next time we cook (IF we ever cook again) we'll plan something a hell of a lot easier!
All too soon it was time for the dreaded marking. Phil & Claire had made the score cards (guess who's the Graphic Designer?!) While we washed up they whispered about our score & sealed it in an envelope ready for Sunday's unveiling! As you can see from the picture above I got into the spirit of things & hoped my outfit would make up for whatever went wrong on the night!

Saturday was the turn of George & Claire who had gone for a Caribbean theme.
Their menu was as follows:

On arrival:
Sky high Caribbean  rum cocktails
Rasta griddled Aubergine
Martinique coconut chicken curry
Ginger pecan and rum chocolate Brownies

There was a slight change in plan to the starter when a lot of us realised we didn't like Aubergine so we had corn on the cob with a peppery butter instead! Their meal was really yummy & I loved the touch of the ice that they'd dyed into tropical colours though the brownie was too much for me (it was supposed to feed 20 & we had most of it on our plates!)

Last but not least it was Phil & Jane's turn. Now this was Adam's night to drive so I ended up making the most of the gin cocktail & ale & didn't get many photos! Yoink! But their menu was:

Mothers ruin on arrival   
Scotch egg & pickle
Beef and ale pie, spuds and veg. 
Crumble and custard. 
To finish:  
Stand at ease, port and Rosy Lee (or coffee).

It was really tasty & I loved the home made Scotch Egg which for me was the best dish out of the whole 3 days.
After dinner & our sneaky marking it was time to announce the winner. Phil poured the bubbly while we all waited with baited breath to see who would be the winner of the golden meat tenderiser! Drum roll please.....
It was George & Claire with 16/20. Phil & Jane got 15.5/20 & we got 14/20. Not bad for our first properly cooked meal eh?!
Despite coming last we agreed we'd all still be friends (!) & enjoyed our glass of bubbly before crumbling in a tipsy heap once we got home. Great way to start the week eh?! So glad it's the weekend again now, it's Adam's birthday & we're putting up the tree! Woop!

Ttfn x

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wedding Wednesday - the main event

After our sneaky cream tea we had enough time to have a quick run through of the first dance seeing as we'd only practised it in normal clothes & not a big floaty dress & heels!
After spending the previous day setting the room up we'd thought it looked great then but once the balloons were in place & the lights were one it looked amazing (if I do say so myself!)
One tradition we decided to keep was the line up & I'm so glad we did. It gave us a chance to say a proper hello to each & every person (all 139 of them!).
After everyone was seated & ready for some more grub Mr & Mr P were announced into the room! Yay!
One way we saved a few pennies was to serve the wedding cake as pudding so before we sat down to eat we cut the cake. How great did it look with everyone's names on it?! Again thanks to Slink for her wonderful cake topper. See her website HERE.
Speaking of cake, I surprised Adam with a grooms cake. I'd never heard of one before but after watching hours of watching Ace of Cakes & Cake Boss I decided I'd do one & what else could it be but an x-box controller with an 'achievement unlocked - marriage' notification!
Each table was named after our favourite gigging venues. Our signs were made out of old 7" vinyls & we'd replaced the centre labels with photos of us & written the venue names on the black section, they were them stuck into silver buckets containing bright pink Flaming Katys. Keeping the music theme we decorated the tables with personalised guitar picks & pink & green M&Ms with our wedding date & Mr&Mrs P printed onto them. Also each setting had an ice cream voucher & a guest card. The guest card was another alternative to the guest book & each person had to draw a picture of us on one side & filled in 4 questions on the back like 'how do you know the bride & groom?' 'where do you see us in 10 years time?' & 'any advice for the newly weds?' We've got some great answers (mainly involving us looking after pugs or running a pug farm! obsessed?! us?!) & some brill pictures, our aim is to put them all together in a photo album so we can have a flick through each time we need a giggle!
After our hog roast it was time for the speeches & everyone did so well. Dad's was so touching but thankfully didn't make me blub (though it does now every time I watch it back!), Adam's was really sweet & had a few giggles thrown in & finally Nick's was so funny & so true(!) - I have no idea what they were all so worried about!

Ttfn x

photo's thanks to Chris Barber & Pete.