Monday, September 30, 2013

Birthday Surprise Road Trip!

As you may have gathered by now I'm an ale gal at heart & when Adam told me we were off for a birthday surprise & I had to be up at 5am he made it all worth-while when we pulled up to the St Austell Brewery in Cornwall. He's a keeper folks!
 photo 1staustellsbrewery_zpsbe1a325d.jpg
Even though I drove half the way I still had no idea where we were heading till we pulled up to the gates. Adam even had me convinced we were off to buy a pug for most of the journey!
 photo 2staustellstour1_zps2e46efab.jpg
We set off on the brewery tour & learnt loads about making ale as we peeped through windows & portholes & grinned like loons when we saw where the Tribute Ale was being brewed, if only I'd brought a straw with me!
 photo 3staustellstour2_zps59298b34.jpg
After the tour came the best bit - the tasting! We got to try 5 different ones ranging from a lager to a stout & Adam found the new love of his life - Smuggler! As we chatted to the tour guide afterwards she let us finish off any bottles we wanted (seeing as they were going to be thrown away anyway!) awesome!
 photo 4stasutellstasting_zps1b89b257.jpg
After lunch & a few more drinks for me thanks to our free tokens as part of the tour we hit the gift shop like excitable kids! We walked out with quite a few drinks as well as a glass for work & a new gym towel (couldn't resist!). 
 photo 5staustellsgiftshop_zps3cd3372e.jpg
The weather was a bit miserable so with our boot clunking with bottles we set off to see what St Austell had to offer. We pottered around a bit & after I fell asleep on the table in Costa we decided we should find our pub B&B for a lie down before dinner.
 photo 6staustell_zpsb8354c31.jpg
We stayed at the Duke of Conrwall pub in St Austell. When we opened the door to our room I couldn't stop giggling, even though you had to share the loo (down the corridor) our room had it's own shower just plonked in the corner! It made it convenient but a bit weird at the same time! We always try to book pub B&B's - they're much more fun, have a bit of character & never let you down on a good old breakfast! 
 photo 7pub_zps3bce77a9.jpg
After a little sleep I admired the new Johnny Cupcakes t-shirt (in a burger box) from Adam before we went downstairs & Adam had an enormous plate of ribs followed by more ale. Well it would be rude not to right?!

Ttfn x

Friday, September 27, 2013

Smug married - 1 year on.

A few weeks ago it was our wedding anniversary (now if I felt old saying I was married, I feel even older now I actually have a wedding anniversary!)
We started the weekend celebrations on Saturday as I held my traditional "P in the park" (thanks Slink!) at Hyde Park. The weather behaved as we all relaxed in the sunshine. The theme was pink & green seeing as it was our anniversary weekend (I don't think I could have worn any more pink if I'd tried!). It all went swimmingly till I was stung by a wasp (first time ever) now I don't know if I was just being a brave soldier or if it was the ale numbing the pain (I think we know the answer!) but thankfully it didn't hurt as much as I'd feared all these years. Phew!
The next day (our actual anniversary) I'd booked afternoon tea at Sketch (see HERE). I knew quite a few people who'd been & it didn't disappoint!
The decor was amazing (it changes every January apparently) & we spent our time chatting away about our first year & future plans :-) all the time dotted with me saying "oooh this time last year we were walking down the aisle/eating food/dancing/etc...."
The food was so yummy, we had sandwiches, cheesecake, cream tea, marshmallows & loads of little cakes which we couldn't even finish so they offered us a doggy bag to enjoy later. We even got more cakes on another place for our anniversary! It was fun because the couple next to us also got a happy anniversary plate too & it turned out they'd got married on the same day as us!
Now anyone who's been to Sketch will know I can't finish talking about the place without mentioning the egg-like toilets! Crazy! It was really weird walking around them & even weirder sat in one while a frog croaks in your ear & it's all lit up pink inside (blue for the boys apparently!). They're not to be missed!
In an attempt to walk off the cake & make room for more cake(!) we walked to Regents Park & up Primrose Hill. I'd never been before but knew the view was supposed to be great & it was! You can see right across the city. No wonder its popular at New Years!

After sitting & watching the world go by it was time to head home for more tea & cake with my hubby of one year! Whoop!

Ttfn x

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Mr & Mrs W's big day.

You know a wedding's going to be good when it starts with a McDs!
 photo 1ktpmaccyd_zps3c930b73.jpg
With a Chicken Sandwich keeping the hunger monster at bay we set off to the church to see Dave marry Heather. Yay! It was a lovely service with some fab hymns I could warble along to.
 photo 2church_zps6176edcc.jpg
After a few Kodak moments & a quick catch up with everyone afterwards it was time to grab a taxi & head for the reception.....though why we didn't get a lift in the camper van is beyond me, there would have been more than enough room for us all, Art even tried thumbing a lift but it was ignored! Chuh!
 photo 3confettiandvan_zps3c0165b9.jpg
After leaving the church last we somehow arrived at the venue first & got dibs on the bubbly & sweets! Ace! After more nattering & more photos we all sat down for dinner. The food was really tasty, there were a few different ales & the cake was the yummiest I'd ever seen/eaten, so I was a happy camper!
 photo 4reception_zps731c4949.jpg
Then came the dancing.....we made the most of some awesome tracks & playlists we gave to the DJ & had such a fun night. It was ace for some of the uni lot to be together again & I even got some of them dancing to Cha Cha Slide (you know who you are!). There was lots of jumping followed & air guitar by 'drunk' faces & we had such a giggle, it all went so well, until Rich/Henry bought me 3 Jager Bombs in.a.row. Ouch!
 photo 5dancing_zps04b8967f.jpg
Thanks to Rich/Henry's generosity I spent the taxi ride back to Art's concentrating very hard & then talked at Art in the kitchen until about 3am hoping the room would stop spinning, alas it didn't!

By the time we all emerged on the Sunday we realised how old we've become, instead of waking up at uni & feeling a bit rough for a few hours, we ended up slobbing out & not being very good company (see HERE). It did make me miss uni Sunday's though - feeling a bit hungover, dozing on the sofa with the sound of cars whizzing round a track. Can't wait for the next catch up, though maybe this time without the Jager Bombs?!

Ttfn x

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Me time

...and breathe.
Life has been pretty hectic (as always!) so nothing beats a bit of 'me' time at the hairdressers. No emails, no rushing around, just me, my kindle, a glass of squash & someone 'playing' with my hair. Perfick!

Just wish I had enough money to do this more regularly than high days & holidays!

Was gonna go the whole hog & get a manicure as well, then I remembered I don't like nail files & I always smudge/chip the varnish minutes after I painted them! So looks like it'll just be me & a pot of Rimmel varnish in front of the tv.

Hope you're having a lovely Saturday.
Ttfn x

Sunday, September 15, 2013


Man I feel old! Went to a wedding yesterday with some of the old Uni gang & now we're paying for having such a good time!
What happened to feeling rough for a few hours then bouncing back?! So far all we've managed to do is head to the Harvester for lunch & man that took effort! The rest of the day has been spent dozing in front of the tv wrapped in blankets & warm jumpers. Oh to be an 18year old student again!

Ttfn x

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Eh Up Me Duck!

Well hello there you lovely lot :-) miss me?! Don't answer that actually! 

Welcome to the new look 'Happy Little World of MRS KtP' it only took me a year but I finally got round to changing my blog! Huzzah!

I feel like I've got my blogging mojo back & this ace new look (thanks to Mr P) has given me the final kick up the bum to get me going. So here I am. Yay!

Stay tuned for more updates, I know you can't wait! ;-)

Missed ya!
Ttfn x