Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wedding Wednesday - get me to the church on time!

Little did Adam know that he had every right to be looking this nervous before I showed up at the church....
....outside all was calm as my bridesmaids sat around waiting for me to show up....
The rest of the village though was buzzing with the sounds of horns blowing & congrats being shouted at the bride & her dad walking through Top Town!
We'd had a call 15min before the service was due to start saying our beautiful wedding car had broken down. There was no time to wait for a backup car & everyone looked at me expecting this raging Bridezilla to show up but instead I just agreed we'd all walk to the church! Ma&Pa only live about 10/15min away, though I've never walked it in heels(!) so mum & the bridesmaids set off the quick route while dad & I followed 5min behind heading straight through the centre of our village! It was hilarious! As soon as mum arrived at the church she told Chris Barber what had happened & he flew off to meet us en route not wanting to miss such a photo opportunity!
Seeing as dad & I are used to power walking up to the co-op for a pint of milk we weren't used to taking it slowly & we had to keep reminding each other to slow down! Everyone's face we passed was a picture! Seeing as we were ahead of the schedule we popped in to see Sophie at Weeds (our florist) to say hi & thanks for the beautiful flowers. Her face was a picture when we walked in, I think she was also expecting a Bridezilla who wasn't happy with her flowers but it was quite the opposite, they were so pretty!
Walking with dad was such a special time for us both & we got to spend the whole way chatting & giggling about anything & everything. Yay! It was the best problem that could have ever happened & I wouldn't have swapped it for the world, thank goodness the car didn't show up.
As we turned the last corner & walked up to the church my bridesmaids, mum & a few other guests were standing outside applauding. Forget the Queen of Sheba I had a better arrival! :P

Ttfn x

Monday, October 29, 2012

Minimoon Monday - wine, golf, ice cream & sunsets

After our usual breakfast we set off to La Mare wine estate which was easier said than done with Jersey's tiny winding roads mixed with a dodgy map & limited sign posts! I tell you if you can drive around Jersey as a newly married couple with only a basic map & not fly home divorced you've got a pretty rock solid relationship! :P
Anyway, eventually we made it & went on a great tour learning about (& eating/drinking) everything from wine, champagne, liqueur, chocolate, fudge & jams! After a walk around the vineyards we grabbed a cream tea & wrote some postcards for the folks back home to tell them what a miserable time we'd been having ;)
On the way back to St Helier we stopped off for a game of crazy golf. Seeing as I'd let Adam win the previous day at bowling he decided to let me win today. How sweet! Our next stop was the swimming pool at St Helier (I tell you this Jersey Pass gets you into everywhere!). This wasn't just any swimming pool though it had 2 flumes, a wave machine, random jets that went off every so often & a whirlpool. Adam had great fun running about like a kid while I ponced around worrying about my hair & trying not to get chlorine on my already fading pink bits!
After we (Adam) had enough splashing around we grabbed a scrummy ice cream at Joe Delucci's. I'd always seen their stand in Westfield & not thought much of it apart from how cool the moped bar stools looked but seeing as it was warm & we were standing right in front of it we decided to pop in. The ice cream was delish & we even did a colouring for their wall in our wedding colours!
Seeing as we hadn't really explored the south-west of the island we decided to drive that way towards St Ouens Bay for dinner. Seeing as we'd started off the day with bad map reading I opted to end the day with it too. We got a bit lost but ended up watching a beautiful sunset at Corbiere Lighthouse. Adam did a great little panoramic you can see at the top of my little montage above & I appear a couple of times! After being turned away from El Tico (one of the places to go on the island) cos they were too full (boo!) we ate at another restaurant along the seafront which was ok but they'd run out of everything & we ended up with our 3rd/4th choice! Ah well better luck next time with El Tico!

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Photoswap 2012 - cameras at the ready!

After just missing out on the 2011 Photoswap I jumped at the chance to take part in it this year. Hosted by the wonderful Rhianne on her blog For The Easily Distracted it was a great chance to get excited about analogue photos again.
The whole Photoswap idea began in 2009 (see all the info about it HERE) & it's been growing from strength to strength (it's such a great idea I'm not surprised!). The aim of the game is to take a roll of film, get snap happy with it & send it off to someone else to get it developed & vice versa.
I put my name down on the list saying I didn't mind the location of who I swapped with & I got an email back saying my swap partner was Nicole from Port Orchard in Washington state in the US! Exciting stuff!
For my part of the bargain I took out my trusty Robot Camera around Shoreditch & Spittalfields & bundled it off to Nicole. Hopefully it arrived there in one piece & she's been as lucky with my shot as I have been with hers.
A few weeks ago I got a little package in the post all the way from Port Orchard so I rushed down to Snappy Snaps to get it developed. I always used to be impatient waiting a few days for my own roll of film to come back but this time waiting for something I had no idea what I was going to see I was even more exciting!
As you can see I struck gold! Nicole's photos are really lovely (I especially like the last one with the reflection of her taking the photo in the little girl's eyes) & I found out that Port Orchard really is a pretty place in Autumn!
If you want to check out any other Photoswap pics check out the Flickr account HERE (I'll be adding mine this weekend) or Rhianne's blog posts HERE & HERE.
Roll on 2013!
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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

wedding wednesday adam & his merry men

While my gorgeous girls & I got ready some dapper dudes were busy tarting themselves up too. You though we scrubbed up well?! Take a look at Adam & his boys! :D
Adam wore a Topman suit & his ushers & best man wore ones from Moss Bros. We were going to hire them but it turned out to be cheaper to buy them! Crazy! Our dad's luckily got suits out of this deal too so everyone was happy!
The first thing most people noticed about the guys was their shoes - take a look at these bad boys! We'd got them made online via the 'customize a Converse' page. Each usher had their name embroidered up the back (in case they forgot! :P) & Adam had our wedding date (so no excuse for forgetting our anniversary). We picked a lime green outer & bright pink inner to match our colour scheme & they looked great against their grey suits.
I realised that last week I forgot to mention our stunning flowers. They were all made by Sophie at 'Weeds.' We hadn't wanted our flowers to be too structured & were really close to making everything ourselves so they would look right but Sophie just got us & was really excited to be helping. We were so pleased on the day both with our buttonholes & my bouquets! Yay! Thanks Sophie!
Adam's buttonhole was from Black Market Betties on Etsy, when we saw it we couldn't resist & they even let us send our own pics to match our colours.
*how brill do Adam & Nick (his best man) look together?*
The usher's bow ties were from Topman & Adam was lucky enough to have his custom made by someone I always meet up with at Pitti in Florence, they did a great job & didn't mind us being picky about the dots & green colour, they even understood our Pantone refs! Woop!
I'll end this post with one of my fave shots of Adam from the day. He looks so happy (probably cos he was still an un-married man, he looks more haggard now! :P) I'm such a lucky gal to have nabbed him :)

Ttfn x
p.s all photos thanks to the wonderful Chris Barber, check him out HERE!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Minimoon Monday - jersey seafari

After last week's MM post I decided the photos from our amazingly romantic boat trip didn't quite cut it so I've made up a little video for y'all to enjoy! This is the first time I've ever added a video to my blog so fingers crossed it works! I guess you could class this as my first vlog. Wow I'm finally moving with the times!
I used my Panasonic HM-TA2 camera that I was lucky enough to get for my birthday from ma&pa. It was great to be able to capture our Minimoon both with pics & videos (though it did mean another camera Adam had to juggle with! :P).

The music is Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros 'Home.' As we zoomed along the coastline we had music in the background which I'd forgotten about till I was in a shop the other day & this came on, I closed my eyes & I was straight away back on that boat with Adam! I went up to an assistant & asked who this was & the track name so I could download it & add it to my video. It's such a perfect song for a perfect ride.

Don't forget to visit the Jersey Seafari website if you'd like to book a trip. It was ace!
(pt1, pt2pt3 of my minimoon series can be found by clicking the numbers)
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Friday, October 19, 2012

Gaslight Anthem, Dave Hause & The Revival Tour all in one week! Woop!

Kinda had a hunch it would be good when Monday night saw The Gaslight Anthem & Dave Hause rocking Brixton Academy. It's been way too long since the boys all played over here (then again to me a week is a long time without them!).
I managed to get into the venue quite early on thanks to the priority queue for O2 customers (makes up for all the rubbish signal/internet problems I guess) & meant I could hold a great spot on the side balcony for when Adam arrived. At first I had managed to get right at the front near the middle but then the sensible part in me woke up & reminded me of my still black toe & how we got majorly squished last time we stood there so I sighed & moved away. Turned out though that we had a great spot & lots of space as well as a view of the whole stage.
*I'd never realised what a beautiful venue Brixton is till we stood back a bit! Wow!*
Dave Hause was first on & we enjoyed a good sing-a-long, after what sounded like one long song from the second support act Blood Red Shoes, it was finally time for TGA. Woop! For me the tracks from Sink or Swim, SeƱor&The Queen & '59 Sound still sound the best & we got a bit soppy when they played Blue Jeans & White T-Shirts (our first dance). We were going to stay behind after to say hi but again the mature MRS P introduced herself & we headed home seeing as we'd had no tea, it was raining & we needed to get the last tube! 'twas great fun though & the perfect way to start the week (if a bit tiring!).
Yesterday saw our second gig of the week The Revival Tour. We first heard about this tour last year cos Brian from Gaslight was playing. We saw them in Nottingham (see post HERE) & also when they did a little set in the Lee shop on Carnaby Street (see post HERE). We enjoyed it so much we said even if we didn't know anyone who was playing (apart from Chuck Ragan) we'd still go & how glad are we that we did?! Very is the answer!
The gig was at the O2 academy Islington & when we arrived there was quite a bit of space at the front so we decided to jump in there seeing as it wouldn't be as manic as Gaslight! The tour this time consisted of Chuck Ragan (who organises the whole thing), Cory Branan, Emily Barker, Jay Malinowski, Rocky Votolato, Jon Gaunt, Joe Ginsburg & The Dead Coast.
* Joe, Chuck, Rocky, Cory*
Last year we'd discovered Dave Hause through this show so we wondered if anyone would stand out as much this time & for me it was Cory Branan. He was mesmerising to watch, there was so much passion in his singing & playing I could have watched him all night! For Adam though it was Rocky Votolato I still liked him but no one was going to beat Cory for me! We ended up getting one album of each afterwards so let's see who can persuade who!
I think I only knew about 3 songs in the whole show but it didn't matter. The atmosphere was incredible both off & on stage & you can tell everyone's passionate about the music & enjoy playing together. I'm always amazed at how much enthusiasm Joe has when playing his double bass though I was missing his moustache a bit!
All to soon (over 3hrs later!) it was time to go home (boo!) & again we hadn't eaten so we didn't plan on hanging around. When we got to the merch stand though Corey was standing there so I geeked out a bit about how much I enjoyed his set & got my cd signed! When we turned around to leave there was Emily, Jon, Joe & Chuck all mingling so we said a quick hi to them all & got them to sign our poster, there was no sign of Rocky & Jay to complete our set so decided to head to McDs instead! Rock n' Roll!

It feels like ages since we went to a gig & this week's got me all excited for music again. Can't wait now for Billy Talent next month & *ahem*STEPS*ahem* in December!


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

wedding wednesday ktp & her lovely ladies

After starting my transformation into a pink princess it was time to head back to ma&pa's to put on my dress & see my beautiful bridesmaids all dolled up. We scrub up well don't we?! 
*I'm going to apologise in advance if you're sick of our wedding already but I really want to remember every little detail & my blog is the perfect place to do it. So bear with me & just look at the pretty pictures for now! Mega thanks to Chris Barber for capturing all of these shots :)
Right then let me talk you through our outfits....
My stunning dress (modest I know!) was from Vivien of Holloway & was a real bargain considering all other shops wanted to charge about £800 for a custom made version of the same thing. After finally getting used to their sizing I went for the beautiful ivory lace & then took it to Devine in Loughborough for a few special tweaks. They added a bright pink sash & bow as well as thinning the halterneck down a bit for me.
**stunning ain't we?!**
Speaking of Devine they were FAB with a capital F.A.B. If you ever need a ballgown or bridesmaid dresses made & you're around the Leicestershire area go there, you won't be disappointed. I was really struggling with my bridesmaids dresses, I knew I wanted grey but wanted different necklines, Lou recommended Devine & they were great. I had a choice of fabrics & colours, then all I had to do was explain roughly what each neckline needed to be like (based on the girls picking the one they liked the best over a curry in Brick Lane!) & they sketched it up while I spoke. 2/3 fittings later & there were 5 beautifully lined dresses all the same length & with matching bows at the back, they'd thought about every little detail & were a joy to deal with.
Seeing as the dresses were grey I wanted pink highlights to make my girlies stand out & what better way than Tatty Devine initial necklaces?! After looking at my options online they were more than helpful when I asked if I could have them in pink to match our colour scheme. When I gave them out as wedding gifts that morning & saw them with the dresses they looked ace! I also wore a Tatty Devine necklace with two magpies for joy (one for sorrow, two for joy), they're the one thing I'm superstitious about & apparently I was told there were two magpies playing outside Adam's hotel before the wedding.
Being a bit of a shoe lover I couldn't resist having not one, not two, but three pairs of shoes for the big day! I'd always said when I was little that when I got married I'd want to wear a pair of Jimmy Choos but when I started looking around I fell in love with the Irregular Choice ones (& they were less blingy!). My second pair was from Carvella & third was Miss KG (I never got to wear these on the day though cos we lost them & didn't find them till the next morning, much to my big toe's dismay!).
To match with the pink theme my ladies all wore pink jelly shoes by Mel, I'm not sure how comfy they turned out to be but they looked amazing & I was dead jealous I didn't get to wear those as well!
While we got ready I was handed a present from Adam. I opened it & found a book & mix tape. The book had really lovely lines & quotes about everything being ok & it was nice to take a few minutes & read some of it amidst the buzz of getting ready. I put the mixtape usb in my computer & pressed play, I was so excited cos I've never had a mixtape made for me before so it was even more special to get my first one on my wedding day! I think the best bit was when 'Killing In The Name Of' came on & I jumped around & shouted a bit. Can't wait to get this on my Ipod & remember what I was doing when each track comes on.
After posing for a few snaps outside it was time to pop open the champers, raise our first toast of the day & wait for the excitememnt to begin!

Tune in next week to see what Adam & his boys rocked.
Ttfn x

Monday, October 15, 2012

Minimoon Monday - creatures, castles & cruises, oh my!

Our 4th day in Jersey (pt1, pt2, pt3 here) was quite an adventure.
We started off at the zoo, the reptile house was my fave & I managed to get some great shots of the inhabitants watching us watching them.
Once outside again Adam had fun becoming a meerkat while the bats stretched their wings in the bat tunnel. I was mesmerised by the Aye Ayes in their dimly lit enclosures, I couldn't ever try to get a picture so I just stood there watching them for ages & ended up squinting like a mole as I came back out into the sunshine.
After a bit to eat we set off to Gorey to see Mont Orgueil Castle. It was a really pretty part of Jersey (not that the rest's scruffy!) which was confirmed when we were faced with the view above as we walked from the car park, it was pretty stunning!
As well as with Elizabeth Castle we hadn't quite left enough time to make the most of our visit fully. We expected it to just be a pretty castle but when the guide introduced it to us saying we needed to find the 'wounded man,' the 'witches' exhibition & 'wheel of urine' we knew we were in for a treat!! Unfortunately though we only had a few hours to explore so we headed straight for the top (harder to find that you would think with all the winding staircases & hidden rooms!) & worked our way down again. The view below is one of my favourite of Jersey, It looks stunning. We didn't find the Wheel of Urine *sigh* (!) but we did find a great exhibition about the queen & it had a really weird holographic image of her face that only appeared when you turned your head.
After a few hours we hopped on a bus to St Helier so we could go on our Sunset Cruise with Jersey Seafaris. We'd planned to go on their trip on the Friday night but it was fully booked when our hotel called that morning so the owner offered to take us from St Helier to Gorey cos he was going that way anyway! It sounded great fun so we went to meet the boat for our romantic boat ride.
We found out it was even more romantic when we got there though cos we were the only people going! This small boat turned up & we climbed aboard. I'd wanted to dress nicely for our special evening together by wearing a dress, it wasn't such a great idea when we were zooming across the water straddling a seat though! Ah well! The views were incredible & it was such an amazing feeling being surrounded by nothing but water - no land or other boats were near us. Wow!
We traveled round the South East of the island & I was swapping between taking videos & photos. It was all going so well until we turned suddenly & my little Lumix (that I though was round my neck) went crashing to the floor. Argh! I tried to act all cool so as not to ruin the rest of the trip but I was crying inside, mainly cos I was missing perfect Kodak Moments & not cos there was a huge crack & dent down the front of my lens. As you can see there was no hiding this damage & even when I tried to make the sun shine off the crack it didn't soften the blow. Thankfully though we realised it was only the UV filter on the front that had cracked not the whole lens *phew* so it was about £100 cheaper than it could have been. Thank goodness dad told me to put a filter on the front when I first bought it. I didn't realise this till the next day though that was all it was so the following pics were taken with either our iphones or my telephoto lens. Poor Little Lumix!
As part of our Sunset Cruise deal we got dinner at a fab restaurant called Feast. It was a perfect place for our quirky tastes, the food was delish & they played Wind In The Willows in the loos! Random! After the wedding link of the Flaming Katys at Seven Angels it was great to have a cocktail in a Jam Jar here carrying on the wedding vibe. Definitely worth a visit if you're in Gorey at any time!
While we were eating we happened to look out across the harbour & spotted this stunning sunset. I'm really glad I could only use my other lens cos I don't tend to use it enough & the detailed silhouettes I got with it were great.
On our way home we drove past the Bowling Alley & decided to use our 2 free games that came with the Jersey Pass. It was really good fun & the lanes were in a big old converted house. I lost miserably but it was fun all the same. On a side note though I let Adam win you see, couldn't have him moping around for the rest of our trip! :P

Hope y'all had a great weekend. Facebook erupted yesterday when we added our wedding photos so we've had fun sorting them out. Can't wait to start sharing them with you from Wednesday! :D

Ttfn x

Friday, October 12, 2012

Just a little Eggscited!

Seeing as it's not Easter what other reason would I have for a crummy egg joke?! That's right my Hen Party! Now in case you've been living under a rock for the last few months I know I got married at the start of September, but never one to follow the rules (surprising I know!), my Hen Party ain't until the end of October & I'm getting really excited!
I've left it up to Anna & the other bridesmaids so it's all a big secret though I have been getting postcard hints via snail mail. I love getting post but this kind of post's even better! The last postcard I got was the most exciting of them all. Anna had made up a poem & are you sitting comfortably cos it goes summit like this:

"Mirror mirror on the wall what should you wear to the best hen night of them all?
Saturday is the day to dress girly & sweet, perhaps a little vintage from your head to your feet.
And then what's next? Hmmm…let's see. Well please don't shriek, it could be either…trick or treat! Yes that's right, you chose all hallows party night…you could be in for a teeny weeny fright?! The evening's outfit we've arranged ;-) just being your 2nd day wedding dress, or it's part of the change.
Also as a little reminder, as now I'm feeling a little kinder… don't forget to bring those comfy (dancing) shoes; we don't want yet another purple bruise!
Sunday we request you dress with elegance, surely not a problem for someone with your intelligence. Perhaps you could try 50's chic; but neither too meek OR like a freak! Simply show your own stylish aplomb. As then you'll definitely LOOK DA BOMB ;-)"

Isn't that brill?! I love surprises & they're even better when you've got to plan your wardrobe around something you still don't know what you're doing! Woop!

Ttfn x

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

wedding wednesday quiet time

After all the build up I finally get to write about the big day! Huzzah! My Bridesmaids & I woke up early & sat around nattering for an hour before we needed to get ready. It was about the only time in my life I didn't mind waking up at 6am, an hour before my alarm was due to go off! After hopping in the shower it was time for Anna & I to tackle my eye makeup (we'd already practiced a few weeks ago at her house so knew roughly what we were doing!) & it proved to be perfect team work! 2hrs before Chris Barber was due to arrive mum & I were booked into the hairdressers to start the transformation into Blushing Bride & Mother of the Bride. We'd booked in with Kirsty who's been doing our hair for almost 10years so we knew we were in safe hands!
The reason we needed such a long time was because I didn't just want a pretty hairstyle I wanted my hair dyeing to match the pink in my wedding dress! Yes that's right, pink! Everyone was pretty nervous about dyeing my hair the day of the wedding at first but it was the only way to get it bright enough & also so it would be surprise for Adam, he had no idea! The thing was, as long as it was a shade of red/pink it would look great & so as long as it didn't go green we'd be fine (then again the green would have matched what Adam was wearing so wouldn't have mattered either! :P).
While I sat around waiting for my dye to set I painted my nails & mum had a wash & blow dry. Finally it was time to wash it out & see what I was faced with. As soon as Kirsty started drying it & there were flashes or bright pink all over the place I couldn't stop grinning! I was so excited! The style I'd gone for was a fairly relaxed low bun to the side & she made it look to pretty.
Next was for the headpiece that the lovely Emhen had made specially for me. I'd wanted a big fat bow with a bit of bling & a birdcage veil & she made it look gorgeous! Seeing as we weren't sure how it would sit on my head she'd made the netting bigger than we needed so it could be cut down to size. Trouble was everyone was too chicken to cut it so mum had to bite to bullet & be the brave one while everyone else sat around pointing out where to cut. Brave mum! She did a great job though & it sat perfectly.
After 1.5hrs the transformation was complete & we set off home to get the rest of my outfit sorted. As you can see from the picture above I was pretty chuffed! It was really nice having that time away from the hustle & bustle at home as well, all we could do was sit back, chat & read magazines/blogs in the relaxing atmosphere of the salon. It set the scene for what proved to be a pretty relaxing & not frantic day at all. Perfick!

Thanks to Lou for coming along & taking these pics & being willing to sit around doing her hair & makeup at the hairdressers whenever she got the chance! :) Check out her Flickr HERE.

Ttfn x