Sunday, May 15, 2011

all about me!

Can't believe how long it is since I blogged last! Shocking! It's only a couple of days but it feels like weeks!
Yesterday I was treated like a princess (I know it should be every day right but hey a girl can't have it all!). I went to claim one of my prizes from the wedding fayres - a makeover & photoshoot.  I was actually quite nervous about what I wanted & if I'd be good enough & know where to put my feet, arms, head, etc but I didn't need to worry.

I was ushered into the first room where I had my makeup done. It felt really weird to have more than a bit of eyeliner & mascara on! They sprayed my face with foundation, did my eyes, blusher & painted my lips red (not had that done since I was in a dancing show when I was little!). This was when the celeb lookie-likie comparison started & I was compared to Billie Piper! I had it quite a lot all afternoon (from the people at the studio & from mum, dad & Adam!) which didn't bother me, there's worse people to be compared with! The next room was the hair room. I entered with thin, flat, straight hair & left with bouncing curls & volume! It was ace!
Then came the bit I was most nervous about - the actual photos! The photographer was ace though & did her bit to make you feel the best. I did lots of different poses & then when I felt a bit more confident I whipped out Adam's football shirt (that I'd snuck out of the house) & did a few cheeky poses in that! Straight after was the viewing & Adam joined me. His face when he saw the suprise shots at the end was brill! I got one free picture as part of my prize so Adam picked the one he liked the best & we got a little thumbnail printed out while we wait for the finished thing.

When I got back we did a few silly catalogue poses outside seeing as the camera was loving me so much! I can definately see the Billie Piper resemblance in the first one!

Anyway d'ahlings I better go & powder my nose! Ciao!
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