Monday, April 29, 2013

The sky's the limit

The next high point of mum&dad's visit (see what I did there?!) was the Emirates Skyline which links the 02 to the Excel across the river.
 photo 1emiratesskyline_zps6a8c82d0.jpg
We weren't sure if it would be working seeing as it was a bit windy but it was still running so we piled on & set off.
 photo 2emiratesskyline_zps353b5368.jpg
Normally I'm fine with things like this & have to spend most of the time reassuring Adam everything's ok but boy was it high?! I had Lumix plastered to my face for most of the journey so it didn't quite seem as real while my hands grew clammier & my face got redder!
 photo 3emiratesskyline_zpsf2099d8c.jpg
The high points were really high but it was a fun journey all the same, shame it's not a useful route that commuters can use daily. Maybe they should open another one going from Waterloo to St Pancras?! That would be brill! It's well worth a visit but don't expect to spend much time around the Excel, there's nowt there!

Ttfn x

Friday, April 26, 2013

Park in Progress

A few weeks ago ma&pa came to visit & we went to visit what was the Olympic Park.
 photo 1queenelizabetholympicparkpuddingmilllaneview_zpsfa9b4ade.jpg
For the next month or so you can book tickets for the 'Park in Progress Tour' (click HERE) to see what's what, if you get the chance you should try to go.
 photo 2theorbit_zps5252a29f.jpg
We were all expecting a bit more of a tour of the actual park but in reality all we did was don hi-vis jackets (except for me cos the velcro was catching on my jacket - fashion before safety d'harling! :P), jump on a bus round the corner & go up the Orbit!
 photo 3londonviewsfromtheorbit_zpse65102ea.jpg
It wasn't as bad as it sounds though cos we hadn't been able to go up the Orbit during the Games last year so it was great to have an aerial view of the stadium & the rest of the London. Mum & I thought it all looked a bit sad though without the magic & excitement the Olympics had brought with it. Once it's finished though it's going to be a lovely place to walk around & I can't wait to go for a swim in the public pool!
 photo 4anishkapoormirrorreflections_zpsdcae4465.jpg
Once we'd gone up the Orbit, as well as the cracking views outside there were awesome ones inside too thanks to huge mirror installations by Anish Kapoor (who'd also designed the Orbit)! At first everyone was the right way up but as you stepped away....
 photo 5anishkapoormirrorreflections_zps892cf174.jpg
....the people in the foreground were the right way up & the people further away as well as the view of London were all upside down. I loved the way the image changed constantly as people walked around, I could have stood there all day & not had one photo the same.
 photo 7orbitspiralwalk_zps0dd649e4.jpg
There was a lift to go up & a spiral walk way to come down again. Sadly you couldn't really see a lot thanks to the mesh but it looks brill from the outside.
 photo 8bottomoftheorbit_zps6e539615.jpg
Once back on terra firma we stopped for a quick Kodak moment before jumping on the bus to carry on our adventures....
 photo 9puddingmilllanestation_zps9e4e0699.jpg
Keep tuned in for where we went next (I know you can't wait! :P).

Ttfn x

Monday, April 22, 2013

Lets be cultured d'harling!

Friday night we decided to be educated & visit the Lichtenstein exhibition at the Tate Modern. I'd heard great things about the show so couldn't wait to see it for myself & we weren't disappointed! As well the images you'd expect, the were lots of new paintings I'd never seen before. I especially liked the black & white objects & the more subtle Chinese scenes.
I know, I know, the signs said 'no photography' but I loved this picture so much Adam managed to grab a sneaky snap. I stood there wondering if anyone had ever proposed in front of it & how awesome it would be! *sigh!*

Anyways, hope y'all had a lovely sunny weekend - we went to the seaside!
Have a good week!
Ttfn x

Friday, April 19, 2013

For Jane....

Yesterday it was 2years since Art's sister Jane passed away, I can't believe how fast the time's flown by. When I was looking at a few pics on FB I realised I'd never posted photos from when we all went to The Land last year for Jane's birthday so what better time than now?
We all met at The Land, a special place where trees were planted for Jane & in the middle of them is a gate with a sign that says For Jane in her handwriting. It's a little reference to Blazing Saddles, a family favourite & after raising a toast & enjoying some Vegan cake on the second day we all walked through it.
Throughout the afternoon we all plonked ourselves in one of the barns listening & signing along to live music while enjoying various home brews & nibbles.
Once it got dark we all set off to a big bonfire in the next field, enjoyed some fireworks then sang camp songs in rounds while everyone huddled together to keep warm.
By this point it was getting late & people started heading to their tents, not us though, we bedded down in the car with lots of pillows, blankets & hot water bottles. It was the best decision ever & we were snug as bugs in rugs all night.
The next morning we all had a Vegan lunch where everyone had brought a dish before one last visit to the trees & Jane's gate & think about all the fun times we'd been lucky enough to have with her & all the times she's missing out on rolling her eyes at me seeing Steps again!
Jane suffered from epilepsy & passed away in 2011. Read more about her story HERE & how Art's family & friends are getting SUDEP more recognised.

Ttfn x

Monday, April 15, 2013

Long Live Film!

Yesterday Spring had definitely sprung & what better way to enjoy it than wandering around East London armed with 4 cameras & rolls of film for them all?!
Lou & I had a long overdue catch up while we wandered, well queued, our way round a very busy Columbia Road flower market, then headed off for Brick Lane grabbing a yummy burger along the way & finally finished off with a yummy chocolate, chocolate, chocolate Belgian Waffle at Patisserie Valerie after seeing what Spittalfields had to offer.
The whole idea was that we swapped cameras so while Lou got used to my manual SLR (my pride & joy!) I clicked away on her Diana Mini playing around with double exposures & half frames. It was great fun & I've definitely got the bug again for film cameras. Bank balance you have been warned! Yoink!

Ttfn x

Friday, April 12, 2013

Old vs New

I'm really loving the amount of print designs I'm getting to do at my new job! Its been so long since I've done anything like this & now I'm getting used to working my way round Photoshop & Illustrator it's even better.

I'm using a mix of drawing with pen&ink & also directly onto the computer. Although the computer is a lot quicker & neater I'm loving getting covered in ink every time my fountain pen misbehaves! It's just like being back at uni, just with less time spent watching Diagnosis Murder & stalking Dreads!

I've just completed my first full week & it's been really rewarding but I'm cream crackered. TGIF!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

karma chameleon

A few weeks ago I was in Subway (surprise surprise!) & there was a student behind me who could only afford part of his sarnie. After hearing him ask the guy behind the till what he could do & only getting grunts back I decided to jump on the 'act of random kindness' bandwagon & help the guy by paying the difference. He was really chuffed & I felt really good!

I didn't think much more of it till last night when I pulled into a carpark & someone came over & gave me their pay&display ticket for the rest of the night! Which was ace cos it turned out I didn't actually have enough money anyway!

Gotta love a bit of karma!
Ttfn x

Monday, April 08, 2013

Just like any good men's fashion designer/blogger....

I've just treated myself to 'Buttoned-Up.'
It's part of Penguin's 150year anniversary of the London Underground set & this one represents the East London Line. It's all about trendy Shoreditch & the East London look of wearing your top button done up (clue was in the name wasn't it?!). I know to you lot this probably sounds like the dullest book ever, but I'm actually quite excited to sink my teeth into it! Geek or what?!  It's also the first book I've bought since getting the Kindle so it feels quite nice to hold a book with pictures!

Penguin have released 11 other books all relating to a different tube line & I'm hoping to get them all so they line up nicely on my bookshelf along with all my other Penguin series. I love interesting bookshelves!

Ttfn x

Friday, April 05, 2013

Brain Dead

Wow where did those 3 days of work go?! I'd forgotten how much there is to take in at a new workplace & my head's spinning with new techniques, things to ask, things to chase & things to do. I've written the same to do list 5 times in different places trying to find a way to keep on top of everything.
Thankfully (for my brain) I've got today off! I wish every week could be a 3 day week *sigh*

Ttfn x

Monday, April 01, 2013


How did we manage it at uni?! We all went out for Slink's 30th birthday on Saturday night & I'm still recovering! We thought we were well hard staying out till 3:30am, we eventually got home & crashed at 5am then Sunday we were all completely useless, even conversation was a tricky task to master!
 photo rocknightcollage_zpse33fde4e.jpg
It was well worth it though. We started at Bacchus Bar in Brum (they've got a fab beer blog HERE) followed by good old Eddies for a jump around. It was muchos fun, you can never beat a bit of "Killing In The Name Of" with Niall shouting in your face! Here's to 2013, the year of the Old.Age.Rockers! :P

Ttfn x