Thursday, October 24, 2013

But which goes first...the jam or the cream?!

I'm still none the wiser! I realised I hadn't finished my post about my birthday road trip to Cornwall (only 2 months late!)...see part one HERE.

After we woke up & showered in the corner of the room while the other watched tv (still weird!) it was time for the main part of the B in B&B. I always judge a pub B&B on whether they serve black pudding as part of their Full English or not. Alas there was no black pudding but there was Hog's Pudding which I'd never had before & it was really good so we'll let them off!
 photo 8foweyandpar_zps50320b77.jpg
Seeing as the weather the day before had been a bit grotty it was a real treat to wake up to blue skies & sunshine. First of all we stopped off at Par beach & sat soaking up the sun for a bit before setting off to Fowey.
 photo 9fowey_zpsd0353dc0.jpg
Fowey had been recommended to Adam by someone from work & we loved it, such a pretty place! Seeing as we were in Cornwall there were two things we had to have before we went back to the smoke - Cornish ice cream (tick) & a cream tea (tick) though I'm not sure if I put the jam & cream on in the right order - according to me it's always jam then cream, the other way round is just odd!

Yay for weekend's away!
Ttfn x

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Blast from the past

Last weekend was spent rummaging through ma&pa's loft reliving my childhood!
Lisa & I had been chatting away about toys we had when we were little so I wanted to see what I still had. It was so much fun going through my suitcase of Slyvanian Families, bags of TY's & a box of My Little Ponies & Keepers. They brought back so many memories, mum & I had such a giggle going through them while Adam just looked scared as things got more pink & glittery as we went on!
The best bit was the last box full of My Littlest Pet Shop. Each animal had been packed in a sandwich bag with it's own props & description! I must have spent more time putting them away than actually playing with them! The funny thing was as soon as I started un-bagging them (still keeping them in their groups so they went back in the right places!) I knew exactly what each little animal did & how all the props worked & fitted must be like the Steps dances, filed away in the back of my brain with all the other useless stuff 'till I need to use it again! 

The last one I unpacked was the hospital, I'd kept everything from the tiny plasters to the x-rays all neat & tidy, then I spotted the notebook...I'd written down how the animals were feeling & kept track of them while playing! At this point mum jumped in to ask if I was ever a lonely child?! Truth is I wouldn't have swapped my time as a kid for the world it was awesome & I'm so glad I can re-live it in ma&pa's attic anytime I want! Now who's for a game of Mouse Trap?!

Ttfn x

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Tick tock tick tock

Most people would be glad of a few unexpected hours out of the office but why today when my inbox is turning into an incrate?!

We came home last night to find our (wonderful hmm) neighbours had been doing some work & had damaged the box with our gas meter in. Adam called the gas board & they've been out 3 times so far & have now capped it.

The only thing is I have no house keys....typical! The one time I forget! I'm currently sitting in Carlton with my kindle waiting for:
1. The gas man
2. The courier man with Adam's keys! 

Joy! It's a crazy race that I hope the courier man wins! Not only that I've had no lunch so am getting rather Hangry (hungry/angry! Love it Art&Sam!) & am dying for the loo.

Grr think I should just go back to bed & start fresh tomorrow, thing is I can't get to my bed! Argh! It's a vicious circle! 

Ttfn x

Saturday, October 12, 2013


Life's been pretty awesome these past few weeks thanks to a fab Honeymoon in Japan (many photo posts to follow soon!)

We got back last week & I was faced with the challenge of 3500 photos, 3% free on the skybox & about 2000 unread work emails! Now, we have a photo album printed, 20% free on the skybox & about 16 unread work emails. Phew! Now I need a holiday from the holiday!

I'm currently enjoying a bit of RnR at a spa for Lisa's 30th & seeing the rest of the in-laws later. Bliss!
Ttfn x