Friday, June 29, 2012

Everybody needs good neighbours!

At 6:30 the other morning, while getting ready for work, we had a knock on the door. Not really awake we opened it to find our neighbour from downstairs with a box. They normally look after parcels for us if they're delivered while we're at work so we didn't think much of it.
I didn't really twig that she'd said 'Good morning! Breakfast!' till I opened the bid to find this....
....6 packs of 4 croissants!
Random or what?! Love it!

Ttfn x

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

another countdown has begun

& this time it's not for the wedding! I picked up our Olympic tickets the other day & I can't wait now!
They make a really great souvenir & I can't wait to go & cheer on Jessica Ennis & Mo Farah in 38days time! Woop! :-)


Monday, June 25, 2012

codewords & qualifyers.

Yesterday it was mum's turn to celebrate the big 6-0 & what a jam-packed weekend it was!

I'd taken Friday off to travel up to Lufbra with Lisa & Jenna for them to try on their bridesmaid dresses & for me to see mine after a few tweaks. It was great to see their outfits in dress form & not a swatch of fabric & a rough pencil sketch (thankfully they look really great so can't wait to see everyone in them on the day!). I also tried my dress on again which was a bit snug today the least! Yoink! Hopefully that's given me enough motivation to watch what I eat rather than my complete lack of will power!

On Saturday evening ma&pa had a joint 60th birthday party at home which was really good fun! Most of the teachers (& ex-teachers) I'd not seen in years so it was fun to catch up & the birthday boy & gal had fun too. We didn't end up going to bed till about 1:30am, I swear ma&pa are dirtier stoppy outers than Adam & I & put us to shame!
Sunday morning came round bit too quickly for our liking for but we dragged our backsides out of bed to get ready for an exciting day at Alexander Stadium in Birmingham for the Team GB Olympic Qualifiers (more on that later). Before we left though I gave ma&pa their joint present that I've been planning & saving up for years!
I made their present the same way I made Adam's Valentines present by making my own QR code & stitching it (see here for how to do it). It's quite a fun way to do it cos when the present has been opened no one knows exactly what it is till you scan the code & get the message. This time the message was......
....a hot air balloon ride for two! Think mum's face says it all!

Anyway it's back to the grindstone today (boo!) but it was a great weekend spent with my favourite people. Happy Un-Birthday both of you!

Ttfn x

Friday, June 22, 2012

don't ask don't get!

Last Sunday Adam & I had our Engagement Session with Chris Barber (woop - more on that when we get the photos which we can't wait for!). We'd wanted to get some photos in a 50s diner & had emailed Ed's see their website here (**warning** if you're sneakily reading this at work or somewhere you shouldn't be make sure your speakers are switched off!) in Selfridges, Birmingham. Expecting a generic email back saying 'no' we got an excited personal response asking us what time we wanted to be there! When we arrived they'd reserved 4 booths for us to give us the space to move around & get the perfect shot. The special treatment didn't end there either - after our shoot & eating some amazing food (yup wedding diet's going sooo well!) we were presented with a food bill with 20% knocked off & a Clarins box filled with goodies to say congratulations! How amazing?!
I couldn't believe how much stuff was in the box it was so lovely of them!
We (well, I!) got the following:
~ 2 Clarins make up bags
~ Clarins invigorating fragrance, smoothing body scrub & hydraquench cream-mask
~ Acqua Di Parma Blu Mediterraneo eau de toilette samples & body lotion
~ perfume samples from Bottega Veneta, Balenciaga, Carolina Herrera & Ellie Saab
~ Juicy Couture body lotion & shower gel
~ Narciso Rodriguez scented candle
~ Clinique moisturizing lotion
I just really wanted to say thanks so much to Ed's & all they did for us, they made a special day even more special! If you're ever in Brum, or London, they've got some there too (click the link to find the nearest one) & feeling a bit peckish check them out - great music, fab staff & scrummy food!
Ttfn x

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

and they call it pupy love

Little Pug is settling in very well with us & he bonded with Adam straight away, no matter how much love he gets though he always looks sad....
....he's been eating well & we've even trained him along the way....
....when he does misbehave though he's soon forgiven, how can you stay mad at that face?!....
....our little family....
....think it's about time someone checked herself into Pugs Anonymous?!

Ttfn x

Monday, June 18, 2012

welcome to our new arrival....

little pug came into our lives very recently.
It was a shame to take him away from his tall friend (who knew pugs & Giraffes got on so well?!) but he's one pampered pooch back at Chez P! He's so well house trained already & although he likes to follow us around he's no trouble at all.

We had a really fun weekend seeing ma&pa & doing wedding stuff (75 days to go!) on Saturday then Sunday was our Engagement Shoot with Chris Barber - more on that to come! We're pretty cream crackered now but it was worth it! :)

Ttfn x

Friday, June 15, 2012

Queens - if it's not the Jubilee it's the Tennis!

We were lucky enough to get tickets to Queens Club for the Tennis this year & even luckier we got them for the Tuesday & not the Monday (which was a complete wash out!)
It was really bizarre the way it was just at the end of a row of houses, would love to buy one of them though so we could watch all the matches from the back bedroom!
Our tickets were for Centre Court & the seats were really good (not sure there are any bad ones though it was so small), you could even watch the action on court 2 in between matches!
Unfortunately cos there had been no play the day before we had Monday's matches, if all had gone to plan though we'd have seen Andy Murray. I'm not a huge fan of him to be honest & he didn't actually play that well in the end but would have been good to see him.
At least we got to see one Brit though - James Ward v Kevin Anderson (who won) as well as Ivo Karlovic v Lleyton Hewitt (we missed the whole of the 1st set though just to queue up for coffee, don't get me started, it was stupid!) & finally Frederico Gil v Marcos Baghdatis (which was a brill match but we left before the last set cos we were so frozen!).
Loved this sign in the loos!
I also had a little play around with my jelly lenses.
Who'd have thought we were in June?! It was so cold! Next time we'll come with more layers, hand warmers & a huuuuge flask of hot water to make our own hot drinks! Fingers crossed for the ballot again!

Ttfn x

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lisa's Brighton Babes

All Adam & I seem to be doing at the moment is going on stag/hen weekends, can't complain though it's great fun! This time it was Lisa's Hen Party in Brighton. Jenna, Jennifer & I hopped in Tina's well decorated car & we were off. Girls on tour! Well, till we got a bit further down the road & the wind blew the decorations so hard we had to stop & take them off so they didn't fly off & hit someone on the motorway!
We arrived at the Andorra Hotel a few hours later & dragged our suitcases up the wonky steep stairs to a rabbit warren of rooms. I really liked it's little quirks & its uneven floors that made you feel drunker than you were & the gap between the door & the floor was hilarious!
Even though we were only going for 3days my suitcase weighed a ton & was full of clothes I never wore, 5 pairs of shoes & bottles of ale! If only I'd swapped the ale for Lambrini, then it would have been a proper girly suitcase!
We managed to beat the other car so after dumping our cases Jenna & I got about decorating Lisa's room ready for when she arrived. We had banners, balloons & bubbly with Lisa's own personalised label as well as cupcakes & donuts.
Once Lisa arrived we all had a toast to the beautiful bride-to-be & set about getting ready for our first night out on the town.
We all met in Hen HQ (Lisa's room!) & we were all given goodie bags including our very own vest tops, a sash, smellies, nail varnish & various other Hen Party bits & bobs (that I'm sure you can make out in the photo! :P).
After posing for a group shot in the reception we all headed out to attack Spoons for cheap food & drinks, classy!
Back row LtoR - Jennifer, Suzanne, Tina, Donna & Hayley
Front row LtoR - Jenna, Lisa & me
After a few drinks at Spoons, we popped into Lloyds for a bit of a boogie before ending the night at Lola Los which was a bit like a Tiki Bar, they played good music & had really comfy seats (very important seeing what shoes we were all wearing!).We headed home (most of us in the flat shoes we'd brought with us or bare footed!) about 2:30am & crashed into bed.
The next morning, after sitting down for a Half Full English (all the bits were there but the portions were a little small!), we set off to Circus Circus for our Burlesque Class.
We had 2hrs of being shown how to strut, pose & wiggle like a Burlesque dancer & the class ended with us coming up with a choreographed routine in small groups. I'd been a bit nervous about the class but I think it helped not knowing the girls that well cos it meant I could strut my stuff that little bit more without a care in the world! Just call me Dita Von Tease!
After our Linner (lunch/dinner) at Donatello's in the lanes (great food, if you're ever in the area you must go!) we got changed into our 2nd night outfits - Policewomen! We set off for the Adonis Cabaret Show (the least said about that the better! :P). There was 1 guy, all rippling muscles, dancing to Cheryl Cole's "Fight For This Love" & everyone was screaming. All I could think of though was how much fitter Rufus Hound looked with his moustache & little belly in the same outfit doing the same routine! There's no hope for me!
We ended the night in Oceanas which was packed full of Hens & Stags, one of the groups walked round with a bag of pegs that they kept clipping to every one's backs - the MOB was the best though & even managed to get the bouncer twice! We boogied along to some cheesy pop classics (5ive & Backstreet Boys, but no Steps - what?!). My cool rock chick persona came crumbling down once more!
This photo sums up a great end to a fun night out! I sat there eating my chips on the bed while watching Supersize V Superskinny - does anyone else find that program makes them more hungry which ruins the whole point of the show?! No? Just me then!
On our last morning we all met downstairs for our Half-Full English (not everyone could stomach it so it was a good job it was a small portion!). We had a quick nip down to the sea front to get a few nicknacks before heading back home to recover. 
Before we left Jenna gave us all bracelets with a little gem charm which was so sweet. She makes some fab jewellery & has an Etsy site which she's hoping to open again soon once she's managed to juggle life with little Noah & making jewellery out of lots of pretty things he'd love to eat & play with! Take a look at her page here. She'd done an amazing job all weekend planning lots of little surprises & gifts for Lisa & the rest of us.
I was really chuffed at my budgeting power too, I'd planned to spend no more than £50 (including £10 for petrol & £10 for parking) & I managed it! Ooush!
Ttfn x

Monday, June 11, 2012

playful poppy

Adam's family have always had cats & one of them, Poppy, is such an attention seeking little miss.
I love the fact she looks like she's posing & smiling for the camera!
She loves sitting on you for cuddles which isn't so great for me when I start sneezing & my eye swells up like a golfball so I find the best thing to do is to put a camera between me & the fur & every one's happy.

Ttfn x

Friday, June 08, 2012

scream if you wanna go faster!

A few weeks ago Dad & Uncle Colin were allowed to be in charge of some very expensive kit.
For his 60th birthday (see here for my post earlier this year) mum had bought dad a driving experience at Prestwold Hall in Leicestershire. They had a choice of cars but in the end went for the Lamborghini & what a pretty thing she was too!
After a rather in depth briefing (we were allowed in too but I was completely lost as they explained what cone they should look for where to get the best drive!) they were driven around the track & had each corner explained, then it was their turn!
Dad walked up to a bright yellow Lambo & had the car along with all it's bits&bobs explained to him by the brave man who was to sit with him round the track ;-)....
....then it was time for him to get in, start up the engine & he was off...
....after about 3 laps dad pulled into the pitstop & you couldn't wipe the grin from his face. The guy said that he did really well & scored him 36 out of 40! Not bad eh & he even got to meet The Stig (well kinda!)!
After Uncle Colin had his go as well, the both of them plus Adam (chuh boys & their toys!) hopped in another car for a chance to be driven round the track at high speed while us women watched from on top of a hill waving their men off!
As you can see they were both very proud of their certificates & it proves you can never be too old to be classed as a boy racer! Thankfully though dad didn't try zooming the Prius round any country roads on the way home!
Well it ain't every day you turn 60! Enjoy it dad!
Ttfn x

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

any excuse for some themed merch!

In the run up to the festivities I was loving all the Jubilee related things around London including this brill Jubilee Line train, it certainly brightened up my commute to & from work:
The posters in some of the shop windows made me smile (& if you get a chance to see it, the Luke window in the Bullring in Brum was designed by a special someone & is rather fab!):
The store to win overall though was M&S who went overboard in their food section & offered some weird, wonderful & scrummy options. The first one to catch my eye was the Roast Beef & Yorkshire Pudding sarnie on Onion Bread - it was heaven! The illustrations were cute too.
The next sandwich I picked up was the Egg&Tomato which is a firm family favourite. Whenever I was little & we went on a family picnic (in a layby on a country road) mum would always prepare a big bowl of it & that was the sarnie you got, nothing else! Good to know we're linked with royalty having it - I can just see Her Majesty preparing a bowl of it before heading off with the family to Balmoral.
I also couldn't resist this little lunchbag & picnic sheet, they were only £2 each (though if I'd been patient & waited till this week they're probably 50p now!) Ah well I'm happy!
In Selfridges I was greeted with everything you could ever need to hold your own street party set up with all their little nick-nacks & right at the end was a crown made out of Jelly Beans! Love it!
I wonder what fun themes everyone has planned for the Olympics? Not long now! Am I the only Londoner who's actually looking forward to it?!
Ttfn x

Monday, June 04, 2012

luverly jubilee

Yesterday, along with the rest of the nation, we had a little tea party while watching the Queen celebrating her Diamond Jubilee (any excuse for a cream tea!). Jill & Keith came over for the day so Jill & I sat & watched the flotilla while Adam & Keith made themselves busy & made sure they grunted at the right places.
It was an incredible sight - there's not been a flotilla this big since the 17th Century, there were about 1,000 boats full of people rowing, waving, cheering & playing instruments all to celebrate the Queen & her 60year reign.
Speaking of rain (*groan* sorry for the dad joke!) the weather was awful but didn't dampen anyone's spirits. At first I was gutted I wouldn't be there waving & cheering along but as the sky grew greyer & the heavens opened I was more than happy to be sitting on the sofa all snug & warm watching the goings on.
I think the best moment was the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra playing Pomp & Circumstance, Sea Shanties & Land Of Hope & Glory on a barge, in the rain, with everyone around them singing & waving their flags. I think if it had been sunny it wouldn't have seemed British at all.
I've never seen the Queen looking so happy, she kept on grinning & actually laughing (think I forget she's a real person sometimes!). She was really chuffed to be there & the fact that everyone was celebrating with her.
It could have been the fact that I'd shared a few bevvies with her down the pub on Friday to get the Celebrations well on their way?!
Ttfn x