Monday, January 30, 2012

spring has sprung!

Well in the cleaning sense of the word anyway. Adam & I had a spare weekend so decided to tackle the coal shed & all it's contents. It's the first time since moving in that we actually tidied it out properly. There was loads of junk in there including loads of sheets of broken glass from the previous owners & now it's all spick & span. We must have the tidiest Coal Shed in London!
After spending the morning moving boxes around & labelling things up correctly we took all the extra boxes that were half full back into the house to pack them properly (it was way to cold to do it outside). At this point we realised it was lunch time, had no food in the house & neither of us could be bothered to go & pick something up. That's when good old Papa Johns came to our rescue! I'd weighed myself that morning to find I'd lost 5lbs in 3weeks, yay, so I kinda celebrated with this pizza which I found out is 230calories PER SLICE! Argh! Ah well got another 6 days till I need to weigh myself again so need to get munching on that lettuce! After we carried on sorting for the rest of the day we finally crashed with some of the left over pizza in front of Take Me Out. Let the head see the pillow!
Yesterday Adam popped home to pick up the last odds & sods from his parents before they move next weekend. Keith was about to get rid of his old birdbath so we snapped it up for our garden. We must try to get our little space sorted this year (you know when we have all that spare time between working & planning a wedding?!), we've got quite a few little bits & bobs to put out there so hopefully it won't be too long. Seeing the birdbath in place got me quite excited to get on with it. After finishing off the coal shed & cleaning like mad people we sat down to the last bit of pizza while planning wedding stuff & watching tv. Can't believe it's Monday already though. Rubbish!

Ttfn x

Friday, January 27, 2012

Hen Party Hastle

I knew there'd be stress as part I this wedding planning malarkey but I didn't think finding a date to hold my hen party would be one of them.
the Gin Sin cocktail that helped me through!

M.O.H Anna has been trying her best to see if she can juggle dates around so as not to stress me out but she finally sent an SOS text the other day. After a lot of flapping Adam suggested I set up a spreadsheet with all the dates between now & the wedding to see who could do what & guess what?! She was right. I don't have one weekend where all my bridesmaids are free (don't even get me started on time to go dress shopping!).

So I have 2 options:
a) I have to pick a date when I know one person can't make it :-( & how on earth do I choose who misses out?
b) I hold a belated one in October - set the date now & if people can't make it then then it's tough?

I think I've made a choice which one it's going to be but I can't believe it's been so difficult! Give me chair sashes any day!

Ttfn x

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Alternative Wedding Fair

After a lovely long lie on Sunday I headed into town to go to the Alternative Wedding Fair. I'd got free tickets through OMG I'm Getting Married so couldn't refuse! It was held at the Piccadilly Institute which was a great venue - with rooms with names like Noir, Clinic & Fruitbox there was no doubt it wouldn't be fun!
The fashion show ran a bit late but it didn't disappoint. There were outfits by Anissa Lee who's dresses were made entirely out of paper & looked stunning &  Elisabeth Armstrong's dresses were beautiful. (see photos "Amy B," "Ribbons&Roses" & "Lucy C" (l-r in a clockwise direction) 
I had a look around the stalls & picked at some lovely bits of cake as well as the free canapes & open bar! Can't be bad! On my way home on the tube I was going through my bag of goodies & came across a bonbon sized ball wrapped in cellophane. I un-wrapped it & popped it in my mouth to find it started to fizz immediately - that was when I found out I'd put a bath bomb in my mouth!!! I tried to look cool, calm & collected as I spat it back out into it's wrapper & scrambled around for a spare sweet to take the soapy taste away! Hopeless! 
Once I'd regained my composure & got home I carried on with the wedding planning & looked at how much there was left to do. ARGH! There wasn't too much I could tick off! I managed to send off some emails that have been pending though & other things are rolling along nicely. One thing I'll definitely scrub off the list is sweet-looking-soaps cos even if all our guests are clever enough to notice the soapy smell before scoffing them I'd be sitting there foaming at the mouth like a rabid dog - not good for the wedding album!
Ttfn x

Monday, January 23, 2012

here, there & everywhere!

new houses, new babies, birthdays & weddings. Wow what a weekend! Think I managed to tick most topics off this weekend.
We woke up on Saturday morning to no water thanks to a burst water main. We both needed to get ready to head out for the day so we popped down to Asda to use their loos & clean our teeth! Thankfully no one came in on me otherwise it would have been very difficult not to look homeless!
Our first stop was to go & see Becca & PJ's new house. They'd only moved in last weekend but we still managed to have a lovely ploughman's type lunch sitting around a slightly too small table with miss-matched chairs. That's what it's all about! They've found a really lovely house & it's going to look fab when they've put their own mark on it & got it all sorted.
Another of our mates Andrew & Alison lived about 20min away & they were throwing a Welcome party for their new baby Sophie. It was lovely to see Emhen & NatNat there too for a catch up after Chrimbo & New Year. I was surrounded by women getting broody! Eeek!
Once we left Croydon we headed over to Hoxton to see Ash for his birthday party at Zigfrid von Underbelly which was a fab place. There were about 10/15 of us & when I wasn't spending hours queueing for the loo it was muchos fun! Happy Birthday Mr!
Sunday was my dedicated Wedding planning day so more of that on Wednesday!
Ttfn x

Friday, January 20, 2012


After a very early wake up on Wednesday at 4am I jumped on a plane & headed to Berlin to see Bread&Butter, the 2nd & last trade fair till the summer.
Once at Berlin I usually step out of the airport, wait for a taxi to pop up & 20min later I'm at the show. This time it didn't run quite so smoothly & it took over an hour thanks to the taxi queue above.  It all started quite orderly, then as people got more & more fed up instead of waiting patiently anyone & everyone jumped in the nearest car which was frustrating but actually cleared the queue quicker! Most of the journey was quite stop/start with heavy traffic & my driver tried to be helpful by taking a detour down some side streets but we ended up stuck behind a dustbin lorry!
The theme of the show was music & all about pushing past the 10 to get to an 11 (it's the 11th year of Bread&Butter). I was surprised how busy the show was, I thought there'd be fewer people travelling but that certainly wasn't the case!
I had a good wander round seeing what was what (making sure I grabbed my favourite free bag of the show!) & left my mark on one of the stand's walls with a "mrs p-to-be woz 'ere" tag *ahem* 225 days to go *ahem* exciting stuff! Anyways back to the show.
Seeing as the show was for AW12 Tommy Hilfiger had their very own glice rink where the models were skating. It looked lovely. On my way to the lunch hall I couldn't resist jumping into the photobooth to show off my new ear muffs! cute or what?! Couldn't resist them!

After grabbing a really late lunch & bumping into Andy, Tony & George at various times I finally met up with Michael & we checked into the Hotel Bogota.
We always stay here & it's steeped in so much history mainly cos of  the people who used to live here. The rate is pretty cheap, you have to share bathrooms but I love it.
As you can see the rooms are really basic & little pug liked it too! Win win!

The next morning we headed straight back to the fair for a few hours before I had to head off to the airport to fly home.
I grabbed my lunch at the "workers canteen" & loved my little desk & pull out stool. The food was scrummy too. I usually sit in the huge food hall but found this gem of an area in one of the side halls. When I was tearing out one of the pictures from a look book I'd picked up I found I'd created a rather scary man in a dress!

As usual I made sure I gave myself 2hrs to get to the airport cos of taxi queues & traffic. I left the fair at 12:55pm & arrived at the airport 1:15pm for a 4:30pm flight! Can't win!
While I waited I thought I'd ordered a fizzy apple juice but ended up with an "aperol spritz" which was prosecco & aperol liqueur! Yoink! It was tasty but not quite what I expected!
I finally boarded my flight & again slept all the way home (partly due to the drink above I think!). I woke up just in time to see these lovely views of London as we came into land.

Thankfully that's the end of travelling for this month but it carries on again in Feb. Phew!
Auf wiedersehen x

Monday, January 16, 2012

lazy like a sunday morning

& a Saturday morning. After a busy week for both Adam (working all day & night for a pitch) & I (various meetings & a trip to Florence) so this weekend we had the best lazy time!
Adam isn't one for a lie in (much to my dismay usually!) but after a rather hectic week we ended up not getting up till 2:30pm! Bliss! We'd decided to sleep in the spare room in case downstairs woke us up Saturday morning. This worked to our advantage though cos when we woke up we realised we had the x-box & tv ready so we grabbed a film & a cuppa & lounged around. We watched Lars & The Real Girl ( a fab film if you've not seen it, weird but fab!). My stomach was what finally got us up though & I set off to get us Subway for an afternoon snack.

We spent the rest of the time having a good old spring clean before heading out for dinner on our way to stay at Adam's parents. Jill & Keith are due to move house at the end of the month so Adam keeps popping back to clear out his stuff.

Sunday - Adam was due to get up about 6/7ish to carry on tidying up while I slept in but we both finally got up about 10am! After a few hours of tidying we set off to Westfield Stratford to spend my £25 giftcard I'd got for my birthday from work (don't think I've ever been able to keep a giftcard that long!). I was trying to decide whether I got one good thing or lots of bits from Primarni & Primarni won. I got a red&white polka dot dress & brown brogues & still have £7 to spend at a later date! Love it! While wandering round we managed to pop to the Mr Pretzel stand at least 5 times to grab some freebie bites! I have no idea how that stand makes any money at all cos we love them but we've never bought one - we always eat the samples. We're like bloodhounds & as soon as we sniff cinnamon in the air of a shopping centre we're off & we don't stop till we've found the pretzels! Yum!

After heading back to Jill&Keith's to watch the footie & sort some more stuff we headed home & spent the evening relaxing in front of Take Me Out - nowt better! No Likey No Lighty!

This week's gonna be another busy one for me with a trip to Berlin but thankfully my India trip has been put back 'till Feb so it's not as busy as it could have been. Phew! Hope y'all have a good week!

Ttfn x

Friday, January 13, 2012

Bring on the shows!

January brings trade fairs & this week was the first - Pitti Uomo in Florence.
I flew from London City Airport seeing how easy it was last time. I love the fact you just walk off the DLR & you're at check in! It doesn't even seem like an airport, some of the security staff could do with cheering up a bit though, but hey can't win 'em all! Cos so many business people travel though here there were electric sockets everywhere to keep my iPhone topped up while I passed time on Bloglovin before take off.
I arrived in beautiful Florence on Tuesday afternoon & once I'd dumped my bags I headed straight for my first taste of the fair & to get an overview of AW12/13. Don't be fooled by the blue skies & sunshine though it was freeeeeezing! I'd checked the temperature before leaving that morning & seen it was supposed to be about 12 degrees so left my thicker coat in favour of my leather jacket. Yoink!
There were so many bloggers & photographers around taking photos of the stands, the models & people visiting. It was quite interesting to look at everyone walking around in jeans - normally Florence is the smarter show & people are a bit more formal but the chinos had been swapped in favour of denim this time. It never ceases to amaze me how they manage to get so many beautiful people in one place, or how some of the women manage to walk in their heels & on cobbles!
I found the show a lot more interesting this time cos there seemed to be a bit more of a focus on the smaller & newer brands including "Tokyo Fashion Week in Italy."
The theme this year was all about the words of the future & there were various graphics stuck everywhere. Adam would have loved it!
I couldn't believe quite how many checked shirts were on the stands! Wow. The big story was knitwear though - fine or chunky it was there. I also think it was the first year there wasn't a dominant colour that stood out s long as it went with denim it was there.

I didn't get much of a chance to wander around the rest of Florence, it was mainly after I'd left the show & was on my way to dinner. It's such a shame cos the city has so much history & all I end up doing is walking past the Duomo on the way to the shops or for food! I'm hoping to pop up to Fiesole during the summer visit for lunch on one day, I've heard so much about it & it'll be nice to take a proper break before heading back to the show. The following photos are from the little bits of Firenze I did see:
This little display always makes me smile near the hotel - stuffed hogs sitting around a table at the front of the butchers shop. Love it! 
On the way to dinner one night the market had closed & the shops were about to shut when I spotted this lovely Bulldog waiting outside the shop door for his dad to come out & carry on plodding home. He looked so funny.
Nothing beats a walk across the Ponte Vecchio at night on the way to Celestino. All the jewellery shops were locked up & looked like lots of over sized treasure chests. They're beautiful.
I had to stop for a Kodak moment looking out on the river too - stunning.
I made sure before I left I paid a visit to the hog so I could be sure I'd return to Florence again one day - hopefully in June cos the hotel's booked all ready for Pitti Uomo SS13!

Ciao x

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

geek alert

but he's my geek!
I found these photos on my netbook the other day of Adam getting engrossed in the latest Fifa game in HMV last summer. He's like a kid - one minute he's standing right next to me, the next he's scurried off to play games with the big boys!

Thankfully there's not been much in the gaming world recently but I've been warned it's all going to kick off again in March so better make the most of it before then! Also better get a few box sets lined up ready! Think I'll start on Chuck Season 3.

Ttfn x

Monday, January 09, 2012

celebrate good times come on!

This weekend Adam & I celebrated our 5th year together & also our 1st engagement anniversary. If you missed all the excitement about how he popped the big question last year have a look here.

After a pretty busy/stressful week both in & out of work (hence no post on Friday) I enjoyed a lovely lie in before we headed to Boxpark in Shoreditch for Adam to install some vinyls on the windows for the Luke sale.
I've wanted to visit Boxpark for a while. It opened a month or two ago & it's a pop up shopping mall made entirely of shipping containers. I think it's due to last about 5years before something more permanent is to be built on the spot so if you can drop by & see it, it's very clever.
The lower level is all shops & there are restaurants & snacky things upstairs. We grabbed the most amazing ham & cheese french toastie with honey mustard. It was scrummy! I was a bit annoyed cos I'd been doing quite well with my healthy eating 'till then but once I saw this appear on the table I wasn't going to turn it down & enjoyed every last little crumb! The diet can always start again later!
After pottering around the shops we had a little walk around. I always love the graffiti around Shoreditch, you always find something to make you smile!
Slink & Niall were in London to see War Horse this weekend so before they headed to the show we caught up (they'll be sick of the sight of us soon!) for a few drinks. I was dead chuffed cos I actually managed to find a pub in Covent Graden that served Tribute – one of my favourite ales of all time.
Once we'd dropped them off at the theatre we decided we really needed to find somewhere to eat. We couldn't find anything on the TasteCard that took our fancy & Adam fancied ribs so we headed to Bodeans in Soho.
Upstairs looked more like a diner with long benches & there was also a posher restaurant downstairs but we were told it would be about 1hr30min wait so we settled for a nice spot upstairs facing a mirror although it was a bit unnerving watching yourself eat! The food was really yum & I made sure I only ate half of the chip portion in an attempt to be good! See I was thinking of the diet but I think we'll draw a line under that one & start again today! :P
Instead of staying for pudding we decided to walk it off a bit & head for cupcakes so we made our way to Cox Cookies & Cake but it was closed – boo! So we found a random place called madd that did cupcakes (that didn't really taste of much!) but specialised in mango everything! You want it with mango in they had it! The little cafe bit at the back was really nice & everyone was chilling out playing games & chatting away.
After all this we still managed to get home about 10:30pm. I'm not sure where we entered & left the time warp but I didn't think it was possible to cram so much into an afternoon & evening! From now on January's going to be mega busy for Adam & I with work so it was nice to spend time pottering around the city we love without much of an agenda. Roll on February that's all I can say!
Ttfn x