Monday, May 30, 2011

typical bank holiday weather strikes again!

Just got to the end of another long weekend, May's always the best month for extra days off & I'm not impressed we've got to wait till August now for our next bank holiday. Boo! Straight after work on Friday (after getting the windscreen repaired) we headed off to stay with Lisa, Nick, Brandon & Isabelle. After arriving & discovering 2 tv shows called "cupcake wars" & "diners, drive-ins & dives" (which are now all on our sky plus!) we crashed on the sofas. 

We were due to head to Clacton-on-Sea on Saturday but the typical British weather got the better of us so we headed down to Wetherspoons for breakfast & to plan the day ahead. As well as the crappy weather the other mega problem was the lack of black pudding with the Full English - Nick & I eventually got over it but it took us time. It was touch & go for a second!
Our first stop off was the local bowling alley. We paid for 2 games but they lasted for hours cos we had to change lanes 3 times cos they kept messing up, in the end we were given a free game for 8 people next time we go. I won't mention the scores - there's no point really, I did my typical game plan of playing so badly everyone else does better than me, even Adam's 4year old nephew. I'd hate to actually play to my full ability cos I'd really just show everyone up! It's hard being me!
Just before heading home for dinner (yes our game really did last that long!) we popped over to a designer retail village to see if they had a suit for Adam. There wasn't anything that took his fancy though so the search still continues. After dinner Adam, Nick & their mate Arun all headed out for a blokey night, leaving Lisa & me to have a proper girly evening once Brandon & Isabelle had gone to sleep. I never really get a chance to chat with Lisa on her own so it was nice to able to talk weddings (she's getting married 2 months before us) & we also discovered the worst best program ever - Geordie Shore! Once we figured out exactly what they were saying (I might need subtitles if I'm going to introduce Adam to it!) it was awful hilarious! Car crash tv at it's best!

On Sunday we woke up to beautiful blue skies (sods law), so on our way home Adam & I drove over to Clacton to take some pictures, grab an ice cream & fish&chips. As we were driving back we had to stop off at the services on the way cos we both felt so tired after a not very eventful but busy weekend. When we got in we had tea & I was in bed by 9pm! It felt so nice to not have to set an alarm for this morning & it was a good job cos I didn't wake up till 11am! That's 14hours sleep! I'm turning into a teenager again! The other great part of today - finding out I'd lost another lb! Even with fish&chips yesterday - bring it on :)  Didn't really do a lot else today, we just tidied & watched tv. I was planning on an early night this evening but it's already gone 10pm & I still have heaps to do on my to do list. Yoink!

So glad it's another 4 day week this week. Yay!
x x x

Saturday, May 28, 2011

An ale name I agree with!

I know ales usually have odd names like tangle foot, black rat, hobgoblin....but I've finally found one with the most appealing name ever!

Gotta love the Royal Wedding for providing us with names like this!

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Friday, May 27, 2011

Would the owner of the world's heaviest eye lids step forward...

That would be me! I was going to post earlier but it would have just been garbled words & the ramblings of a mad woman! Before I go into details I just wanted to introduce Sidney another dog around our offices! Aint he lovely?!

Yesterday after work I headed home for a few hours before it was time to go out again. Now I know this is fairly normal practice for most people but since living in London I always go straight out from work & then the night ends earlier to get the last tube so it felt really weird to not be heading somewhere straight away. Adam & I made dinner & watched the Apprentice before getting in the car & driving to Kingston to see the wonderful Frank Turner. Until yesterday morning we didn't realise how late the gig was, we were expecting to go out for dinner, have a sing song at the gig & be on our way home by 11pm! But no! The doors didn't even open till 9pm & Frank wasn't on stage till 11pm! Yoink!

The gig was at a place called the Hippodrome & was a pretty fab venue (apart from too many pillars blocking the views!). The crowd as usual were brill - singing/shouting along to all the words & generally just having a great time & of course Mr Turner didn't disappoint - especially seeing as he sung Long Live The Queen. He played for an hour & as soon as he'd finished the DJ started with The Gaslight Anthem's "American Slang" - I didn't think the night couldn't get any better!  Trouble is I was right - as we were driving home a stone hit our windscreen & chipped it quite badly, so much so we need a new windscreen *groan* so Adam's there right now getting it sorted. All in all though it was a great night, a long night, but a great night all the same!

Right now I'm sat at my desk eating a nutty yoghurt which I thought was going to be gross (I bought it cos I was curious) but it's scrummy! Random fact for you there!
x x x

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Open Sesame!

Had a meeting in town this afternoon & once it finished I wandered down to Selfridges to have a nosey. On my way I gave Art a call & we had a good catch up about everything & tried our best to put the world to rights. When I arrived at the shop I stood just inside the side doors & carried on with our conversation.

While I stood there I was shocked how many people couldn't figure out the doors. They were just manual old school doors that you push/pull to open but that seemed far too radical for today's shopper, they want automatic! So many of them walked up so their noses were almost touching the glass & they stood there waiting for the doors to open, when nothing happened they looked up as if to check the mechanism & still waited. It either took them a bit longer to think about actually trying to push the door or someone else would come along & push another door to go through & then the original person would slip through too as if they might not be able to make them open again.

Once I'd finished people watching I headed downstairs to see the Project Ocean exhibition that I'd heard a lot about. I didn't see any coral or fish but I did spot this guy:

Not really sure how he helps with sea conservation but he was pretty funny! He also had a friend with him dressed equally as weirdly, but they both seemed to be having fun so I'll let them off!

When I got to the escalators I looked up & the whole area was filled with balloon sculpture which looked pretty cool.

While I was in there Jenny called & we went for a drink & a catch up before meeting up with other work colleagues both current & past. I'd booked a place called Little Sicily & let's just say I won't be visiting again! We waited ages to be served & acknowledged, when they brought my dish it was wrong & there was no apology & they offered us Parmesan when we were half way through the pasta, just to name a few things! The bonus was the food was pretty good! I thoroughly embarassed everyone in the group though when I presented my Taste London card for 50% off the food & also asked for them to remove the optional 12.5% service charge. Definately a Daddy's Girl! It was great catching up with everyone though, hopefully it won't be too long till the next one, but not sure I'll be organizing it!

roaming reporter KtPx

Monday, May 23, 2011

Christmas, well Easter, have come early, well late

Popped to Sainsburys for a little something, tried to be healthy & go for a yoghurt but ended up at the chocolates. I gave myself a limit of 50p so I'd just get summit small & was about to start bitching that there's nothing apart from a Freddo that's under my budget when I spotted this beauty! Cadburys Cream Eggs, the beast of all chocolates for half price! This is the best Monday ever!

Well it wasn't just the chocolate that determines it is the best Monday, I got a tweet from Putney Daniel saying he's coming over to England soon. Woohoo! Let's hope the good times keep on coming!

roaming reporter KtPx

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Blast from the past

Next week we'll have been in our little house for a year & I can't believe how much we've got done! Keith (Adam's dad) came round today to do some more work on the bathroom & cos he's staying the night we all walked down to wetherspoons for tea. It was just like last year when we didn't have a kitchen & so ate out every night. The only difference was we weren't covered in paint & dust!

As we walked home I turned round & saw this lovely view behind me. I love living on a hill with sights like this (except when wearing heels as dsicussed before!).

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

The End....or is it?!

Well looks like it wasn't true after all but if the world was going to end I started my last day in the best way possible - Adam brought me McDonalds breakfast in bed! Yum! He's the best when he does these little things for me!

We then had a lazy day made up of cleaning, watching tv & building Lego models! The Sun had been giving out free models with their papers last week so we decided to build them.

They were slightly more complicated than I'd thought but fun all the same! We now have some new additions to the games room.

Two of Adam's mates came round this afternoon/evening for a catch up which was fun. I did my (what has now become) signature stir fry which was rather scrummy & then we just all sat & watched crap on tv. It was quite nice to veg out with everyone & talk about anything & everything, a bit like it used to be at uni with everyone round. I've missed evenings like that.

Ah well I'm pretty glad the world didn't end cos everything's pretty peachy for me at the moment & I don't want it to end :-) bonus!

roaming reporter KtPx

Friday, May 20, 2011

It's all in the decor!

Finally all our beautiful Gaslight Anthem prints by El Jeffe are up on our walls. I love seeing them everyday.

This print is the most recent & we've only just got it back from being framed. It's in our lounge & we managed to find the old picture hooks & chains to hang it up with so it looks great!

These two designs are from the band's last two UK tours & are in our bedroom above the bed.

It's great to be able to put actual artwork up cos I'm so used to being in rented accomodation where you could put photos up with blutac if you're lucky! Now we're just waiting to sand down the wood in the hall & on the stairs then we can hang our Gilbert & George's up!

It's turning out to be Gaslight Anthem Friday (which I'm not complaining about!) cos their newest video has just been released, it's ace & the boys look fine, so take a gander here!

x x x

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pitter pitter patter, it looks like rain.

Finally we've got some rain! Random comment I know but I can't remember the last time it rained properly. Ok this isn't big fat drops of rain (which I love listening to when it hits my umbrella!) but it's still pretty wet out here.

Sometimes I love evenings like this, when the light's getting dim, the air's quite fresh & I'm standing on the station platform listening to the rain hit the roof (I don't love hearing that the train's getting more & more delayed at the first hint of rain though!). Hopefully won't be too much longer....

roaming reporter KtPx

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How very Pinteresting!

As well as posting on my blog more I've also been drawn into the wonder that is Pinterest.  It's a virtual noticeboard where you can 'pin' anything that you like/inspires you to different themed boards & it's brill!
I didn't want to post anything about it until I'd built it up a bit more but here's my little page! I love having somewhere where you can keep everything that you like the look of rather than emailing to yourself & not doing anything with it. *ahem!*
If you like gathering & hording things like I do then this is the place for you! It lets me have lots of little noticeboards everywhere without cluttering up our house (much to Adam's joy!) so happy pinning!
x x x

Monday, May 16, 2011

Lucky in Love

Last week this lovely proposal video was doing the rounds & I can't seem to get it out of my head - it's so sweet & had me blubbing away at the end (though I was watching it with Adam so tried my hardest not to look like a soppy cow!). I have no idea how (or if) I'm going to get through the wedding with my makeup still intact, I feel as if I'm about to well up every time I think about dad walking me up the aisle! Yoink!
The day after, an interview with the guy who'd done it was also posted, he deserves a medal for creating this masterpiece as well as keeping it such a secret from his now fiance! Love it!
x x x

If you go down to the woods today....

We spent a long weekend at mum&dad's this weekend & one afternoon we headed to a woods near their house for a walk.

When I was little we used to come here for our Sunday afternoon walk pretty much every week. Back then I used to moan it wasn't interesting enough & I was bored but now that I'm used to the hustle & bustle of London this wood is bliss!

It was really nice to wander round with Adam & chat about stuff with pretty much no distractions. I'd love to start going for walks together on Sunday's together with no phones, just us. I've not broken this idea to Adam yet!

We found a little puddle that I got carried away with & thought it looked like a little fairy pool so we added my bear keyring in case he wanted to go for a dip too!

It's always nice to get back home after a weekend away & just crash. We tried (& failed!) to get an early night especially as I'm hoping to jive 3 times this week, also it's my first full week of work in about a month! *groan!*

roaming reporter KtPx

Sunday, May 15, 2011

all about me!

Can't believe how long it is since I blogged last! Shocking! It's only a couple of days but it feels like weeks!
Yesterday I was treated like a princess (I know it should be every day right but hey a girl can't have it all!). I went to claim one of my prizes from the wedding fayres - a makeover & photoshoot.  I was actually quite nervous about what I wanted & if I'd be good enough & know where to put my feet, arms, head, etc but I didn't need to worry.

I was ushered into the first room where I had my makeup done. It felt really weird to have more than a bit of eyeliner & mascara on! They sprayed my face with foundation, did my eyes, blusher & painted my lips red (not had that done since I was in a dancing show when I was little!). This was when the celeb lookie-likie comparison started & I was compared to Billie Piper! I had it quite a lot all afternoon (from the people at the studio & from mum, dad & Adam!) which didn't bother me, there's worse people to be compared with! The next room was the hair room. I entered with thin, flat, straight hair & left with bouncing curls & volume! It was ace!
Then came the bit I was most nervous about - the actual photos! The photographer was ace though & did her bit to make you feel the best. I did lots of different poses & then when I felt a bit more confident I whipped out Adam's football shirt (that I'd snuck out of the house) & did a few cheeky poses in that! Straight after was the viewing & Adam joined me. His face when he saw the suprise shots at the end was brill! I got one free picture as part of my prize so Adam picked the one he liked the best & we got a little thumbnail printed out while we wait for the finished thing.

When I got back we did a few silly catalogue poses outside seeing as the camera was loving me so much! I can definately see the Billie Piper resemblance in the first one!

Anyway d'ahlings I better go & powder my nose! Ciao!
x x x

Thursday, May 12, 2011

nice to catch up but not in nice circumstances

Yesterday we headed up to Oxford, unfortunately it wasn't for a jolly, we were going up to Art's sister's funeral. She passed away mid April from complications due to a fall from an Epileptic fit while living in Ireland, she was in her mid-twenties. We all met at the crematorium in Oxford & the turn out was huge, it was standing room only.  The rest of Art's mates, Adam & I were all crowded into the observation balcony upstairs cos there were no seats left downstairs. The celebration of her life was so touching with inputs from her family & friends who did so well to keep it together while talking.  She was so young & will be greatly missed that's for sure. Afterwards the wake was held at a nearby pavilion with lots of veggie food (all of Art's family & lots of his friends don't eat meat but there was the odd real meat sausage roll doing the rounds, shh!! It was quite funny cos during the talks about Jane's life it turned out that she was quite partial to the odd sausage roll too, love it!). There were lots of pictures of Jane & her beautiful smile around the room & the stereo was playing songs that reminded everyone of her. Art & his family were so touched at everyone making such an effort for them but they all know we're here when times get hard in the future & unfortunately, they'll get a bit tougher before they get easier.

Afterwards we headed to a pub b&b we'd reserved a room at called The Fox in Souldern (such a pretty village).  When we entered we couldn't believe how small it was, the bar was a little horseshoe shape in the middle & there a couple of tables either side.  Everyone stopped & stared when we walked in so it was a bit of a local pub for local people I think! We decided not to be sociable (which was a mistake when I realised I'd missed out on a pint of Tribute my favourite ale) cos a new series of The Apprentice had just started & we wanted to catch the episode (sad or what?!) so we scurried off to our room.  It was lovely inside, if a bit odd, cos the bedroom & bathroom were all open plan!  It's a good job we've been living together so long & we don't have secrets anymore!
I was very excited about breakfast this morning cos I'd ordered a proper Full English with the works, black pudding, the lot!  I'd forgotten how good proper black pudding tastes cos I'm so used to a Wetherspoons breakfast & theirs is nowhere near as scrummy! Adam was the healthy one though & had scrambled egg on toast & cereal while I tucked in to fried eggs, sausage, bacon, mushrooms, black pudding, backed beans & fried toast! Yoink to the diet again!

Once we'd finished breakfast we headed to Bicester Village to see what we could get at a discount. Adam saw another suit he liked for the wedding but they only had the jacket & waistcoat in his size & not the trousers so better luck next time!  I didn't really see anything that took my fancy & I'm trying to be really good while I start the final countdown to paying off my credit card (3 more payments to go wahoo!) so I mainly kept my eyes shut if I saw anything that I thought I might fall in love with!
It was nice getting home on a Thursday afternoon & not have to worry about work tomorrow (got another day off!) so we sorted stuff out & had a very light tea (I'm still stuffed from breakfast! Ha!)

roaming reporter KtPx

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Classy bird

Last night was date night number two! Adam's company had done some work for Tag Heuer & so were given tickets to a private screening of 'Senna' at a new hotel on Leicester Square.

While I was waiting for Adam I realized I'd never looked up at the top of the buildings surrounding Leicester Square & there's some really pretty ones! I better not do it too often though cos I'm bound to fall down a manhole or walk into a lamppost!

The venue was the 'W' hotel & was so swanky! As we entered there were so many shiny surfaces & glitter balls it was almost blinding! I must be getting old cos straight away I thought of the poor person who had to keep it all clean!

We went to a roped off area where the people from Tag were all mingling. We were handed a glass of champagne that we never reached the bottom of as well as some lovely canap├ęs & nattered away.

After about an hour we were ushered into the hotel's own private screening room that held about 40 people, there were glass bottles of water with every plush seat & we were handed another glass of champers!

The film was brilliant & all about Ayrton Senna's life. I didn't really know anything about him so it was pretty interesting. The only problem was about half of the way through I started to need the loo so badly! I managed to cross my legs though & dashed out at the end! Walking to the loo in such a posh environment took me back to my drunken days in india, as I tried to act sober fighting against the mirrored walls and lights! So classy!

Adam & I were both a little worse for wear by this point so we headed home. I couldn't believe it when I realized it was only 10pm! Such lightweights! We got off the underground & staggered home, sharing Adam's headphones & singing along to fall out boy! When we got home the one thing that was keeping us going was the thought of toast, till we opened the pack & found it mouldy *groan* so I settled for a wrap with nutella on it!

roaming reporter KtPx