Saturday, March 31, 2012


Don't worry (not that you probably were!) I'm still here just a bit bogged down at the moment & my poor little blog has been a bit neglected. I'm doing the usual KtP trick of saying yes to everyone/everything & not thinking about myself & when I'm going to relax (or write my blog!). So excuse this post & how bitty it is it's just an update on my little world so far....
Last weekend was a perfect example. Adam & I drove to ma&pa's on Friday night then the craziness began on Saturday. We went to Lufbra to sort out the bridesmaid dresses (which are now sorted huzzah!), headed to Leicester to a Vintage Fair in the Cathedral (which was brill but cos it was kinda linked to the wedding I can't say any more about it for now), grabbed a quick bite to eat, met with the priest to go through what we wanted to do in the service, drove to Sutton Coldfield to see Slink (which was ace & muchos fun!), headed home & started to stamp the envelopes for our invites & finally fell asleep about 1am!
Sunday was spent pottering around for a few odds & ends (as well as driving past the 'lamb field'!) & writing the invites ready to send on the Monday morning. It's been so exciting to send them out & we've even had an rsvp already! Seeing as we (mainly Adam) spent so much time designing them it's lovely to hear how much people have been impressed & how excited they are too. I'll do a proper invite related post at a later date for y'all to see.
Completely unrelated to anything but how lovely are these shoes by Iron Fist?! *swoon*
Work's also been really busy. Everyone seems to have woken up & wants everything now, we've also had a bit of a move around which is working out for the better but we were a bit unsure of how it would be at first so that was playing on our minds loads. I also went on an Illustrator course for a week which was brill & I learnt so much but it really left me a bit brain dead & after staring at a computer all day the last thing I felt like was writing a blog on another screen!
As well as wedding & work I've been sucked into the Draw Something fad! How can a game be so addictive?! Im Katie P if anyone wants to draw me a pretty picture?! Don't worry the drawing on the left isn't mine - one of Adam's mates is a bit too good at it!
I'm mega excited about is all the talk about the new rides at Thorpe Park (The Swarm) & Alton Towers (Nemisis Sub-Terra). We've got so many BOGOF theme park vouchers that we're hoping to use. I think we'll head to Thorpe Park this year seeing as I've never been & probably Alton Towers next year! Woop!
Hopefully I'll be back to my usual blogging schedule from next week (fingers crossed!)
Ttfn x

Monday, March 19, 2012

When Johnny Cupcakes met a Shark

Last Tuesday a very excited Adam called to ask if I'd seen his picture message. All it said was 'Johnny Who?!'
I apologise now to all the people near me on the train who heard an excited squeak come out but Adam had just met one of our new favourite people - Mr Johnny Cupcakes himself! He was in town for the shop's first birthday party & Adam happened to bump into him there. I love the photo of them both (so much so it's my iPhone's wallpaper!) & he even signed a poster for us. If you're not sure who or what Johnny Cupcakes is then click here to visit their website. I love being in the shop & seeing all these confused people coming in wanting to buy a sweet treat & when they look into the units they're faced with clothing instead!
Unfortunately (fortunately for our wallets) we couldn't make it to their 1st birthday celebrations on Saturday (we'd have been a bit too tempted with all the limited edition thingys) but we did spot a little poster saying that James from the Sharks would be doing an acoustic set on the Friday before. We only really knew the Sharks from supporting The Gaslight Anthem but we couldn't miss a little in-store gem like this.
When we turned up on Friday people were already waiting for Saturday's celebrations (I won't lie, I was a bit disappointed we couldn't join them!) & so there was a good mix for the gig of people who'd come down just to see James, others who were waiting for the next day & passers by who wanted to know what the fuss was about.
When we got into the shop we met a guy who took all the promo photos for Johnny Cupcakes, we got chatting & he told us that James would be playing right in front of the window so guess where we stood?! I don't think I'll ever get used to standing right at the front of tiny shows like this, I get really self conscious & can't look the singer in the eye!
I wish I'd known more songs so I could have a sing-a-long, they always sound really good (I haven't stopped singing 'Arcane Effigies' since) so that's definitely a cue to get buying the albums & what better timing?! Their new one 'No Gods' is out today!
By the time the set had finished the shop was packed & there was a gathering outside of people who'd been passing by too. He had such a great voice it just grabbed people's attention.
When I was looking around online I found these 2 photos from Johnny Cupcakes blog (click here) & if you look at the top one there's Adam & I standing right at the front!
I love these small in-store sessions you get around Carnaby Street, first it was the Revival Tour in the Lee shop last year (click here), now the Sharks, we can't wait for the next one!

Ttfn x

Friday, March 16, 2012

March Photo A Day Challenge pt1

Here's my latest update on my Marchphotoaday.
* Up - this really is 'up' even though it looks like down on the tube escalator.
* Fruit - seeing as I'm trying to be healthy I got these fruit nibble things from m&s, excuse the half worn off henna on my hands too!
* Your neighbourhood - this was the day of ldnlunch so these lovely ladies are part of my virtual neighbourhood (post here).
* Bedside - nowt more to say apart from the face one mate thought I had a photo of John Peel by my bed!
* A smile - this has been on the back of our office door making us smile daily since it was spotted in the Metro
* 5pm - my messy desk
* Something you wore - it was a little chilly that day!
* Window - through the train window on my way to work with the other window reflected in it.
*Red - my dreaded budget book, but it's working!
* Loud - W.I.T band practise followed by the gig (post here).
* Someone you talked to today - Adam, lots.
* Fork - we had no interesting forks do I went with a Ben&Jerry's ice cream shovel to eat my Chinese with instead!
* A Sign - couldn't resist this beauty!
* Clouds - I'd given up all hope that it was just a dull grey day then the sun came out as I was about to go home &I spotted the odd wispy cloud!
* Car - can't say much more!
* Sunglasses - not much sun this morning but my reactions still kicked in & I look like the wally walking down the road with sunglasses on!

Ttfn x

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Rock on Chingford!

Saturday night was the night London Town saw the mighty W.I.T (check out their myspace here) return to the live music scene. It's been a while but well worth the wait!
Seeing as The Standard in Walthamstow has now gone to that big music venue in the sky *sniff* W.I.T lost their regular haunt, but now a new regular is hopefully on the cards.
The venue was The Artisan in Chingford Mount. We weren't sure how good a venue it would be seeing as when we arrived it was full of Tottenham fans who weren't best pleased at the invasion I don't think (there wasn't any sound check seeing as they didn't want to be disturbed!) but it turned up trumps. 
The other bands had brought quite a few people & so the response when W.I.T went on was quite lively, they even had some trendy yoots hand jiving (crazy kids! :P).
Considering this was the first time W.I.T had played together in quite a while they played really well & the good vibes from the crowd certainly helped them along!
The only downside of the venue was the heat! Wowzer! Jon (the drummer) was lucky cos he could lean onto the window to cool down but the rest of them (especially Dan who wore a jumper all the way through) were wilting towards the end to say the least.
The night ended with a great set from Everafter (see facebook here & myspace here) & they knew how to get the crowd jumping along (much to the dismay of the owner who nearly had a fit when a bit of some one's pint was spilled on the floor!).
As we were about to leave we found out that our mate Stu was at a 30th birthday party down the road & he said for us to come along. We thought it was his 30th so didn't think twice about turning up & walking in but it wasn't! Yoink! Most people were rather merry by that point though so I don't they noticed 2 randoms added to the mix. I felt a little awkward though when we were told to help ourselves to food cos it was all going to be thrown away & we stood there cutting bits out of this guys yummy chocolate cake!
Just thought I'd post these 2 montages of Adam & the rest of W.I.T. I love the way the bottom one makes it look like Adam had a visit from E.T!
We finally got home & crashed & I didn't wake up till noon on Sunday! Aah that's what weekends should be about!
Ttfn x

Monday, March 12, 2012

Lego larks

A couple of weekends ago was a bit of a wet one so out came the Lego to keep both Brandon & I entertained. He asked me to make a dinosaur & it started as something fun but then I got a bit carried away & took up the challenge leaving poor Brandon with not many blocks left for himself!
I was pretty chuffed with my horse/dinosaur hybrid & so was Brandon by the looks of it. Oh to have the time to just play with Lego all day & everyday!
Ttfn x

Friday, March 09, 2012

The Culture Vultures swoop in on London pt2

The next day we awoke to beautiful blue skies & sunshine. I don't usually post about what I wore (hence the crappy lighting & dodgy background) but I loved the fact I could be so colourful & sunny. Bring on the permanent better weather when I dress like this all day & every day!
Adam & I met the gang & we all headed to the British Museum. Colin & Sue had tickets to see Grayson Perry (which we'd seen before) so when they went into the show we walked around the other displays.
I couldn't resist getting another photo of Alan Measles on the back of his bike basking in the sunshine as well as a photo of part of the Hajj exhibition. I don't think they could have put two more different shows on at the same time!
As we were walking through another room I just stopped dead in my tracks when I saw a really long display cabinet containing 'Cradle to Grave' by Pharmacopoeia (more info on it here). It's been a while since I loved a piece of artwork so much but I was mesmerised & I didn't want to walk away from it. Each runner followed a man & woman & how many tablets they took in their lifetime. The length that runs out early in the bottom left photo was for the man who had a stroke & died in his 70s, the one that continues & is rolled up is for the woman who's still alive. It's hard to believe that a person's life could be represented with photos from key moment's in their lives & all the pills they'd taken. I still keep thinking about it today & I can't it out my mind. Wow!
Once I'd been dragged away from 'Cradle to Gave' we headed to the Egyptian section & stopped off to have a look at the Rosetta Stone (Adam was more engrossed at the 'fonts' than what it was I think!).
Seeing as we were looking at the Egypt collection we had to stop off & say hi to the Mummies! I never realised they had so many there. The bottom left photo is actually Cleopatra's mummy. It was a bit weird to think that these were all living things so many years ago, the drawn faces on the wrapping makes them look even more creepy but also more fascinating!
The next room had loads of paintings from Nebamun's tomb, looking at the tools they used to paint with it's a wonder they could paint this well, I'd have struggled to draw a square!
After a sneaky cream tea the rabble set off home & Adam&I hung around in London for a bit. As we walked down Oxford Street we could hear a really loud drum beat & a crowd was beginning to form. When we followed some of the people into a side street we were greeted by 'Puncture Kit' & he made all the noises from his bike/drum kit. He'd picked the perfect narrow-ish empty street to play in so the echo was really effective.
Our next stop was Carnaby Street & Adam fell in love with bright orange trousers in the brand new Cheap Monday shop (he's a bit worried he'll look like a prisoner but I think they're fab!). While out & about in London we'd been keeping our eyes peeled for heavily decorated eggs that were part of the Easter Egg hunt by Faberge. There are 200 eggs around London & you have the find as many as possible & the winner gets a real Faberge Egg! It took me back to the Elephant Parade a couple of years ago, but that was easier cos they were all drawn out on a map.
If you've been in & around London how many eggs have you found?
Ttfn x

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

The Culture Vultures swoop in on London pt1

A couple of weeks ago ma&pa came down to visit along with Colin&Sue & by the end of it I felt my brain had grown a bit bigger at least!

Our first stop was the Cabinet War Rooms where Winston Churchill had been during the blitz with the rest of his government. I'd seen quite a few posters advertising it & had really wanted to go & boy I wasn't disappointed. It was really interesting. 
It was hard to believe that people had been in this rabbit warren underground, living down there in the narrow corridors & no daylight, they wouldn't have even known if there was any London left as they were climbing the stairs to get above ground again.
In the middle of the war rooms was the Churchill Museum all about Sir Winston Churchill & his life which was a bit confusing to get around (so confusing we lost dad! Don't ask!) but pretty interesting. Mum even learnt how to do her emails! :P
Running through the middle of the room was a long interactive table detailing what had happened & when during Churchill's life. As you touched certain dates things would show up on the screen & one time when I looked up the table was covered in poppies, I tried to run over & grab a photo but was too late. So I then started the task of trying to figure out what date would set off the Poppies again (it was 11th Nov 1918 by the way!) & finally got my shot.
Once I managed to find dad (he was almost at the end of the whole museum & had to walk him back to where we'd been waiting!) we carried on our tour walking round following the audio guide (seeing as he walked off, dad was made to go round the bits he'd already seen again like a naughty child!).
It's really worth a visit if you're looking for something to do indoors & if the weather's a bit crappy. They've even got a great little war-time cafe too, yum!
Once we'd met Adam after work we headed to the RCA for the David Hockney exhibition 'A Bigger Picture'. I was pretty excited cos I've always liked what he does (especially the photo montages) so was interested to see his new work. The show was all based around the Yorkshire countryside & how it changes in each season, there were lots of trees, woodland & country roads. His work consisted of some beautiful charcoal drawings alongside some lovely softer countryside scenes that were then contrasted with really vivid oil paintings that were huge. We were all just about to get tree'd out when we walked into the next room to find 32 prints of images he'd drawn on his iPad & wow! If anyone had said to me “come see this artist who draws on his iPad” I don't think I'd have been interested but there they were in all their glory. It was like a breath of fresh air to the show. They looked almost like pastels & the colours he'd used were stunning (I think you get the message I liked them & I could go on forever but I'll save your eyes & stop there!). There was also a video he'd done where he'd strapped 9 cameras to the front of his jeep & driven down country lanes, the effect was a bit like a kaleidoscope, the images from each camera didn't quite match & it was mesmerising. All in all it was a pretty darn good show!
We stopped off for dinner at Fire&Stone where Adam discovered his most favourite pizza ever (a roast lamb dinner on a pizza base anyone?!) we headed home to try on a few secret wedding things that fitted amazingly (huzzah!) before calling it a night & dreaming of weddings in brightly coloured forests.

I won't bore you with the next day (that's in the next post you lucky souls!).
Ttfn x

Monday, March 05, 2012

Ladies what #ldnlunch

After a few deep breaths I plucked up the courage to walk into the Jetlag bar in Fitzrovia & meet some fellow blogging lovelies.
I'd first heard about Ldnlunch On Eloise's blog. I'd always wanted to go to a blogger meet so I put my name down straight away. I was a bit nervous when I realised there were about 40 other girls going who's blogs were mainly about fashion, whereas mine is just random ramblings from inside my brain box but decided I'd still go seeing as I had nothing to lose!

I arrived expecting to be early but there were already lots of people sitting down for drinks & food so I grabbed a drink & perched on a pooffe.
I just ordered a bowl of chips (how adventurous!) but I did pick off the plates around me (yoink! Thanks Lois!). There were mixed responses to the rather tentacle-y calamari (I have some hilarious snaps of Jazzy eating the tentacles but I'm here to make friends not enemies so those will be shared between the 2 of us & that's it!).

Everyone was lovely (Emily, Charlotte, Faye, Rosie, Kristin, Rachel, Charlotte, Hannah, Lauren, Emily, Lowri, to name a few more!) as we nattered away about anything & everything & I had a great time talking to as many people as possible. Sorry if I didn't get a chance to say hi or have missed you off this little list it's nowt personal there were just so many names & faces flying around!
As well as sharing a pooffe I had a lovely natter with Chelsea
I fell in love with Jazzy's shoes! How awesome?!

After we'd had our fill at the Jetlag bar we decided to 'move on' (code word to head to Wetherspoons for cheaper booze!). I finally left at 6pm with a huge smile on my face. I didn't really want to leave. After thinking I'd just go or a couple of hours it turned into one of the nicest Saturdays I've had in a long time.
Some more lovely ladies - Annabel, Sian (who won best dressed!) & Jemma.
Emma, Eloise & moi with blogger essentials - camera & iPhone!

Want to see us vlogging our blogs?! Take a peek here! Btw thanks for all the new followers & lovely comments you've made my weekend! I'm hoping to go to the bloggers picnic in July as long as it doesn't clash with the Ben&Jerrys festival so hopefully see some of y'all there!

Ttfn x

p.s wherever there's a gorgeous girl's name that links to their blog so go on take a look I know you want to!