Monday, December 27, 2010

better late/ealy than never!

hope you had a great Chrimbo & will have a brill New Year! :o)

Adam & i drove up to the rents on the 23rd night, thnkfully the roads were pretty clear of cars, ice & snow. we had a lovely Chrimbo Eve relaxing & pottering round town, then went to Christingle & Midnight mass while waiting for santa to arrive. We did presents nice and early & then adam left to go to see his family as I spent a quiet (but lovely) day with mum & dad watching tv & snoozing! boxing day was with adam's family & we had muchos fun while mum & dad went to visit my aunt & the rest of her family. it's the first year i've had some chrimbo time with adam's family which was really lovely. mum & dad picked me up in a service station & we headed back home. today was supposed to be full of catching up with old friends. firstly i was supposed to be seeing people i used to work with at woodlands but after waiting for 15min with noone showing up (after 2 had cancelled online) i came back home in a stinking mood (don't know why i bother sometimes trying to plan things when people just can't be bothered to show up). instead mum, dad & i went into town & did a bit of sales shopping. tonight i'm off out with the girlies on the town so should be fun, like the good old days! it's back to the smoke tomorrow &am seeing adam.

New Years Eve will be spent at Drink, Shop & Do playing board games, drinking & nattering the night away :o) have a good 'un whatever you end up doing! Bring on 2011!

x x x

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

ramblings of a mad woman!

i decided to see what words i've used the most this year in my blog by going on wordle (check it out!) & i'm pleased to say that it's all nice & possitive words which is cool! not that i think i'm the most miserable person ever but felt like i'd moaned a fair bit this year! yay for positive thinking! (i did try to link this straight to the website but couldn't get the embeded code to work, far too techincal for me!)
not long now till chrimbo! can't wait! :)
x x x

Friday, December 10, 2010

I predict i riot!

Popped into central london last night to do a few secret errands for santa. I realised it was going to be hard going when i had to queue to get out me leicester square station! It was the busiest night to shop apparently, why did i decide to do it then?!
Anyway i went where i needed & ended up on oxford street so decided to have a nosey at topshop. I was on the phone to mum at the time & commented on how there were 10 security staff lined up in the entrance & i had to brush past them to get in. Mum said there'd been protests there cos of philip green not paying all his taxes to the uk cos he lives abroad or summit. Pretty much as soon as she'd finished explaining, all the front doors to the shop were slammed shut as people started banging on the glass & tried to get in. Everyone shopping had to move to the back of the store for safety while the police vans arrived & tried to diffuse the situation. I started to worry, not for my safety but for my bank balances! If i'd been stuck in there too long i'd have started spending! Risky at the best of times! ;) we were eventually let out through a side door & my credit card stayed intact! Phew!

As i walked out back onto oxford street i did a dad & decided to see if there was anything to take a photo of round the front. I was greeted by spray paint on the big window & the glass doors had been smashed. As well as the spray paint they'd smashed the big window, got into it & pulled out a display model hence the random leg part in the photo above!
It was a really weird thing to be caught up in. Usually you just see these things on tv i didn't expect to be in the shop with the loud banging going on outside. Hats off to the topshop staff though they delt with us all really well.
Trust me to get stuck in it. Adam did ask me how i'd not seen people milling around outside looking for trouble but it was oxford circus on a busy night, there's always people hanging around there & also i wasn't really looking out for trouble brewing. Also i kind of jinxed myself cos as i left work last night i joked that i'd probably get caught up in the middle of a protest & look what happened! Typical!
This is roving reporter ktp signing out.
x x x

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

walking in a winter wonderland

it was adam's birthday last week so we took the day off to relax & spend it together & when we woke up we were greeted by snow! it's been so cold recently & i was waking up each morning hoping that there'd be snow & then there was. it helped make our street look that bit more magical yay! the last time it snowed on his birthday we were in new york ice skating in central park. aaah to have money again! :P

the view from our kitchen window with wembley stadium in the background

the castle on our road makes me smile every morning

the beautiful thatched cottage at the end of our road looked even more beautiful

i was even more happy cos i'd managed to find the black & white setting on my dslr, it's only taken me about a year!

yay for snow, enchanted roads & old school photos!
x x x

Friday, December 03, 2010

It's christmas!!

I'm so excited! I was at homebase at 8am to buy our very first chrimbo tree. I've just spent an hour decorating it & here's the end result. :-)
It was Adam's birthday yesterday & we went to winter wonderland in hyde park. We drank mulled wine to keep warm & ate bratwurst & crepes as we waked round the stalls. To make it even better it was snowing on & off all day so made it a bit more magical! The last time it snowed on his birthday was when we were in new york 2years ago & it was just as fun.
Today he's back at work so i'm so relaxing at home grinning manically at our tree & catching up on recorded tv shows. Ahh this is the life!
x x x

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

the little train that could

finally i have some motivation! when everyone else is just starting to hibernate & slow down for the winter & i'm ready & raring to go! i've missed this feeling of wanting to do stuff straight away instead of pushing things back & back & the to do list growing instead of me crossing things off but now the times are a changing!

not sure if it's cos chrimbo is upon us & i'm getting stupidly excited as always & so am eager to do lots, but whatever it is i hope it stays around long enough for me to tick off most of what's on my list & start the new year with a fairly clean slate. here's to hoping!

one reason i'm excited is that by june next year i should have no debt (except for my student loan which doesn't really count cos it comes out of my account before i even know about it!). it'll be brill to have that little bit of extra cash to save, go jiving more, buy that odd top & not feel guilty about it & go on a few more little breaks with adam. it aint been easy but i've been working hard on getting it down & now the end is in sight! bring it on! :D

i've not really done an update on me for a while but not that much has been happening
~ works going, same old same old! not much mroe to say on that front.
~ our little home is growing more like a home day by day (the kitchen is almost done so look out for our 3rd installment probably by the new year).
~ adam & i are really happy & getting more used to sharing our space & time as the days go on (not that it was ever a problem but whenever 2 independant people come together at first & share their personal space things are bound to get a bit tense every so often).
~ i can almost hear santa's bells round the corner (i must have damn good hearing cos i'd written my chrimbo cards 2 weeks ago! i'm using all my strength not to post them now! :P).
~ the weather has turned cold & crisp not dull & mild so i'm happy wandering around in my brightly coloured bobble hat, scarf & mittens with a red nose, this is why i love winter so much.
~ and finally most of the time i'm pretty contentent (the parts that i'm not 100% happy with at the moment are in the process of being sorted out too so it's all in hand).

yay for positive moments!
x x x

Thursday, November 11, 2010

We will remember them

It's that time of year again & i'm really happy to say that i've seen so many more people wearing poppies than previous years.
I did my poppy collecting at euston station last sunday & i was pretty busy & even had people coming up to me asking all about it. On one hand there are loads of people already wearing them, on the other, people were saying i was the 1st poppy person they'd seen!
I'm on my 4th poppy so far this year! I bought my 2nd one cos i'd left the house with a different coat on & felt guilty not wearing one then needed the 3rd & 4th cos the others fell apart!
This year the poppy means that bit more to me cos our very close family friend buck passed away on the 12th oct. He was from texas & a paratrooper in the 82nd airbourne division during world war 2. He made the jump on d-day & was awarded the purple heart after suffering a gunshot wound to the head while pulling one of his fellow soldiers to safety. He came over to the uk in 1994 & we looked after him. It was only for a few days but he stuck in our hearts forever & we always called on birthdays & at christmas & even visited him & his family in texas. He'll be sorely missed but i'll always think of him with a smile on my face. Love you uncle buck.
x x x

Monday, November 08, 2010

Am i the only one happy about this?!

I love winter it's my favourite season. When i looked out the window this morning & saw the wind & the rain i was so happy! It meant i could get out my thick winter coat with a furry hood, snuggle down into it & battle with the weather. The cold weather also means that they turn up the heating on the trains & you can curl up & snooze. Bliss! I'm now in work waiting for my ready brek to heat up. Who said winter was horrible?!
x x x

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Rebel rebel!

I see this on my way to the bus every morning & it still makes me laugh!
It's been written in wet concrete on the floor & i just have an image of wesley snipes crouched down on the floor writing this with a broken twig! Or if it was a kid & not actually mr snipes himself what a random name to pick?!
Guess we'll never know who it really was *sigh*
x x x

Tuesday, November 02, 2010


I know, i know, it's a bit late for a halloween post but i was talking to my old dentist today asking if they could send my x-rays over to my new dentist & about an hour ago i was sent this picture to my phone! It's a bit freaky when you're not expecting to see an image like this pop up! Random! Not sure what i'm supposed to do with this it's not exactly something you'll print out & frame on your fireplace!
x x x

Friday, October 29, 2010

Wakey wakey!

Saw this text in the metro newspaper the other day which made me giggle. Thankfully this hasn't happened to me yet even though i sleep on the train/tube/bus alot. Though sometimes i do wake myself up with a snort which is really mortifying! When that happens i tend to pretend i'm still asleep so i don't have to meet anyone's eye! Another thing i do sometimes is wake up from a dream where i've been eating & find i'm actually moving my mouth as if i really am eating! That's more weird than embarrassing i think!
Maybe the answer is to just get more sleep at night then i wouldn't nod off on my commute?!
x x x

Thursday, October 28, 2010

if i could turn back time....

found this today & it got me thinking how cool it would be if people really could time travel. no idea where i'd go or what i'd do. it'd be wasted on me though i can't remember what i did 5 minutes ago let alone going back 500 years & trying to remember everything i see & do! maybe it would be useful for me just to go back to yesterday to remember what's what & pop back present day & carry on with what i'm doing?! i'll save the mega important visits for someone else!

wow looking back on that just realised how much i sound like karl pilkington! scary!
x x x

Friday, October 22, 2010

A good excuse not to do the washing up....

Did something that's not very me today. I had a manicure! Emhen bought me a voucher for my bday & seeing as my cousin gets married tomorrow i thought why not?!
I sat at the nails inc bar while they filed, soaked, cuticled (think i made up a word there!) & painted my hands feeling like a proper lady wot lunches! Luckily i had mum & dad with me to hold my coat & get things out my bag cos unlike ladies wot lunch i still had to do stuff in london & couldn't just flop into a chauffer driven car & wait for my nails to dry! Mum's already betted me £50 they'll be chipped before tomorrow! Really hope i can prove her wrong but don't want to cross my fingers cos i'll end up catching a nail!
x x x

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I vant to suck your blood!

Now i know i've always wanted edward cullen to sneak into my bedroom at night but this isn't what i had in mind! I woke up this morning with 2 'fang' marks where my vein is on my arm! Spooky!
x x x

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

the exhibitionist strike again!

geeky i know but adam & i had a chance to star in our very own fan video for The Gaslight Anthem this month. Put together by it's brilliant & was quite a giggle to put together! so here it is for your delight:

x x x

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Read all about it!

I've never even thought about reading a book by salman rushdie but when i was in india i was in my favourite place- landmark & needed to buy a book (or 4!) Ok ok i only picked it up at first cos it had a guitar on the front(!) but i quite like the way it's been written.
I then looked up who rushdie was cos i knew his name but didn't know why & found out about everything. Since then he's been everywhere! Tv, papers, gossip pages you name it he's there!
Good to know i'm such a trend setter that as soon as i start to read summit the world follows! (It's either that or the fact he's got a new book out? You decide!)
x x x

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A chance to retrace my steps....

Needed a bit of a giggle on my way home tonight so put on an old ricky gervais podcast that i'd first heard in lufbra in my final year. The reason i knew this was cos as i was listening to the ramblings of the mad man that is karl pilkington i could see where i'd been walking when i'd first heard it! It was really odd! I could picture walking down leopold st, ashby road, the roundabout, the students union & onto campus......weird that my brain had registered certain sights i'd seen on my way with different words & phrases. Normally i can remember where i was when i heard a song but never the route i walked. How bizarre!
x x x

Thursday, October 07, 2010

feeling hot hot hot!

i'm in india at the moment designing the rest of our autumn/winter 2011/12 collection that we'd started in august. i'm in mumbai & thought it was pretty warm here (about 25-30degrees) untill i got to gujarat visiting the mills & process houses for 2 days! there it was 45degrees outside & then in the mills it was about 55degrees! i've never felt heat like it! we actually had sweat dripping down our faces while we selected fabrics, who said fashion was glamourous?! i can't believe people were working in those conditions, then again they have no choice, which is pretty rotten. luckily we had an air-conditioned car waiting for us that we leapt in to cool down again but they don't have that privilage. normally i complain that the a/c is too high & i'm cold but this time it was so appreciated! even when we got off the plane in mumbai at 8:30pm & it was still 30degrees that felt so much cooler! it's really steamy over here at the moment too. i get ready in my a/c (quite cold, but can't change the temp!) room & then step outside into the hallway which isn't a/c & straight away my glasses steam up & i can't see a thing! dread to think what it's doing to my camera, hopefully it's ok, otherwise it'll create some interesting effects on the film! :S am actually leaving it my room now for the rest of my stay so it'll only get a bit steamy when i leave on, don't want to risk it!
anyways have babbled on enough now, i'm sure i'll miss the heat when i'm back in blighty but for now i'd do anything for chilly autumn morning! i dunno, us brits are never happy!
x x x

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Who says the brits aint adventurous with food?!

At heathrow airport in whsmiths & they have jars of marmite & huge bottles of tomato ketchup! Just in case you can't cope with the local food, why not add either of these?! Oh i'm so proud of being a brit abroad!
x x x

Friday, October 01, 2010

The un-written rules of....

....sitting on the underground.
When you watch people pretty much everyone does it. First the two end seats go, then as people get on they fill in the gaps always leaving one seat between them & the next person. The tricky bit is what happens when you have to fill in those gaps? Whos personal space (i.e armrest) do you invade & whos do you leave?! Decisions decisions!
x x x

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Scene of domestic bliss!

Can't believe its 9.30pm on a school night & i'm sitting on the sofa replacing some buttons on my dress with the radio on! All i need to do is turn the lights off & do it by candlelight & it'll be all authentic!
x x x

You can't win!

This joke made me giggle on my otherwise blurry eyed commute this morning. Makes me realise i really can't win & how fustrating it all is!
x x x

Friday, September 24, 2010

The culture club

I can't believe i've never been to the v&a on a friday night before! It's brill! There's a dj playing, a bar & loads of interactive exhibitions to take part in. I only came tonight because becca & i are off to the grace kelly exhibition & i was a bit early so went for a wander. I'm now sitting in the entrance foyer having a great time people watching. Will have to come again with the plan of doing all the fun free stuff! It seems like THE place for people of all ages to meet up & socialise. Ooh beccas here better go & join in with the cool kids!
x x x

Saturday, September 18, 2010

That's asda price!

Doing our weekly shop we were looking at the sarnies & came across these gormet beauties! Classy or what?!
x x x

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


When i got into waterloo this morning i stood on the escalator & noticed a sticker with some graffiti on it 3 steps infront of me. Nothing new there apart from the fact i'd noticed the exact same sticker from same spot a few days earlier. I wondered what the probability was that it was the same one & there weren't just loads of them stuck on the steps. Then i decided that was too mathematical & decided to just think it was pretty cool & leave it at that!
x x x

Thursday, September 09, 2010

come out come out wherever you are.....

anyone seen my inspiration & motivation?

i'm going through a bit of a block at the moment where i really want to do stuff but the end result is that i just can't be arsed! i know noone else can do this for me so i need to find a ruddy big rocket & lodge it somewhere to get me activated! roll on bonfire night! ;)

x x x

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

welcome to our humble abode 2

Here’s the second installment to ‘Chez P’

This time we’re focusing on the main bedroom which is all finished now except for the light which we have & have had since before we moved in but because we’ve got used to it sitting there on the floor next to the laundry basket it gets forgotten about & never actually put up. Hopefully we’ll get it done soon though!

Again it's in a little story for you to see!

When we looked at the room before buying we could see it was a big room but just needed a more modern touch & much much better wardrobes (more of our beauties later!!)

All my junk got dumped in here as well as the lounge & we had to work round the pile of stuff while decorating! How can one person gather so much stuff?! More importantly how can one person gather so much stuff when she was just living in one room in a rented flat?!

Adam putting the finishing touches to his very carefully painted picture rail! We've gone for white walls, bright green rail (which matches our bright carpet that I've just realised shockingly doesn't feature anywhere in this post!) & light green above that.

Lovely floorboards exposed when we took the old carpet up for our new one.

The walls & floorboards - just a nice picture! Pointless for showing you anything though!

Building our rather huge wardrobes! You can just see a bit of the carpet under the ladder!

Finished wardrobes, the frosted glass sliding doors keeps the room looking big cos of the reflections from the window otherwise it would have dominated the whole room!

our bed with storage underneath & pull out bedside tables. Love the windows in this room (well all rooms really, they let so much light in) Eventhough there are trees outside it's still light & airy.

Inside the fab wardobe - my side. We had much fun deciding what bits we wanted (gotta love ikea for giving you a shell then you build them to how you want them). i've got shelves, a pole, a drawer, a sectioned tray & most importantly the shoe rack! Adam has pretty much the same but more hanging space & less shelves & yes he does still have a shoe rack!

Our bedside lamps from ikea - cheap as chips & put lovely patterns on the walls.

I liked this view of our wardrobes with just the bedside lamps on. You can see all the sections with ghostly shapes of what's in there.

Our other bed spread & curtains finally! Got a right rogues gallery on the back of the bed too!

Chest of drawers donated by mum&dad & all our signed Gaslight Anthem stuff to go on the wall eventually.

Above the filled in fireplace which we will eventually hollow out & plaster & fill with big church candles :) We've got 2 cupboards above the fireplace where the chimney is, useful for chucking junk in there when you don't know where else to tidy it to! Think this is the 1st blog introduction of Rabs & Robert Rabbit that I've had since I was born!

The rest of the house is still going well. The kitchen is coming on nicely, we went away for the bank holiday weekend up to mum&dad’s & left adam’s dad working on it (I know this might seem unfair but honestly he prefers powering-on on his own!) & came back to more tiles & various other storage methods in place. Not sure how much longer it’s got to go but can’t wait for it to be done & post up here cos that’s the room that’s had the most effort on it so far & I want to show it off! The bathroom’s come to a stop (before it even started) for now until we’ve built our funds up again, so unfortunately it’s still a case of washing my hair in the bath for the unforeseeable future! Grr! Either that or I do what adam does & shave it all off?! Might be an idea!

All in all though it’s still lovely to have a place to ourselves & I finally feel like it might be real now! Yay!
x x x

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


....right, now that my parents have picked themselves off the floor i'll carry on!

i never understood that broody feeling of wanting one of your own & your heart melting when you see them playing, but now i'm getting that soppy sensation when i think about them & would love one at one point when our money situtations are a bit calmer. we'd then be starting our own little family. it's been getting quite bad recently, when i'm out & about & i see them going by it brings a huge smile to my face, i talk to them if i see them on the train, they're so cute & fun when everything in the world is new & their little faces with cold wet noses melt my heart.....

that's right i'm talking about puppies, what else could you expect from me?!

haha sorry mum & dad :P
x x x

Monday, August 23, 2010

learn something new everyday.....

Here’s a random fact for all you fact finders out there:

"The first publicly available package trip was arranged by Thomas Cook in 1841, from Leicester to Loughborough. He soon realised that the delights of the Midlands were unlikely to catch on so, in 1855, he started package holidays to Europe".

thanks to popbitch for the info!

Hope that brightened up your Monday!
x x x

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Time travel is possible!

I was sitting on the flight (finally!) with my ipod on & decided to listen to my travelling mix that's made up of songs that mean something to me, reminding me of people & places. It's a strange compilation & jumps from rage against the machine to steps to faithless to turin brakes. It's great though cos for that 3min you're back in the place at that time with those people, having fun or sometimes crying.
Whether it's jumping around in echos, the fresher's christmas ball, partying in bangalore with nat nat, moshing at rock night, dancing routines in michelle's mum's lounge or crying at heathrow when i left for india the 1st time, they're all stages in my life & i'm glad i have these songs to remind me. Yes some are pretty embarrassing & i hope the person next to me couldn't hear them but hey!
Anywhere where was i? Ah yes, leaving high school in '98....
X x x

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

leaving on a jet plane.....hopefully

as long as the monsoon slows down soon. it's been raining heavily with a few breaks for 2 days & i'm due to fly home very early tomorrow morning. i hate this night flight cos you're in the mumbai office for the whole day working hard & then have to keep yourself awake for the 02:30am departure, you have to not let yourself get too wound up at the airport (not such a problem now since they re-did the place) so you can't sleep when you sit in your cramped economy seat, instead you have to let everything wash over you & keep calm (rum helps!!) so you just keep awake for take off then as soon as you can tip your seat back you're away in the land of nod.
it's not easy to keep calm for me sometimes but i manage it better now. that is, till i looked online today to see if my flight's on time only to be greeted with a delay that keeps getting later & later. it's currently at 05:35am & hasn't changed for a while so hopefully it'll stay like that now & it means the flight has left london so it can arrive & we can take it back. not sure if it's technical fault or the rains but either way i hope it gets sorted as soon (& as safely) as possible cos otherwise it'll have been a 24hr day & i'm already weary :( *yawn*
there was a little highlight in the day though when i was called into the design studio by everyone singing happy birthday & there were 2 yummy chocolate cakes sitting there. trouble is indian tradition - the most senior person there gives you a bite of cake & then smears the rest all over your face! joy of joys! hehe. was pretty funny! eventhough i've wiped it off can still feel a greasy film on my skin & i only have 1 makeup remover cloth left that i'm saving for on the flight! have to grin & bear it for now.
argh ONLY 11hrs to go 'till i can sleep. where did i put those matchsticks?! the only thing keeping me going is the fact that i know i'm going back to our lovely little home & not a rented flat & adam will be arriving after work. bliss!
x x x

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Say cheese!

I'm so excited! My birthday present from my aunty has arrived. It's a 'robot3' camera that has 3 lenses so when you take a photo the 3 images all appear on one print. I can't wait to get out & about & take some quirky & different shots! Yay! It actually feels great to hold something so light, plastic, tacky & cheap for once & understand how something that looks so insignificant next to my slrs can bring so much experimentation & fun back into my photography. The camera doesn't even have a view finder or a flash! Haha. Bring on the fun times!
X x x

Friday, July 30, 2010

Deep breaths...

There i was minding my own business, deep in thought comp shopping, thinking about the new trends when suddenly i'm brought back to the real world by looking up & being faced by this gruesome window display. Now if you know me you'll know i'm really not happy when faced with clowns, masks, puppets, etc so when i saw these i wasn't overly chuffed! I was actually walking round the shop (the rather trendy & posh dover st market if you're interested) when i spotted them so i tried my best to keep looking like i honestly belonged & could afford things in there while constantly keeping my eye on my freaky friends in case they came to life & started to chase me (cos that could have happened!) Mental note- must stop watching scary movies!
X x x
P.s i know, i know comp shopping during the summer hols i must be mad! When do they go back to school?!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Film v's Digital – there's only one way to sort this out……FIGHT!

Sometimes I get little envelopes filled with newspaper cuttings from my parents that they think will be of interest to me. I love getting them, it stemmed from when I was in India when I used to cut things out from the Times of India of interested for them & vice-versa. The one I got the other day was brilliant & one article caught my attention. It was headlined ‘No More Cheap Shots’ from The Sunday Times on 16th July &ll about how the cool kids no longer prefer Digital photographs, they’d rather use ‘toy’ cameras that use film. The 1st paragraph caught my attention...

“Satan was the worst photographer in hell. It was an embarrassment, so one day he told Beelzebub, his go-to guy, to see if he could come up with something to fix his holiday snaps. Beelzebub went to California & returned waving a small box. “This is it!” he cried. “It’s destroyed the art of photography on earth. Now you can do what you like with your pictures.” It worked. Satan’s snaps glowed. The box became known throughout hell as Satan’s Snap Fixer. Back on earth, they continued to call it Photoshop.”

It’s so true & is something I always discuss with Adam (as we did on the train this morning when we read the article together!). If I ever spend ages over taking a photo & then when I see it on the screen or developed from film I’m not keen on it, Adam will always comment I could alter it on Photoshop but I don’t think that’s the point. Personally if I take a shot that I’ve tried to compose & it doesn’t work out I’m frustrated that I got it wrong, but it’ll make me learn & I’ll remember what I need to do for the next time I go out. If I saw something I didn’t like & changed it on Photoshop straight away then the problem would be forgotten about & I don’t think I’d learn. I think I’ve become lazy with my Lumix DSLR & will take lots of shots changing things slightly till I get the perfect shot whereas with my SLR I’d think more carefully about what I’m taking in the first place & do it all in one shot cos otherwise I’d be extending my mortgage on developing film! Then again though by tweaking things slightly with my DSLR I’m seeing straight away what works & what doesn’t without waiting for a film to develop & relying on a notebook filled with info of the settings I'd used, so I guess with the DSLR I am still learning! Hmm!

I’ve been wanting a Holga or a Diana for quite a while now & hopefully one day I’ll be able to afford one & more importantly afford the developing when I get carried away playing! When I was young one of my first cameras was a little pink square Supasnaps ‘snappit’ one that took 35mm film & didn’t have a view finder, it was a little plastic square that you had to flip up & look through but wasn’t linked to the lens so you’re pictures were always slightly off & there wasn’t even a flash! Really kicking myself for throwing away this little freebie now! Just found one on ebay but it’s a tenner with postage!!! Argh! Time to trawl the charity shops/carboots methinks!

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


You’d have thought by now that I’d be used to people coming & going what with the Cosmo lot when I lived in Bangalore & now living in London where Ozzie flatmates changed like the weather & other mates heading off to pastures new. But once in a while you really connect with someone & you kind of get used to them being there & then suddenly they’re not going to be any more. Don’t worry no-one’s died or anything but a friend (show knows who she is, not sure if she’s told people yet hence not naming names) who I’ve become very close to has a new job in a new city & will be off very soon. I’m so pleased for her getting the job, braving it in a new place & finally having some money to enjoy life but at the same time in a more selfish way I’m gonna miss her like mad. The good thing about London is that nowhere is far away, the train will only be a couple of hours & with the wonders of modern technology it’s so easy to keep in touch, but it’s not quite the same as meeting up once a month for dinner & a natter or seeing if they’re free for a random weekend (not that that happened a lot mind!).

Really all I wanted to say was congrats on the job, you’ve done so well, enjoy new challenges, be happy….but don’t forget little miss ktp in London where there’ll always be a room for you to pop down & say hi :) *hugs*

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

welcome to our humble abode

over the next few days/weeks/months/years i'm going to update you on the wonderful goings on in our home......

i didn't want to start posting anything until the rooms were completely finished originally, the lounge isn't 100% complete but you'll get a good idea. we just need curtains & a bookshelf mainly but i'm sure on our next trip to ikea we'll find many many things that we need & have to buy straight away!!

i've done my photos in a bit of a before & after story so you can see what we've been up to so enjoy! :)

the lounge - before we moved in. i took this photo on the 2nd time we went to see the property, the fireplace & the wood panels were a reason we fell in love with the place cos it wasn't just an ordinary new build that just has a generic look. it's quite funny actually cos we've had compliments from delivery guys who've said it's quite unusual & different (just like it's owners! :P)

a better view of the wood panels & her heeeuuge sofa! no idea how she got that out! maybe with the help of a hacksaw?!

not sure how well this will come out but this is after we'd moved in & started to strip back the wood. the panels had been varnished quite a dark colour so we stripped it right back & found a lovely light oak colour.

the lounge with all our junk in cos we were painting all the other rooms & needed a storage space. note the vinny jones picture - he's wearing one of my companies shirts, i don't just have a random crush on him!

we had loads of help from people which was lovely & we really appreciated it. even brandon (adam's nephew) came along, dummy in mouth & helped us sand away!

the last couple of days before the carpets were coming i put my foot down & demanded we bought an electric sander! as you can see from the photo i was rather happy with my little mouse & it made my life a lot easier that's for sure.

taking up the old carpet once all the sanding was done, there were really great floorboards underneath but cos we've got people living below us we couldn't leave them bare for noise reasons. you can see how lovely the wood looks now & all we did was wax it so it didn't go darker or change colour that's it.

by this point i had to go back to work. i left in the morning with the lounge looking a state with mess everywhere & bare floorboards & came home to this - spotless & a new carpet! it was so exciting!

all our new home cards :) really appreciated all of them also there was a lovely flower arrangement from mum.

now the room really started to zoom along in getting finished & we got a tv stand, dvd shelf & most importantly a sofa! it felt like such a luxury to sit on a comfy seat rather than on the floor or on the futon on the floor, turns out the chair tends to be mine where i can curl up & adam can lie on the sofa!

adam's ugly dolls keep the sofa warm till he get's home at night :)

another ikea purchase thanks to my aunt - a dining table & chairs :) it's so nice to sit down with our dinner, look our the window & chat about our day (we're practically a married couple already!) the table folds out to make it bigger for 4 people & we have 2 more chairs folded away for when we have dinner guests! it's just so we can make eating dominos looks so much more glamorous! :P
bit of a rubbish photo off my phone but we got a coffee table at the weekend (£5 in the ikea sale! bargain) the red matches the sofa too.

the ugly dolls 2nd home for now! the fireplace looked so bare without the cards so something had to go there!
anyways, hope you enjoyed a little sneaky peak into our new home & hopefully it won't be too long until another room's done, or nearly done, & i can post new pics!
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