Monday, August 20, 2012

Stolen Ice Cream - REWARD

We were walking along Weymouth beach (yes me, on a beach, sand between my toes & everything, impressive huh?!) when there was a sudden flap of wings & before we knew it Adam's hand which was only minutes before clutching a 99 ice cream was empty. Not even a crumb left! The last we saw of said ice cream was in the beak of a sneaky (among other names I can't type on here) seagull a it flew off. The look on our faces must have been brilliant & the people around us were just s shocked as we were! Once I'd recovered from giggling so much we went straight back to the stall to get another one, this time it was a wonder Adam didn't get brain freeze from the speed he ate this one making sure he got every last crumb.
I took loads of photos on our afternoon trip to the seaside but this is my fave & makes me giggle every time I see it & I felt it deserved a post of it's own!

Our long weekend was really busy & didn't feel long at all! It was full of crappy traffic, a pretty farmyard wedding, camping, fish&chips at the seaside, first football match of the season (already?! *groan!*), getting our banns certificate, glorious sunshine, crappy thunderstorms, a small birthday gathering & quite a lot of ale! Phew! At least I've got tomorrow off cos it's a certain Miss P's birthday! Woop! 

Ttfn x


Magical Day Dream said...

Whaha I can't believe that really happened! I was at the beach as well this weekend, but fortunately no bird stole our BBQ-food ;)

ktpland said...

Haha you're lucky! I'm still giggling now!

Anonymous said...

That's exactly what happened to Klara when she was a little kid, she has hated seagulls ever since. When my mum went to buy her another one the ice cream van man told her a similar thing happened to a woman with Chips, but they all flew at her and she fell into the harbor! Anna x

ktpland said...

Who knew the seaside was so dangerous?! Knew there was a reason why I don't like the beach! x