Monday, August 27, 2012

One more film to tick off the list.

Anyone who knows me will know my ratio of classic films I've seen V's ones I haven't is highly unbalanced & not in a good way. It gets quite embarrassing when people always assume I've seen something & I haven't got a clue what they're on about so when I got the chance to go & see Pretty In Pink last week I jumped at the chance.
It was part of Film4's Summer Screen which is held in the grounds of Somerset House & completely outdoors. This was mine & Sabiha's first time there so we weren't exactly sure of the protocol. We came with a mini picnic & a few cushions & rugs while the others around us had huge feasts including hot pizzas they'd brought along the way & had stacks of pillows lined up to lie down on when the film started & blankets to snuggle under! Lots of people had gone to the effort of wearing pink too, I loved the guy in front of us wearing the 'tough guys wear pink' t-shirt!
After everyone had made themselves as comfy as possible on the cobbled floor & we'd enjoyed singing along to the DJs it was time for the film to start. The atmosphere was incredible with huge spotlights scanning the sky, booming music to get us all excited & then huge cheers as the opening titles of the film came up on the screen. I thoroughly enjoyed the story line & it was made even better by the whoops & giggles of the rest of the crowd who'd obviously seen the film many many times before. I knew a good part was coming up each time cos people started applauding & talking amongst themselves before it happened, I loved Duckie's dancing & some of the outfits were brilliant too! As the end credits rolled everyone cheered again as the lights came up & started to pack everything away. We all left the venue looking like a load of homeless people wrapped in blankets/sleepingbags/duvets & hugging pillows as we headed to the nearest tube!

If you get the chance next year you really should try to go. It was so much fun & a great atmosphere to enjoy a much loved film or a brand new premier, just remember to bring as many pillows & blankets as possible though I had a bit of a numb bum!

Ttfn x

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