Friday, August 10, 2012

Super, Smashing, Great Saturday pt2

Since starting this post I've actually been to the Olympics again (lucky I know!) but I'll carry on with my story from last Saturday (which I started HERE) for now.
After a fun morning of exploring the park it was suddenly our turn to go into the Olympic Athletic Stadium on the biggest Saturday of the event! We were quite eager (surprise surprise!) & so as soon as the gates were opened we went in to explore (read get a cuppa & cake!) before taking our seats.
We were in block 156 & cos there weren't many people around we were able to have a quick sneak on the first level & this was our first view of the Athletics track in real life. Wow!
You couldn't wipe the grin from mum's face she was over the moon & it was brill to see her this excited! Ever since she was 10years old & Shropshire Country Champion at the High Jump she's dreamt of being at the Olympics & 50 years later it's happened. Good things come to those who wait for sure!
Our view of the stadium. It was great positioning cos we were right on the last bend & when the medal ceremony was on & they were raising the flags the athletes were looking right in our direction.
We weren't lucky enough to get tickets up the Orbit but those who did get up there had a brill view of everything happening in the stadium (assuming they brought their binoculars!).
Saying mum's into Athletics is like saying I kind of like McDonalds. She'd gone through the events of the day & made named flags for each one of our athletes to wave in their individual events. She's a gem! As well as the big ones - womens heptathlon final, mens long jump final & mens 10000m final we also saw the mens 400m hurdles semi-final, womens discus final, womens 100m semi-final & final & womens 400m semi-final. Phew!
These 3 flags proved to be the most important of the day though!
I loved the little remote control Minis that carried the discus from the field back to the Athletes, what a great volunteer job! Shotgun that one!
The atmosphere was incredible, everyone was so excited, especially when Jessica Ennis walked out to run the 800m to complete her Heptathlon event & the crowd just roared! I've never heard a noise like it! As you're well aware by now I'm sure she won the whole event giving us our first gold medal of the evening. I didn't blub as badly a I was expecting during God Save The Queen (I just had a little wobble!), the sound of a full stadium singing the National Anthem was amazing.
Our next gold medal was in the Long Jump with Greg Rutherford. Mum always said we'd get 3 medals that day & by this time we were well on the way to achieving the target. I don't think Greg didn't wanted to leave the stadium, he was having a whale of a time!
Our third & final gold medal of the evening was all down to this brilliant guy Mo Farah. Wow! His race was definitely my favourite cos it had time to build up. On his first lap out of 25 everyone was cheering but by the last two everyone was on their feet screaming, shouting & jumping up & down. The roar actually followed him round the stadium. It was breath taking. As Mo did his lap of honor we were there doing the Mo-bot!
All too soon the evening was over *sigh* & it was time to leave, the blow was softened slightly by knowing I'd be back on the Wednesday, but I was still sad to go. I made sure we said g'night to Wenlock before we left too. On our way home I put my hand in my pocket & pulled out a penny that I'd found on the floor that morning. I'd made sure I said my little 'find a penny pick it up & all day long you'll have good luck' & it obviously worked (doubt TeamGB would like the fact I'm saying they won due to a penny & not through four years of training but I'd like to say I had an input!).
After struggling up the steep hill to home sweet home we grabbed a celebratory cuppa & toast, mum was so bushed she couldn't even make it to the sofa & just sat on the floor nattering to dad on the phone!
What an awesome day! Certainly one for the grandkids!
Ttfn x

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